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Nittnut's Art of Reading 2019 - One

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Jan 1, 10:00am Top

I am continuing last year's theme of artwork. This is a painting from the early 2000's by my father-in -law. I wish it was a better photo, but it's hanging high on the wall in the entry and this angle on the stairs is the best I could do, short of hauling in a ladder and some lights. Lol
This year I will include art by other family members as well. Look for work by my Mother-in-law and Miss M, and maybe even Mr. Nittnut.

Edited: Jan 1, 10:32am Top

I'm Jennifer. this is my 10th year on LibraryThing, and in the 75er group. I read in bed. Also at the pool, in restaurants, at the beach, but not in the car. I have been married 25 years to my best friend. He puts up with my reading addictions, mostly, although I am not allowed to read while watching sport. We have three children ages 20 (now reading in his own apartment), 14 and 12 and I often find them reading in bed after lights out. Success! We have lived in California, Oregon, Colorado, New Zealand, and now we live in North Carolina.

Edited: Jan 1, 10:32am Top

Challenges 2019

AAC (American Author Challenge)

January: Chaim Potok
February: Louisa May Alcott
March: Jon Clinch
April: Jesmyn Ward
May: Jay Parini
June: Pearl Buck
July: Founding Fathers (and Mothers)
August: Ernest J. Gaines
September: Leslie Marmon Silko
October: DRAMA
November: W. E. B. DuBois
December: Marilynne Robinson

Non-Fiction Challenge

January: Prizewinning books, and runners up.
February: Science and Technology: Innovations and Innovators.
March: True Crime, Misdemeanors and Justice, Past and Present Day
April: Comfort Reads: Whatever topic makes you feel warm & fuzzy inside.
May: History. In this case, my cutoff date is 1950.
June: The Pictures Have It! Any book that relies on pictures to tell the story, from an illustrated graphic text, to a book of photographs, to an art catalog.
July: Biography & First Person Yarns
August: Raw Materials: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
So, read a book that starts with animals, vegetables or minerals at its heart.
September: Books by Journalists. On ANY topic -- just check to be sure that the author is a journalist -- employed by a paper, writing freelance, past or present.
October: Other Worlds: From Spiritual to Fantastical
November: Creators and Creativity
December: I’ve Always Been Curious About…

Edited: Jan 1, 10:52am Top

Edited: Jan 28, 2:02pm Top

2018 Top Four

Currently reading
Guns, Germs, and Steel

AAC Challenge

January - Chaim Potok - The Chosen
February - Louisa May Alcott - Little Men
March -

Non-Fiction Challenge

January - Prizewinners/Runners Up - Guns, Germs and Steel
February -



1. Midnight Riot
2. The Chosen
3. The River Widow
4. Jade Dragon Mountain
5. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mewed
6. I'll Be Your Blue Sky

Jan 1, 10:28am Top

To my actual thread. Maybe in a couple of days the multiple thread episode will fade from our memories...

Jan 1, 10:49am Top

Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 10:56am Top

Hi Jenn! Dropping a star so I can follow along for another year...

Jan 1, 11:01am Top

Happy 2019!

>4 nittnut: Ha! :)

Jan 1, 12:02pm Top

Happy reading in 2019!

Jan 1, 12:21pm Top

Hi Jenn, following along again this year. Wishing you a great 2019.

Jan 1, 12:47pm Top

Welcome back, Jenn!

Jan 1, 12:50pm Top

Happy New Year, Jenn. I love the art in the thread toppers. Have a great 2019.

Jan 1, 1:48pm Top

Jan 1, 2:25pm Top

Happy New Year, Jenn!

Jan 1, 4:10pm Top

Happy reading in 2019, Jenn!

Jan 1, 5:10pm Top

Happy New Year! Starred you!

Jan 1, 6:29pm Top

Happy 2019
A year full of books
A year full of friends
A year full of all your wishes realised

I look forward to keeping up with you, Jenn, this year.

Jan 1, 9:09pm Top

Followed you over here! Have a great reading year!

Jan 1, 9:35pm Top

Hi Jenn and happy first thread of 2019!

>4 nittnut: Ain’t it the truth?

>5 nittnut: I've read the first, have the second on my shelves, and haven't heard of the last two.

I hope you have a wonderful year, reading and otherwise. I also hope we can have several meet-ups, too.

Jan 1, 9:41pm Top

Jenn! I lost track of you last year but I'm dropping off my star and hoping to do a better job this year.

Happy 2019!!!!

