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Covers disappearing from Book Entries but showing up otherwise

Bug Collectors

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Jan 16, 8:20pm Top

CASE ONE (entered 2017-01-11)
Cover not appearing in Book entry, showing up as tiny symbol under popular covers in right column, this book has only one member (me)
Entmachtete Gegenstände? : zur Kommerzialisierung sakraler Masken bei den Piaroa in Venezuela
BUT picture shows up full size in series
https://www.librarything.com/series/Ver%C3%B6ffentlichungen+zum+Archiv+f%C3%BCr+... SEE LAST ITEM, BAND 12

CASE TWO (entered 2013-10-21)
Cover not appearing in Book entry, showing up full size under popular covers in right column, this book has only one member (me)
Karl Spitzweg; 31 Gemälde, Davon 16 in Farbiger Wiedergabe
BUT picture shows up full size in series
https://www.librarything.com/series/Langewiesche-B%C3%BCcherei SEE FIRST ITEM

More to follow!!!

Greetings from Vienna, John Marshall

Jan 16, 8:27pm Top

Have you tried clicking on Recalculate Cover?

Jan 16, 8:40pm Top

I'm seeing this problem as well, and adding a book was very sad, since only half the covers available showed correctly, and the one I uploaded (after scanning the front of my book) is still not showing. The image for the front of this book (a memorial edition of Profiles in Courage) has an embossed replica of JFK's signature in gold, and is in lovely condition. Sadly, it is invisible.

The Foreword is by RFK, written in December 18, 1963, The book was published in 1964, Please fix this nuisance, and let me have the proper cover. :-{

Jan 16, 8:41pm Top

CASE THREE (entered 2016-01-28)
Cover not appearing, tiny symbol(s) under popular covers (along with full size ones), this book has 6 members)
Franz Ferdinand : der verhinderte Herrscher

When you select popular covers you get three Amazon and two member uploaded. Examining the member uploaded (one myself, one from
jcbrunner) you get nothing.
If you go to jcbrunner's library the book is also missing a cover he lives in Vienna and has given a lecture on Franz Ferdinand - does this have something to do with Vienna members?
here is the book in his LibraryThing database

This is most worrying - others please look back at earlier entries.

John in Vienna

Jan 16, 8:42pm Top

Tried Recalculate Cover - no results

Jan 16, 8:44pm Top

There generally seems to be some problems with covers at the moment. For several books member uploaded covers do not show or only some show and others only appear as that small icon indicating a missing image. Probably some temporary server issue again

Jan 16, 8:53pm Top

Entry from another member jcbrunner (only member with this book)
Franz Ferdinand incognito. Weltreisender, Sammler, Erzherzog.

Tiny cover appears under Popular Covers in right column, if you select it you get a small icon under Member-uploaded covers (1),
if you select that by clicking on "information" you get:

Contributed by: jcbrunner
Uploaded: February 2017
Original size: 630 x 850
Used on this work: 1 time
ID number: 10432440
"Best-guess" image for ISBN: 3990200674
Used for ISBN: 3990200674 (1)
Number: 10432440 / 10432440


The plot thickens!

Jan 16, 8:56pm Top

Ok, it is 2:54 AM here and I am going to bed.
Will look in the morning to see if this has been corrected
Thank goodness it appears with other too and then it will get corrected.

Thanks SandraArdnas for your reply!

Goodnight from Vienna!

Edited: Jan 16, 10:11pm Top

I am having the same issue. I add a cover, but then no cover shows for my item. I added two books today, and the covers do not show up, and on my home page, under recently added, they do not show up either. Not only that, not all cover images are showing for my books when I scroll through them.

Please fix this issue.

Edited: Jan 17, 2:01pm Top

It seems covers in general are just busted at the moment (I noticed the same 5-6 hours ago at work.) For example, if you go to my catalog and pull up tag=vampirella in list view, you'll see only 8 covers out of the first 26 books displayed correctly. If you switch to cover view, varying subsets of them are visible, depending on the size selected. And these include covers I uploaded in Nov 2017, and Mar/Apr 2018.

Jan 17, 3:29am Top

Just to be crystal clear, in case someone notices that my book that I'd complained about now has a cover, I couldn't take it. That's an *Amazon* cover, which I will replace with my own once this nightmare gets repaired. I should note, for whenever someone starts looking at this, that the problem is not occurring with Amazon covers, just with user contributions. I hope that it's fixed soon. :-{

Jan 17, 5:34am Top

12 hours later, this is still an ongoing problem :(

Jan 17, 8:09am Top

Wonder if they're still having server issues and this is related.

Jan 17, 9:33am Top

Thanks for the report, all, and sorry—I've pinged developers about this, will report back asap.

