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Donna828 Plans to Read 30 of Her Own Books This Year


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Edited: Jan 22, 9:56pm Top

Hello! This is my first official ROOTS attempt. I managed to read 23 books from my shelves last year without even trying so it should be Easy-Peasy to read 30, right? We'll see…

1. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. 4 stars.
2. The Chosen by Chaim Potok. 4.5 stars.

Dec 30, 2018, 1:21pm Top

Welcome to the ROOTers, Donna. Good to see a new face once and again. Happy ROOTing.

Dec 30, 2018, 1:42pm Top

Welcome aboard and have fun! :)

Dec 30, 2018, 3:28pm Top

Welcome to the group, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Enjoy your reading!

Dec 31, 2018, 8:02pm Top

Thank you for that warm welcome, Connie, RP, and Jackie.My first book of the year is a library book. Fail!

Jan 1, 5:13am Top

>5 Donna828: But you supported your library, so that's good! (think positive!)

Jan 1, 10:10am Top

I do love my library, Jackie. That’s why my own books are so neglected. I think having a little accountability will be helpful. I have two of my own tomes on the January stack.

Jan 3, 8:17am Top

Nice to find you here, Donna :-)
ROOTing did help to keep my focus on my own books in the last two years.

Jan 3, 8:30am Top

Welcome and I hope you will find that the company helps with reducing the TBR.

Jan 3, 4:14pm Top

Welcome, Donna! For me, reading more from my TBRs has been evolutionary ... that you did so last year without trying bodes well for your goal!

Jan 3, 8:02pm Top

Thanks for stopping by Anita, Birgit, and dm. It's nice to have such encouraging visitors.

I have taken ten books off the shelves and placed them together where I will see them several times a day. I know I will read The Chosen for the American Author's Group this month and hope the accessibility of the others will lure me in as well.

Jan 3, 10:31pm Top

Good to see you with the ROOTing group, Donna. Good luck with reading your own tomes. This group is good incentive for that but still has those problematic BBs!

Jan 4, 9:59am Top

Hi Donna! Happy new year and happy ROOTing.

I got 2 books out of the library last year - the first time in probably 15 years that I've gotten ANY books out of the library, and didn't finish either.

Even though your first book is not a ROOT, at least it's not a new acquisition.

Jan 9, 6:44pm Top

Woo Hoo! Visitors…AND a book to report as being read from my personal library.

>12 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg. I will try my best to dodge the book bullets. Haha.

>13 karenmarie: Wow, that is amazing, Karen. Of course, your home library makes my 1500 books look pathetic! I don't buy many books these days as my shelves are full. I'm only keeping the ones I love, though, so I should be able to add a few new books here and there. Also, I might have gotten some new books for Christmas…

I will keep The Shadow of the Wind, a 4-star (i.e., "Great" book) ROOT and Reread.

Jan 9, 9:46pm Top

>14 Donna828: I don't buy many books these days as my shelves are full. Really, that stops you buying books? You have better control than I do.

Jan 10, 6:44am Top

>15 Familyhistorian: Yes, same here! Although what having full shelves has meant for me is that I mainly buy ebooks now.

>14 Donna828: The Shadow of the Wind is a bit of a nemesis book for me - I tried really hard, but couldn't get beyond the first few chapters. I've kept it to try again some time, but on a first attempt I just struggled so much with it!

Jan 11, 10:43am Top

>15 Familyhistorian: Same here. I keep buying books and just put them on top of the bookcases.

>16 Jackie_K: De schaduw van de wind is the first of the series. On of the series the members of my RL-bookclub have selected tot read this year. I only read this first book, so 3 more to go.

Jan 12, 4:10pm Top

>17 connie53: Unfortunately, the tops of my bookcases are also full. There is a point where you just can't add any more.

>15 Familyhistorian: The ebook route won't work for me, Jackie. I have an e-reader but haven't finished a book on it yet and the reader is about 4 years old.

Hi Donna, hope the ROOTs reads are going well.

Jan 13, 11:01am Top

Hi Donna!

