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Paul C Back to Basics in 2019 Part 3

This is a continuation of the topic Paul C Back to Basics in 2019.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Feb 11, 10:05pm Top

I am reading Petersburg this month by Andrei Bely for my 120 years of books challenge and my Around the World in 80 Books Challenge (Russia). I have a colleague working with me in Malaysia who is from St. Petersburg and I am enjoying this novel so far.

The novel is set around the 1905 Russian Revolution

Edited: Feb 11, 10:19pm Top

I am Paul Cranswick, sometime group statistician, Malaysian correspondent - construction project manager and avid book accumulator.

Father of three - Yasmyne, Kyran and Belle - the first two already studying in university in the UK and hopeful of a return to the UK in the none too distant future.

Had a tough few years and this affected badly my reading last year which was the first that I have failed to reach 100 books. This year - hope springs eternal so let's see.

Edited: Feb 11, 10:21pm Top

019 Books


1. Findings by Kathleen Jamie BIAC
2. Black Robe by Brian Moore
3. Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood
4. Football in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano
5. The Rider by Tim Krabbe


6. Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau
7. My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok
8. The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

Edited: Feb 11, 10:25pm Top

The Good Companions by J.B. Preistley & Petersburg by Andrei Bely

Edited: Feb 11, 10:47pm Top


January 2019 - The Natural World https://www.librarything.com/topic/296824#6632759
February 2019 - Pat Barker and Peter F. Hamilton
March 2019 - The Murderous Scots https://www.librarything.com/topic/296824#6637458
April 2019 - Rosamond Lehmann and John Boyne
May 2019 - The Edwardians https://www.librarything.com/topic/299559#6656870
June 2019 - Nicola Barker and Wilkie Collins
July 2019 - YA Fantasy Series https://www.librarything.com/topic/299559#6660927
August 2019 - Anita Brookner and Jim Crace
September 2019 - Biography and Memoir https://www.librarything.com/topic/299559#6674204
October 2019 - Rose Tremain and Louis de Bernieres
November 2019 -The Jewish Contribution https://www.librarything.com/topic/301575#6688724
December 2019 - Zadie Smith and Michael Morpurgo
WILDCARD - Back to the Beginning - LIVELY and ISHIGURO

Here is a link to the thread:

Edited: Feb 11, 10:55pm Top

American Author Challenge

American Author Challenge 2019

I will be joining Linda's challenge where I can this year and have started:

January 2019 - Chaim Potok - My Name is Asher Lev
February 2019 - Louisa M Alcott

Edited: Feb 11, 10:57pm Top


120 books in this challenge so I am going to have to do much better than last year!

To date : 8/20

1933 - Love on the Dole
1947 - Exercises in Style
1972 - My Name is Asher Lev
1978 - The Rider
1985 - Black Robe
1995 - Football in Sun and Shadow
2005 - Findings
2018 - The Silence of the Girls

Edited: Feb 11, 10:58pm Top


Third attempt at this tough challenge which I have failed miserably at twice.

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

1. United Kingdom Kathleen Jamie
2. Canada Brian Moore
3. Uruguay Eduardo Galeano
4. Netherlands Tim Krabbe
5. France Raymond Queneau
6. USA Chaim Potok

Feb 11, 10:07pm Top

Reading plans for February

Feb 11, 10:07pm Top

Next is yours

Feb 11, 10:09pm Top

Almost posted too early. Yea new thread. Hope all is well!

Feb 11, 10:12pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul

Feb 11, 10:17pm Top

Your praise of The Silence of Girls on the last thread caused a definite BB for me. Never heard of it but it's going on the WL

Feb 11, 10:17pm Top

>11 mahsdad: All is good Jeff, other than Hani has some health concerns at the moment. She went for a check-up last week and will have another one on Friday. Depending upon the check-up either she'll come straight home or I'll go back to the UK for a few days to be with her. We do have our own little place rented there now in Sheffield anyway.

>12 figsfromthistle: Thank you Anita. xx

Feb 11, 10:18pm Top

>13 mahsdad: Deservedly so buddy too. I am not often so hyperbolic about new novels but this one really hit my sweetspot.

Feb 11, 10:19pm Top

Happy New Thread, Paul!

