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Author Introductions 2019

This is a continuation of the topic Author Introductions 2017.

Hobnob with Authors

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Edited: Jan 19, 5:45pm Top

This is the author introduction thread for 2019.

There are also author introduction threads for 2017, 2016, 2015, and earlier.

Clicking on the user name takes you to the introduction post, and clicking on the name in brackets takes you to their author page.

Authors who introduced themselves previous to this year will be added to the index on this thread if they drop me a note saying they are still around. (These authors will be marked with an *)

Authors please remember that you are introducing yourself, not your book. Tell us about who you are, where you are from, what genres you write in, and why you write about what you write. If you just copy and paste a book blurb you will not be added to the index.

There is also a reader introduction thread.

Edited: Feb 16, 10:58am Top

Index of Hobnob Author Introductions - Alphabetical

AWA1* (Allan Walsh) - Fantasy and Horror
BettyBolte* (Betty Bolté) - historical and supernatural fiction/romance
BryanJ62 - Comedy Romance
DominiqueLuchart - science fiction/fantasy
filocof33 (Christina Kondratyeva) - Non-fiction: health, sports and children
Frank_Prem (Frank Prem) - Poetry
K.D._McQuain (K. D. McQuain) - Urban Fantasy
LShelby* (L. Shelby) - Fantasy and Science Fiction
MelinaDruga (Melina Druga) - Busness, History
ScottLaPierre (Scott LaPierre - Christian Non-fiction
Shoebears (Dawn Doig) - children's picture books
victoriadanes* (Victoria Danes) - Paranormal and Historical Romance
VStKarl (Violet St. Karl) - Science Fiction

Edited: Feb 16, 10:59am Top

Index of Hobnob Author Introductions - By Genre


BettyBolte* (Betty Bolté) - historical and supernatural fiction/romance
victoriadanes* (Victoria Danes) - Paranormal and Historical Romance


BettyBolte* (Betty Bolté) - historical and supernatural fiction/romance
victoriadanes* (Victoria Danes) - Paranormal and Historical Romance
DominiqueLuchart - science fiction/fantasy
K.D._McQuain (K. D. McQuain) - Urban Fantasy
LShelby* (L. Shelby) - Fantasy and Science Fiction
VStKarl (Violet St. Karl) - Science Fiction
AWA1 (Allan Walsh) - Fantasy and Horror

BettyBolte* (Betty Bolté) - historical and supernatural fiction/romance
victoriadanes* (Victoria Danes) - Paranormal and Historical Romance
BryanJ62 - Comedy Romance

rchapman1* (Rita Lee Chapman) - travel mysteries, horses and crime

BryanJ62 - Comedy Romance

Frank_Prem (Frank Prem) - Poetry

Shoebears (Dawn Doig) - children's picture books

MelinaDruga (Melina Druga) - Busness, History
filocof33 (Christina Kondratyeva) - Non-fiction: health, sports and children
ScottLaPierre (Scott LaPierre - Christian Non-fiction

Jan 22, 10:15pm Top


My name is Violet St. Karl and I write science fiction and fantasy for adults. After nearly eleven years in New York along with a couple stints abroad, I returned to the Detroit area where I am a proud Ambassador for the Authors Guild.

The publishing of my first novel, Collection of The Negatives, made me the first Albanian-American science fiction author - at least the six years it took from start to finish was not in vain. When not writing, reading, or chasing my imagination, I enjoy traveling and hope to visit every country in the world before I depart.

Looking forward to connecting with other authors and readers.


Edited: Jan 24, 12:03pm Top

>4 VStKarl:
Hello Violet, welcome to the Hobnob with Authors group!

Do you think being Albanian-American influences your work at all? If so, in what way?

I hope in the midst of all your travelling, you've also started on your next book. If so, it would be lovely if you dropped by the Authors what are you working on? thread, and told us a bit about it.

I would like to strongly recommend that you add some tags to your copy of your book. Without them people will have a hard time even knowing what genre it is in.

