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FAMeulstee keeps on rooting in 2019


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Edited: Feb 11, 6:04am Top

I am Anita Meulstee from Lelystad, the Netherlands. This is going to be my 3rd year ROOTing in a row.
The first time I joined was in 2013, my worst reading year ever. I came back in 2017.

In November 2016 I started to read through my childrens/YA books alphabeticly, to decide what I would keep and what to cull.
At the start of 2019 there are 111 books left to go and I am going to read them all this year.
ETA: 2 YA books added in January

In 2017 I have read 453 books, 238 ROOTs, of those 172 were from my childrens/YA collection and I culled 61 of them.
In 2018 I have read 534 books, 365 ROOTs, of those 250 were from my childrens/YA collection and I culled 159 of them.

Because my childrens/YA books project is nearly done, I have set my goal for 2019 at 150 ROOTs.

Personal ROOT rules: every book I own, no matter how recently purchased, is a ROOT.
The majority of the books I buy have been on my wishlist for a long time, or are awarded and I buy them to keep my collection complete, or are part of a series I am already reading and not available at the library.

I only list my ROOTs read here. To follow all my readings go to my thread in the 75 Books Challenge for 2019 group.

Total ROOTs read

Total books read

Total pages read

Total books culled

Total books added

Total of my childrens/YA books read

Dec 30, 2018, 8:04pm Top

Welcome back, Anita! That is an AMAZING total for 2018! Hope you have another great year in 2019 :D

Edited: Dec 31, 2018, 1:51am Top

Welcome back, Anita. I'm always in awe by the total of books you manage to read in a year. So many books! Happy ROOTing.

Dec 31, 2018, 5:36am Top

Yes, I was in awe of myself managing 71 ROOTs and 14 non-ROOTs, my best year ever. But you have eclipsed us all! Good to see you back for 2019.

Dec 31, 2018, 5:58am Top

Thanks ladies :-)

It is still compensating for the years I could/would barely read, with an all time low with 13 books in 2013.
I am incredibly happy I have the time to read this much!

Dec 31, 2018, 1:02pm Top

Hi Anita! I will follow along this year. I am going to be attempting to do this challenge as well as I feel bad for the sad books that are lonely on my shelves!

Dec 31, 2018, 2:01pm Top

Thsi challenge did work well for me, Chelle, I hope it does the same for you.

Jan 1, 2:55pm Top

Hi Anita, wishing you a happy new year and happy ROOTing in 2019!

Jan 1, 4:15pm Top

>8 floremolla: Thank you, Donna, happy reading and ROOTing!

Jan 1, 5:20pm Top

What a stellar reading year you had in 2018, Anita. Are you going to slow down in 2019 or do you have ambitious targets once again?

Jan 1, 6:41pm Top

>10 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg, it was a stellar reading year. Or better said stellar last months of the year, when I dedicated more than usual time to reading. At the moment I am not reading much, as I am recuperating from my November/December reading run (65 and 93 books) and spending most my time here at LT with all the new threads ;-)

Jan 1, 10:08pm Top

>11 FAMeulstee: Keeping up with the threads takes up a lot of reading time so it is a toss up whether to read a book or keep up with LT.

Jan 3, 8:05am Top

>12 Familyhistorian: At the moment keeping up with the threads on LT is taking most of my time.
But I did finish my first (library) book.

Jan 3, 8:08am Top

Welcome back, Anita! I'm just doing the round of threads today, but tomorrow serious ROOTing will start. Good luck with your goal!

Jan 3, 8:18am Top

>14 MissWatson: Thank you, Birgit, good luck to you too!

Jan 6, 7:02am Top

ROOT 1: Zwaard en kroon by Rosemary Sutcliff
acquired before 2008, translated, YA, King Arthur 1, original title The Sword and the Circle, 242 pages

From Arthur's birth to the start of the Round Table.

Jan 6, 7:02am Top

ROOT 2: Schild en kruis by Rosemary Sutcliff
acquired before 2008, translated, YA, King Arthur 2, original title The Light Beyond the Forest, 151 pages

The quest for the Holy Grail.

Edited: Jan 6, 7:04am Top

ROOT 3: Afscheid van een koning by Rosemary Sutcliff
acquired before 2008, translated, YA, King Arthur 3, original title The Road to Camlann, 152 pages

The end of King Arthur.