>14 Donna828: Nobody’s home library is pathetic – I really mean that especially as I know way too many people in RL who have No Books In Their House At All. It’s all good. Actually, last year was a year of too many acquisitions – I feel book-overfull – and I will start going through my shelves and eliminating books I know I’ll never ever read and even some that I’ve read and know I won’t read again and daughter won’t want. Starting this month, I hope.

Jan 22, 9:50pm Top

>15 Familyhistorian: Meg, I haven't stopped buying books. I started a book-in/book-out policy a few years ago and it's working pretty well. I recently culled a box of books to take to Half Price Books in Kansas City when I go up there to babysit while my daughter and her husband go to Mexico next month.

>16 Jackie_K: I think your ebook idea is a good one, Jackie. It wouldn't work for me, though, as I tend to forget about the books that don't physically taunt me. ;-)
I agree that The Shadow of the Wind is not an easy book to get into, but it does have its rewards.

>17 connie53: Hi Connie! My bookcases are mostly built into the walls so have no tops. I do occasionally lay a book across the top of the ones on the shelf, though, until I can wiggle it in.

>18 Familyhistorian: I just added another book, Meg. I'll be happy if I continue to read 2 per month. Baby steps…

>19 karenmarie: Karen, I'm actually quite proud of my little library. I remember the first time I went into a used bookstore about 25 years ago. We were living in Colorado at the time. I bought a copy of David Copperfield and How Green Was My Valley. Then we purchased a big home back here in Missouri with a designated library and lots of built-ins in the upstairs bedrooms. We leased it for two years, but I continued to buy gently used books and was thrilled when all those lists of the best books of the century came out. Everytime I came back to Missouri to visit family, I put some books in my suitcase and left them at either my daughter's or my parents' house so when we finally moved back here at the end of 1999 I had lots of books to fit in those shelves. It was a true labor of love.

Jan 27, 3:48am Top

>20 Donna828: That's what I do too. I love to rearrange my books once in a while. Peet thinks I'm crazy when I do that, but I am very happy doing that. Seeing my books stand proudly in their proper place on the shelves is very rewarding.

Jan 27, 10:44am Top

>20 Donna828: and >21 connie53: I love moving books around and just looking at them, too. Being surrounded by them is quite wonderful.

Jan 28, 1:26pm Top

>20 Donna828: A book in/book out policy would be a good idea and kudos to you for being able to keep it up, Donna. I have far more books coming in than going out I fear but I am running out of places to put them so I need to do something.

Feb 3, 1:47am Top

>23 Familyhistorian: Don't we all!

Feb 11, 8:02am Top

Hi Donna!

I hope you're doing well.

Feb 12, 9:59am Top

Greetings to Connie, Karen, and Meg. Thanks for keeping my thread alive.

I’m sharing this picture of one of the built in bookcases in my snuggery. Notice the empty spaces? I am taking over 25 books to Half Price Books in Kansas City today. They won’t give me much in trade value but they do take all the books. The used book stores in my home town are very picky about what they take. When I get home next week, I will do some filling in of those holes!

Feb 12, 4:55pm Top

>26 Donna828: Yes noticing the empty space, Donna, good work. Expect you won't need much time to fill again ;-)

Feb 12, 6:39pm Top

I love seeing photos of other people's bookshelves :) Enjoy filling those empty spaces!

Feb 13, 5:24am Top

>28 rabbitprincess: I do too! And those are beautiful shelves - really lovely looking wood! Have fun filling the gaps!

Feb 14, 9:38am Top

>26 Donna828: Yay for empty spaces. I hope you got enough in trade value to get some good books.

I do the same thing - put tchotchkes in front of my books. *smile*

Feb 17, 3:22am Top

>30 karenmarie: I do too, putting tchotchkes in front of my books. (tchotchkes: there is a new word for me)

Yesterday, 3:47pm Top

>26 Donna828: Ooh, empty book spaces. I have a few but I also have stacks so I think they cancel each other out. Now if only those stacks could be whittled down.


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