Jan 1, 10:20pm Top

Dropping off my star, Jenn! This IS the right one?

Jan 1, 10:26pm Top

Hi All! Thanks for stopping by. I will be over to drop a star as soon as I can! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

>7 The_Hibernator: HI Rachel! I PMed you.

>8 katiekrug: Hey Katie, welcome!

>9 ChelleBearss: Hi Chelle! Happy New Year!

>10 mstrust: Happy New Year Jennifer!

>11 charl08: Hey Charlotte :) Same to you!

>12 drneutron: Happy New Year Jim - we couldn't do this without you. lol

>13 BLBera: and >14 Berly: Did you plan this?

>15 AMQS: Thanks Anne, same to you.

>16 FAMeulstee: Happy Reading to you too Anita :)

>17 SandDune: Hi Rhian, nice to see you over here.

>18 PaulCranswick: Hello Paul - lovely wishes, thank you.

>19 thornton37814: Hi Lori

>20 karenmarie: Happy New Year Karen! I hope we have several meetups and maybe even one with Peggy!

>21 EBT1002: Hi Ellen, I lost track of me too. Lol Happy 2019

Jan 1, 10:27pm Top

>22 ronincats: Hi Roni. This is the right one. Thanks for rubbing it in a little LOL

Jan 1, 11:11pm Top

Found the right thread and so - Happy New Year.
Great to see Joy Cowley up in your best of list.

Jan 3, 2:16am Top

Ok, posting in the right one now. Thought the other one was a bit quiet!!

Jan 4, 12:11am Top

>23 nittnut: We are twins you know. : )

Jan 4, 12:48am Top

>1 nittnut: What a lovely painting. Thanks for posting this Jennifer. Happy New Year to you and yours And, how in the world did you get a 20 year old to leave the nest and find an apartment? Kudos!

Jan 4, 4:31pm Top

Happy New Year, Jenn! I'm glad you're continuing with the thread topper theme - so great.

Jan 4, 7:28pm Top

Happy New Year, Jenn!

Jan 4, 7:30pm Top

Star is dropped. Hope you're having a good 2019 so far.

Jan 4, 8:35pm Top

>5 nittnut: wow, your 2018 top four are an eclectic bunch! I was drawn to them immediately, thinking perhaps you were reading them all at present :)

I wouldn't mind reading the Joy Cowley bio...she wrote almost every single school reading book the kids bring home. Happy New Year! I do love doing the rounds and dropping stars at the start of the year :)

Jan 5, 8:27am Top

>25 avatiakh: Hi Kerry! Joy Cowley seems like a lovely person from her memoir. It was such an enjoyable read.

>26 charl08: Glad to see you Charlotte. I hope it's very quiet. I hope it goes away...

>27 Berly: Of course. Lol

>28 Whisper1: Hi Linda. How did we get the 20 year old to leave? We couldn't keep him, and I reckon it was the goal - to produce a functional adult - so hopefully he continues to be successful. He has fed, clothed and housed himself for 2 years now. It was mildly terrifying though.

>29 Crazymamie: Happy New Year Mamie!

>30 alcottacre: So good to see you around the threads Stasia!

>31 RebaRelishesReading: Hi Reba :)

>32 LovingLit: Hey Megan - You are right. It is kind of an eclectic group. I think you would like the bio. I'd be tempted to go find her, did I live where you do. I bet she'd be fun to talk to. I'm off to try and drop more stars this morning. :)

Jan 6, 6:10pm Top

I dropped my star, Jenn, and hope to do a better job of following your thread than last year.

Jan 8, 3:28pm Top

Just keeping up here. Hope the first week of 2019 went well. : )

Jan 11, 8:32pm Top

>34 Familyhistorian: Hello Anita, I hope I manage to keep my own thread going this year...

>35 Berly: Not too much to keep up with. I haven't managed to finish a book yet, and I'm just barely managing RL.

My mother had aortic valve replacement surgery today. From what my dad says, things went well. Just waiting for her to wake up enough to get the breathing tube out and see how she's doing. He says she has a wonderful nurse and a good team of people watching over her. I'm off to Portland on Thursday to help out. We will see if I read on the plane...

Edited: Jan 11, 9:59pm Top

>33 nittnut: Congratulations on a job well done.

>36 nittnut: I send a prayer for your mother that her recovery from valve replacement goes well. Safe travels. Please keep us posted if you have time.