Edited: Jan 6, 7:22am Top

ROOT 4: Twee ons liefde by Ted van Lieshout
acquired October 2008, Dutch, YA, poetry, no translations, 25 pages

Surprising and sometimes funny poetry. With nice illustrations.

Edited: Jan 6, 7:23am Top

ROOT 5: Deesje by Joke van Leeuwen
acquired before 2008, Dutch, YA, awarded, Gouden Griffel 1986, no English translation, 88 pages

Deesje is send to her half-aunt in the big city. Instead of finding her aunt, adventures find her.

Jan 14, 5:10pm Top

ROOT 6: Ik ben Joshua en mijn vader is een held by Jan Michael
acquired before 2008, translated, YA, awarded, Vlag en Wimpel 1997, original title Piggy in the middle, 153 pages

Joshua's father is the only butcher in a village of fishermen. Joshua and his father both look different, more like the people in the mountains, then like the villagers. When some kids start to tease Joshua calling him a "mountain man" he gets angry and runs away.

Jan 14, 5:20pm Top

ROOT 7: En straks komt Emilio by Gudrun Pausewang
acquired before 2008, translated from German, YA, awarded, Vlag en Wimpel 1980, no English translation, 125 pages

When Martin finds a cat with 5 kittens, he want to take care of them. His mother doesn't want any pets, so he asks his friend Anton if they can stay with him at the junkyard. When Anton ends up in hospital, Martin is desperate and asks the migrant workers from Spain, who live next door, if they can help out. His mother and Anton don't like foreigners, but Martin asks them to come to his birthday party.

Jan 14, 5:37pm Top

ROOT 8: Broere by Bart Moeyaert
acquired before 2008, Dutch, YA, awarded, Woutertje Pieterse prijs 2001, English translation Brothers, 127 pages

Autobiographical stories of the Belgian writer, who was the youngest of seven brothers.

Jan 16, 3:01pm Top

ROOT 9: De tijdkring by Pete Hautman
acquired before 2008, YA, translated, awarded, Eervolle Vermelding 2001, original title Mr Was, 237 pages

After his grandfather dies, Jack Lund, finds a time door that takes him over 50 years back in time.

Jan 16, 3:09pm Top

ROOT 10: De Toverberg by Thomas Mann
acquired before 2008, 1001 books, translated from German, English translation The Magic Mountain, 972 pages

In 1907 Hans Castorp travels to Davos to spend three weeks with his cousin Joachim who is staying in a sanatorium. The planned three weeks turn into seven years.
Great read, might be the best I read this year. In some years I am going to read this book again (as the writer recommended).

Edited: Jan 21, 2:06pm Top

ROOT 11: Tin Toeval en de kunst van Madelief by Guus Kuijer
acquired before 2008, YA, Dutch, no translations, 48 pages

Short story where Tin Toeval and Madelief, two characters from different series by Guus Kuijer, meet. Nice detail, the two illustrators also worked together.

Edited: Jan 21, 2:14pm Top

ROOT 12: Ik ben Polleke hoor! by Guus Kuijer
acquired in 2001, 1001 childrens books, YA, Dutch, Kinderboekenweekgeschenk 2001, awarded, Woutertje Pieterse prijs 2003, English translation I am Polleke, 94 pages

Fifth Polleke book. Polleke is a bit sad because her granddad died. Her boyfriend Mimoen is away on holiday, and some people drive her mad with explaining everything with "differences in culture".

Jan 25, 1:29pm Top

ROOT 13: Barst by Boris Dittrich
acquired June 2018, Dutch, no translations, 96 pages

Bit thin mystery/police procedural. Man is found dead in a park in Amsterdam. A young girl is getting famous in a TV show. Murdered man was backmailing her.

Edited: Jan 25, 1:40pm Top

ROOT 14: Een muur van schilden by Rosemary Sutcliff
acquired August 2017, YA, translated, original title The Shield Ring, 183 pages

11th century, Norse/Viking settlers in the north of England (Lake district) resist against the Normand Conquest.

