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OT: Suntup Press - Rosemary's Baby (Ira Levin)

Folio Society devotees

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Edited: Jan 16, 1:22pm Top


So here it is. Magnificent again, all editions letterpress. I will bag the numbered version myself. Suntup quickly became one of my favorite publishers.

Numbered ($695):

Lettered ($3950):

Jan 16, 1:50pm Top

>1 Raenas:

Isn't it gorgeous and undoubtedly the best edition of Rosemary's Baby?

I just placed the order for the Limited edition. Could do so as I did place an order for Horns as well. Its pricey, no doubt, but based on my experience I can say tat the production quality is outstanding and justifies the high price tag. Have received the Misery and Haunting of Hill House.

Edited: Jan 16, 1:54pm Top

>2 Neil77: Yes, it cannot really get better than this, can it? And so jealous of the Misery! Had no chance to get it, and now even the numbered costs $4,000 on the aftermarket :( Having read so much SK when I was a teenager, that's a book I will always be sad about missing out on. Well, maybe if I get a large bonus, once I will give in some time...

Jan 16, 1:58pm Top

>3 Raenas:

I consider myself lucky to have purchased the numbered edition of Misery at issue price. I am a big fan of King as well and I don't think there has ever been a better Limited edition for any of his books.

Jan 17, 5:07am Top

This book looks superb and I want one. If there was an Artist Gift Edition, like before, I would buy like a shot but at going on for $800 (UK delivery) my knees are knocking. Why no AGE? Also I wonder how many orders from previous buyers (Horns) will eat into the available copies. Alas, I’m thinking that Suntup might be forever beyond my reach.

Jan 17, 5:46pm Top

Is anyone aware of another (less expensive) "deluxe" edition of "Rosemary's Baby" available through another publisher?

Jan 18, 12:54pm Top

>6 DavidMF: Easton Press did one in the 90s.

Jan 19, 2:19pm Top

Wow! It seems that a number of book buyers have almost unlimited funds. I checked the Suntup website one hour after the two editions became available for purchase to the general public, and the 26 copies of the lettered edition -- at $3950/copy(!) -- had already sold out.

Edited: Jan 19, 10:02pm Top

What an amazingly beautiful work of art. Letterpress... ah, there's nothing like it! That said, it is expensive, but perhaps this is in part due to getting Jordan Peele's signature? All that said, and it is pricey, it's still cheaper than many cellphones! Seriously, what is it with people throwing so much moolah on their phones when you can get a great phone for half or a third the cost? But to each their own...

Anyone know what's next for SP?

ps the artwork is very reminiscent of Ian Miller

Edited: Jan 21, 7:40am Top

>9 astropi: It is gorgeous, and I doubt it will last long. I don't think Peele's signature costs that much, it is rather that Paul was underpricing his editions and he was not making any money (or he was losing, as it was apparently the case with the HoHH LE). If he wants his press to be sustainable, he needs to make a living. Still cheaper than most similar quality books in any case.

I just let my employer buy my phones (every year the new iPhone), and I use Skype for personal calls. That's one more book a year I guess, but honestly I spend a lot on travel and fine dining too.

Jan 20, 8:18pm Top

10: do you actually know he was losing money?

Jan 21, 7:48am Top

>11 astropi: He heavily implied it on the darktower.org forums that he did. And frankly, I would have assumed it even without any input from Paul. At the $350 MSRP the book had two colors letterpress printing, and outstanding craftsmanship. NOBODY sells books like this for $350.

I do not think he initially planned this book to be uneconomical, it is the subsequent upgrade to letterpress that inevitably made it so. Why might he have done it then? Because it is his second book, and a non-SK one at that, while his whole profile was SK focused previously. He had to prove himself to other customers too, and it is also possible he decided to only do letterpress for his LEs, and did not want an outlier in the long run. This is only my speculation though.

Jan 23, 5:59pm Top

As per marketing email just received, it's almost sold out. Last chance ...

Jan 24, 2:14pm Top

And there it just sold out. Just as i refreshed the window.

So without time to drivel i had to find my edition through Sub.Press (they only had about 5 to begin with). Still one or two left presumably.