I would also like to encourage you to add some more books to your library. LT is primarily a book cataloguing site, and people here tend to pay attention to thinks like, for instance "shared books". You and I write in the same genre, but we don't have a single shared book... because the only book you have listed is your own. If you add fifty of your favorite science fiction and fantasy books, and I discovered that I like reading a lot of the same books you do, then I would be more likely to think I might like to read the one you wrote, also. You see?

It generally works best if you don't just add the best selling and most popular books in your genre, because everyone owns those and so the impact of discovering you share them with someone is not as high as the impact of discovering that my someone else likes one of lesser my lesser known favorites. Your library should be a reflection of your uniqueness as a reader and as a writer.

Nice to meet you!

Jan 26, 4:49pm Top

I have added victoriadanes, and AWA1, who introduced themselves last year when I wasn't around, to the index.

Jan 26, 7:20pm Top

My name is Dominique Luchart and I write science fiction/fantasy novels. I love looking over the horizon to see the shape of things to come, and as I drift on the imaginary planes, creating new worlds, the things that keep me grounded are my partner and my two cats, Nieve and Oliver.

I love the ocean and watching a sunset over the water is truly inspiring me. It makes me remember how beautiful our planet is, and how truly fragile we all are... Nature in balance keeps everything alive.

After a year spent in Paris for the launch of my book and some work, I have returned to California where home is on the coast. I love it here, not that I do not enjoy traveling, and since I grew up in Paris, it is home too...

I am glad to be back and working on the next novel.


Jan 26, 8:15pm Top

>7 DominiqueLuchart:
Bonjour, Dominique!

I added you to the index, but I couldn't include an author page because you don't appear to have one yet. You should add the book you've just launched (and any previous publications) to your library. This can be done even if they don't appear in an "add books" search, by using the manual entry option further down the add books page.

Once you've added a book by you to LibraryThing, an author page for you will be created, and you can click on the link on the right side of that page that says "Is this you?" to let people know that yes, that author is you. :)

...And then you should go and add a bunch more books by other people to your library so that people can see if they have any "shared books" with you, as I have explained to other people above.

Do you write in French? (I'm guessing yes, if your book launch was in Paris -- but sometimes the world fools me.)

Jan 27, 3:10pm Top


Thank you for adding me to the group.

My name is Dawn Doig. I am Canadian, but am currently living in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa, where I am the English Language Learners coordinator at an IB world school. My husband I just moved here last August after living and working in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for five years. I have only been teaching for five years. Prior to that, I was a clinical audiologist and my husband followed me around the globe for 23 years with my career. It took us to different parts of Canada (I flew to small Inuit villages in the far north), Kuwait, England, and Saudi Arabia. I now follow him.

What brought me to this forum? I love writing children's picture books. I now have six published and the seventh should be coming out soon. I found a small publisher in the US who loved my books and now my dream has become a reality. My books are inspired by the special little people I work with, family, friends, our furbabies, and general life experiences. I started drawing a cartoon character when I was 12 years old and am now considering writing and illustrating a series featuring it. I would love advice on that front! I just recently made my very first website and all my books are listed there. https://doigda.wixsite.com/mysite-1

I have just now been actively trying to promote my books. There is a sad part to my story. My brother was in a car accident six years ago. He suffered a terrible head injury with severe brain damage that has left him unable to speak or eat on his own. He watches us. His eyes follow us. He has written simple sentences like "Hello, Dawn". My elderly mother spends hours every day with him. She is convinced he is in there and wants to try the Eyegaze eye tracking communication device with him. I am hoping that by selling my books I can help raise enough money to purchase the device for him. if it doesn't work, I am sure there is someone else in the facility where he lives who could benefit from it. That's my dream.

My husband and I love to live overseas, to live in different cultures, and to truly experience the world around us. it is an amazing place. My father was an orphan and a sailor. I think I inherited the travelling DNA from him. I also think his story would make a fascinating biography.

I look forward to meeting others in hear and chatting :-)


Jan 27, 6:01pm Top

Welcome Shoebears - what an interesting life you have led! I do hope you are able to help your brother - have you thought about trying GoFundMe? Have you started gathering information about your father's life for a biography?