Jan 17, 11:25am Top

I'm having "new covers for your books," but the old covers won't display for comparison. (Mostly posting this here so that I can easily follow this thread.)

Jan 17, 11:28am Top

Yeah, last night (maybe around midnight Central Time) I was once again able to upload new covers and have them show up, but none of the covers that were missing (new or old) have reappeared yet.

Jan 17, 12:40pm Top

Yeah, I've got confirmation that image uploading is working again. Looking into getting back those that failed initially.

Jan 17, 1:18pm Top

Okay, here's the latest! It looks like the server that generates and delivers images (i.e. covers in varying sizes) ran out of space—it was generating image files that were blank. So, on our end, it looked like images were still being generated, but, as we discovered here, they were not!

Our sysadmin is currently working on a process to clear out those blank generated image files, which should be done later today. I'll post again once that's complete, and I've verified that images mentioned here have been returned to their rightful places.

Jan 17, 1:58pm Top

>18 lorannen: Would this be related to the numerous broken (not blank) images I reported back in >10 saltmanz:? Or should I start another bug report for that?

Edited: Jan 18, 12:30pm Top

>19 saltmanz: Yep, it sure is.

Edited: Jan 17, 8:08pm Top

>1 johninvienna:, >4 johninvienna:, and >7 johninvienna: as well as >18 lorannen:

The examples cited above are still not working. Do you need more samples or is the explanation from >18lorannen sufficient to completely solve this problem.

Thanks for taking this up so quickly!

Greetings from Vienna

Jan 18, 9:57am Top

Our sysadmin just finished clearing out those blank generated image files around 3:30 this morning (EST), so try once more?

Jan 18, 4:54pm Top

There are still five blank profile pic thumbnails showing at http://www.librarything.com/gallery/recent - about the 8th line down for me currently.

Jan 18, 7:02pm Top

>1 johninvienna: johninvienna:, >4 johninvienna: johninvienna:, and >7 johninvienna: johninvienna

These are not working!!! LT staff - I sent you the links and you can try them yourselves.
I am planning to show LT shortly to many Museum staff and Library Staff here in Vienna soon and do hope this problem is solved shortly!

Hoping to hear from you
John Marshall

Jan 18, 7:08pm Top

>23 rodneyvc: I'll have to look a little closer at that. I'm not sure gallery uploads were caught in this or not. I'm seeing those blanks, too, though.

>24 johninvienna: All of the images you've cited here are working just fine for me. I'd recommend checking them once more, and if that doesn't do the trick, try a different browser or clearing your browser data. There maybe be some caching going on that's causing them to not load for you specifically.

Edited: Jan 18, 7:31pm Top

>1 johninvienna:, >4 johninvienna: and >7 johninvienna:
I am not a techie (almost 77 years old - three fellows and myself are cataloging a lot of my books with some 15,000 to go) so I don't know how to "clear browser data". But on the laptop in my living room I selected Firefox instead of Google Chrome and HOORAY!
all is working fine.
I will look aroung till 2:00am and hope to find no more missing covers

Jan 18, 7:46pm Top

Hi once again!
Well I was able - even at my biblical age - to access "Browserdaten löschen". After choosing all periods and starting LT new - presto all the covers also appeared in GOOGLE CHROME!

Thank you very much for solving this and being patient with us "old ones".
I didn't change the bug status since >23rodneyvc may still be outstanding

Goodnight from Vienna!

Jan 18, 8:32pm Top

>27 johninvienna: Glad to hear it! For future reference, or in case you'd prefer to get back to using Chrome, here's some step-by-step instructions on how to clear your browser data: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/9098093?co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop&amp...

Edited: Jan 19, 3:07am Top

>25 lorannen: For completeness, looking at the html, they are for:

<a href="/pic/6731886"><img src="http://pics.cdn.librarything.com/picsizes/6b/ea/6beaac6da8fbefe637449387277426b41457341.jpg" alt="11484370"></a>
<a href="/pic/6731885"><img src="http://pics.cdn.librarything.com/picsizes/69/dd/69ddfee79628eea637445387277426b41457341.jpg" alt="11484369"></a>
<a href="/pic/6731879"><img src="http://pics.cdn.librarything.com/picsizes/7c/f6/7cf6a45cba65c45637373387277426b41457341.jpg" alt="11484363"></a>
<a href="/pic/6731367"><img src="http://pics.cdn.librarything.com/picsizes/f6/31/f63197927145e47637041367277426b41457341.jpg" alt="11483792"></a>
<a href="/pic/6731363"><img src="http://pics.cdn.librarything.com/picsizes/4c/63/4c631cc4a87a1c7636f77367277426b41457341.jpg" alt="11483788"></a>

Jan 19, 1:10pm Top

>29 rodneyvc: Thanks very much! I'll pass this along to our sysadmin and see what he can do.