Luckily i found a way to justify this spending, as i don`t buy that much anymore (and regret not charging at the haunting at hill house)

>5 scratchpad: They correctly don`t have a gift edition with this edition, but they have not gone away from it, just this once (who knows about next time). Source: Facebook

>10 Raenas: (from suntup / facebook (yes, the horrifying book i do not use very much). `Different productions demand different prices. Our price points are not based upon author, title, or even signature, but are entirely dependent upon what it costs to create the book, ie. the materials, binding, housing, printing, etc. Some are less costly to make, and others are more. Books that are printed letterpress will probably be around these price points. Books that we print offset will be much lower in price, and we do have some future editions planned for offset printing`

Jan 24, 2:49pm Top

>14 Pellias: It doesn’t seem to be sold out yet.

Jan 24, 3:10pm Top

>16 Pellias: On my iPad it is still available.

Edited: Jan 24, 3:28pm Top

>17 scratchpad: I see. Well. I don`t have an iPad, so it`s sold out for my concern ;) .. your iPad probably has a special gateway to another dimension also. Your iPad are either offering you a special something, or are tricking you .. Artificial intelligence are dangerous. Putting men up on eachother, luckily our bond goes beyond that what the AI would make us believe. Cheers!
- -
Edited: Putting men up on eachother (jiiizzes) i ment `against eachother`

Jan 24, 3:50pm Top

>18 Pellias: Yes, I do now recall that my iPad was advertised as a special ‘haunted edition’. I thought it curious at the time. I must notify Apple forthwith.

Jan 24, 3:59pm Top

>19 scratchpad: Must be my friend, must be.

Jan 24, 11:31pm Top

18: I want to find a gateway to another dimension too! Now are we talking a whole new universe with different laws of physics? If you could show that, besides fame in all the universes, you would win lots of awards which would allow numerous book purchases... from your numerous universes.

Jan 25, 5:41am Top

>21 astropi: Gateway to another dimension? Easy, get an iPad (haunted edition). Isn’t there something strangely appropriate about this phenomenon happening for this particular book? Twilight Zone, folks?

Jan 25, 1:01pm Top

That is no problem >21 astropi: as i am you, and you are me, and we are both scratchpad and he be we, and so it goes, we shared a twilight (the zone one) moment yesterday, no doubt. Don`t be scared guys.

Jan 25, 6:59pm Top

And in this universe the book is definitely sold out

Feb 4, 1:46pm Top

>5 scratchpad: Your wish has been granted, AGE is in the works and up for pre-order: https://shop.suntup.press/products/rosemarys-baby-by-ira-levin-artist-gift-editi...

Feb 4, 3:12pm Top

>25 Raenas: I received the email with a tad more cynicism than pleasure. I can’t help feeling that this is less a response to customer demand than a clever marketing ploy that does no favours to those who opted for the numbered edition because the gift edition was off the table - yes, that’s me - I dithered and swithered and finally succumbed to temptation. No regrets but given the option the price difference would have been decisive. Suntup needs to be up-front about this.

Feb 5, 12:58pm Top

>26 scratchpad: " I can’t help feeling that this is less a response to customer demand than a clever marketing ploy...Suntup needs to be up-front about this."

FWIW, in another forum yesterday, Paul Suntup said: "An AGE was never planned. We decided to do one because a lot of people were asking for it. It was not as if we knew we were doing it from the get go, and held off announcing it. It's a decision that was made a couple weeks ago."

Feb 5, 1:43pm Top

Question: `Could you summarize in laymen’s terms what we’ll be getting for the extra $610 spent for the “limited edition”. I’m not sure I want to go through with than now that there’s an $85 edition. Thanks`

Suntup answer: `Thanks for asking. There are several differences. Here are a few:

1. The Limited edition is printed letterpress. The AGE is offset printed. (This contributes the most toward the higher cost.)

2. The print run on the Limited is 250. On the AGE it's 1000.

3. The Limited edition is a quarter leather binding, meaning it has a genuine leather spine. The AGE is a full cloth binding, meaning the entire cover and spine is bound in cloth.

4. The Limited edition front and back boards are covered in Japanese cloth. One of the more costly covering materials.

5. The slipcase enclosure for the Limited edition is covered in cloth, while the AGE slipcase is covered with paper with a printed design`

Feb 5, 5:32pm Top

>27 St._Troy: Thanks for that. I have no good reason for supposing that to be untrue but it still doesn’t feel right. Perhaps in future the option of a possible gift edition (demand dependent) might be offered given we now know that Paul Suntup is up for it.