Feb 11, 10:22pm Top

Hello, Paul! Happy new thread to you. I had a hard time reading in 2018. 2019 is not starting auspiciously for quantity, though I have started with some terrific books. Happy reading to you also, Paul.

Feb 11, 10:22pm Top

>16 ronincats: Thank you dear Roni. I am almost back up to speed at the moment. I hope to be soon myself and whizzing across the threads again. STATS are also pretty imminent.

Feb 11, 10:24pm Top

>17 AMQS: Well Anne 2018 was my annus horribilis in reading terms being the first time as an adult I failed to read 100 books in a year.

I aim to make up for it in 2019 but so far the aim and the realisation are still not quite in sync!

Feb 11, 10:33pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul!

Feb 11, 10:43pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul C! I intend to look into the Andrei Belye.

Feb 11, 10:48pm Top

>19 PaulCranswick: Thank you Harry.

>20 harrygbutler: Nabokov rated it amongst the best novels of the 20th C, Lynda. Whether that is good or not, I shall find out!

Feb 11, 11:15pm Top

Very rare for me to find a place in the very early stages of one of your thread, Paul, so settling in and wishing you a Happy New Thread and a wonderful week. I am happily ensconced in a winter wonderland that my fellow residents do not find amusing, but I find falling snow, coupled with soft classical tunes, a lovely book and a glass of red wine very relaxing. ;-)

Feb 11, 11:39pm Top

I'm happy to be here even once, Paul. Hope you fill this thread with lots of good reading and conversation! I'd love to make it back.

Feb 12, 12:44am Top

>14 PaulCranswick: Sorry to hear about Hani, my best to her. Hope it turns out well. On the brightside, that's very cool that you found a place in Sheffield.

Feb 12, 12:55am Top

Evening Paul, just popping out of my cave, rarely found your thread just in its early stages ..... not too cold in UK I hope

Feb 12, 12:56am Top

Happy new thread Paul. Hope everything turns out well for Hani.

Feb 12, 4:08am Top

Paul, happy new thread!

Feb 12, 6:34am Top

Happy New Thread, Paul!!

Feb 12, 7:03am Top

>23 lkernagh: lovely to see you here, Lori. I must admit that I always feel more snug curled up by the fire with the snow a blanket covering the fields outside.

>24 LizzieD: I treasure all your visits, Peggy.

Feb 12, 7:04am Top

>25 mahsdad: She is a bit worried but brightened up when I predicted the possibility of a visit!

>26 roundballnz: ALEX! I dare say it is cold in the UK but since I'm still in Malaysia I don't mind overly!

Feb 12, 7:05am Top

>27 fairywings: Thank you, Adrienne

>28 quondame: Thanks Susan.

>29 msf59: Cheers Mark, for stopping by.

Feb 12, 7:13am Top

Checking in on the new thread, Paul. You will have to let me know how Petersburg is. It sounds like one I would enjoy.

Feb 12, 7:45am Top

Some additions today.

I wanted to read more YA classics, especially as I wanted to read something for Linda's AAC and to help both with my 120 years of books challenge (1900-2019) and my Around the World in 80 Books challenges.

34. The House of Arden by E. Nesbit (1908) 242 pp
35. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren (1950) 160 pp
36. The Whispering Mountain by Joan Aiken (1968) 368 pp
37. A Thief in the Village by James Berry (1987) 150 pp (Jamaica)
38. A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley (1939) 392 pp
39. No Turning Back by Beverley Naidoo (1995) 187 pp (South Africa)
40. The Kingdom by the Sea by Robert Westall (1990) 235 pp
41. The Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond (1957) 191 pp (India)
42. Eight Cousins by Louis May Alcott (1875) 299 pp

Feb 12, 7:46am Top

>33 alcottacre: So far so good, Stasia, although the writing style is a little bit unusual.

Feb 12, 8:59am Top

>34 PaulCranswick: I hope you'll enjoy those. Pippi Longstocking was great fun as a child!

Feb 12, 9:09am Top

Happy new thread Paul!

I'm sorry to hear about Hani's health concerns and hope that things turn out well. Yay to hear that she brightened up at the possibility of a visit.

And that's way cool about having a place rented in Sheffield.

Feb 12, 9:11am Top

Happy new thread, Paul! Hoping for the best regarding Hani’s health.

Feb 12, 9:15am Top

>36 thornton37814: I wanted to mix up my reading a little bit, Lori, to be honest.

