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TPBM 10-4 good buddy

This is a continuation of the topic TPBM 103: Another Prime Number! Aren't We Lucky?.


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Jan 8, 11:12am Top

TPBM has used CB radio in her/his time

Jan 8, 11:23am Top

yes. In my high-school years we played CB Tag - you drive around town giving each other ambiguous clues until everyone finds each other, then goes to Dennys for coffee. My handle was Lotus.

TPBM also used a handle.

Jan 8, 12:04pm Top

No, but in 7th grade Spanish class I was called Lupe because my name didn't translate to Spanish.

TPBM's name translates to ________.

Jan 8, 12:20pm Top

The shining one, alternately she who shines from within. Or so I have been told; it's all Greek to me (ancient and modern).

TPBM shines.

Jan 8, 5:38pm Top

I leave that to the sun. Where are you, sun??

TPBM knows.

Jan 9, 8:27am Top

No. I live in an area that was actually chosen during WWII to build a munitions plant because there was so much cloud cover it would be hard for enemies to discover it from the air.

TPBM is feeling effects of government shutdown.

Jan 9, 12:53pm Top

No, those poor people are getting screwed. But my commute had been awesome! Zippy!

TPBM takes lunch on the terrace.

Edited: Jan 9, 9:52pm Top

I don't; in fact I've forgotten if "terrace" is
an earth-formation or an architectural formation -- or both?
or a highfalutin word for "street", "alley" or "avenue"?
(My grandmother lived in the 30s and 40s on a short, unpaved
road called "Lord Terrace".*)

*One of the many unpaved street that the Woburn, MA of
the 1930s-40s boasted.

TPBM knows of a weird word for "street etc." not mentioned in 8.

Jan 9, 11:26pm Top

Mews. Former stables.

TPBM lives weird.

Jan 10, 5:29am Top

Actually, that's Austin. Keep Austin weird; that's their credo.
Austin is in Travis County, and often referred to on the political maps as the blueberry in the middle of a bunch of cranberries.
I happen to live just north of the border in gerrymandered Round Rock, in ultra-conservative Williamson County. On that same political map, we're referred to as the strawberry sitting on top of the blueberry. The town's tongue-in-cheek motto is: Keep Round Rock mildly unusual.
On the east side of I-35, nestled between Round Rock and Austin, is a town made somewhat famous as the title of a song by the Austin Lounge Lizards (gotta love them lizards!). The town is (silent P) Pflugerville. Their bumper stickers read: Pflugerville - between a rock and a weird place.

TPBM ... isn't like the other children.

Jan 10, 11:46am Top

Keep weirdness alive!

TPBM has an opening act.

Jan 11, 10:16am Top

Yes but it's the same as my closing act.

TPBM has heard of the Austin Lounge Lizards (>10 WholeHouseLibrary:)

Jan 11, 11:28am Top

Newp, although I'm always up for new music. Angry Johnnie and the Killbillies are one of my favorite unknown bands, but they imploded before I got to see then live.

TPBM has dug a grave.

Jan 11, 12:35pm Top

Not dug it, but I did leave cremains in a National Park. You're supposed to ask permission and then they tell you, you can't, so I just skipped those steps.

TPBM would rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Jan 11, 12:48pm Top

Only for our cat. Buried about 3 feet under in our back garden in a red felt shroud inside a shoe box. Family guests (ours, not hers) only, no flowers. No headstone. Died in the fullness of her years, aged 23.

Every time I see Stanley Spencer's painting, 'The Resurrection, Cookham', I think of her scrabbling her way to the surface.

TPBM is more comfortable with a more abstract concept of resurrection

Edited: Jan 11, 12:59pm Top

Serves me right for taking so much time to reply...

I see it as a morbid fantasy; something to give false comfort even when, intellectually, everyone knows it's never happened.

>14 PhaedraB: That depends on the situation, but I most often ask permission first, like if I were to meet woman in a bar (completely hypothetical; I don't ever go to bars.), I would most likely ask a woman to sign a waiver giving me permission to converse with her, and that waiver would contain a list of topics which must be approved or crossed off. Of course, I'd have a Notary Public as my wing person to make it all legal.

>13 SomeGuyInVirginia: I've dug three, and the fourth will be dug in May. For good measure, I'm going to loosen up the soil for my own (no plans on getting there any time soon) just to make it easier on those who will inter me.

TPBM is that kind of thoughtful.

Edited: Jan 15, 3:52am Top

Hell no I'm not! When the time comes, I want everything about my burial to be the biggest possible pain in the ass. Mom was buried when Williamsburg had a foot of snow, the high was 7 degrees (-14c) and the wind was howling. That's planning!

TPBM would never impose.

Jan 14, 9:05am Top

I try not to. I try to follow the Golden Rule.

TPBM likes to put jigsaw puzzles together.

Jan 14, 11:10am Top

I do, although it's been as while since I have.

TPBM loves puzzles in general.

Jan 14, 12:29pm Top

ABSOLUTELY! Sudoku, Cryptoquip, crossord puzzles, wooden/plastic block puzzles, ciphers, jigsaw puzzles -- you name it. Currently working on a 1,000-piece Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle of the interior of the library at Trinity College in Dublin. It's a lot harder than I expected. I've developed Excel spreadsheets to help keep things neat when I work on most forms of Sudoku puzzles; and especially like the 5-puzzle format.

