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Kathy's (kmartin802's) First 2019 Thread

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Dec 29, 2018, 11:03pm Top

I'm eager to begin. I have a huge stack of books waiting to read in 2019.

Edited: Dec 29, 2018, 11:14pm Top

Welcome back!

Dec 29, 2018, 11:14pm Top


Dec 31, 2018, 3:00am Top

Happy New Year Kathy!

Dec 31, 2018, 8:51am Top

Happy reading in 2019, Kathy!

Jan 2, 12:10am Top

1. Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong (368 p.) -- Fourth Rockton/Casey Duncan thriller. Casey and Eric have to deal with the murder of a US Marshal who came to take one of the residents back to the US but died before he would say who. They know that all the residents have secrets about their past the brought them to this off-the-grid refuge and they know that Eric, who is supposed to know the truth about each resident, isn't getting straight information from the Council that is supposed to vet each new resident. They think they've picked out the Council spies but aren't sure about that. As Casey interviews suspects and checks alibis,, she also has to deal with her estranged older sister April who she and Eric snuck in to remove a bullet from one of the residents. I liked the action and thought the mystery was well-done. I like what Casey learned about April. I like Casey as a character and love her relationship with Eric.

Jan 2, 6:18am Top

Happy 2019
A year full of books
A year full of friends
A year full of all your wishes realised

I look forward to keeping up with you, Kathy, this year.

Jan 4, 3:07pm Top

2. Stolen Time by Danielle Rollins (416 p.) -- Time travel story. A young con woman from 1913 stows away on a time traveling ship and finds herself in 2077 in which Seattle has been decimated by earthquakes and tsumanis. Ash is the pilot, a WWII pilot brought forward in time to pilot the time machine. He is searching for the time machine's inventor who went back in time for some reason and hasn't returned. Nice cast of characters who are well-developed.

3. Heir to the Shadows by Anne Bishop (500 p.) -- 2nd book in the Black Jewels series follows Jaenelle from an abused and traumatized 12-year-old to a 20-year-old Queen who has learned to use her power and who has gathered the whole kingdom together by ties of friendship. The Dark Council, subtly aided by Hekatah and her puppet Dorothea, is doing its best to undermine Saetan and his rational control of the country in favor of the abuse common in Terreille. This also tells Lucivar and Daemon's stories as they journey to Jaenelle's side. Great world building and great characters.

Jan 5, 1:57pm Top

4. Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop (452 p.) -- Conclusion of Black Jewels trilogy. Jaenelle and her court are finally able to defeat Hekatah and Dorthea and cleanse the stain from the Blood but many lives are lost and many sacrifices are made. Jaenelle and Daemon do finally get together after an awkward courtship. I loved the characters in this one and the plot was exciting.

Jan 6, 12:00pm Top

5. The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop (398 p.) -- Prequel to Black Jewels trilogy. Red-Jeweled Warlord Jared has been a pleasure slave for nine years. He has been sold to the mysterious Gray Lady who wants to take him home. Dorothea wants to capture the Gray Lady and kill or subvert her and sends her corrupt Master of the Guard to do so. Secrets are learned, our heroes are in danger, Jared pledges himself to Lia, the Gray Lady's granddaughter who was pretending to be the Gray Lady to buy slaves. Daemon Sadi makes an appearance or two here as he works against Dorothea and supports Queens who haven't lost their honor.

Jan 7, 12:13am Top

6. The Antidote by Shelley Sackier (368 p.) -- Complex to the point of being confusing YA fantasy. Fee has to be hidden away and hide her magic since magic is forbidden in their kingdom. Her country has been hit with some kind of plague which killed most of the adults and caused most of the children to be sent to other countries including the boy she is betrothed to - Rye. Left behind are Xavi who will be king when he turns 21 but is suffering from some sort of illness that Fee and the other healer can't cure. When the 10 year isolation period ends, Xavi's betrothed Quinn comes to the country and attempts to poison Xavi. This leads to all sorts of adventures and intrigue for Fee, Rye, and Quinn as they learn secrets and come into contact with a spurned woman who will do anything for revenge.

Jan 7, 8:52pm Top

7. The Military Wife by Laura Trentham (352 p.) -- Excellent 2nd chance at love romance. Harper Wilcox lost her Navy SEAL husband shortly after they learned they were having a baby. She has spent the last 5 years in a sort of holding pattern living with her mom and raising her son Ben. When another military wife sends some troubling emails, Harper goes to see her. Allison's husband is showing all signs of PTSD and making life hard for himself, Allison and their 3 kids. Harper also meets a group of Navy wives and finally comes awake when she decides to use some money she got when Noah died to start a business employing military wives. When she learns that the money came from Bennett Caldwell, Noah's best friend in the Navy, Harper goes to see him. She wants to know about Noah's death and ends up meeting a man who brings her back to life in all good ways. Bennett is a fascinating character who needs Harper in his life too.