>37 karenmarie: She was definitely enthused about her "lambchop" paying her a call.

Feb 12, 9:15am Top

>38 foggidawn: Thanks Foggy

Feb 12, 9:39am Top

Happy new thread - hoping and praying things turn out fine for Hani.

Feb 12, 9:47am Top

Happy new one, Paul!

Feb 12, 9:47am Top

Happy New Thread, Paul.

Like Lori, I loved Pippi Longstocking as a child.

Feb 12, 10:36am Top

Happy newish thread, Paul. I love the photo in your topper. Petersburg sounds interesting. I recently read Zuleikha, an historical novel set in Stalinist Russia and really enjoyed it.

Feb 12, 11:17am Top

Ahh, Saint Petersburg - the scene of many novels by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. I really want to go there, but my normal travel-partner have been, so I might go there alone one day and try to find some literary hotspots.

Yes, Pippi is great and would be a nice fun read. My favourite Lindgren is The Brothers Lionheart.

Feb 12, 12:00pm Top

Happy new thread!

Feb 12, 12:22pm Top

>41 drneutron: Thank you, Jim

>42 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie

Feb 12, 12:24pm Top

>43 jnwelch: I am rather surprised that I haven't read or owned it yet, Joe

>44 BLBera: Another one for me to look out for then, Beth

Feb 12, 1:00pm Top

Checking in, just to assure you I am alive.

>34 PaulCranswick: I'm filling my YA/kids gaps too. There are loads that have surprised me by being brilliant. And of course some which haven't - or don't really stand up these days (Dr Doolittle I'm thinking about you here!).

Feb 12, 4:26pm Top

Happy new thread Paul.

Feb 12, 5:27pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul!
I hope it turns out well for Hani. And rented a place, preparing for your return to the UK?

>1 PaulCranswick: Petersburg sounds good, adding to my library list.
>45 ctpress: Completely agree with Carsten, Pippi is fun, The Brothers Lionheart is my favorite by Lindgren too.

Feb 12, 5:41pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul. Thinking about Hani, and hoping for good news Friday.

Feb 12, 5:55pm Top

>45 ctpress: & >51 FAMeulstee: The Brothers Lionheart is used a lot in Sweden to talk to children about death and what happens when we die. It's been used that was since it was first published.

Feb 12, 6:59pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul. It is almost like old times trying to keep up with you!

>30 PaulCranswick: I am not finding the snow restful at all. We don't do snow here and I am getting tired of unburying my car and shoveling. I wouldn't mind it so much if we actually had snow removal in the complex of our parking lot! Sorry, not sure where that rant came from.

Still haven't bought all my thingaversary books and the date was a few days ago. The urge to buy books has abated, somewhat. i think it has something to do with the stacks that keep growing. Maybe that will happen to you too, Paul. (Who am I kidding. As if!)

I hope Hani feels better soon.

Feb 12, 11:17pm Top

Happy new thread, Paul--these Cranswickian parts are buzzing! Hope Hani feels better and is enjoying Sheffield. Is she near the city center?

Feb 13, 4:44am Top

>31 PaulCranswick: Oooops sorry thought You were in UK .... see how out of touch I have got myself !!!! ....

Feb 13, 9:02am Top

Heya Paul, hope all with Hani turns out well - though of course a visit sounds lovely. And I'm with Meg on the snow - there's been enough that I just keep having to shovel; but the main problem has been the days and days of -25°C or -30°C ot colder. All of this "frostbite within minutes" nonsense, and now my van won't start, and my pantry is bare.

Feb 13, 11:04am Top

>45 ctpress: I am also getting a little bit of wanderlust, Carsten, and I think my Around the World in 80 Books Challenge is pretty much guaranteed to make me feel that way.

>46 amanda4242: My thread wouldn't feel the same without a visit from you, Amanda.

Feb 13, 11:06am Top

>49 BekkaJo: Lovely to see you Bekka. Dr. Doolittle almost made it onto the shelves yesterday.

>50 johnsimpson: Thanks John.

Feb 13, 11:08am Top

>51 FAMeulstee: Yes Anita. We want to have a small place to start back there hassle free. Sheffield is close enough to my mum but not close enough that SWMBO will become the daily help and babysitter that seems my sister's intention.