Edited: Feb 5, 7:33pm Top

Also, don't forget that the limited editions are signed by actor, writer, producer, director, Jordan Peele. Still, the biggest draw for me is the fact that it is letterpress. I can totally understand not wanting to spend big bucks (and it sure is expensive) on a letterpress edition. That said, there really is nothing quite like letterpress. My opinion of course, but to me the difference between letterpress and offset is akin to standard and HDTV.

And, rumor is that the next Suntup edition will NOT be letterpress... SIGH

Feb 6, 5:15am Top

>27 St._Troy: You refer to Paul Suntup’s comment he made in another forum. Can you tell me what forum that is? It sounds like something I might be interested in.

Feb 6, 1:54pm Top

>31 scratchpad: "Can you tell me what forum that is?"

Sure; it is www.thedarktower.org which is Stephen King-oriented (if the name meant nothing to you, The Dark Tower is King's epic fantasy series).

This forum has many different sections, which aren't too daunting once you've been there a bit, but here are some links for things you (and others here) might be interested in:

A sub-forum called "Dutch Hill" containing threads about non-King works:

A thread about Suntup Editions (Paul Suntup (user name "Zelig") has communicated a lot here):

A thread about Cemetery Dance Publications (another specialty press that does lots of King but others too):

The forum at Cemetery Dance's own website:

A thread about Centipede Press (another specialty press that does lots of King but others too):
This link doesn't seem to work when I post it; you could instead go to: http://www.thedarktower.org/palaver/forumdisplay.php?9-Calvin-s-Corner
...and then look for a thread titled "The Centipede Press Thread (Including CP: Book by Book – An Incomplete Bibliography)"

Paul Suntup's other venture, Dragon Rebound Editions, which so far has only rebound King titles, but man they are something special:

I have to say, even if you have no interest in King's work, the pages (on that site) about the specific books rebound thus far present very interesting detail on the work that went into each.

He's done:
The Eyes Of The Dragon - rebound in leather crafted to resemble reptilian skin
Firestarter - quarter bound in leather with wooden boards, on which the title and author name are burned
It - bound in leather with a cast-iron sewer grate presentation box
The Dark Half - quarter-bound in leather in a slate-covered box
(I mentioned only the smallest part of the descriptions; those with any interest in bookbinding etc. really should look for themselves).

Generally, he only rebinds first editions, 26 of them in a lettered release, although for The Dark Half, he did 52 because there were two color schemes (I think that was why, although I can't find confirmation).

I don't know if thedarktower.org has a general thread dedicated to Dragon Rebound, but it does have threads dedicated to individual productions (and plenty of communication from Paul Suntup here as well):





With both Suntup Editions and Dragon Rebound Editions, Paul Suntup's production choices not only involve beautiful and quality materials but reflect the works themselves. There are too many examples to list, but burned wooden boards for Firestarter, an inverted crucifix for Rosemary's Baby, and typewriter keys for Misery are a few notable examples.

Let me know if you have any questions about all of this; I'm happy to help.

Disclaimer: I know this reads like a commercial, but I have no relationship to Paul Suntup; I gush because I simply love what he's done.

Feb 6, 5:11pm Top

>32 St._Troy: : "Disclaimer: I know this reads like a commercial, but I have no relationship to Paul Suntup; I gush because I simply love what he's done."

No biggie, you fellow obsessive internet lurker. ;) And thanks for pointing to Dragon Rebound.

Feb 6, 5:17pm Top

>32 St._Troy: A thoroughgoing reply if ever there was one. I’ll certainly be checking it out - terrific stuff, thank you.

Edited: May 3, 4:58pm Top

Just-arrived email from Suntup:

"We have an update on our limited edition of Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin. Jordan Peele is no longer involved with this edition. We are very pleased to announce that Chuck Palahniuk, New York Times bestselling author of the novel Fight Club, will be writing a new exclusive introduction which will be included in all editions. The Lettered and Limited editions will also be signed by Palahniuk. In an interview last year, Palahniuk stated that inspiration for his novel Adjustment Day came from his love of Ira Levin. “Levin gave people a way to finally address the elephant in the room. He was a genius.” We are delighted to have Chuck Palahniuk on board, and to have him introduce this very special edition."

May 4, 5:34pm Top

That's very disappointing.

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