Jan 25, 1:47pm Top

ROOT 15: Het Oerlanderboek by Leonie Kooiker
acquired before 2008, Dutch, YA, awarded, Vlag en Wimpel 1980, English translation Legacy of Magic, 142 pages

Okke spends the summer with his grandfather. Oene spends the summer as a witch apprentice. They become friends, and it turns out that Okke's grandfather owns a book about magic. Meanwhile the heir of a deceased nobleman is searching for the treasure of his uncle.

Jan 29, 3:28am Top

ROOT 16: De smokkelaars van de Tigris by Karl May
re-acquired in 2008, YA, translated from German, no English translation, 378 pages

The last adventures of Kara Ben Nemsi and Hadji Halef Omar in the Middle East, near Bahgdad.

Jan 29, 3:55am Top

ROOT 17: Het verhaal van Bobbel by Joke van Leeuwen
acquired before 2008, YA, Dutch, awarded, Vlag en Wimpel 1988, English translation The Story of Bobble Who Wanted to Be Rich, 112 pages

Bobble lives with her parents in a carrier tricycle. It is like always camping and Bobble dreams she will be rich one day. She arranges a long stay with her rich uncle, but regular life isn't what she thought it would be.

Jan 29, 4:04am Top

ROOT 18: Een mond vol dons by Lydia Rood
acquired before 2008, YA, Dutch, awarded, Zilveren Griffel 1994, English translation A Mouthful of Feathers, 163 pages

Marjan tells about her friendship with the girl next door Soof. Soof has run away, and at first Marjan doesn't understand why. She always thought Soof's parents were nicer than her own mother. Slowly Marjan finds out how oppressive Soofs parents are, beneath their nice surface.

Edited: Jan 29, 4:24am Top

ROOT 19: Een stap en dan de volgende by Pierre Bergounioux
acquired in December 2018, translated from French, no English translation, 185 pages

Early 20th century a poor boy in rural France falls in love with a rich girl. He knows he doesn't stand a chance, but he promises himself he will take twenty years to learn decent French and to earn enough to become an equal to her. For many years he works as woodworker far from home, near the Atlantic coast. He befriends a teacher, who collects insects. The teacher teaches him French grammar and he gives insects in return. He saves nearly all his earnings, and with some smart investments he becomes rich. His missing eye becomes a blessing in disguise, because an one eyed man isn't drafted for the army when World War I starts. His beloved married an other man, he dies in the war. Again luck is on his side, during the war the prices of land have dropped, so he invests his money in woodland in his village. But the villagers don't accept an one eyed who thinks he can rise above his place of birth.

Again a beautiful novel by Pierre Berginioux. The title translates "One step and the next", referring to the approach of the main character to reach his goal.

Jan 31, 9:08am Top

ROOT 20: Zenuwmoord by Dick Francis
acquired January 2019, translated, original title Nerve, 276 pages

In my youth I loved horses, when I lived in The Hague I helped regular at the stables of the the Duindigt racetrack. Yet I never read Dick Francis, not really knowing it would be my kind of read.
It was an entertaining book, a bit on the scary side, so I went for the last chapter when I was halfway. When I know the ending I can read more relaxed and enjoy the story.

It won't be my last Dick Francis book, although I might look at the last chapter early again.

Feb 2, 6:21am Top

February ROOTs

ROOT 21: Waar is de taart? by Thé Tjong-Khing
acquired October 2008, picturebook, Dutch, awarded, Woutertje Pieterse prijs & Zilveren Penseel 2005, English translation Where Is the Cake?, 26 pages

With only pictures over two pages, no tekst, several stories are drawn. At the cover we see the dog couple with a cake on the table, two rats steel the cake and the dog couple goes after them.
Meanwhile we follow a bunny family, two cats, chameleons (hard to find as they take the color of the background), pigs, ducks, monkeys etc. So many story lines, I had to go back several times, because I missed one in previous pictures.

Feb 2, 6:53am Top

ROOT 22: Mijn botjes zijn bekleed met deftig vel by Ted van Lieshout
acquired before 2008, YA, poetry, Dutch, awarded, Zilveren Griffel 1991, no translations, 32 pages

Impressive poems for children and grown ups. About family, surroundings, war and love, larded with some humor. The poems are written on a background illustration, and I think in some cases there was an illustration first and then the poem. I translated the short two line poem at the last page (with a horse in pencil):

The car was the solution for the problem
of horse manure on the streets of the city

Ted van Lieshout is a writer and artist, he used several painting techniques to draw the background for the poems. At the last pages he explains the techniques he used (etch, gouche, pastel etc).
The title translates "My bones are covered with lofty skin".