Jan 28, 10:13pm Top

Hi There,
Thank you for the tip. I am new to LibraryThings and so not quite sure how to navigate the site and get to know readers.
I have added the book. Will work on the author page next.
It is a pleasure to be here, in good company of readers. I actually write in English, but in view of the fact that I am originally from France, I had the opportunity to do a launch in Paris. I know it can seem confusing, but home is now here and I work here so... English it is!
What is your preferred genre?

Jan 29, 4:00am Top

Hello! I am an aspiring writer, a young mother and a professional athlete. I am interested in such areas as sports and children. I want to hear objective criticism of my books.

Jan 30, 8:50pm Top

LibraryThing is very information dense, and has many features that are not clearly described, so it can be intimidating to newcomers.

If you really want to connect with LibraryThing's astonishingly dedicated community of readers, you need to go to the Groups tab and find a few groups where your ideal readers might be lurking, and then participate in them AS A FELLOW READER. Directly promoting your book is against the TOS that you agreed to when you signed up here. This group is set up as a special exemption from that general rule, so that authors can feel comfortable talking about their own books without having to worry if they are getting too enthusiastic or whatever. But most of the readers on library thing are found elsewhere.

Once you have joined a few groups, your Talk tab can be filtered to only show you posts from the groups you have joined. That makes it easier to find the posts and people you are interested in.

Groups listed in the "Active this week" listings on the groups tab are generally good ones to try. But a word to the wise: the "75 Books Challenge for 2019" group (that's the group where people challenge themselves to read at least 75 books this year) is so busy that it can be overwhelming. (3000+ posts a week. If I tried to keep up with that, I'd never find time to write!)

>9 Shoebears: "Thank you for adding me to the group."

Shoebears, nice to see your introduction.

I'm afraid that even as group "creator" I don't have the power to add you or anyone to this group. This is one of LibraryThing's Official groups, and as an ordinary LT user, my powers don't extend beyond editing the group description. If you go to the group page (there is a link at the top of this thread) you can do the joining yourself.

What I did do is add you to my indexes... because I enjoy indexing, and I like to think that other people might find them helpful as they try to connect with authors, either as readers or as fellow authors. That is after all, what this group is supposed to be about. :)

Now that you've posted to the introduction thread, I would like to officially welcome you to the Hobnob Group.

Guess what, I'm a Canadian not living in Canada too! But I only moved as far as Ohio. Cameroon sounds way more exciting. I clicked over to your web site, and your books look very charming. And one of them was translated into Mongolian! Why Mongolian? I'm curious.

Do you read Fantasy at all? I have some books set in a Africa-like environment, and I'd love to get feedback from someone who has lived somewhere similar. (I remember asking myself when I wrote the first one -- "Shel, what on earth do you think you're doing? You think Florida is too hot to be habitable. Also, shouldn't this setting have more bugs in it?")

Hope you stick around and chat with us!

>11 DominiqueLuchart:
So the world did fool me, and you launched an English book in France. I knew it could happen! :)
As a Canadian know a little bit of French the same way most USians know a little bit of Spanish. But I never have any opportunities to practice anymore, so I'm pretty sure I'm losing what little I learned. ::sigh::

As a reader it is hard for me to pick one genre. As a writer, I like fantasy and science fiction best, because I love worldbuilding. I think I'm more about asking myself "if x was different, what else would change" than I am about wondering what comes next, though. I tend to be very system focussed. When I was in college, I was studying ecology.

If you haven't already please drop by some of the other active threads in the group, so we can learn more about you, and what you write.

If you need any help with the site feel free to ask me here, or in post on my profile. (I like giving advice in this thread, because I assume it will be seen by a lot of people as they arrive.) Another good place to try find help is the "Welcome to LibraryThing!" group.

>12 filocof33:
Hi Christina, welcome to the Hobnob Group!
I have added you to the Author index under Non-fiction and Children.

