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OT: non-Folio Good Omens limited edition

Folio Society devotees

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Jan 12, 3:26pm Top

Just seen a link to a new limited edition (although no details yet on how limited, likely to be huge i suspect) illustrated edition of Pratchet’s/Gaiman’s Good Omens. Out April but available for preorder.

I post here because i know that many people here liked the two Folio Pratchetts and were sad not to get more, i thought it might be of interest. Please ignore with apologies if not.

No pics available of the illustrations yet, although you can see the cover of the non-limited version if you google “illustrated good omens”. Not my favourite artist for this, but good enough that i’m definitely ordering regardless.

Jan 13, 5:26am Top

Thank you very much for this information!

That would be the 4th edition of Good Omens I'm buying, after a German hardcover edition (decades ago, before I started reading in the English original), the English paperback, and an English hardcover edition. It's my favourite novel, so buying this new edition is self-understood.

I must say I like Kidby, definitely much better than Kirby, and as much as I generally enjoy Omar Rayyan's work, I was never really happy with his Discworld illustrations. Pratchett himself said that Kidby's illustrations were really close to how he imagined the characters etc., so that's a good recommendation. Who would you have liked to do the illustrations?

Jan 13, 12:37pm Top

Thanks. On Amazon, there are two versions, one for £30 and the other for £75 and not sure if you are aware of the differences, as I can't seem to find it anywhere?

Jan 13, 1:40pm Top

>3 venkysuniverse:

The £75.00 appears to be a limited edition in a slipcase.

Jan 13, 6:13pm Top

>4 dfmorgan: Thanks. I was wondering if the limited edition had any other special features, besides the slip case as even the publisher's website does not seem to have info.

Jan 14, 2:14pm Top


preordered, it says "A limited edition in a beautiful slipcase with a corrected text, twelve full colour illustrations and further pencil drawings."

Jan 14, 2:46pm Top

>2 SF-72: Embarrasingly this will also be my fourth edition, and i don’t even have the excuse of a second language: much-read original paper back, treasured hardback found for a £4 at a carboot sale from a seller who obviously didn’t appreciate it, a hardback signed by both authors which was an impulse luxury purchase a couple of years ago, and now this. Lucky, as you say, that it’s my favourite book and i can justify it.

Re illustrator - hmmm, that’s a good question. I’ve just never felt that Kidby gets his perspective quite right. His figures are about 90% of the way there, but there’s always something about them that feels not quite done right. On the other hand, his characterisation is often very good. I have a soft spot for Kirby because those were my first contact with Pratchett but he did suffer from Not Reading The Whole Book syndrome. I honestly don’t know who i’d prefer. I quite like the French Marc Simonetti illustrations.

Jan 15, 9:40am Top

>7 Petrichory:

I do envy you that signed edition. I've been interested in one of those for several years, but at around 500 Euros I've so far managed to resist.

I just googled Simonetti and those are good illustrations. I think it's generally difficult to find an illustrator who can get the right mixture between the humour and what you might call seriousness / realness. If it feels like they're making fun of the characters or they're too comic-like it doesn't work.

Jan 15, 10:00am Top

I agree. There is so much pathos in some of his books that you need a good artist to show it alongside the silliness.

For me, this Nightwatch cover is so much closer to how it looked in my head compared to Kidby's version:

Jan 15, 11:04am Top

>9 Petrichory:

That's very impressive. If only Folio would/could continue the series ...

Jan 15, 12:58pm Top

There’s a new Amazon Prime series of Good Omens coming out this year so it’ll be a popular book choice no doubt.

Edited: Jan 15, 4:35pm Top

>6 fp13: Note that the £30 edition also has the corrected texts and the illustrations. I think the £75 one has a slipcase and is a signed copy. In two minds if it is worth the extra £45 :(


Jan 15, 6:07pm Top

>12 venkysuniverse: It’s definitely linked with the new Amazon tv series as the Good Omens font/logo is identical on the cover of the book and the pending series. It’s on my Amazon watchlist ready for when it gets released!

Jan 15, 6:37pm Top

Possibly an impertinent question, but do you suppose the limited will have sewn binding or good paper or any of those kinds of features that justify the price difference? Or is it just the signature and slipcase?

I ask because after buying both the US trade hardcover edition of the Books of Earthsea and the UK limited edition, I found that the limited edition was actually of lower quality overall: perfect-bound, smaller, thinner boards. I think they may actually have come from different publishers, but it was still surprising.

Jan 15, 7:43pm Top

>14 Auberon: An excellent question, and I’d certainly be interested in finding out as well before purchasing. I too was hugely disappointed in Orion’s edition of Books of Earthsea (was the US edition higher quality?). As well as the low quality binding, even the illustrated endpapers (which featured the image on the dustjacket of the US edition) were so poorly placed that important parts of the image were cropped off - such a waste of the lovely artwork by Charles Vess.

Edited: Jan 16, 12:22pm Top

>15 skullduggery:

Apologies if this is getting off topic: I thought the Books of Earthsea US edition was of much better quality. It's wider, which suits the scale better, the pages appear to be sewn (or at least gathered into signatures - I'm not sure that actually means they're sewn?), and the boards are much stouter. Also, it's one of the rare books where I actually like the dust jacket, which in this case is of very thick stock.

I'll add that it's still a silly amount of material to cram into one volume. They really ought to have made two volumes.

Jan 16, 2:58pm Top

>15 skullduggery: >16 Auberon: I agree the US edition is definitely nicer, although neither are really high quality, and both are so wide as single volumes as to be cumbersome reading. I decided to keep the US edition even though it is unsigned.