Jan 11, 10:13pm Top

>36 nittnut: Sending lots of good vibes to your mom, Jenn. It sounds like the preliminary news is about as good as you could hope for. Safe travels for you and healing good wishes to your mother.

Jan 11, 10:23pm Top

Best wishes for your mom as she recovers, and for you for safe travels on Thursday!

Jan 12, 12:58am Top

Safe travels, Jenn, and best wishes to your mother. Hope her recovery goes well.

Jan 12, 3:52am Top

Have a safe trip, Jenn, and all the best to your mother. I hope the next few weeks go really well.
I'm pretty sure that this operation is exactly what Mum had about 5 years ago now and she has made a total recovery.

Jan 12, 10:48am Top

More good wishes from me. Great to hear her hospital team are looking after your mum so well.

Jan 12, 10:52am Top

Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers, Jenn.

Jan 12, 10:52am Top

Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers, Jenn.

Jan 12, 1:48pm Top

Glad your mother's surgery went well and that your dad is pleased with her care team. Hope her recovery goes well.

Jan 12, 5:43pm Top

>36 nittnut: Sending my best wishes to your Mum, Jenn.

Jan 12, 5:50pm Top

Ditto on the good wishes from me, to, Jenn. Safe travels and healing thoughts for your Mom.

Jan 13, 10:40am Top

Best wishes for your mom and her speedy recovery.

Jan 13, 8:10pm Top

Jenn, I'm glad your mother's heart surgery is over and went well. I'm so glad you are going out to Oregon to help her and spend that recovery time with her. You will be good medicine!

Edited: Jan 28, 1:52pm Top

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes! I appreciate it so much. I am going to just respond all at once to everyone. :)

Mom is out of cardiac ICU and doing well. She texted last night and said she was hoping to get to wash her hair today. That sounds just like her. :) I am running around getting things organized for me to be gone. It's so nice having big kids who are more self-sufficient. Miss M can cook dinner and Mr. E is great at getting everyone up and going in the mornings. I just need to lay in supplies and leave the house in some kind of order so I feel OK about leaving. I am also looking forward to the trip - Miss M mentioned that she can't remember the last time I went anywhere. I can't either!

I finished 2 books!

#1 Midnight Riot thank you Julia (rosalita)

A police procedural, set in London, with the usual suspects. Or are they? Turns out the suspects are most unusual, and so are some of the police officers. A fast paced, sometimes hilarious journey through the otherworldly underbelly of London. Very enjoyable, if occasionally a little gruesome.

#2 The Chosen - AAC

I meant to read Old Men at Midnight, which I requested at the library, and picked this up in the meantime. I think I've read it four or five times, but I was immediately hooked again. That baseball game is a powerful opener to a truly great story. My copy has some commentary by the author, publisher and some others, which I had not read previously. Those were also interesting and worth the time to read. 5 stars, as always.

I am currently reading Loving Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder and hoping very much to start The Winter of the Witch, which I received in the mail last week and have been ignoring (sort of) until I finished the other books.

I am off - hoping for a quick meetup and browse around Powells in Portland if Mom doesn't mind me leaving for half a day. Keep the place warm while I'm gone. :)

Jan 14, 2:49pm Top

Safe travels and best wishes to your mom for a quick recovery!

Jan 14, 2:52pm Top

Safe travels and rapid recovery to your mom, Jenn.

Jan 14, 4:51pm Top

Glad to hear your mom is doing well, Jenn.

Jan 15, 3:35am Top

Jenn--Soooo glad to hear your mom made it through the surgery so well. Sending her lots of good healing juju and wishing you a safe trip out here. Crossing my fingers that things work out and I get to see you! Hugs.

Jan 15, 9:25am Top

Glad to hear that your mom is feeling better and more herself! Hopefully she won't have to stay in hospital too long!
Best of luck with your travels and to your mom!

Jan 15, 11:12am Top

I'm so glad your mom is doing well!

Jan 17, 11:17am Top

Wishing you safe travels today, Jenn.

Jan 20, 9:15pm Top

Stopping by to get caught up and joining the others in wishing that your travel was a safe one and that your mom is well on the road to recovery.

Jan 20, 9:26pm Top

Hi Jenn--missed you today at the meet-up. Hope you and your mom are doing okay. Sending hugs.

Edited: Jan 20, 9:34pm Top

>50 nittnut: Glad to hear that your mom is doing well! I get to dodge the Midnight Riot and The Chosen BBs since I have read both of those.

Jan 25, 6:43am Top

Thinking about you, Jenn, and hoping things are going well.