I'm a mother too (although not that young anymore -- the youngest of my six children is in her senior year of high school.)

What's your sport? Are you working on any new projects? What are they about?

In my experience the best way to get objective criticism of your books is to find other authors willing to swap manuscripts with you. Personally I'm totally okay with reading non-fiction (do it all the time!) and would be willing to swap with you, if you are willing to read and comment on fantasy or science fiction books.

I highly recommend that you add other books to your library besides ones that you wrote. This will create connections between those books and your books. That's a good thing. :)

And I saw your name on some other threads when I arrived, so I guess I'll head off now and see what else you had to say.

Thanks for introducing yourselves everyone. I hope you will all enjoy LibraryThing

Jan 31, 1:03am Top

I do powerlifting!) Now I want to continue writing about sports and children, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad for me.

Feb 11, 2:04pm Top


I have had a lifelong love of writing and history and enthusiastically share my expertise with readers and clients. I have been freelance writing full time since 2011 and have authored several nonfiction books and thousands of articles, blogs and newsletters.

I am the author of two business advice books and contributor to a third. I also am the author of a history book (that was published in parts and as a complete edition). I have two works-in-progress -- an historical fiction novel and another nonfiction history book.

I write about topics that I'm passionate about and hope to educate and empower my audience.

Feb 11, 6:09pm Top

Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I hope I'm entering in the right place.

My name is Bryan Fagan. I'm from rainy Western Oregon. We seem to be the only ones not knee deep in snow. But we are drowning.

I am a writer of comedy/romance fiction. It's a lot of fun and I hope to meet some talented writers over here. That's all for now. Hope to talk to you soon.

Feb 12, 1:18pm Top

>15 MelinaDruga:
Howdy, Melina, welcome to the Hobnob Group!

I'm always happy to greet a history buff. :) Do you have any particular periods that you specialize in?

I'm also noticing that one of your WIPs is fiction, and everything else on your list is non-fiction, so I'm wondering if anything specific inspired you to try your hand at a novel?

BTW, you may want to consider going to your author page, and "claiming" it by clicking on the "Is this you?" link. This doesn't give you any more control over what ends up on that page that you already have, but it does create this handy link on your profile page. (I find them handy, anyway.)

I would also like to recommend that you add some books by other people to "Your books". LibraryThing is a social cataloging site... it creates connections based on shared books. Since so far you are the only person on LT with your books, you need to get some other books in your Library so that connections can start being made. Grab a score of your favorite books of your selves, and put them in.

(I don't recommend you choose only best-sellers, though. It sounds like a great idea on the surface, but LT downgrades the strength of the connection based on how many copies it has of that book. You're actually better off adding lesser known works.)

PS: Your author page touchstone is not working as of my posting of this message. This is probably just temporary glitch, but please do post again reminding me to check it again, just in case it doesn't fix itself.

>16 BryanJ62:
Hello there, Bryan, congratulations on your upcoming release!

Just in case you aren't aware of this, it is possible to add books to LibraryThing before they have been published. Go to the add books tab, and all the way down at the bottom on the left is an option to "Add Manually". If you decide to manually enter you book, please post here letting me know, so that I can add your author page link to your index entries.

Even if you don't want to add your own book yet, it's probably a good idea to add some other books. That's sort of what LibraryThing is about, and without it your profile looks a bit bare and uninviting. (Nobody will ever have any shared books with you. :( )

Comedy Romance sounds like a fun genre to write in. (And makes you my first "Humor" entry for this year. Yay!) :)

Thanks for joining us, both of you! I hope you will answer a few questions in the Getting to Know You thread, and join in some of the discussion threads. If you need any help, feel free to ask here in this thread, or pm me!

Feb 13, 1:24pm Top

Hello Everyone,
Glad to be part of the community.

I'm a senior pastor and conference speaker. I write Christian non-fiction, typically drawn from material in my sermons.

My wife and I grew up together in northern CA, and now we live in southwest Washington where we homeschool our seven children.

God bless,
Scott LaPierre

Feb 16, 11:20am Top

>18 ScottLaPierre:
Hi there, Scott, nice to meet you!