Jan 8, 8:02pm Top

8. Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop (464 p.) -- Black Jewels anthology. My favorite stories were the one that told about Lucivar's romance with Marion and the one about what happened to Daemon and Jaenelle after Queen of the Darkness. Great romances, great world building,

Jan 10, 2:01pm Top

9. Tangled Webs by Anne Bishop (368 p.) -- An author, jealous of the Blood and recently found to be Blood himself, creates a haunted house to trap the Blood he is most jealous of - and to get ideas for his next book. He invites Daemon, Lucivar and Surreal but only Surreal along with Rainier show up. Trapped they have to find a way out without using Craft before all the exits are blocked. Jaenelle, Daemon and later Lucivar are outside trying to find a way to rescue their friends that is short of Daemon's total destruction of the haunted house. Fun story with lots a creepy details!

10. The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop (458 p.) -- Theran Grayhaven comes from Terreille to Kaeleer looking for a Queen to restore his wartorn land. Cassidy is a Queen without a court because of treachery of a rival. Jaenelle, Daemon and Saetan pair them up but it is clear that it will be an uphill road. Cassidy lacks confidence in her appearance and skills and Theran isn't quick to hide his disappointment in her looks. Fortunately, other Warlords are able to see her value including the damaged Warlord Prince who is Theran's cousin.

Jan 14, 12:30am Top

11. Shalador's Lady by Anne Bishop (476 p.) -- Black Jewels (Book 8) tells more of Lady Cassidy's story as she shifts from being Queen of Dena Nehele to Queen of Shalador Nehele. When her rival Lady Kermilla comes to Dena Nehele to try to take her place again, Cassidy almost gives up but her loyal Court convinces her to shift her Court to the Shalador Lands. The conflict here is about who should be the Queen. Theran throws his support behind shallow, selfish, mean Kermilla while the rest of the Court and most of the rest of the people of Dena Nehele throw theirs behind Cassidy. Cassidy and Gray's romance continues to grow as Gray is getting over the trauma that kept him a young child in mind and heart and regaining his role as a Warlord Prince and leader of men. I loved the scelties who had important parts in this story.

12. Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop (448 p.) -- 4 novellas that fill in the gaps in the Black Jewel series including what happens to Daemon after Jaenelle dies. This one almost brought me to tears because I feel so invested in these characters. Shades of Honor also tells what happens to Falonar after he breaks Surreal's heart and tries to foment a rebellion against Lucivar.

Jan 15, 4:57pm Top

13. The Blood Spell by C. J. Redwine (448 p.) -- Entertaining Cinderella retelling. Blue de la Cour lives with her father and works as an alchemist who has to hide her illegal magic. Kellan Renard is getting ready to take the throne but has to choose a bride from one of the nine families. Someone is trying to free a wraith imprisoned by Blue's mother sixteen years earlier and killing street children to do it. When her father is murdered, Blue is suddenly put under the guardianship of Dinah Chaveau - leader of one of the nine families whose husband has gambled away all of their money. Dinah wants the wraith freed to help her gain the throne and get revenge. Lovely romance and lovely writing.

Jan 17, 12:56pm Top

14. Past Due for Murder by Victoria Gilbert (304 p.) -- 3rd Blue Ridge Library mystery has librarian Amy involved with a missing student, a murdered professor, and an old mystery about the disappearance of two young women and a bag of gold. She is also having boyfriend problems as an old one reappears and her new one seems to be keeping secrets from her.

15. Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet (416 p.) -- Classic space opera. The rebel with secrets meets a bounty hunter who needs the reward he'll get for turning her in. However, they fall in love instead. She is the daughter of the ruler of the galaxy who wants to use her mutant blood to create supersoldiers. She wants to help out orphans and other people hurt the her father - and stay alive.

Jan 19, 11:42am Top

16. Say You're Sorry by Karen Rose (624 p.) -- Romantic suspense that begins a series. Intriguing, well-developed characters and lots of action made this 600+ book read quickly. Daisy is an alcoholic with a tiny service dog who keeps her from panic attacks. When she is attacked after an AA meeting, she uses skills taught her by her paranoid father to get away with a necklace ripped from her attacker's throat. FBI agent Gideon Reynolds sees the necklace as a clue to a mystery he's been trying to solve since he escaped badly beaten from a cult at age 13 leaving his mother and sister behind.

Jan 19, 12:08pm Top

Wow, Kathy, you are moving right along - and hitting me with BBs along the way!

Jan 19, 11:05pm Top

17. How I Became a Spy by Deborah Hopkinson (272 p.) -- Middle Grade Historical Fiction. 3 13-year-old in London have to solve ciphers to stop a German agent from stealing the date of D-Day. Bertie is London-born, Eleanor is an American, and David is a Jewish refugee. Lots of info about ciphers and ciphers for readers to solve. Good frienship story and nice mystery. Also Bertie has a cute dog named Little Roo.

Jan 21, 2:45pm Top

18. In the Dark by Cara Hunter (400 p.) -- Police procedural/thriller; 2nd DI Adam Fawley mystery. Starts with a young woman and child found locked in a cellar which connects to the disappearance of a young female journalist a couple of years earlier. Lots of details about the police who investigate the crimes. Plenty of plot twists and turns and an interesting twist at the end.

Jan 22, 9:55pm Top

19. Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch (369 p.) -- Peter, Lesley and Nightingale are getting closer to tracking down the Faceless Man in this 4th in the series. Full of Peter's snark and paranormal adventure, this one gives Peter lots of scope as they need to investigate a building on the historic list by a German architect who was also a magician. The Faceless Man wants the building and Peter, Lesley, and Nightingale have to find out why and stop him.