One of the reasons I geocache is that several of them are puzzle caches, and I often have to do a lot of research to work them out.

TPBM finds reconciling the checkbook sit the bank each month is enough of a puzzle to deal with, thank you very much.

My ex (ThiMs) managed the money for years before turning that responsibility over to me. She used Quicken, but wouldn't allow me access to her computer -- three separate passwords to get to it. So, every month, she'd give me a Post-It note with the "balance." Sometimes we'd be off by 20 cents, other months, we'd be off by over 700 dollars. I'd spend hours trying to figure out where the math error was. She was just messing with me -- another reason why I divorced her sorry ass.

Edited: Jan 14, 4:53pm Top

I've never understood the need to reconcile a checkbook. And now a days checks have gone out of fashion and most Danes do most of their transactions with debit cards one way or the other. This is to a degree where most Danes don't have any cash ready at hand.

TPBM thinks this is a recipe for disaster.

Jan 14, 6:02pm Top

Possibly .. I had workmen to do a few necessarily jobs around the place today, and they were very grateful to be paid in cash (um, best not ask why!).

TPBM banks online.

Jan 14, 6:15pm Top

No -- not even when my computer is working (whichitisn't
right at the moment. --All at the counter or on the debit card.

TPBM understands why credit card is a better deal than
debit card (or vice-versa).

Jan 14, 6:29pm Top

Bonus points. Always charge only what you can pay off each month, and you still get a chunk reduced by points earned. The banks call those customers 'deadbeats.'

TPBM is feeling some January condition.

Jan 15, 6:59am Top

A little bit of post-holiday letdown, but more book excitement for the new year.

TPBM has a special reading project planned for 2019.

Jan 15, 9:44am Top

Not right now. Just waiting for new releases from favorite authors, reading books I already have and looking for new authors that write books I like.

The person below me recently uncovered/rediscovered something from his or her childhood that has special memories.

(For me it was a traincase that I had as a child. It had really old books in it that I had also forgotten about. I'll bet traincase is a word you haven't heard in a long time too.)

Jan 15, 9:56am Top

Yes! to both. I've been writing down my very earliest memories for my children and grands. And then, in a pile of papers, I unearthed a peel-and-stick decal meant to decorate cribs. This one:

And it jarred a very early memory of mom bringing them home from the five & dime and decorating both the crib and the headboard of the bed I shared with a sister.

TPBM shared a bed with a sibling too.

Jan 15, 11:32am Top

Yes, my older sister until she moved out, and then my younger sister. I hated it. The bed was against the wall and my older sister made me sleep against the wall side. She was kind of mean. She would promise that tomorrow night I could sleep on the outside and then when tomorrow came she would say "this is today, you'll have to wait until tomorrow." I caught on pretty fast and quit asking but I blame my claustrophobia on being cramped against that wall.

TPBM has a sibling story.

Jan 15, 12:56pm Top

My brother and I are so different on most things that it's like one of us was adopted (him.) As a kid he used to jump on a box car and ride it out only far enough so that he could get back before bedtime. Maybe no further than West Virginia? It's one of the most remarkable things I heard when I was a kid, and one of the reasons I secretly admire him. I mean, who did that? What 10 year old outside of a novel rode the rails?

TPBM has an unusual sibling.

Jan 15, 2:35pm Top

I'm one of ten, and we're all unusual in unique (to each other) ways. One brother was 6'8" before compressed discs presented themselves. My youngest sister begged the agent at the DMV in NJ to add an extra quarter inch to her height so she wouldn't be an even 5' tall. My next older brother was the only blond in the family. All the boys (6) were born before any of the girls. Only one sister looked anything like our mother--an exact match, except for the hairstyle of photos of Mom at the same age. The others took after Dad's side of the family. My younger brother is the only gay sibling and we were always comfortable with that and supportive, but we (kindly) referred to him as the proto-daughter. Me, I'm the overly sensitive, easily offended, obsessive-compulsive one; also the best looking of the bunch. Did I mention I reek of modesty?

TPBM was an only child, except for a sister or two.

Jan 15, 3:45pm Top

Two of them, yes. I was the middle child, only a little younger than Big Sister but eight years older than Baby Sister. Big Sister looked remarkably like my blond, blue–eyed mother, while I looked like my dark haired, brown-eyed father. When we were together we got used to people asking which one was adopted. However, when we were with my mother, I was obviously adopted while if we were with my dad, Big sister was obviously adopted.

Baby sister resembles both of them, although as she ages I think she's starting to resemble my mother's sister.

TPBM has family issues.

Jan 15, 3:50pm Top

Oh boy, do we! The normal ones seem to have passed away and left me with the more "unique" ( I think that was used above) ones. Drama when you least expect it. Just an invite can cause it...

The person below me will tell us his or her birth order. I'm the baby of four. They stopped after they got it right. :D

Edited: Jan 15, 4:14pm Top

It's complicated....

I grew up with an older sister and younger brother.

Then my parents divorced, and Dad remarried, so I got a younger stepsister, half-sister, and half-brother.

Oddly enough we are all almost exactly 5 years apart. Dad is a predictable fellow, I guess.

TPBM is an only child.

Jan 15, 4:39pm Top


The person below me is from a large family.