Edited: Feb 6, 6:01am Top

ROOT 23: Briefgeheim by Jan Terlouw
acquired before 2008, YA, Dutch, no English translation, 124 pages

Eva's parents often argue, when things get bad they don't speak to eachother for days. Eva suffers from it, her friends Jackie and Thomas make a plan. Eva will go missing, hiding at their place, so their parents will worry and make peace with eachother. Eva goes to their friends place, but then she really disappears for some days. When she returns she is changed. A neighbor of Jackie and Thomas is murdered and the children are determined to find out what is going on.
The title means "Secret letter".

Feb 6, 6:02am Top

ROOT 24: Een leeuw met lange tanden by Dolf Verroen
acquired before 2008, YA, Dutch, awarded, Zilveren Griffel 1987, no translations, 69 pages

Short stories, often with an unexpected twist at the end. Only a few that I liked.
The title translates "A lion with long teeth".

Feb 6, 6:13am Top

ROOT 25: Het geheim van de keel van de nachtegaal by Peter Verhelst
acquired November 2009, YA, Dutch, awarded, Gouden Griffel, Woutertje Pieterse prijs & Gouden Uil 2009, no English translations, 64 pages

Retelling of the fairytale "The Nightingale" by H.C. Andersen. With beautiful illustrations by Carll Cneut.

Feb 11, 5:29pm Top

ROOT 26: Zip en andere verhalen by Wim Hofman
acquired before 2008, Dutch, childrens, awarded, Zilveren Griffel 1987, no translations, 64 pages

Short stories for young readers. Some were allright, others I did not like.

Feb 12, 9:33am Top

>40 FAMeulstee: I really love that cover, it's beautiful!

Feb 12, 4:15pm Top

>42 Jackie_K: The illustrations were all beautiful. I would have given the story alone half a star less.

Feb 17, 2:44am Top

>35 FAMeulstee: I've read some of the Dick Francis books and almost always loved them. But is was a very long time ago.

Feb 17, 5:34am Top

>44 connie53: Maybe time for a re-visit, Connie?
I read them for a shared read in the 75 group.

Edited: Feb 17, 5:37am Top

ROOT 27: Zaterdagmorgen, Zondagmorgen by Jacques Vriens
acquired before 2008, Dutch, childrens, awarded, Zilveren Griffel 1979, no translations, 72 pages

It is weekend Katja and her little brother Jan keep their parents at their toes, doing things they are not supposed to do.
Often they just try to help, but the outcome can be disastrous.
The title translates "Saturdaymorning, Sundaymorning".

Feb 17, 6:15am Top

ROOT 28: De sprookjes van Moeder de Gans by Charles Perrault
has been around since I was born, translated from French, fairytales, English translation The Tales of Mother Goose, 247 pages

I loved this book as a kid, especially "Donkeyskin", a tale where a princess runs away from home to avoid marriage. She has three beautiful dresses, but hides in a donkeyskin not to be recognised. I used to love those dresses described as "a dress as bright as the sun, a dress the colour of the moon, a dress with the colours of the sky". Irresistable to me at the time, a little girl who took a detour to kindergarten to see the dresses in the bridal fashion store ;-)
That magic is gone, the present me isn't as interested in romantic dresses, as I was as a 5 year old. What is left is a mediocre translation of Perraults fairytales.

Feb 18, 2:58pm Top

ROOT 29: Mij 'n zorg by Elly Griffiths
acquired before 2008, translated, YA, awarded, Eervolle Vermelding 1997, original title Adam and Eve and Pinch-me, 243 pages

Sara's mother abandoned her when she was a baby. She was adopted by a nice couple, but they died in a fire. Ever since Sara has been at many different foster parents, some bad, some okayish. When she has to leave again, she can only think of her next birthday, then she will be free of fosters and school. Although she doesn't want to get close to anyone, she starts to like the little boy in this house. She is sad when his mother turns up to take him, and very mad when he returns a few weeks later with a black eye.


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