Jan 23, 10:52pm Top

20. Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch (333 p.) -- Peter's next case takes him out of London to rural Herefordshire to see if there is a magical connection to the disappearance of two 11-year-old girls. Besides finding an old colleague of his supervisor, Peter also find changeling and the Fair Folk. London River goddess and girlfriend Beverly Brook is along to help Peter in this case. I love Peter's snark and the wonderful characters in this series.

21. The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch (144 p.) -- Peter, Nightingale, and Abigail are investigating ghosts on the Underground which lead to the rescue of a kidnapping victim and bottles of ghosts in a hidden cellar.

Jan 25, 5:20pm Top

22. The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch (397 p.) -- 6th Peter Grant. When Lady Ty calls in her favor, Peter finds himself dealing with the rich and famous as he tries to clear Olivia (Lady Ty's 17-year-old) from her involvement with a party that left one kid dead with a drug overdose. Throw in a long-lost book by Isaac Newton, two new groups of practitioners, and the hunt for the Faceless Man, this was a busy episode.

Jan 26, 10:16am Top

23. My Favorite Cowboy by Donna Grant (320 p.) -- Melodramatic romantic suspense title. Audrey is an equine vet; Caleb is former Army and currently training horses on his own ranch. Both are relationship-averse. When someone is targeting Audrey and trying to ruin her reputation, Caleb steps in to help and insta-love occurs. Both are dealing with abandonment issues and loneliness. Nice romance but a touch melodramatic.

Jan 27, 12:32am Top

24. Knife Children by Lois McMaster Bujold (148 p.) -- Barr Foxbrush changes from passively watching the daughter he had fourteen years earlier with a farmer woman when the girl (Lily) begins developing groundsense and can feel that her mother doesn't believe her when she says she wasn't the one who burned down their farm. Barr catches up to her but wonders what to do for her. His first thought is to take her to Dag and Fawn but an encounter with a sessile malice that injures him means he was to take her to his home camp and confess to her existence. This was a great story filled with Bujold's masterful prose.

25. We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia (284 p.) -- YA fantasy. Dani is in training to be the wife of a young man in high government circles. But Dani is living under a false identity which if exposed will ruin her plans. Sato, from the Resistance, comes to blackmail her into working for them since her husband has information they want. Carmen is also a fellow student and will be the second wife of this guy. Carmen has made Dani's school life hell but once married she seems to change and wants to be Dani's friend. In fact, the two girls begin a relationship. All sort of political intrigue and every character has secrets. Dani doesn't know who she can trust.

Jan 27, 11:41pm Top

26. The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson (376 p.) -- Middle book in excellent YA mystery trilogy. Stevie gets back to Ellingham and her friends but she has to do a favor for the despicable Senator Edward King - her friend David's father. But she can be back with her friends and back working on solving the 1936 Ellingham kidnapping case. Of course, she also is dealing with another death of a fellow student and a missing student too. This is twisty with a massively engaging main character and a complex mystery or two taking place in 1936 and the present.

Jan 29, 11:22pm Top

27. Immoral Code by Lillian Clark (320 p.) -- YA Heist story about five friends conspiring to scam one of their dad's businesses for college tuition money. Nari is the hacker, Keagan is her boyfriend who can't convince them that their plot is wrong, Reese is an artist, Santiago has his sights on the Olympics, and Bellamy is a genius with a deadbeat dad. The kids are all bright and articulate. Each chapter is narrated by one the kids and each Illuminates their personality while advancing the plot.

28. Written in Red by Anne Bishop (433 p.) -- re-read one of my favorite books.

29. A Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux (333 p.) -- Cozy mystery. Realtor Kate comes to Lachlan, Florida, to meet her Aunt Sara who is a retired romance author. She find her aunt sharing her house with Jackson Wyatt, who is recovering from a car accident and has a broken leg. He is Sara's unofficial grandson being the grandson of Sara's first love and a contractor. When the skeleton's of the first girl he loved and her mother are discovered on one of his new projects, the three of them decide to investigate the murders. Lots of great banter between Jack and Kate.

Jan 30, 10:31pm Top

30. The Pioneer by Bridget Tyler (368 p.) -- Great YA space opera. Jo Watson is the main character. She's been training all her life to be a pioneer and now finds herself on Tau Ceti e with her parents and sister. She was supposed to be a pilot but the accident that killed her brother also wrecked her heart and lungs making piloting impossible. When she discovers that the planet is not free of intelligent life, she wonders why they were cleared for the planet. She finds herself in the middle of a war between two intelligent alien races, neither of whom want the new human settlement on their planet. Lots of adventure and action. Great story.

Jan 31, 9:22pm Top

31. Spellswept by Stephanie Burgis (90 p.) -- Spellswept tells the story of the romance between Jonathan Harwood and Amy Standish. It is also the story that outs 13-year-old Cassandra Harwood as a woman capable of doing magic when she keeps the underwater ballroom created by her late father from collapsing during the annual Solstice celebration.

32. Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis (168 p.) -- Novella starts a new series. Cassandra struggled to be allowed to be a magician but over-reached and now can't use magic or she'll die. She jilted her fiance because she didn't want to be a burden. Now she finds herself at a house party during an unnatural snowstorm. Among the party is her ex-fiance. She is out searching for a lost guest when she runs into an elf lord who tricks her into a seemingly impossible promise. She has to find the magician behind the storm or put herself at the mercy of the elf lord. A treaty between humans and elves is also at risk. Great story.

33. Thornbound by Stephanie Burgis (184 p.) -- Cassandra Harwood is ready to open her school which teaches magic to young women but first she has to convince the inspectors from the Boudiccate to allow it. She also dealing with a teacher of weather magic who is an arrogant genius and a member of the fae who wants revenge for perceived wrongs done her. Her relationship with Wrexham is also tested as the Boudiccate is trying to keep them apart and she hasn't asked him what he really wants for his life and is afraid that her problems will ruin his glowing future.

Feb 6, 6:29pm Top

34. Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop (368 p.) -- reread

35. Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop (400 p.) -- reread

36. Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop (417 p.) -- reread

37. Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop (407 p.) -- reread

38. Lake Silence by Anne Bishop (404 p.) -- reread

Feb 7, 11:47am Top

39. Connections in Death by J. D. Robb (384 p.) -- Eve and Roarke investigate the apparent drug overdose of the younger brother of the woman Roarke has picked as the head therapist for An Didean - his residential treatment center for young girls. The investigation lead's to Lyle's former gang and all sorts of illegalities and very stupid criminals including a disbarred lawyer. Eve begins to doubt the system that is her moral center until Roarke helps her by sharing his own reasons for working with her and the police. Great relationships and Eve's quirky viewpoint are constants in this long-running series.

Feb 9, 6:09pm Top

40. Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara (544 p.) -- Very complex epic fantasy; 14th in series. Kaylin needs to go along when her Barrani guests face their Test of Name because other Barrani want to make a deal with Shadow and the cage that holds it might not survive without Kaylin's help. Kaylin is Chosen and has marks on her body. She doesn't know how to use them and she didn't choose them. This story dwells a lot on the matter of choice and the nature of home.

Feb 10, 4:57pm Top

41. Trouble on the Books by Essie Lang (368 p.) -- So -so cozy mystery. New bookstore owner Shelby Cox stumbles on the body of the woman she recently argued with and involves herself in trying to find out who killed her. She's also come home to try to find out more about the mother who died when she was three. Lots of inconsistencies in plot and characterization marred this one.

Feb 12, 3:25pm Top

42. The True Queen by Zen Cho (384 p.) -- Muna and her sister Sakti are under a curse. They travel the faerie paths to get to England and the Sorceress Royal to see if she can break the curse but Sakti is lost along the way. With Sakti the magical one and Muna the plain human one, Muna must get her sister back. But England is in an uproar. Someone has stolen a magical ornament from the Queen of faerie and England is being blamed. Muna gets involved, makes friends, learns about her mysterious past, finds her sister and her destiny.

Feb 13, 5:07pm Top

43. Navigating the Stars by Maria V. Snyder (464 p.) -- Exciting science fiction adventure. Lyra Daniels is dragged along with her archaeologist parents when a new planet with terracotta warriors is discovered. This means leaving all her friends behind because space travel equals time travel. Days for her are years for those left behind. She decides to while away her time on the ship worming into the Q-net. When she's caught, she's assigned to intern with the ship's navigators who use the Q-net to make space flight possible. When a message is received that the planet she left has dropped out of communication, Lyra searches the Q-net to try to find out why. Her best friend had grown up to be a cryptographer and sent her a puzzle about the terracotta Warriors. Her new planet has been the target of looters who steal and destroy the Warriors. It is also a place with exciting new discoveries that may help understand why the aliens set up caches of the Warriors on so many planets. There is lots of action and a great romance between Lyra and Niall Radcliff whom she met on the ship and who now works security on her new planet.

Feb 14, 2:30pm Top

44. Murder in Belgravia by Lynn Brittney (288 p.) -- Begins a new series set in London, 1915, and tells the story of a secret task force set up to deal with women's crimes which includes a female doctor, a female lawyer, a male police inspector, a male police officer, and a retired by reinstated male officer. They are tasked with solving the murder of a returned war hero who happens to be a Lord and who was apparently murdered by his wife. Their investigation leads deep into the drug culture and world of prostitution before they solve the crime. Lots of great detail about the changing social scene of London during World War II. Women's roles, medical knowledge, class differences all play into this one.

Feb 14, 10:39pm Top

45. Murder from Scratch by Leslie Karst (320 p.) -- Line cook and restaurant owner Sally Solari finds herself involved in another mystery when she takes in her blind cousin Evelyn after her mother's supposed suicide. Evie doesn't believe her mother killed herself. So she and Sally try to find her mother's killer. Lots of suspects and lots of great food descriptions. Recipes at the end.

Feb 16, 3:35pm Top

46. Sherwood by Meagan Spooner (496 p.) -- Creative and well-written retelling of the story of Robin Hood. In this version, Robin dies on the crusade with Richard and Marian is left to impersonate him and try to bring some justice to those suffering under the Sheriff of Nottingham. Her adversary is Guy of Gisborne who is the Sheriff's man but who has an agenda of his own. Great well-developed characters and great character growth for Marian.