Jan 15, 5:59pm Top

Depends how you look at it. I was brought up as the only child of my mother. My father had two other partners, so a half brother and half sister by one and four half sisters by the other.

TPBM had skeletons in the cupboard

Jan 16, 11:57am Top

I keep mine in the closet. More room.

TPBM is pure as the driven snow.

Jan 16, 12:26pm Top

I am. I really am. The dew on the lily, dappled sunlight o'er the glade, as wholesome as the spring lamb.

TPBM buys it.

Jan 16, 12:35pm Top

Of course I do, simply because Parker D. Cat's human dad had better be 'pure as the driven snow'. Parker D. deserves no less.

As per a discussion on my 75ers thread recently talking about a life filled with wonderful memories, TPBM has some wild and crazy wonderful memories in addition to the wholesome kind.

Jan 16, 12:54pm Top

Now that would be telling.

TPBM will tell.

Jan 16, 3:10pm Top

Well, there was the time when I smoked dope with Jimi Hendrix's drummer. But that was a long time ago.

TPBM has stories fit for PG consumption.

Jan 16, 5:41pm Top

"There's no I in bacon" (think about it...)

TPBM gets it

Jan 16, 5:58pm Top

As in "We, we, we, we all the way home?"

TPBM will check my work.

Jan 16, 7:24pm Top

Sure, but for a fee.

TPBM has always dreamed of being a(n) ______________________.

Jan 17, 10:29am Top

My dreams have changed over the years. When I was a young'un I wanted to be an archeologist. Later I wanted to be a writer. Now I just want to be a retired person.

TPBM achieved their dream.

Jan 17, 10:39am Top

I did - I retired 3 years ago and do a happy dance pretty much every day. When I was 6, we had to write and draw a picture of four things we wanted to be when were grown up - I wanted to be a teacher, an archaeologist, a Dutch girl (close - I married a man of Dutch descent), and, embarrassing but in the interests of honesty, a monkey.

TPBM had an unusual goal when they were little.

Jan 17, 12:09pm Top

My grand-daughter (when 3) wanted to be a penguin.

TBPM has a more serious answer to >45 karenmarie:

Edited: Jan 17, 2:17pm Top

I wanted to be a junkie. I was in pre-school and didn't understand what that was, but I had the vague idea that a junkie lived in Manhattan, stayed up late, and listened to loud music. And that's all I ever wanted to do. When I was a tot and a friend of my Mom's asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her 'I want to be a junkie.' Hilarity ensued. It's important to set identifiable, quantifiable, realistic goals in life!

>45 karenmarie: I really love that you wanted to be a monkey.

TPBM wanted to be something else.

Jan 18, 8:51am Top

Other than a junkie or a monkey? Yes, but I always wanted to have a pet monkey. It probably stemmed from watching Wild Kingdom and Disney on Sunday nights.

TPBM remembers Wild Kingdom and Marlin Perkins.

Jan 18, 10:24am Top

If you remember the 60s, you weren't really there.

TPBM had a favorite childhood TV show.

Jan 18, 10:32am Top

The Mickey Mouse Club when I was very young - my dad said that when he came home from work all he could see was me from the back, sitting on the floor with my Mouse ears on.

TPBM also had a favorite childhood TV show.

Jan 18, 10:37am Top

Ohohohoh! Chiller theater every afternoon after school! One station played old Our Gang episodes and the other played 50s mutant bug movies. I LOVED those afternoons!

TPBM had another.

Jan 18, 11:16am Top

Well, I almost never have a favorite anything. I like lots of different things, and almost never rank them. That being said, The only reason I watched the Mickey Mouse Club was: Annette. Another show I liked a lot was called Hank. It was about a fellow who was not well off but wanted to get a college education so bad that he worked all kinds of menial jobs, and would make arrangements with different students to take their place at class lectures and such. So, half the time, he'd be wearing disguises. Of course, he also had a relationship with the Dean's daughter, so he was a very busy guy.

Another favorite please, TPBM.

Edited: Jan 18, 11:20am Top

Ah. In the Pittsburgh area we had Chilly Billy (Bill Cardille), Chiller Theater on late Saturday night Channel 11. Supposedly, date night and a reason for the girl to cling to her boyfriend.

And, TPBM...

Jan 18, 1:14pm Top

We liked Here's Geraldine, a local show in Chicago. Once we got to see the live show, but I was so young, my memory of it is a jumble of behind the scenes images. Interestingly enough, the show was in black and white and my memories of the studio are in black and white. We adopted a dog that was the shelter pet of the week on Here's Geraldine.

Tossing the mic to TPBM...

Edited: Jan 18, 1:22pm Top

In those days before cable tv, we got 6 channels, so as a family we watched a lot of PBS - Doctor Who, Masterpiece Theater, and every sort of nature show. My brother and I were fans of Hanna Barbera cartoons. I can name almost every character in this:

TPBM has another.

Jan 18, 2:07pm Top

//>55 Darth-Heather: Jonny Quest. Oh my god, everything makes sense now.//

Jan 18, 3:14pm Top

//>56 SomeGuyInVirginia: I recently discovered that there is a cover of the Jonny Quest theme song by Reverend Horton Heat (testify to the mighty Reverend!) it's like kismet or something...//

Jan 18, 8:17pm Top

I seem to recall all of the family on Sunday nights watching The Wonderful World of Disney followed by Bonanza. I even remember that Bonanza was sponsored by Chevrolet, and the jingle was something like "we love baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet".