Nice looking family. :)
(I've got six kids myself, but they're almost all grown up now.)

I'd like to recommend that you add some books. Having both your own and other people's books listed on your LT account is both useful to you, and makes your profile look more welcoming to other members. Right now it looks like we share absolutely no books in common—not even the Bible.

If you find some time after adding a dozen or two of your favorite books, I hope you will also post in some of our threads: help us get to know you, keep us up to date on how your projects are going, and so on.

Welcome to the Hobnob group!

Feb 22, 9:58am Top


My pen name is Andrew Orange. I'm an author from outside the US.
I was born in Moscow, Russia. My native language is Russian.
I’m a college graduate and I hold a Ph.D.
I studied the history of the United States and other countries.

Before starting to write, I read a lot. "The Game of VORs" is my first novel. This book is difficult to assign to a specific genre. Si-Fi-parody? Adventure? Thriller? Satire? Dystopia? Coming-of-age story?

I write fantastic books about real life.

You can find some additional info about me here:

or here:

Sincerely, Andrew

Feb 25, 10:19am Top


I'm Kit. Independent Author. Father.

I'm trying to expand my online community presence. Bit of a social butterfly here, but I will try my best to answer questions and well be around when I can.

I write SF, Fantasy, my latest and only novel is a YA GameLit book that I put out in the last week. (The Crafting of Chess)

I've read a lot, kind of a requirement for good writing.

Thanks for having me.

Feb 25, 4:25pm Top

Hi Kit,

It seems, this thread isn't popular on LibraryThing?

Feb 25, 4:39pm Top

You're right, it's not really been used for an exchange of greetings. But anyone is welcome to take the thread in new directions, or begin a new thread in the group specifically for that purpose.

It's probably read more than re-acted to. The purpose is several fold. It's a good place for >1 LShelby: to gather data on LT Authors and enhance the indexing that she does. For me, a reader, I may go and speak directly to a poster who interests me. There is plenty of greeting talk in other groups.

Feb 25, 10:07pm Top

I see.

Feb 27, 1:15am Top


I am an author/singer-songwriter living in Japan. I've recently published my second book 'Surviving in Japan'.
It'memoirs of a point of my life that how my ordinary yet awkward daily life in Japan was led and changed when the massive earthquake hit the northern Japan in 2011.

It's a before-and-after of my daily life with the earthquake and although the event was catastrophic, the memoirs turned out to be somehow funny.

I think it will be a good read if you are interested in a Japanese way of life.

I hope you give it a try! Thank you.

Mar 7, 8:03am Top

Hi guys,

I am an actor, and when I'm not doing a play or am in a movie I write. As an actor you get to say someone else's words and a lot of times they may mean nothing to you or don't ring true. By true I mean, they are not accurate representation of human behavior and, for this reason, I decided to write my own material. It first started with one-man pieces, then plays, then feature-length screenplays and now a book. I also love science and I believe a lot of clues of why we behave the way we do and our role in the grand scheme of things can be explained through science, as it's also true that a lot of scientific concepts can be better explained through arts.

As an artist, I get often asked why I am interested in science. But I think the answer is quite obvious. Both physics and art are direct pathways to investigating phenomena, whether it's the natural world or human behavior. Science asks the biggest questions: ¨who are we?¨, ¨where do we come from?¨ ¨what's the final goal?¨ Anyone who has worked in arts, know that artists are preoccupied by the exact same questions. I believe anyone who will delve a little bit deeper into both worlds may come to a comforting answer sooner than those who like to keep the two separated at arm's length.

Would love to read some of your work if you need a critique and if you have a bit of time, you will hopefully return the favor.

Mar 19, 12:24pm Top


My name is Zoe Tasia. My fantasy book, Kilts and Catnip (The Shrouded Isle Book 1) was published in late February. I also co-write under the name Zari Reede. I currently live in Texas, but spent over seven years living in Scotland, which is the setting for my book. I'm hoping to connect with fellow authors and readers.

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