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Weekend Plans - Jan. 18, 2019 - Jan. 21, 2019

The Green Dragon

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Jan 18, 9:43am Top

Some of us in the states have a three-day weekend due to the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. I didn't have a three-day weekend, but took Monday off so we could attend the annual Truffle Festival in Napa, CA. WoooHooo! I can't wait.

Tomorrow I will be trying to cook/preserve a lot of Mandarin oranges and lemons. Not sure how much I will get done. Depends on if my energy holds up.

Sunday we will stay with my son and his wife in their new apartment, then Monday off to Napa. My brother volunteered to come stay with mom so we could get away for a night. :)

What are you up to?

Jan 18, 10:11am Top

Probably not very much. I haven't been 100% healthwise lately. Nothing major, but a pain none-the-less. Plus it has dipped below zero in the overnights and not much warmer during the day. So just hanging at home.

Next weekend though, we'll be in California!

Jan 18, 10:30am Top

Lunch today (prawns!) at a local restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Library Day tomorrow at Inchanga, with a braai on the platform (not prawns!) for lunch.

Jan 18, 10:37am Top

No plans except to stay inside. The shamal wind arrived yesterday afternoon, with as usual a load of dust. The air will be a bit solid for the next couple of days.

I’ll see if I can post a picture for your edification.

Edited: Jan 18, 10:48am Top

>1 MrsLee: surely the wrong season/weather for truffles? I thought they were an autumn thing??

I've got a short notice (eg arranged this afternoon) cave trip. It's going to be very very cold and involving wading/crawling in pools fed from near frozen streams. . But it's a rare opportunity to get to far the end of a showcave so I'm going anyway.

Jan 18, 11:27am Top

Here is the picture I referred to:

The building across the street is a huge shopping mall (on the front of which you can just barely make out "Carrefour" in Arabic).
The flying saucers are reflections of our office lights. The pic was taken about 1500 yesterday afternoon. The dust came in rather suddenly--the sky was clear when I went out for lunch a couple of hours earlier.
The shamal wind blows from the NNW almost but not quite straight down the Gulf, and tends to bring a lot of dust with it.

Jan 18, 11:51am Top

Planning to hunker down this weekend as a large winter storm hits. Monday is predicted to be only 14°F—too cold to go anywhere.

Jan 18, 12:31pm Top

I have a fun weekend planned. Tonight is our cross-country ski club monthly moonlight ski. It's a bit cold (-20°C) and overcast, but should be nice and bright. We always have a fire with hot chocolate, smokies, and marshmallows afterwards.

Saturday evening is a Ukrainian dinner at the curling club. I'm going with friends, and it should be good food and lots of fun.

Sunday I'm going for a swim, second time out since my surgery. Last week I did 400m, but had to stop quite a few times. If I take it easy I should be able to do at least that many laps again.

I'll also be taking Duncan out with me skiing during the day Saturday and Sunday, and I hope to spend time on the couch with the cats and a good book. And the new Mary Poppins movie is in town this weekend, so I might go Sunday or Monday night.

Sunday evening is a total lunar eclipse, I might watch from home or go out on the ski trails or down to the river to get some pictures with no lights around. Maximum is supposed to be at 10:12 local time.

Jan 18, 12:45pm Top

It's a 3-day weekend for me and my husband will be gone on a retreat for a board he's on. I can watch tennis all day and night and no one to whinge about it! Go Serena!

I may go to the movies to see the Bolshoi. There is a simulcast on Sunday at 1 and one of our local theatres is carrying it. I have seen some operas that way but this is the first time I'll be watching a ballet on the big screen. If they do too many closeups, I'll probably bail. I HATE when they try to get "creative" with camera angles for ballet. Just show me the whole body of the dancer(s) and let me decide where to look, please.

I'm also knitting a shawl and it's at the point of starting the edging. Once I get going on that it's practically automatic but starting it is a pain. I need 1/2 hour of uninterrupted time to get it going.

Jan 18, 1:08pm Top

>6 haydninvienna: Nasty. I figure the dust goes everywhere, into hair and clothes and eyes and ears and...?
I'm not envious. I hope it will pass, fast.