TPBM remembers another commercial jingle.

Jan 19, 6:05am Top

I'd somehow never heard Deck The Halls by the time we got "Ring the bells for Christmas Timex, Tick-a-tick-a Timex fa la la". When I later heard Deck The Halls my immediate reaction was "OMG - a Christmas Carol that uses an advertising jingle for its tune??".

TPBM remembers another.

Jan 19, 6:22am Top

'Esso sign means happy motoring' to Bizet.

TPBM has another example of how the Hidden Persuaders get inside your head.

Jan 21, 12:16pm Top

Why would you think I have a voice in my head that tells me to burn things?! (Every time I hear Pachelbel's Canon I think someone is going to ask me for money. In the US, it's the 'go to' soundtrack for good-cause donation requests.)

TPBM is a sucker for a good sob story.

Jan 21, 12:24pm Top

yep, I always... always fall for the one that goes "I am the hungriest cat in the world, nobody ever feeds me, I will wither and die of starvation".

TPBM never gives in.

Jan 21, 2:26pm Top

No, I don't, no matter how big those puppy eyes are. I just tell 'em, you picked the wrong one at this table.

My two cats, however, had a scam where they'd tag team to get fed first by one of us and then the other. So we set up a system where I was the only one who fed them wet food and Spouse was the only one who fed them dry food. Much later we found out that the landlord's dog would sneak downstairs when we weren't home and eat the cat food.

For the TPBM, it's __________ cats and dogs.

Jan 21, 3:56pm Top

... the pound for birds, ...

Not in my house EVER again.

TPBM knows why.

Jan 22, 9:17am Top

Because you just haven't found the right puppy.

TPBM has gone to the dogs.

Jan 22, 9:27am Top

Yup. They have trained me well. They know my lap is available after dinner and switch every so often!

TPBM has been trained in other ways by the 4 legged ones in the house!

Jan 22, 10:07am Top

Oh yeah. Even the 2 legged wild birds have me at their beck and call. I started putting seed on the deck railing when the weather got bad and they couldn't all fit in at the feeder. Now in the morning they are lined up on the rail and looking in the sliding glass door when I get up.

TPBM uses puppy dog eyes to get things.

Edited: Jan 22, 10:19am Top

Ack! Preempted!

>66 ulmannc: More like the one outside the house - a dozen and a half deer. I can freely roam around my back yard, and it doesn't seem to bother most of them. A few are still skittish, though, and other than the snort and sudden exit from the property, it's still hard to know which ones are them. One doe has even given birth in my yard, and on New Year Eve, they all congregated in the yard to seek "protection" from the fireworks idiots were setting off on the greenbelt that runs next to my house. I was even able to talk a lot of them (the deer, not the idiots) to their sleeping positions. They were also spooked by the lunar eclipse the other night, and gathered in the yard again for that. Who'd have guessed that the Not-a-Pet-Person would be a deer whisperer!

>67 morningwalker: Heavens, no! I may not be a Pet Person, but I'm not cruel!

TPBM has an owl living nearby.

Jan 22, 10:25am Top

hi everyone, I was looking at this thread to understand what The Person Below Me is but i hit a wall at tpbm 9. Please help?

Jan 22, 11:27am Top

// >69 jojoasdwer123: Each reply is an answer to what the "TPBM" poses in the previous comment. Then that person poses their own "TPBM" for the next person - it can be connected to a general theme that may run for a few posts, or it can just continue what was carried over from the one before, or it can be a completely unconnected new thing!

Welcome. Join in and have fun... //

Jan 23, 7:58am Top

We used to have little owls living in the woods opposite but I haven't heard them for a year or two. There are magpies, crows, tits - blue and long-tailed, the occasional wren and blackbird, as well as small flocks of seagulls and parakeets but no starlings anymore.

TPBM knows why the fauna change.

Jan 23, 8:32am Top

Because they can?

>68 WholeHouseLibrary: heehee…

TPBM can recommend a good Netflix binge series.

Jan 23, 9:12am Top

no, but if you have Amazon Prime, give Sneaky Pete a try.

TPBM actually can recommend a Netflix series.

Jan 23, 3:05pm Top

I haven't had a tee-bee since Bush II was president, but I finally broke down and bought one for Christmas and it's still in the box. I won't unpack it until after I move on Feb 9. So the short answer is 'no', and the long answer is 'noooooooo'. That said (or written), I really liked the old sitcom 'My Name is Earl' and could easily watch 3 or 4 in a row. And it's not bingeable but I did like 'Bird Box'. I've put Sneaky Pete on my list, too.

TPBM knows whats going to be the Next Big Thing.

Jan 25, 10:08am Top

The government will return to work??

TPBM is hopeful.

Jan 25, 11:52am Top

That the shutdown will end soonish, yes. What is being done to Federal workers is a disgrace.

God has blessed TPBM with their own.

Jan 25, 12:22pm Top

"Them that's got shall have
Them that's not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news"

TPBM just don't worry 'bout nothin'

Jan 25, 6:13pm Top

Yeah, "nothin'" is about the only thing I
don't worry about.

TPBM doesn't worry about Trump Admin. firings and
resiginations. Thinks they're usually all to the good--on the
grounds that the replacement can't by any worse.

