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author missing from search results

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Jan 15, 2:46am Top

Franco La Polla (editor)


is missing from search results

Jan 15, 9:28am Top

Not sure how you got that link, but the author exists at this page https://www.librarything.com/author/lapollafranco and I found him by searching. Of course, I did not include the editor part.

Jan 15, 11:53am Top

What did you search for?

Jan 15, 12:34pm Top

to make it clearer I separated it from https://www.librarything.com/author/lapollafranco

author is not missing from search results (it's the last row), but (author) is not showed


Jan 15, 1:40pm Top

Why did you separate it instead of just doing a split author page?
And WHEN did you split it? Because it was combined this morning and showing fine. Otherwise, the index takes up to 24 hours to catch up.

Edited: Jan 15, 3:57pm Top

He separated it to indicate the problem, I think. But it's still unclear what exactly the problem was. Apparently that it doesn't say "(author)"?

Jan 15, 5:40pm Top

Why should it include (author)? Author, editor, illustrator, etc. (in brackets) shows when it's been defined as such in the 'other authors' section on the work page., and even then it doesn't appear with the author name, but with the specific work. An example being Storia del cinema mondiale VI : Gli Stati Uniti. Parte IV (Author, some editions) on the mentioned author's page.

This doesn't seem a bug of any sorts. Why not post in a group where people would help you find your answers and resorting to bug reports when it's established it indeed is a bug of some kind?

Jan 15, 7:48pm Top

I don't see any evidence of a bug here, so I'm closing it.

>7 SandraArdnas: As to why create a bug report—it's okay for folks to create bug reports when they suspect there may be one—that's part of what the "closed" status is for. And, for my part, I'd rather see a bug report that's closed as not a bug, than have to switch back and forth between the post that establishes that a bug exists and the bug report itself.

Jan 16, 6:06am Top

>7 SandraArdnas: there's no way to show (author) defining as such in the 'other authors' section.
(author) appears as it has been typed in the Author main field as such.

>8 lorannen: Problem is that I can define authors with different information in brackets and there's no way to spot them.
See for exemple first 4 works, all by Leo Ortolani in this list


but actually

https://www.librarything.com/work/22744752/editions by Ortolani, Leo (created from scrap)
https://www.librarything.com/work/22731425/editions by Ortolani, Leo (first try)
https://www.librarything.com/work/22731424/editions by Ortolani, Leo (another exemple)
https://www.librarything.com/work/18417906/editions by Ortolani, Leo (one more)

Jan 16, 7:08am Top

Like I said, this is a matter of learning your way around the site and if you ask, people will help you out. As for adding the role in brackets, when you're on the work page of a specific book, if you scroll down there's a section called Other authors. When you open it, there's an option to add/edit authors.

An example, the book I'm just entering https://www.librarything.com/work/5655
If you go to other authors section, you'll see several entries people entered with the roles such as author, introduction, translator and such. If the name and role you entered for your book doesn't appear in this section, just hit recalculate from members' books.

Jan 16, 7:45am Top

The role shouldn't be added to the author's name - there's a separate field for Role where you can specify it.

Jan 16, 7:50am Top

When you edit your specific copy, the role is available as a drop down. If you own the book, that role will show on all secondary authors or if the primary you list isn't an author, the role will appear.

If it isn't your book, you really would be working in the Other Author section, But ONLY if you know the actual details on the book.

Jan 16, 9:47am Top

>10 SandraArdnas: >11 r.orrison: >12 gilroy:
there's a misunderstanding. I've been using the option add/edit authors since long time.
In the original opening post I'm pointing out that somebody is using brackets Franco La Polla (editor) and LT is not managing it.
I created authors in post #9 to be clearer using works which are owned only by one member (me)

Jan 16, 10:42am Top


Can you please link to the case where someone is ACTUALLY using brackets in the author name, and this is not being picked up in Search? I suspect what you're seeing is that someone has entered an author role for an author on a particular book, which is not part of the author name and as such should not appear in the list of author names retrieved by Search?

Jan 16, 11:30am Top

>13 supersidvicious:


I forced author francolapolla without brackets so now it seems nobody used it.

Right now there's no way to search for an author with brackets: you should look for it analysing editions for any single work

Jan 16, 11:47am Top

Okay, so what you're saying is that if someone uses brackets in the author name (I'm not sure why anyone would do that, given the existence of the Author Role field), AND it is combined into another name, AND there are zero works where the bracketed-name version is most common, it doesn't show up in search?

That may or may not be a bug, but it's pretty far removed from "Author doesn't show up in search".

Jan 16, 12:02pm Top

>15 supersidvicious: I still don't see a bug here. If it's an author with 0 works attributed to them, they don't show up in search (given the expected 24 hours for index to catch up with that fact, of course).

Jan 16, 12:06pm Top

Author names should not include their role anyway,with or without brackets, doesn't matter, it should just include the name. Including the role creates a separate author page. Besides, the role is tied to a particular work, not the author as such. Franco la Polla is editor for some works, but not all of works attributed to him, so it's another reason why roles are not entered as a part of the name, but separately.

Sometimes people put it as a part of the name anyway, or the import reads it as such, but they eventually get combined with the main author page, just as in this case.

As for search, it generally doesn't handle roles such as author or editor, I just tried searching some well-known SF magazine editors with their name and editor and got zilch, whereas searching for just the name or name and a part of some title gets the desired results.

Jan 16, 1:51pm Top

Now, there's a nice RSI to be able to filter things on the author page by role. (This RSI is unrelated to, albeit inspired by, this non-bug bug report.)

For instance, speaking of "well-known SF magazine editors", it's all but impossible to find the stories written by Gardner Dozois on his author page, since they're dwarfed by the many anthologies he edited.

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Jan 16, 6:06am

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