>8 NorthernStar: Oh, I'm green of envy regarding the skiing. We've had almost zero snow and generally warm weather. Husband's up at our cabin right now and he told of at least half a metre of snow and -24. A bit too cold for me, I tend to think -12 is perfect: not too cold, but not so warm the that the snow gets wet. (For any given definition of wet. But to me snow and -5 is too warm, to wet).
I so wish I too was up there. I'd ski, and take the snowmobile for a ride :-)

For now I'm stuck down home in Stockholm, where a heavy snowfall followed by rain and then a fast freeze has made everything very very slippery. We all walk like penguins to stay upright, despite the city having spread gravel on almost every surface intended for walking or cars/buses.
I hope to get some serious reading done, and catching up here in the GD.

>9 littlegeek: Re: the camera angle thing. Me too, but in team sports. I want to see what's happening on the pitch/field as a whole, not some legs or a back(side)! (grumble grumble)

>5 reading_fox: Can't say I share your enthusiasm ;-)
Wet, cold... no, I think I'll light a fire in the hearth, and settle with a book and a mug of cocoa.

Jan 18, 1:09pm Top

>10 Busifer: Sports, too!! Arrrgh!

Jan 18, 1:24pm Top

>11 littlegeek: I like the NFL's adoption of drone cameras - I want to see the field from the quarterback's view.

Jan 18, 2:56pm Top

>12 Darth-Heather: Wouldn't that be distracting for the players?

I think the worst is hockey, you are missing half the action because the camera follows the puck too much.

Jan 18, 3:14pm Top

>12 Darth-Heather: >13 littlegeek: I personally like the bird's view. I primarily watch football (soccer), which for me is a game of strategy. You can't get what's happening and why if you don't see the players that play away from the ball; how they move, how they show or don't show themselves to each other.
Anything else is like zooming in on the ball during tennis: you'll get a lot of ball in motion, but won't see the placement and tactics of the players.

Jan 18, 3:40pm Top

>13 littlegeek: oh sure, it might be distracting, but considering how much those guys get paid I kind of expect them to get the job done regardless :)

I have a tough time with hockey - I've only recently started watching it and am still learning the rules, but it goes so fast that by the time I figure out what just happened, five more things have happened. I'd like to go to an actual game and see if it helps to be able to see the whole thing at once.

Jan 18, 4:04pm Top

I can't abide sports, and fortunately neither can my husband, so we never watch. I've seen some filmed stage plays that were very well done, with some close-ups and stuff, but I can see how that would be less appealing with ballet, when you want to be able to see the whole pattern.

Not much happening here this weekend. The weather is supposed to be not too bad: -9 on Saturday and 0 on Sunday, so I may (should) get out for a walk in the nearby ravine and/or river valley. If I do, I will take my camera in case of any interesting birds or whatever.

Indoor stuff will include reading (new pile of books from the library!) and art. We have this new laser cutter/engraver (a Glowforge) and I have been designing things and learning how to "print" them with it.

Jan 18, 11:20pm Top

>10 Busifer: it absolutely does. Made worse by the fact that many buildings here are poorly sealed so it gets inside as well. Can we have some of your snow please?

Jan 19, 12:19am Top

>6 haydninvienna: We get dust storms where I live, although we haven't had one like that in years, and they are not fun.

Not much going on this weekend. I have a 10 mile run in the morning. Other than that, I'm hoping to quilt and read all weekend. The weather is supposed to be in the 40s (F) and rainy. Not looking forward to running in the rain tomorrow, but it's better than running in the freezing rain I did the other night.

Jan 19, 1:48am Top

>3 hfglen: Happy birthday! Sounds like a nice celebration of it.

>5 reading_fox: Well, California. Also Oregon. These are truffle months here. They do import black Perigord truffles too, so I guess they are in season. These are as fresh as can be when shipped "overnight" from France and other areas. White truffles are earlier I believe.

Jan 19, 1:50am Top

>9 littlegeek: That is why I don't watch a lot of live action performances on screen anymore. Too frustrating. I'm sure the ballerina'sfoot is charming, but really.