Jan 25, 9:03pm Top

With the Idiot in Chief at the helm, anything can get even worse than he's already made it. I often work as a sub working with elementary-grade level Special Needs kids. They show much more maturity, acumen, and compassion than that jerk ever will.

I honestly think that if he ever walked out on Fifth Avenue, and someone shot him, they wouldn't be convicted -- partly because there'd be no witnesses who would testify against the shooter.

TPBM has been affected by the shutdown.

Jan 26, 10:31am Top

Not personally, but my sister works for HUD and she was.

TPBM is keeping score on the indictments of this administration. (I confess that I've totally lost count)

Edited: Jan 26, 5:12pm Top

Nope. I only know that they're above average.

TPBM knows whether Ben, (the Housing Sec.?) was
fired, resigned, or neither.
(Excuse me: I took "indictments: (80) to mean
"firings" or "resignations -- voluntary or pressured".
The TPBM stays.

Jan 26, 5:41pm Top

And I roll over, too. I'm salivating; must've heard a bell.

TPBM enjoys the little things.

Jan 27, 5:37pm Top

As long as there's enough of them to matter.

TPBM seeks the big picture.

Jan 27, 5:44pm Top

So far P Bitty will eat any cat food and human ice cream. But not people food or tuna juice! Wackiness!

Jan 27, 10:06pm Top

//Larry - how in the world did you know that I gave Kitty William tuna juice today? Does P Bitty have a secret method of communicating with KW?//

Jan 28, 11:05am Top

Nope. Ignorance is bliss. I like bliss.

TPBM will feel the effects of the Polar Vortex 2019 this week.

Jan 28, 5:41pm Top

I really do hope not. It sounds cold and vertiginous, both of which I can do without. I shall avoid Googling this and, hopefully, not regret it.

TPBM has other things to worry about.

Jan 28, 9:20pm Top

I do. Work is comically difficult this time of year. I plan on coping by drinking every night and eating lots of Italian.

//>85 karenmarie: P Bitty knows all, sees all. Fortunes told, $1. Comforting lies told, $25.//

TPBM gets by on platefuls of fresh air.

Jan 29, 2:58am Top

At least I've just connected a BME680 breakout board to my raspberry pi zero so I can tell if the air is fresh (not quite so ridiculous as it sounds). But I've planned on two apples and one banana for lunch.

TPBM avoids fresh air.

Jan 29, 5:02am Top

Who doesn't? I much prefer full-factoried air-conditioned air made in fully air conditioned factories.

TPBM understand that reference.

Jan 29, 5:34am Top

Alas no - for once, Google was not my friend.

TPBM, on the other hand...

Jan 29, 10:05am Top

Bing found this

TPBM Prefers Yahoo.

Jan 29, 6:26pm Top

Can't say; I've never used it. No prejudices, just never
got around to trying it.

What TPBM misses most in other members' use of
tags is the scarcity (even the near-absence) of
tags that are proper names -- even in works where,
from the title, a proper name would seem too be the
obvious main tag.

Edited: Jan 29, 7:38pm Top

No, I think everyone chooses to use the tags in his/her own way. I, as a non-librarian, use them for myself, use them to trace some categories. I try to define which of the ten(?) basic stories is told in fiction, and use that as tag, like i do with the theme of the book and often I take the location, I often 'nail down' if a book of my wishlist is available in the municipal library*. For me there's no need to use a name out of the title, because I can find them by search or the CK**.

* That way it's easy to make a list that I can use to choose books when I'm there
** I always think 'Calvin Klein' instead of 'Common Knowledge'

TPBM uses tags otherwise

Edited: Jan 29, 7:41pm Top

I use tags to identify the physical location of a book in my house - room, shelf, row. The only books I keep in my catalog that I don't physically own are the ER books I've gotten rid of but have to keep to satisfy the ER gods, so knowing where each book in the house is located is important to me. I also use tags to identify the status of a book - abandoned, started, read, to-be-read, and do-not-read (for reference mostly).

TPBM eschews tags and uses collections.

Jan 29, 10:43pm Top

I use both, Collections for broad categories such as To Read or Deaccessioned, with tags for topics or reminders. For location I use Custom call number.

TPBM has a system.

Jan 29, 11:51pm Top

Several, I imagine. There's one that I seem to be much more concerned with than my doctor is.
It seems I have too much blood in my caffeine system.

TPBM self-medicates.

Jan 30, 10:57am Top

Of course. But only with natural curatives. My latest is - I collected turkey tail fungus this fall and dried it and have been making tea and drinking it. It's supposed to be good for the immune system and fights cancer.

TPBM has a favorite natural remedy.

Jan 30, 3:25pm Top

Eucalyptus in the bath or shower for head colds. I used to get some formulated for the bath which was made in Germany, but I haven't seen it now for ages. (I used to get it from a German pharmacy in Chicago.) Of course, if you put eucalyptus leaves in the shower you have to make sure they're fresh, not preserved for long-term display, and be careful to not get the oil directly on your skin. But goodness, it does wonders for clearing your head.

TPBM has another fave.

Jan 30, 3:26pm Top

yep - have a beer. alcohol kills germs, right?

TPBM is a teetotaler

Edited: Jan 30, 4:42pm Top

That's me. Even small amounts of alcohol are deadly to me. And, less so, tea, but even a half-glass of it will make me deathly ill.