Feb 17, 3:10pm Top

47. The Deepest Blue by Sarah Beth Durst (368 p.) -- It is Mayara and Kelo's wedding day when a spirit storm comes and changes their lives. Mayara needs to reveal her power over spirits which means she can either choose to take the test for Heir (which kills most of those who take it) or become a Silent One and give up her face, her name and her family. Thinking Kelo is dead, she chooses the test for Heir and finds herself on an island overrun by spirits and needing to live for 30 days. She befriends Roe who is also taking the test and together they try to survive. They find that it isn't only spirits who are out to kill them. One of the previous candidates is killing new candidates because she wants the testing abandoned. Meanwhile Kelo and the Queen are trying to find out who controls her kidnapped family so that she can rescue them and end the testing. Garnah, sociopath and poisoner, helps the Queen. Great characters and great worldbuilding.

Feb 17, 11:29pm Top

48. Secrets Never Die by Melinda Leigh (326 p.) -- Morgan and Lance are looking for one of Lance's hockey players who is missing after walking in on his stepfather's murder and being seen by the killer. Shot in the arm, Evan is on the run. The sheriff, who likes taking the easy path, is convinced that Evan fled after killing his stepfather but neither Lance or Evan's mother Tina believes that. When a secret from Tina's past surfaces the suspect pool widens and the danger increases. This investigation is interspersed with family issues as Lance is getting used to being a stepfather and Morgan's girls all have the flu.

Feb 19, 2:34pm Top

49. Killing November by Adriana Mather (368 p.) -- Great boarding school mystery. November is sent to Academy Absconditi to get her away from danger at home only to find herself in even more danger at school. The school is secret and hidden and trains the best and brightest of a secret society that has existed since ancient times. Though she has the physical skills to survive at the school, she doesn't know the history or the politics. Worst of all, someone wants to kill her or frame her for the deaths of some other students. Not knowing who she can trust, she leans on her roommate and her roommate's brother Ash who also have secret agendas. November is a great character and the writing keeps the pace of the story high.

Feb 19, 10:49pm Top

50. Geekerella by Ashley Poston (320 p.) -- A science fiction fandom retelling of Cinderella set in contemporary time. Elle is the orphaned daughter of a man who was really into Starfield fandom. It was something she shared with her father. Now she is at the beck and call of her stepmother and two stepsisters who are much more interested in social climbing. Darien is a teen actor who has been cast as the new hero of Starfield in the remake. His father is his agent and he's under his thumb. Starfield was an important part of his childhood too. Both Elle and Darien are lonely but they connect via text and form a friendship. Lots of parts of the Cinderella story - like the pumpkin coach turned into a food truck, a fairy godmother in the person of a new friend who's a fashion designer, and even glass slippers - all fit into this new version.

Feb 21, 3:55pm Top

51. An Artless Demise by Anna Lee Huber (384 p.) -- 7th Lady Darby Mystery. Gage and Keira are in London. Keira is pregnant. Their case concerns the death of one of their social set made to look like it was an attempt by the resurrectionists to get a new body. Tensions are already high in London with the failure of the Reform Bill and the capture of a trio of ressurectionists. Trying to identify the body the resurrectionists sold brings to light the startling number of disappearances of men, women and children from London and raises fears. The arrests also bring back the scandal of Keira's first husband who forced her to draw detailed anatomical drawing of the bodies he dissected. When he died, a jealous colleague smeared Keira's reputation by claiming she was complicit in her first husband's crimes. This new scandal, a blackmail attempt, and the jealous colleague's determination to publish her first husband's journals are causing Keira considerable pain and stress. Great historical detail, great romance, and a main character who is learning to depend on her own strength made this one a real page-turner.

Feb 23, 12:50am Top

52. Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold (362 p.) -- This fantasy is a romance between Farmer Fawn and Lakewalker Dag. It is a story of love overcoming culture clashes and many other things. Fawn meets Dag while running away from home with an unplanned pregnancy. Dag saves her life when she encounters a Malice, the Lakewalkers' ancient foe, and falls in love with her courage and curiosity. Excellent characters and great worldbuilding.

53. Legacy (the Sharing Knife) by Lois McMaster Bujold (384 p.) -- Dag takes Fawn home to meet his family and has even more problems than they had with hers. Besides the newly primed knife, Dag is also developing new skills which are scaring him. Then there is a big malice attack which Dag is drafted to lead. When Dag is gravely injured, Fawn travels to his side and uses her unique problem solving skills to save him. That isn't enough to get her accepted by the Lakewalkers though and as the book ends Dag and Fawn are walking away to see more of the world and see if a different viewpoint will give them better tools to fight the malices.

Feb 24, 12:24am Top

54. Passage (The Sharing Knife) by Lois McMaster Bujold (432 p.) -- Fawn, Dag, and Fawn's brother Whit start out from her parent's house to explore more of the world. Dag wants to show Fawn the sea. They travel down the river on a flatboat and meet all sorts of people. Dag learns more about his newly developing powers and confirms his belief that Farmers need to know more Lakewalker secrets if malices are ever going to be eradicated. They also find a renegade Lakewalker who is causing as much damage as any malice as they travel down the river.