Jan 19, 2:29am Top

We’re on a duty visit to Paul’s parents, his Mum is on her own now his dad is in nursing care. Fingers crossed, if we get snow, it’ll be minor flurries as we have to head back home tomorrow afternoon and the country goes beserk on the roads in the snow. There may have been a snow shower Wednesday night - there was slush on the windscreen Thursday morning, and I’m sure I saw flakes blowing in the wind driving to the station. Apparently, there were snow showers in North London that day.

The programme is to take Margaret household shopping this morning, and to visit Alan after lunch. I’ll drop everyone back at the house, then run some errands for myself in town. My trackball at work died, so I’ve ordered 2 more as my home ones are getting rather old; I have to collect them late afternoon. I also need to replace my long Lightning cable - it’s been tripped over once too often and my phone didn’t charge last night. I’ll take the opportunity to mooch round TKMaxx - I want some warmer work trousers (if I can find anything I can get into that’s smart enough). I’ll do my household shopping tomorrow while Margaret is at church and Paul is cooking lunch, and we’ll visit Alan again after lunch. Back to the house for tea, then back home where I’ll have to put another load of laundry on, put away the last load, wash and dry my hair, and hang the laundry on the rack to dry...

I’ll also get time for reading this evening...

Edited: Jan 19, 7:44am Top

we are bracing for the first big snowstorm of the season coming tonight. the prediction is 18-24 inches, so we have made sure the generator and snowblower are ready to go. snacks and movies are lined up so that we can enjoy our time "stuck" inside :)

Jan 19, 8:16am Top

>21 Maddz: Wow, what a weekend. Hope you don't end up hanging your hair on the rack! I understand there was snow on the ground through the day in Bicester (50 miles or so away) on Thursday.

Jan 19, 8:21am Top

On another note: the dust I complained about has cleared. The view out of my apartment window now looks like this:

Sorry about the spots on the window. I'm 19 floors up and there is no appropriately located balcony, so I'm at the landlord's mercy as far as cleaning windows is concerned.

Jan 19, 1:19pm Top

> I was going to say that you could have as much snow as you'd like, but now I see that the dust has cleared - hurrah!

Jan 19, 1:37pm Top

Hurrah indeed. See on picture right looking out towards the Gulf. It’s not that common to be able to see the horizon there.

Jan 19, 4:01pm Top

>23 haydninvienna: Well, got most things I wanted to do done today, and although grey and cold, the weather’s been OK. We’ll tomorrow; I need to do my shopping in the morning and may also take Margaret to and from church. Then a shortish visit to the care home before tea and heading back home.

I kind of envy you - we lived in Cairo when I was little and my mother never really adjusted to the English winters again. She’d been out there for about 8 years before marrying my father, and was in Egypt for about 13 years in total. Like her, I’m prone to bronchitis in the sort of weather we’ve got at the moment.

Jan 19, 4:19pm Top

On the spur of the moment we went out for breakfast at a little cafe in town. He got the Cheesy Joe omelet and I got a Big Pig Scramble. Hash browns, coffee. Lots of people out and about. It was nice. We need to do it more.

Jan 19, 5:27pm Top

>10 Busifer: got cancelled in the end. Can't say I'm too upset. Had brunch out and then stayed in to read with a fine Scotch. Far more comfortable.

Jan 19, 9:21pm Top

Did all I wanted to and more with the mandarins. I can safely say they are dealt with. Feet and body are tired tonight, but I can rest now. I also have some yummy stuff to eat in the next few months.

Jan 19, 10:13pm Top

>30 MrsLee: you amaze me with all your culinary creations!

Jan 20, 10:18am Top

>31 catzteach: :) Cooking lights my fire, so to speak.

Jan 20, 10:20am Top

>29 reading_fox: Sounds like a good day, all in all, and definitely a lot less wet and cold :-)

Jan 20, 11:14am Top

Well, due to weather considerations, the township library cancelled today's book group and tomorrow's rescheduled book group may be cancelled a second time, depending upon what the ice storm leaves us with overnight. I just got back on Friday from a business trip that was more tiring than I'd anticipated so on the one hand, I am not upset with the decision to close the library on the grounds that travel conditions today *may* indeed be hazardous. I'll make lasagna for dinner tonight as the temperature drops and I'll try to do something useful this afternoon that involves motion -- like finally sorting through clothes to be donated. It's not the weekend I'd anticipated but it's January so probably par for the seasonal course.