>98 morningwalker: Let me get this right ... do you collect fungus from actually turkey tails? (How is that even possible?) Or, did the fungus get that as a name because it grows in the general shape of turkey tails? And if so, where would you find it?

TPBM is a sub totaler.

Jan 30, 7:16pm Top

>101 WholeHouseLibrary: it is a fungus that grows in many places and resembles a turkey tail. if you google it you'll see what it looks like. i found a lot of it growing on a dead log in my woods and on my walks on a local trail. I am not an expert on mushrooms but after carefully IDing it i was confident on my findings. I am in PA and it is quite prevalent here but don't know if it is also in Texas. it's pretty easy to identify once you know what you are looking for.

Feb 3, 7:37am Top

I have never drunk in a sub in my life!

TPBM climbs up those artificial cliff faces.

Feb 3, 8:30am Top

I would if my life depended on it but so far I've been spared.

TPBM prefers the wind in their hair.

Feb 3, 10:38am Top

I did in the days when I emulated Lucy Jordan, and Isadora Duncan (but with greater care). Alas, those days are gone.

TPBM has owned a soft top car (we call them "convertibles" in the UK, but have forgotten the US term.. cabriolet? open top?).

Feb 3, 3:08pm Top

I have. Datsun 1967 1600 Roadster. Two of them actually - one with a removable hard top and one with a soft top. The first one got totaled in an accident and I sold the second one when I moved from the West Coast to the East Coast. They were both wonderful cars.

Soft top works. *smile*

TPBM still has the first car they ever bought.

Feb 3, 9:06pm Top

Alas, no...my 1970 AMC Hornet died in 1984. She was purchased for $800 in 1977; yellow with olive green interior. She used more oil than gas, had a hinky carbuerator that had to be jiggled alive on cold mornings, and had a heater that would not shut off. She died pretty unlamented.
(I currently own a 2016 Mustang convertible, bright yellow)

TPBM can name another model from the American Motor Company.

Edited: Feb 4, 8:51am Top

My first car was a used Renault Alliance. It would just stop running at random times and I'd be stuck in the middle of the road. I took it to dealer after dealer and they all said there was nothing wrong with it (it never stalled out when they had it). I finally sold it to one of the dealers who said there was nothing wrong with it. I felt a little guilty because I knew whoever bought it was going to get a lemon.

TPBM will tell us what their first car was.

Edited: Feb 4, 9:29am Top

A Volkswagen station wagon. (Also as cranky as >108 morningwalker:'s) Boyfriend helped me pick it out, co-signed the loan, taught me to drive it, and drove it three states away to install me in my first job after college. And then he hitched back to WV. I married the lovely man.

TPBM has known such a lovely person.

Feb 4, 6:27pm Top

The late MrsHouseLibrary comes to mind in that respect. As Joni Mitchell put it: Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone.
Well, I knew what I had, and appreciated it very much, but the void of it puts it all in perspective and sharp focus. There'll not be another like her ever.

TPBM has known yet another such lovely person.

Feb 4, 7:00pm Top

My late husband. He wasn't perfect, but we were a great couple. Remembering our life together, now it seems like a dream.

TPBM lost.

Feb 4, 8:34pm Top

I have, I must be lucky as hell at cards.

TPBM rents love.

Feb 5, 8:07am Top

well no, I buy it with cat treats.

TPBM is sinking.

Feb 5, 10:10am Top

Kinda. Sorta. This is a stressful time and I'm procrastinating.

TPBM is above it all.

Edited: Feb 5, 10:13am Top

I hope. Today starts the year of the pig for the Chinese zodiac and that's my year, so here's hoping for a good one.

Dang SG beat me to it, but I'm leaving it.

TPBM knows their symbol for the Chinese zodiac.

Feb 5, 12:34pm Top

Why would I? I don't even know what it is in the Western zodiac scheme of things.
Mind you, I used to be very knowledgeable in all-things-general-astronomy, and I still can rattle off all the names of the constellations we see the sun pass through over the course of a year, but I have no interest in promotion of pseudosciences.

TPBM doesn't mind indulging in mythology.

Feb 5, 6:05pm Top

It's my thing, kinda.

TPBM is a classicist.

Feb 5, 6:14pm Top

Howdja guess -- when I became one
some 65 years ago?!

TPBM defines "Classics" as the Greats of WORLD
LITERATURE, not of Greco-Roman (the traditional

Feb 6, 12:28am Top

I was thinking more along the lines of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, or Hot Fuzz.

TPBM thinks yet otherwise.

Feb 6, 7:01am Top

Hot Tub Time Machine changed my life.

TPBM fishes from a pier.

Feb 6, 7:22am Top

I tried it once as a child. I caught a fish. A man standing near me grabbed it, said it was poisonous and chucked it back in the ocean, Rather put me off angling.

TPBM has been put off something else.

Feb 6, 7:06pm Top

As a senior in a required U. S. History course, I was put off
capitalism when the teacher, asking the definition of "capital"
posed the theory: "Isn't BRAINS a form of capital'?"
I knew that by father had brains, and NO capital!

TPBM believes capitalism would work, if everyone were a
capitalist, but that socialism doesn't work even if
everyone is a socialist.

Feb 7, 10:35am Top

I'm not sure what kind of a system would work. I just don't think the one in place is working very well at the moment.

TPBM is a minimalist.