Edited: Feb 28, 7:45pm Top

55. Horizon by Lois McMaster Bujold (464 p.) -- Dag and Fawn make the journey north again to find a home before Fawn has their baby. Dag has learned much about his new powers. They gather quite a crew heading north including Dag's teacher Arkady. Along the way they also have to battle two malices. Dag's new protection for Fawn, Whit, and his wife Berry saves they day when they are the ones who actually kill the malice.

56. Grave Witch by Kalayna Price (336 p.) -- Alex Craft is a grave witch who has been disowned by her anti-magic family. She is struggling to make a living when a case comes her way that has her battling a ritual killer and a black magic spell that is set to consume her soul. Helping her out is Detective Falin Andrews and Death, a soul collector she has known since she was a child. The world building is great. The heroine is realistically flawed. The two love interests are both unique characters.

Feb 28, 7:44pm Top

57. Grave Dance by Kalayna Price (371 p.) -- Alex Craft is developing new fae skills that make her an attractive commodity in faerie. She is also working with Falin and Death to stop a rogue soul collector and his witch accomplice who want to bend reality so that they can be together. Her romantic life is still unsettled but she is getting a stronger grip on her new powers.

58. Grave Memory by Kalayna Price (372 p.) -- Alex is trying to start a new business, learn about her new fae powers, and keep her fae heritage secret. Both Falin and Death have made themselves scarce. Alex misses both of them. Her new case has her trying to track down and stop an entity from another plane who takes over humans, sucks the life out of them, and then causes them to commit suicide. Alex is the only one, except soul collectors, who can see the entity and the only one who is trying to stop it.

Mar 1, 10:10pm Top

59. Grave Visions by Kalayna Price (341 p.) -- Great urban fantasy. Alex, with her newly discovered fae heritage, is starting to fade. She needs to swear allegiance to one of the fae courts or be granted independence. The courts all want her because she's a very rare planeweaver. She wants to be independent and makes a deal with the Winter Queen. Find the person who is destabilizing her court and selling a new drug to humans. Falin is assigned to help her but he's the Queen's Knight first and Alex can't really trust him. She is also having man problems aside from Falin. Her father has betrothed her to the heir to one of the courts, the Queen would like her to marry her nephew, and Death has been forbidden to be with her. This is an engaging series still in book 4.

Mar 3, 11:13am Top

60. Grave Ransom by Kalayna Price (384 p.) -- In this 5th book, Alex has managed to stop fading by being granted a year and a day as an independent fae. She and Rianna are trying to grow their business. When a missing person's case turns into something much more dangerous, Alex has to face a new villain who really wants her dead. Briar Darque is more than willing to use Alex as bait to track down this necromancer who is practicing forbidden magic and leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him. Falin and Death aren't as happy to use Alex as bait. Alex's relationship with Death which has had problems in previous books comes to a head in this one. Alex is also getting more used to her fae heritage but is still struggling to learn about her new and very rare talent.

Mar 4, 2:13pm Top

61. Grave Destiny by Kalayna Price (384 p.) -- This time Alex needs to solve a murder case in Faerie. If she can't, war will come to Faerie. Her partners are Falin and Prince Dugan - the fae her father betrothed her to when she was born. She is still searching for a teacher who can teach her to use her abilities as a planeweaver without killing herself or destroying the world. The story is filled with fae plots since if fae are breathing they are plotting. Great addition to series.

Mar 7, 3:11pm Top

62. Wild Country by Anne Bishop (494 p.) -- Second World of the Others series focuses on Bennett and the humans and Others who are trying to build a community there. Only outlaws of various kind are also looking at Bennett as a place they want to conquer and control. Wide cast of human and Other characters including Tolya Sanguinati, Barb Debany, Jana Paniccia, Jesse and Tobias Walker, Hope Wolfsong that we met in earlier books. Ends with a "gunfight at the OK Corral" scene only with Others and Elders.

Mar 7, 9:04pm Top

63. Wild Country by Anne Bishop (494 p.) -- immediate re-read so that I could slow down and appreciate more of the plot details.

64. The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman (368 p.) -- YA horror. Violet comes to her mother's home town after the death of her sister Rosie to find out that she has been dropped into a town with 4 founding families who captured and imprisoned a monster and locked themselves into the town to keep it imprisoned. Violet is the descendant of one of the families. Lots of relationship drama between the heirs of the founders. Lots of bisexual characters too. Sort of creepy.

Mar 8, 5:56pm Top

65. Caterpillar Summer by Gillian McDunn (304 p.) -- Entertaining middle grade story about Cat and her brother Chicken and their summer vacation with grandparents they'd never met. Their mom is a picture book author and teaching a class in Atlanta. Their plans to spend time with family friends fall through when the friends need to make an emergency trip to India. Cat is used to being a caretaker for her younger brother but her new grandparents relieve some of her responsibility and let her be just a kid. She decides that she wants to ger her mom and grandfather back together after their disagreement. New friends, a fishing contest, and some subtle prejudice regarding mixed-race Cat and Chicken add depth to this engaging story.