Jan 28, 1:19pm Top

>51 karenmarie:, >61 karenmarie: Hello Karen! Thank you for checking in. Life has been a little wild. I am home, Mom is doing really well. One of my brothers is having a turn at helping out this week.

>52 BLBera: Thank you Beth! I appreciate your good thoughts. The flight home from Dallas was a little too much like a rodeo for my comfort.

>53 ronincats: Hi Roni, Thank you!

>54 Berly:, >59 Berly: Hi Kim. Sorry I missed the meet up. One of these days...

>55 ChelleBearss: Thank you Chelle! She is doing very well. Getting a little bored, I think.

>56 mstrust: Thank you Jennifer!

>57 Crazymamie: Thank you Mamie - I appreciate it.

>58 lkernagh: Thanks Lori. Mom is well and I loved being able to visit my parents.

>60 alcottacre: Lucky you! Maybe I will get you with a BB one of these days. :)

Edited: Jan 28, 2:00pm Top

Hello everyone. Thank you for stopping by and keeping my thread warm. Life has been a little wild - some of it self-inflicted, some of it just life - and I can't promise it will settle down soon. We shall see.
The week before I went to visit my mom we had an upstairs toilet overflow. (Whose bright idea was it to have upstairs toilets anyway?) Fortunately we caught it before it was really really bad, but it was bad enough. We had to drill a few holes in the living room ceiling and pull up carpet upstairs, run fans and dehumidifiers for a couple weeks, and now we are in spackle, paint and put the carpet back phase. Then I went to see my mom and came home and the hot water heater quit working. We can fool it into heating enough water for a shower or to run a load of dishes IF we turn it all the way off and then relight the gas and wait a bit. Super fun. So my husband thought he could maybe fix it and he spent the entire day Saturday working on it, and then it didn't work any better. I made an executive decision this morning and called a repair man. I just have this thing for hot water on demand. Whatever.

I did read a few books:

#3 The River Widow

Adah is alone in the world, except for her abusive husband Lester, and his daughter from a previous marriage. Then the river floods and in the rush to evacuate, something happens. Lester is dead and Adah is swept down the river. She survives and returns to Lester's family to care for Lester's little girl. The family harbors secrets and they suspect Adah killed Lester. This was just OK. I never quite bought in to the characters. I would say it needs some editing and a little more character development.

#4 Jade Dragon Mountain

A mystery set in China just before the Opium Wars. Intrigue involving rebel factions, the East India Company, and ambitious politicians. Can a former librarian, now dishonored exile solve the mystery before the emperor arrives in town for a festival? A fun read.

#5 Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd

I am working my way through the rest of the Flavia books. I like how she is developing - getting a little more polished socially while retaining her quirks. I am devastated by the ending of this one.

#6 I'll Be Your Blue Sky

This was my airplane book on my way home. It was thoroughly enjoyable. If anyone has read Love Walked In, this is a story about Clare, the young girl from that story. Clare is engaged to be married, inevitably to the wrong guy. A chance meeting leads to the cancellation of the wedding and a journey of discovery that helps Clare not only discover who she is and what she wants, but leads to true love. I recommend it!

I am still reading Loving Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder and Guns, Germs, and Steel.

Jan 28, 1:55pm Top

>63 nittnut: I think I'll be ready for something light like Flavia in audiobook after I finish the one I'm listening to at the moment.

Jan 28, 2:01pm Top

Good to hear your mom is doing well, but sorry about the other stuff...

Jan 28, 2:14pm Top

Hi Jenn. I, too, am glad your mom is doing well and that you've been getting some good reading in. House stuff - never ending. Sorry about the toilet overflow and the hot water heater going out.

Jan 28, 2:39pm Top

Welcome home, Jenn! Hooray for Mom, but Boo to the home shenanigans. Your husband sounds just like mine. Heh. Good thinking with the executive decision making. Crossing my fingers that nothing else decides to misbehave.

Jan 29, 12:36pm Top

So glad about your Mom but what a pain about the house. Hope your issues are sorted out soon!!

Jan 31, 2:43pm Top

>64 thornton37814: Flavia is perfect for my read half a chapter and put the book down life right now.

>65 katiekrug: Yeah...

>66 karenmarie: We have the carpet tacked back down and have started fixing the ceiling. Trying to decide if it will be a new hot water heater or a new part. *shrug* I don't care so long as it gets fixed this weekend.

>67 Crazymamie: Boo to home shenanigans for sure.