Feb 7, 11:14am Top

Working on it. Currently downsizing to rid myself of at least 90% of what I have. In theory, that would leave me with 150 books, but I'm thinking I'll keep certain signed and/or read books, so maybe 200 books that are currently on my shelves. Plus a bookcase or two to organize them in. As far as everything else -- I'm trying to give away heirlooms from MrsHouseLibrary's parents to her immediate relatives. If they don't want them, it's off to Goodwill or to an antique dealer with them. I've been there six times already in the past two months. My intention is to have only what I need, and nothing else; Spartan. That being said, I'm going to replace my guitar, and maybe (depending on the results of shooting off the two rolls of 35mm film I recently found) I'll sell my SLR camera and lenses, and buy a digital camera. I used to do a LOT of photography, and that interest seems to be reemerging. "We'll see," said the Zen master.

>122 rolandperkins: No system is perfect, save a balance of each of them, I suspect. Ours is currently, but hopefully not irretrievably, very heavy on the capitalist side, careening toward disaster.

TPBM tends to hoard certain things.

Feb 7, 11:46am Top

Books - now I'm indexing from 2017 more or less. TPBM excessively collects . . . (excluding what is mentioned in this msg).

Feb 7, 11:53am Top

Silverplate dessert forks. Collected enough for daughter's wedding a few years ago, but I still buy them as I find them. They are so cute!

TPBM has another confession.

Feb 8, 8:16am Top

I collect wooden book marks, but I never use them because they're 'too pretty to risk losing'. Which strikes me as being as weird as covering a couch in plastic, but there it is. What can I say, they spark joy and I'm not ready to send them out into the universe!

TPBM also confesses.

Feb 8, 9:15am Top

I used to collect smooth flat stones when I went to the beach at Lake Erie and then I would crochet a sort of web around them and they became pretty paperweights or decorations. I had about 2 buckets of them in the house and (one day while de-cluttering) finally thought "I can put them outside and they will be there when I want them." They're still there.

//>127 SomeGuyInVirginia: I have one wooden book mark and I don't use it because it's too thick.//

TPBM will confess also.

Feb 8, 9:39am Top

Shells, mermaid purses, and sharks teeth. I've still got a box or two of shells collected when I was little, and between Jenna and I we have boxes and baggies of shells, sharks teeth, and mermaid purses collected at North Carolina beaches.

TPBM has recently gotten rid of a childhood collection.

Feb 8, 10:40am Top

Not yet. But in March, I'm taking nearly all the children's books in my house and giving them to the grandkids. Part of my "get rid of 90% of everything I've got" program.

Beyond that, the only things I've still got from my childhood is a wallet I made at Camp NoBeBoSco back in the summer of '66, my immunization records, and a ton of emotional and psychological scars. Plus a smattering of happy memories.

TPBM has a large number of signed first editions, and will tell us about one.

Feb 9, 7:39am Top

No collection, but I do have a paperback by Milan Kundera with a inscription by him thanking a young lady for drinks by the pool, and she tucked in her hotel bill from the Dunes in Las Vegas. I picked it up from the general fiction section at the annual Leesburg Find of the Library sale and didn't know what was inside until I opened it to enter the book in LT.

TPBM collects rare or fine books.

Feb 9, 2:30pm Top

If I buy a "rare or fine" book, it's probably an accident --say:
a mistake on the part of the one who priced it.

TPBM has at least 3 "rare or fine" books that she/he is
particularly proud of.

Feb 11, 8:45am Top

Not that I know of. I'm more about quantity rather than quality. I almost prefer old used books and like to wonder who has owned them.

TPBM has a collection of things they've found in used books.

Feb 11, 2:16pm Top

I've mostly found my late husband's BART transfers from when he lived in the Bay Area 40+ years ago. They made great bookmarks. And also many, many bookmarks from bookstores, most of which don't exist anymore. If there's no image for the venue on LT, I scan the bookmark and upload it. I do have a rather substantial collection of bookmarks.

There are a couple of blogs about found things, the first of which hasn't been updated since 2008 (maybe they found LT and spend their time here instead) and another which is current:


TPBM found something interesting.

Feb 12, 9:45am Top

I love finding old plane tickets used as bookmarks. I wonder what the person was like, and why they were traveling. It's nice.

TPBM put something interesting in a book.

Feb 13, 8:33am Top

No, just my nose (that's what my family always said about me, that I always had my nose in a book).

TPBM has a saying their family always said.

Feb 13, 9:43am Top

yes, our family motto is "If all else fails, RTFM".

TPBM has a family motto too.

Feb 13, 4:02pm Top

"We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". Not just pretty words.

TPBM's family is more upbeat.

Feb 13, 4:17pm Top

Not really - "In Ardua Tendit" The clan sites translate it to "He has attempted difficult things" but we take it's meaning as "Through adversity, we prevail."

>138 SomeGuyInVirginia: I may have situation to borrow yours, if you so permit. Name your fee.

TPBM sweats the small stuff.

Feb 13, 5:38pm Top

That depends on the weather. In the summer, I sweat water out my pores almost as fast as I can drink it down. On cold days, if I sweat, I almost squirt, so yeah, only then, small stuff.

But that's not what you meant, was it?

TPBM will often be contrary, just 'cause.

Feb 14, 9:27am Top

Nah, as a rule I'm pretty easy to get along with.