Jan 16, 7:17pm Top

>16 Auberon:, >17 wdripp: Thanks for the feedback. And hopefully not too off-topic, since it's the same imprint (Orion > Gollancz) for the Good Omens book, so it's useful to be wary of their past track record. The US edition of Earthsea was Saga Press I think. I wrote to Gollancz to see if I can find out what the binding will be for this one, will update here if I hear back...

Jan 17, 3:28pm Top

Still OT, but for those interested there looks to be a 4 volume version of the illustrated Earthsea coming out over this year.

But it does appear to be slightly smaller than the current UK format :-(

Jan 18, 12:52pm Top

>19 JohnPotten: Can you provide a link or more information?

Edited: Jan 21, 8:39am Top

>20 Auberon: I found following link (UK site):
with Publication date given as 27 Jun 2019
Blurb includes "The first book of Earthsea in a beautiful hardback edition. Complete the collection with The Tombs of Atuan, The Furthest Shore and Tehanu. With illustrations from Charles Vess"

Edited to add that I ordered the complete edition to my local Waterstones (UK), but was so disappointed by the unwieldliness of the single volume, that I did not purchase. I will look at, and quite probably buy, these single volumes, as other than the FS edition of A Wizard of Earthsea, I only have a 1980's paperback of the original trilogy.

Jan 22, 5:49am Top

Ooh, not OT at all - very interesting. I have the signed recent edition from Waterstones and agree that it feels cheap and unweildy in the hand, very disappointing.

I'd happily sell it and get a smaller set of books that still have the Vess illustrations instead that my daughter one day has a chance of actually being able to read.

Jan 25, 8:47pm Top

There are apparently 5 editions. http://goodomensillustrated.com/

I just ordered the most expensive one. Sigh. Damn you good books.

Jan 25, 11:43pm Top

>23 Roccosem:
Enabled, but only ordered the more reasonably priced Occult edition.

Jan 26, 3:10am Top

>23 Roccosem: Having never read Gaiman or Pratchett, I’ve gone the test-out route and just ordered the standard hardcover. Occult or higher is definitely the way to go if you’re a fan of the title and bookmaking art.

Jan 26, 7:11am Top

Thank you for the link, Roccosem. I've been severely enabled, and I just bought the Ineffable edition. I just couldn't resist.

Did anyone ask or otherwise find out how much the Celestial Edition will cost? I seriously doubt I could afford it, but it is somewhere between interesting and tempting.

Jan 26, 1:02pm Top

>25 NLNils:

'Having never read Gaiman or Pratchett,' ...

Oh my God, I feel old.

Much you have to look forward to, youngling.

Jan 26, 9:12pm Top

I inquired for the Celestial lol. I saw the link on my Twitter (I follow Gaiman), and I couldn't resist the repost. Glad I could help enable. :)

Jan 27, 1:56am Top

I went and bought the Orion hardback edition yesterday that's published in series with the Discworld novels, of which I have a few.

Jan 28, 6:16am Top

>28 Roccosem:

I have also inquired for the Celestial. The website shows the Alpha and Omega lettered copies already taken, so I would have thought we would hear back on pricing fairly quickly, but so far nothing for me...

Unless the price is more modest than I'd really expect, I think I'll "make do" with the Ineffable edition.

Edited: Jan 28, 6:26am Top

Oh God, I hate you all
...cancels slipcase version order. re-orders Ineffable version. Vows not to look at bank account between now and June...

Jan 28, 6:37am Top

>30 MST-3000:

I suspect that Alpha and Omega are reserved for someone involved in this, possibly Gaiman and Kidby. I don't think they've ever been up for public sale.

Jan 28, 9:25pm Top

I agree. I haven't heard back on Delta yet.

Jan 29, 4:02pm Top

>32 SF-72: >33 Roccosem:

Turns out the price of the Celestial edition is ineffable. Should have realised that sooner!

Jan 29, 4:58pm Top

>34 MST-3000:

That's pretty much what I expected since they didn't even give the price on the website. How much is it if it's okay to ask?

Jan 30, 7:02am Top

>35 SF-72:

Sorry, I didn't realise how ambiguous my message was - I haven't heard back yet regarding the price (for Sigma, in my case). The ineffability comes from still having no idea what the price might be...

Jan 30, 7:38am Top

>36 MST-3000:

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

Edited: Jan 30, 2:38pm Top

>25 NLNils: >23 Roccosem: Having never read Gaiman or Pratchett, I’ve gone the test-out route and just ordered the standard hardcover. Occult or higher is definitely the way to go if you’re a fan of the title and bookmaking art.

I showed great resolve and even beter judgement, and just upgraded to the Occult Edition. With Anansi Boys just added to the wishlist and eventually to be ordered with American Gods from FS, I felt the standard hardcover to be too ordinary alongside it. I call it GAD..!

Jan 30, 5:25pm Top

How the heck did Anansi Boys sneak by me???

Jan 30, 6:09pm Top

Am I the only one who gets a security message when I click on the link?

Jan 30, 6:10pm Top

>40 InVitrio: the link simply refuses to work for me. Gives a 'site offline' message. (Opera webbrowser)

Jan 30, 8:17pm Top

Oh, please, let me enable.



Scroll down to the bottom

Jan 30, 8:58pm Top

>42 Roccosem:

Oh, damn, what have you done. I clicked ! And then I inquired for information about the Celestial Edition !

Mar 25, 7:06pm Top

Anyone hear back about Celestial edition?

Mar 26, 12:49pm Top

>44 Roccosem: I haven't.

Mar 26, 6:37pm Top

>44 Roccosem:

No answer to my inquiry.

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