>68 RebaRelishesReading: Working on it... it could be worse. At least we can manually start the hot water heater and get enough hot water for a shower.

So, home repairs are underway. Mr. E tested positive for flu. Here's to the rest of us giving it a miss. We shall see.

Jan 31, 4:37pm Top

The last time we had to replace a hot water heater Lowe's didn't have 40-gallon propane hot water heaters so we had to get a 50-gallon propane hot water heater and that entailed permits from the county and all sorts of other shenanigans about getting it installed. That's pretty much what I told Bill at the time - I don't care so long as it gets fixed this weekend.

Feb 2, 9:51am Top

Good luck with the home repair - it will be great when it's done. That's what I always tell myself when I'm in the middle of a mess/repair crisis.
Glad your mom is doing well.

Feb 5, 11:52am Top

>70 karenmarie: We are still lighting the pilot light and crossing our fingers. The repair guy came and did some stuff and it didn't fix anything. On the bright side, he didn't charge us. The part that needs repair is arriving today, but the DH is out of town until Thursday. I won't talk about people who spend so much time doing research and dithering about whether to replace the entire heater or just the part that the actual ordering doesn't happen in a timely manner... bless them.

>71 BLBera: I am sure I will appreciate unlimited hot water very much when I have it again. :)

I finished a giant knitting project, which means I have more reading time!

#7 The Grave's a Fine and Private Place

On a holiday with her sisters, accompanied by the faithful Dogger, Flavia discovers another corpse. In the quest to discover how the person died, she discovers several other mysteries. A new partnership is blossoming among Flavia and Dogger, and her sister Daffy.

#8 Erasing Time

My daughter has been waiting a while for me to get around to this one. I finally decided it would be easier to just read it than to try and explain to her why I haven't...

Twin sisters are pulled forward in time. Four hundred years in the future, they have to figure out the language, the culture and the political structure of a changed society before the people who brought them figure out who they are. It's a quick read, and decently entertaining, but it was just OK for me. I was annoyed by a few inconsistencies and occasional improbabilities, and I do realize I am fussier than the average 14 year old when it comes to that sort of detail. Not a bad book for the genre.

Still reading Guns, Germs, and Steel and I have finally started Winter of the Witch.

Feb 5, 12:19pm Top

>72 nittnut: I'm listening to that Flavia book commuting--just started it this morning.

Feb 5, 12:50pm Top

>72 nittnut: Daughter #2 sent me The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie as a "just because" present. She adores Flavia and thinks/hopes I will too. It was very sweet and thoughtful of her and I'm grateful but I'm about 150 pages in and wondering if it ever gets better :(

Feb 5, 1:00pm Top

>74 RebaRelishesReading: I actually prefer the audiobooks of Flavia to the print. Jayne Entwistle does such a great job capturing Flavia and her spirit!

Feb 5, 2:41pm Top

>73 thornton37814: I will have to try the audio. I think a good narrator would make Flavia.

>74 RebaRelishesReading: I remember being a little uncertain about Flavia in the first book, but I like her quirky soul.

Feb 5, 5:05pm Top

>76 nittnut: I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Feb 6, 11:31am Top

>75 thornton37814:, >76 nittnut: Thanks for the encouragement. I'll finish this one and then maybe try the next in audio. I'm still not warming to this one to any great degree though.

Feb 9, 11:56pm Top

Do you have hot water again? Fingers crossed!

Feb 10, 4:21am Top

Hi Jenn - so glad your Mum is doing well. That's great news.

The plumbing drama sounds awful but I did laugh when you said J was trying to fix it himself. Sounds like someone I know. And I'd have called the plumber too...

Feb 11, 2:36pm Top

>79 Berly: We got the hot water fixed last Thursday. It is glorious to be back in the land of unlimited hot water. :)

>80 cushlareads: Thanks Cushla! Yes - I have now put a time limit on all DIY efforts. Lol
I guess your summer is finished and you're all back at school?

Feb 11, 2:48pm Top

I'm still AWOL and crazy busy, but I did read a couple books. Yay!

#9 Winter of the Witch

Fantastic end to the series. I really enjoyed it. It's a page turner, with no shortage of action. It is loosely based on the Battle of Kulikovo, which took place in 1380, but with a magical twist.