Just finished the Valentine's Day Heart Hunt, so I guess I can get on with my life now, or um back to work.

TPBM made valentine's day boxes for school to put cards in.

Feb 14, 11:20am Top

yes, but like Charlie Brown I never got any.

TPBM was one of the Cool Kids.

Edited: Feb 14, 12:00pm Top

Not even.

//>139 2wonderY: A chocma chip cookie! I lifted it, I'm afraid, from Addams Family Values. So really Paul Rudnick should get the cookie. But he won't.//

TPBM usually checks 'other'.

>142 Darth-Heather: Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 15, 10:39am Top

Yes, it keeps them guessing.

TPBM is working for the weekend.

Feb 16, 9:05am Top

I'm unpacking from a move, so I'm working on the weekend?

TPBM has it all together.

Feb 16, 11:39am Top

Relatively speaking, yes. But I'm working on getting rid of at least 90% of it as quickly as possible. Need (in my head) to move on.

TPBM would like to live off the grid.

Feb 17, 2:20am Top

Actually, yes. The social aspect of the internet, having to rely so much on large corporations, etc. can get stressful. It'd be nice to just find a cottage somewhere and be self-sustaining.

TPBM travels often.

Feb 17, 9:06am Top

Every weekend I travel 4 hours round trip to spend the weekend with my husband. (We retire this summer, and will once again be living together, yay!)

TPBM would happily become a beach bum.

Feb 17, 12:54pm Top

Naw, I don't see the point of beaches. I sunburn too easily, only like to swim if the water is quite warm, I don't like sand everywhere, and it's hard to read in the bright light. I have a very short tolerance for beaches before I get bored.

TPBM would join me in the mountains.

Feb 17, 1:50pm Top

Say when and where; I'll be there.

TPBM enjoys spontaneity.

Feb 17, 7:07pm Top

Only when it is carefully planned.

TPBM can sleep anywhere.

Feb 17, 7:23pm Top

Yup. Plus in any position.

TPBM cannot.

Feb 17, 9:37pm Top

The floor is no longer an option...and I need my pillows... MY pillows.

TPBM has a mantra.

Feb 18, 3:21am Top

"If we're not supposed to eat animals, how come they're made of meat?"

TPBM concurs.

Feb 18, 5:05am Top

Absolutely! None of this Veganuary nonsense here.

TPBM draws the line at squirrels.

Feb 18, 8:21am Top

Not necessarily - one of my favorite cookbooks has instructions on how to skin a squirrel and has recommendations on how to prepare (Joy of Cooking, 1971 edition). It says to prepare them as one would pigeons add to Brunswick stew, or prepare as for braised chicken. One of our daughter's friends brought squirrel for lunch in 1997 when they were in first grade.

TPBM draws the line at squid.

Feb 18, 9:35am Top


TPBM wonders how one can possibly consider eating an oyster.

Feb 18, 9:45am Top

//it wouldn't be fair for me to respond so quickly, so I'll just comment that I absolutely agree about oysters//

Edited: Feb 18, 11:26am Top

I am mystified at the allure of oysters, those people must have a chip implanted in their brain. Gelatinous, bitter, and they have 1,000 eyes so the last thing they see is your dental work.

TPBM dares to eat a peach.

Feb 18, 11:38am Top

I have a mild oral birch pollen allergy syndrome which makes eating stone fruit like peaches uncomfortable, so I don't. Tinned are OK but not worth eating.

TPBM has heard the mermaids singing

Feb 18, 3:30pm Top

Possibly, but I'm pretty sure that, this far inland, it was a police car, fire truck, or some other emergency vehicle passing nearby.

TPBM has heard the call of the wild -- and I don't mean the audio version of the book.

Feb 18, 8:40pm Top

Hello, I don't think we've met. As the poet said, ' If you remember Junior year, you weren't actually there'.

TPBM is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Yesterday, 8:43am Top

No, but my friend Karen is. No one in my immediate family, drat it.

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay

TPBM is a twin or has a set of twins as siblings.

Edited: Yesterday, 9:36am Top

No, but my nephews are twins (fraternal not identical). Oh, and my neighbor had identical twin boys but one died of a fentanyl overdose a year ago. He was 27, college educated, and from a good family but both boys were in an auto accident while in high school and the doctor prescribed oxycontin for their pain while recovering and they both became addicted and went on to heroin. So sad.

TPBM has a not so Debbie Downer topic.

Yesterday, 1:48pm Top

Not me. I had a migraine yesterday and feel wrung out today.

TPBM has a cheerful topic.

Yesterday, 6:24pm Top

Now eight MPs have resigned from the Labour Party. We'll get our 'People's Vote' yet.

TPBM doesn't know what I'm on about

Yesterday, 6:31pm Top

I don't follow British politics the way I did when I
was college age; but I would guess you're "on about"
British politics, particularly the Labour Party

Today, 4:04am Top

>166 abbottthomas: You are right. I don't see how #2 statement follows from #1 statement.

TPBM don't know when Brexit is gonna happen. (One of our friends who frequently travel to England and has several friends there thought it was sometime next year!)

Today, 5:44am Top

Sadly (very very very sadly) it looks like it is definitely going to happen at the end of March. Anyone "over there" want to take in a lodger? Oh wait...

... TPBM will swap Trump for Brexit.

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