Mar 10, 7:45pm Top

66. The Ghost Manuscript by Kris Frieswick (432 p.) -- Carys Jones is an expert in medieval manuscripts working for an auction house when she is called in to authenticate a collection for a man she has found many manuscripts for. He's in a psychiatric hospital and her son is eager to sell his collection. She learns there is another hidden manuscript that all the rest support. This one purports to tell the location of the man who became known as King Arthur is buried with a variety of loot. At first Carys writes this off as just another Arthur chaser. But close reading and visits from the medieval author convince her to try to find the tomb. But a variety of villains are on the case too. Carys travels to Wales and then back to Cape Cod on the track of Arthur's grave and goods. Lots of intrigue. Very fast pace. Interesting main character. And a cliffhanger ending...

Mar 11, 10:51pm Top

67. A Hidden Magic by Vivian Vande Velde (192 p.) -- Cute middle grade twisted fairy tale with lots of humor and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman.

68. Dreaming Darkly by Caitlin Kittredge (368 p.) -- After her abusive mother's suicide, Ivy Bloodgood finds herself in the care of her uncle on an island in Maine. She also finds herself in the middle of a Gothic mystery complete with a feud with the neighboring family, mental illness, murder, and hidden treasure. I liked Ivy's resilience. I also liked her relationship with Doyle Ramsey - youngest in the other family. The writing was engaging and the scenes of Ivy's hallucinations were creepy.

Mar 13, 11:05pm Top

69. A Dream of Death by Connie Berry (320 p.) -- American antique dealer Kate Hamilton finds herself on Glenroth after an emergency call from her sister-in-law. Kate hadn't seen her since Kate's husband died three years earlier. Elenor gives Kate a book to read about a murder that took place near her hotel in 1910 and showed her a wonderful casket with inlaid woodwork but then was murdered before she could tell Kate what she was afraid of. Since Kate's children are Elenor's beneficiaries and Kate the executor of her will, Kate needs to find out who murdered Elenor whose death is eerily similar to the death in 1810. Lots of suspicious characters including Kate's new love interest Tom Malloy and lots of plot twists and turns.

70. Come and Get Me by August Norman (336 p.) -- Award-winning journalist Caitlin Berquist comes back to Indiana University to accept an honorary degree and to finally come to terms with the beating and rape that had sent her running twenty years earlier. She also finds herself investigating the disappearance of sophomore Angela Chapman. Her friend Lakshmi is a student journalist who has been searching for her friend for two years. She convinces Caitlin to look into it. Their investigation exposes a drug ring, police incompetence, and a kidnapper and serial killer who isn't finished. Caitlin becomes his next victim and has to use all she's learned to survive him. Great characters, fast pace, lots of twists and turns.

Mar 15, 1:31pm Top

71. The Hummingbird Dagger by Cindy Anstey (352 p.) -- YA historical mystery/romance. A young woman who was in a coach crash is taken to the home of a local lord. She has lost her memory and someone is trying to recapture or murder her. The Ellerby family is determined to find out who is pursuing her and help her regain her memory. All she recalls is in a recurring nightmare with a bloody hummingbird which turns into a dagger. They name the girl Beth and James, Lord Ellerby, falls in love with her. Lots of danger along with the romance.

Edited: Mar 15, 11:16pm Top

72. Under the Table by Stephanie Evanovich (272 p.) -- Cute romance. Cater in NYC who is taking a year of separation before divorcing her husband meets a computer nerd and falls in love. Zoey is used to being the responsible one but she has dreams that conflict with what her husband sees as their future. Tristan is a millionaire nerd who was raised by his grandparents on a Caribbean island. She offers to help him make friends and modernize her look. As they spend time together they fall in love.

Mar 16, 10:36pm Top

73. The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh by Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris (199 p.) -- YA Steampunk adventure. A group of orphans working for an agent of the Ministry for Peculiar Occurrences have to go undercover at an elite boarding school to find a kidnapped egyptologist. Along the way they discover an ancient curse and a sinister Pharaoh. Verity Fitzroy takes the lead. She's 16 and a noted inventor who has a way with machines. She is also trying to track down the people who killed her parents and left her on the street at age 8.

Mar 19, 11:02pm Top

74. Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine (330 p.) -- 3rd in series. Gwen, Sam, Lanny, and Connor find themselves in Wolfhunter River to help a young girl accused of murdering her mother. The town is overflowing with corrupt cops, incompetent lawyers, mysterious black SUVs, a religious cult, missing girls and a six-year-old kidnapping victim. Gwen is also being harassed by a woman whose daughter was one of Melvin Royal's victims who is certain Gwen knew of her ex-husband's murders and who will do anything to make Gwen's life and the lives of her children horrible. The story was pulse-poundingly suspenseful and a horrible example of the bad things social media can bring.

75. Hide and Seek by Mary Burton (344 p.) -- New romantic suspense start to series. FBI Agent Macy Crow, recovering from a near-fatal hit-and-run, is sent to a small town in Virginia on the track of a serial killer. She reconnects with old BF Mike Nevada who is now sheriff. Great bunch of characters. Lots of detail about events that happened 15 years earlier with rapes and strangulation and a Dream Team of high school athletes the former sheriff wanted to protect. The discovery of the bones of one of the teenage victims starts Macy and Nevada on the search for answers.