#10 Skyward

This is the first book in a new series by Brandon Sanderson. From the time she can remember, Spensa has wanted to fly. The odds are against her because her father was branded a coward and shot down in his last flight. Against the odds, she makes it into flight school. She seeks out more information about her father's death and finds answers to the questions that have troubled her. Those answers were a surprise to me - I did not see that twist coming at all. Although I really enjoy Spensa's fierce determination, my favorite characters were her friend Rog and the AI attached to a special plane. I will say no more. It's YA, and probably appropriate for 12+. I enjoy Sanderson's world building abilities.

Feb 11, 3:01pm Top

Jenn, I'm going through some craziness myself with a house remodel going on and being away to babysit my Kansas City Grands for a week. Actually, this week may save my sanity. The girls are ages 16 and 14 and very self-sufficient. Eleven-year-old Griffin is a sweetie and worries about me not being entertained enough. He even talks books with me! Anyway, I can appreciate the pain and drama of a broken hot-water heater. At least we've had hot water throughout the process of updating our old house. I'll be very glad when it is put back together again!

I'm also very glad that your mother is doing well and you were able to be there with her for part of the recovery. It's difficult to get back in the groove after a trip like that. But it will happen. Hang in there...

Feb 11, 8:35pm Top

>82 nittnut: The Arden book finally arrived at the library today. It was still on the shelf when I checked about a half hour ago. I think it will be snapped up pretty quickly though.

Feb 11, 10:26pm Top

Hot water heater yet? Yikes, I've had those go out a time or two on me. When we lived in Cyprus we had an immersion hot water heater, so we had to turn it on about an hour before we needed hot water and then turn it off after using. The element pooped out a few times. I have a picture of Stelios using a ladle and a soup pot of hot water to rinse his head. I don't miss that at all!

Feb 12, 8:28am Top

Morning, Jenn! Glad to hear that the hot water is once again prevalent. "I have now put a time limit on all DIY efforts." This made me laugh! Good thinking!

Feb 12, 9:24am Top

Hooray for hot water on demand!

Hope things calm down for you a bit...

Feb 14, 1:42pm Top

Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤️💚💗💙

Feb 18, 9:56pm Top

>83 Donna828: Hi Donna! A remodel is not my idea of a good time. I hope you survived the grandkid week and are back enjoying the construction project as much as possible. Lol

85 Yes indeed. The novelty wears off pretty fast and you want a real hot shower again.

>86 Crazymamie: So far, my time limit is working pretty well. Got the ceiling holes from the toilet overflow spackled this weekend. I have to wait for painting because work trips are getting in the way, but it doesn't look too bad if you don't know it's there. Ha.

>87 katiekrug: Hooray indeed. Sorry about your basement woes. Things will not calm down. I have accepted this as the new normal. Sigh

>88 ChelleBearss: Hi Chelle! Thank you for remembering the day for me here. *grin*

Edited: Feb 18, 10:11pm Top

I read another book - starting to feel like way too much of an accomplishment.

#11 Carve the Mark

By the author of the Divergent series, and happily, quite different. I liked the worlds she created, and I like the conflict. I am not super thrilled with some of the inner angst of the main characters, but the rest is interesting enough that I can live with it. Worth a try if you like Science Fiction/Fantasy.

I am reading the second in the series, The Fates Divide, which is an ominous title.

I am about 150 pages in to Guns, Germs, and Steel and TBH I can't decide if it's a stupid book or not. I am sure that will raise the eyebrows of some people, but I'm not a huge fan of speculative anthropology, or whatever we would call something like this. I am much more interested in what his conclusions are at the end of all the speculation. Right now I feel like I'm back in social studies and I'm bored.

Also reading Loving Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder, which I find extremely helpful. I chose it out of a list of possible books on the subject because the blurb was the first one that did not contain the recommendation to get that person out of your life ASAP. Dr. Manning takes a much more compassionate approach, while still advocating boundaries and good therapy.

What does this week have in store? Aside from the normal work/school/kid stuff there is A funeral, post which I and my service group feed the bereaved family, drivers ed for Miss M, basketball playoffs and pictures, an allergist appointment for Mr. E and a full day of WaterArt training. I also have a friend who is having a miscarriage, a friend whose mother just passed away, another friend whose mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, (Does it ever feel like the planets have aligned, and not in a good way?) and Mr. Nittnut is traveling. This is the new normal - I'm off again, see you on the other side.

Feb 18, 11:23pm Top

Just reading how busy you are exhausts me. Take care of yourself in all of this...

Yesterday, 9:47am Top

I have Carve the Mark in my Audible library - hopefully I like it. Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder was good...very helpful.

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