Jan 20, 4:29pm Top

I did go out for a walk today - it was beautiful. One of the best things about Edmonton is the ravines and river valley, which have lots of walking and multi-use trails. I saw a squirrel, magpies, blue jays, chickadees, a woodpecker (probably a Downy, but I wasn't quite close enough to be sure), and a red-breasted nuthatch. Also many dogs of varying shapes, sizes, and colours, all out with their people enjoying the sun and snow.

Jan 20, 5:01pm Top

Nice! I went out for a bit, but single digit temps meant it was a short bit.

Jan 21, 2:51pm Top

Saturday, I did some sewing. I'm trying to use up fabric and finish projects before we move again this summer. I have 31 baby quilts ready to deliver to the NICU and maternity ward at the hospital in Waco.

Then I did a lot of reading and more sewing.

Today, we started packing up and going through stuff. The move isn't until June, but we want to purge and have unused stuff ready to go. After Christmas, we packed up all of the entertainment serverware and Christmas items. Today, we took 12 boxes to the storage unit, picked up items to mail to Jim's brother (items from their father's estate), and I packed 4 boxes of books, DVDs and CDs. I have 2 more shelves of books in another bedroom, plus what is in my apartment.

Last week we found a box of VHS and camcorder tapes that Jim will be taking to Waco to have converted. Most were of the kids' dance recitals, and who knows what's on the camcorder tapes.

You'd think that people who have moved 3 times in the last 12 years would have already purged this stuff.

I'll be leaving for Dallas in an hour or so. Will be SO glad when we actually live together and I don't have to make a 2 hour trip every weekend!

Jan 22, 12:49am Top

>34 jillmwo: >35 tardis: >36 Bookmarque: It was 11 degrees Celsius (about 50 F) here this morning, according to my weather app. That counts as cold here ...

Jan 22, 12:51am Top

>38 haydninvienna:, this time of year -11°C counts as a warm day here, especially after it's been down to -30.

Jan 22, 3:07am Top

It was 2C when I was at the bys stop an hour ago. That is what I would expect in January for Dublin, but last week it hovered aroubd 9C which was not unusual either. If you do not like the weather in Ireland, wait five minutes; it will change.

Jan 22, 12:12pm Top

>40 pgmcc: "If you do not like the weather in Ireland, wait five minutes; it will change."

We have the same saying here in Seattle. Expected high today is 47°F or ~8°C, (currently 41°F / 5°C at just after 9AM). Grey, overcast & mostly rainy expected all week... :-/

Jan 22, 12:21pm Top

>41 ScoLgo: Last year Aer Lingus announced a new direct route; Dublin-Seattle. I thought it might be called "The Rain-to-Rain Express".


Jan 22, 2:50pm Top

>15 Darth-Heather: I highly recommend going to a hockey game. I really don't know how people figure out what's going on just from watching it on tv. You need to see the big picture. I recommend getting seats higher up so you can watch the patterns. Just watching them change lines is fascinating! (Hockey is so exhausting that the players only play in shifts of 45-60 seconds.)

Jan 22, 3:14pm Top

>43 littlegeek: It does sound fun. There is a local mid-level team that is always giving away tickets; I should take them up on it sometime :)

Jan 22, 6:42pm Top

>42 pgmcc: A very appropriate name! ;)

Jan 22, 7:17pm Top

Jan 23, 9:34am Top

A couple of images of our drive home from Napa, CA.
I'm sorry about the image quality. I was taking shots in a car moving around 55mph, through not-so-clean windshield. You get the idea, anyway.

Jan 23, 9:56am Top

Nice! We are heading to Paso Robles in a couple days. First LA and Santa Barbara.

Jan 23, 6:36pm Top

>48 Bookmarque: Should still be green for you! Hope you have a lovely trip; aND share photos. :)

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