Jan 26, 8:49am Top

In the past few days, several members of the 75 Books Challenge group have experienced images disappearing from posts on their Talk threads.

Example from my thread here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/301279#6674843

In this example, the missing image happens to be a cover image from Amazon, but the problem doesn't affect all Amazon cover images (here's one that displays just fine: https://www.librarything.com/topic/301279#6684137).

The problem also doesn't just affect cover images, rather a seemingly random assortment of external images, like this one:

Is this related to the problem addressed by this thread, or is it a new problem?

Jan 26, 3:02pm Top

>31 lauralkeet:
No idea why, but for the images from that thread and the one in this thread that I tried, the certificates have issues. That would be why they are not displayed. No idea why the certificates are messed up though.

Jan 26, 4:29pm Top

>32 divinenanny: It looks like images starting with "http" are not displayed. Those websites have not been changed to the new "https" protocol. It might be that some browsers still show "http" sites and images, I use Chrome that does not show "http" anymore. LT seems to change automaticly "http" to "https" in the messages now, not sure when this started.

Jan 26, 6:41pm Top

>33 FAMeulstee: It's not as simple as that. The image in >31 lauralkeet: is displayed in my firefox browser when I look at the url
http://www.librarything.com/topic/302508 but not when I look at https://www.librarything.com/topic/302508 so the rule seems to be that non-secure elements of a secure page is not shown, which sort of makes sense.
And yes, the image comes from www.djkeating.com which uses a certificate only valid for two other domains www.informationsecured.com and informationsecured.com.

Jan 28, 11:02am Top

Some of the cover images I'd posted disappeared from my thread last week. I reposted the images and they are now visible to me, but visitors to my thread report that they can't see the covers. How can I fix them or even know which images need repair, when I can see them all just fine?

Edited: Jan 28, 11:07am Top

RidgewayGirl (#35):

I reposted the images and they are now visible to me, but visitors to my thread report that they can't see the covers. How can I fix them or even know which images need repair, when I can see them all just fine?

Try viewing "your thread" when you're logged out. (Most easily done from a private/incognito window, or from an alternate browser.) The behavior you describe seems browser-dependent, though, so you may need to ask your visitors which ones they can't see, or what browser they're using.

Of course, you *could* also post a link to the thread here so we could help you out. Not all of us know which "your thread" is.

Edited to correct reference format

Edited: Jan 28, 2:32pm Top

>35 RidgewayGirl:
Also, try switching between http and https when viewing your thread.

ETA: That's it. When viewing the thread from HTTP the images load, when loading from HTTPS some don't load, and those have the certificate issues.

ETA2: Where are you getting those image URL's from? They are different from what I get when grabbing the same image from the work page. Those links, also to Amazon, do work.

ETA...: Thread in question: https://www.librarything.com/topic/301191

Jan 28, 4:08pm Top

>37 divinenanny: Yep, I talked with Tim about this (he's still at ALA today), and that's the culprit. He'll get to work on this ASAP when he's back in the office, and I'll keep you guys posted. Sorry for the confusion.

Jan 28, 4:27pm Top

>37 divinenanny: When viewing the thread from HTTP the images load, when loading from HTTPS some don't load, and those have certificate issues

Just to corroborate your theory, when I load this thread as HTTP, >31 lauralkeet: displays the image I linked to. And as you noted in >32 divinenanny:, that image has certificate issues.

Edited: Jan 29, 10:56pm Top

I'm having covers that appear and disappear too. For instance, I copied some images from the 'Great Hunt' thread to the 'How to do cool stuff' thread (https://www.librarything.com/topic/129158#6717986) and for a while all the images showed in the 'cool stuff' but some of them didn't in the 'Great Hunt'. Right now, all the images are showing in both threads.

I also use the colourful 'deffler stars' http://www.deffler.com/lt/stars_five.gif (yes, I know they're external) for my reviews on my thread. They've been disappearing and reappearing too. Previously, they stopped showing on my 2019 thread but showed on my 2018 thread, then they swapped. Now, there is nothing showing for them in my 2019 thread and a blue box with white question mark on my 2018 thread.

I'm using Safari (and sometimes Firefox).

ETA: >37 divinenanny: How do you switch between loading as http and https?

Jan 30, 4:35am Top

>40 humouress:

It all has to do with http vs https, something that LT has always had a lot of trouble with.

You switch by changing the URL in the address bar. Just change http at the start to https. Or put http:// or https:// before the URL.

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ID: 302508

Category: Covers

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Reported by johninvienna

Status: Fixed

Jan 18, 12:30pm

125 days since last change

By lorannen

Status log

Reported. johninvienna (Jan 16, 8:21pm)

Fixed. lorannen (Jan 18, 12:30pm)


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