76. Written in Red by Anne Bishop (433 p.) -- reread

Mar 20, 12:03pm Top

Congrats on hitting the goal!

Mar 21, 6:29pm Top

Congratulations on reaching 75, Kathy!

Mar 22, 4:42pm Top

77. Spellslinger by Sebastien De Castell (432 p.) -- Entertaining start to new fantasy series. Kellen is the son of a powerful mage in a society that respects mages above all else. Only problem is that he doesn't have any magic himself. He finds himself in the middle of a power struggle for rule of the society and an attempt at overthrowing all mages. Interesting characters include Kellen, Ferius Parfax, and Reichis.

Mar 22, 4:43pm Top

78. Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop -- reread

79. Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop -- reread

Edited: Mar 24, 5:42pm Top

80. Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop -- reread

81. Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop -- reread

Mar 25, 6:18pm Top

82. Witchmark by C. L. Polk (320 p.) -- Great fantasy; great mystery. Dr. Miles Singer ran away from his future in his powerful family and became a doctor. After time as a prisoner of war, he is now a psychiatrist trying to help brain-damaged veterans. When he helps a dying man, he gets involved with the dirty secrets that are being kept by the powerful mages who rule the society. He and Tristan Hunter, an investigator from another country, find themselves trying to solve a complex mystery probably plotted by Miles' father. Great world building and complex characters.

Edited: Mar 26, 9:56pm Top

83. The Drifter by Nick Petrie (379 p.) - First Peter Ash thriller. Vet Peter Ash who struggles with PTSD goes to help the widow of his best friend who supposedly committed suicide. But a suitcase full of money and plastic explosives makes that hard to believe. As he investigates with the help of a scary, smelly dog and a man of mystery named Lewis, Peter uncovers a plot that involves a big bomb and crashing the financial markets. Lots of interesting characters and a fast-paced plot.

Mar 27, 8:29pm Top

84. Pit Perfect Murder by Renee George (270 p.) -- Fun paranormal cozy mystery. Shifter Lily Mason comes to find an uncle she didn't know she had and finds herself in the middle of a mystery. When the local blackmailer is found murdered on the grounds of the local pit bull rescue, Lily finds herself looking for the murder to save the man who runs the rescue. This also has a great pit bull character named Smooshie who adopts Lily as her own person. Great cast of characters.

Mar 28, 8:18pm Top

85. The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz (296 p.) -- Dr. Watson writes about one final Sherlock Holmes adventure 25 years after it happened in 1890 knowing that he will still have to delay publication until the last of those involved passes away. This time Holmes begins looking for a man who wants an art dealer dead and finds himself involved in a house of ill repute that serves a lot of the political movers and shakers of England. The language was vintage Sherlock Holmes and so were the characterizations. Excellent story.

Mar 29, 2:03pm Top

86. Read on Arrival by Nora Page (304 p.) -- Librarian Cleo Watkins has two problems. Some murdered Dixie who had the longest-overdue book in the library's history and newcomer Belle wants to "innovate" all the books out of the library and has the support of the chairman of the library board. The book is filled with over-the-top characters, Southern manners and recipes, and a town filled with superstitions. Luckily Cleo has the support of her next door neighbor who is a deputy, her best friend and her gentleman friend Henry in solving the crime.

Mar 29, 11:06pm Top

87. The Lovely and the Lost by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (336 p.) -- Great YA mystery. Kira doesn't remember the time before she spent weeks in the woods before being rescued by Cady Bennett and her search dog. She was adopted by Cady and has spent years working with dogs and learning to fit into the human world. Her brother Jude and best friend Free have helped her and the trio is inseparable. When a little girl goes missing, Cady's estranged father comes to beg for her help. They all go, and besides the mystery of the lost girl, they all learn about secrets from Cady's past. Great, distinct characters, adventure and strong emotional content made this one a book I couldn't put down.

Mar 31, 12:44am Top

88. Below the Fold by R. G. Belsky (320 p.) -- Interesting mystery. Clare Carlson is a former investigative journalist now a TV news director. She gets involved in a mustery after running a story about the murder of a homeless woman. Then a more sexy murder is committed. Grace Mancuso was a whistleblower for the crimes at the investment firm where she worked. She was bludgeoned to death perhaps because of the investment firm or maybe by one of her many lovers. Found near her is a list of names including that of the owner of the TV station where Clare works. The owner wants Grace to find out why his name was on a list near the body of a person he didn't know. As Clare and her team investigates they uncover many secrets.

Mar 31, 9:43pm Top

89. Monkeewrench by P. J. Tracy (429 p.) -- First Monkeewrench mystery introduces a quirky set of characters in a fast-paced story. Grace, Harley, Annie, Jackrabbit, and Mitch are Monkeewrench - computer programmers and game designers. They are working on a new game called Serial Killer Detective and are dismayed when someone decides to make the crime scenarios real. Minneapolis Homicide detectives Magozzi and Rolseth are on the case. Also a murder in a small Wisconsin town is part of the bigger picture. Lots of secrets among the folks at Monkeewrench. Great byplay between Magozzi and Rolseth too.

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