>52 swynn: Thanks Steve. Trying to keep her positive. Since she is busy buying small things for the house it should be good.

Feb 13, 11:28am Top

>53 PawsforThought: Paws that one has had so plugs in the last 24 hours that The Brothers Lionheart is now well and truly on my hitlist. Lovely to see you here.

>54 Familyhistorian: Thanks Meg. Yes, to be honest, I am not normally faced with much of a feeling that I don't want to add more books!

Feb 13, 11:52am Top

>55 kac522: I think close to the law courts, Kathy. Pretty central.

>56 roundballnz: No problem, Alex - I probably should be there!

>57 evilmoose: Shovelling snow is a chore that I cannot envisage here in Malaysia and not one I miss much, Megan, in truth.

Feb 13, 11:56am Top

>62 PaulCranswick: Is this the right time to tell you that around this time last year we had a snow depth (collective, not in one snowfall, obv.) of 165 cm?

Feb 13, 8:19pm Top

Hi Paul! Hope you are having a good...what time is it there? Frankly, I'm generally confused about where in the world you are at any given time, anyway. Lol. So...uh.....hope you're having a good day?

Feb 13, 8:40pm Top

>34 PaulCranswick: Nice mini-haul! I get lost so easily these days, but found your new home.

Feb 14, 5:31am Top

>63 PawsforThought: Wowzer!! I am happy to be in the tropics occasionally!

>64 The_Hibernator: I am about 12 hours ahead of you Rachel if that makes any sense. I am having a decent time of it at the moment.

Feb 14, 5:32am Top

>65 richardderus: I am just as disorientated as you are RD. I am hoping for a splendid LT filled weekend.

Spare a thought or two for SWMBO who will have a further check-up tomorrow on some health issues.

Feb 14, 1:38pm Top

Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤️💚💗💙

Edited: Feb 14, 8:15pm Top

Hi Paul - just waiting to hear that all has turned out well on Friday.

For my 75th Birthday yesterday, my daughter had collected -

from The Dollar Tree,
garage sales,
St. Vincent de Paul,
Half-price Books and other book store front sales,
library book sales,
her own collection,
the back rooms of library sales (the $1.00 a bag, 1 to 4 PM, ones) =


Feb 14, 9:20pm Top

>67 PaulCranswick: All the best to Hani...

Feb 14, 9:21pm Top

>67 PaulCranswick: Good health *whammy*s for the Good Lady of the House Cranswick!

Feb 14, 9:27pm Top

I missed the Hani health bulletin. I hope that she's improving every day. Take care fo both of you.
>69 m.belljackson: LOVE IT! I turn 75 in October. Maybe I can start hinting!

Feb 14, 9:31pm Top

Hi Paul! Happy new thread; love seeing you around here again and all the books and challenges bursting out everywhere. Sending best wishes to Hani.

Feb 14, 10:56pm Top

>68 ChelleBearss: Thank you Chelle. A pretty miserable day actually missing my Valentine.

>69 m.belljackson: Happy 75th, Marianne!
I've done something with the PM you sent me - hope the vagaries of the Malaysian postal system don't let us down too badly.

Feb 14, 10:57pm Top

>70 laytonwoman3rd: Thank you, Linda. I just bought Eight Cousins by the way!

>71 richardderus: Thanks RD. Good wishes passed on.

Feb 14, 11:00pm Top

>72 LizzieD: One hint well published already!!
Thanks for the best wishes, Peggy.

>73 Berly: I love being here too, Kimmers.

Feb 15, 3:09am Top

Wishing you and Hani the best with regards to the health issues. Pass on my best to Hani. My Valentine gave me some yummy artisanal caramels, and a chocolate heart. It's a small chocolatier a couple of miles away from us that we discovered over Christmas. Dave is finally going back to work tomorrow - his first day back to work after his fractures back in mid December. I'm going to miss him, as is our dog. Poppy the dog dotes on Dave.

Feb 15, 9:53pm Top

>78 PaulCranswick: Hani had the follow up check yesterday. It would appear that she has some fibroid issues but the treatment she has received to date looks to have at least improved the situation. She was quite chipper yesterday after the hospital visit which was pleasing to hear from such a remove. She has 3 days more medication before it is determined whether she will need a minor procedure.

All the best to Dave on his return to work - I am sure that he will feel ten feet tall getting back into the thick of things. I'm sure that you (and Poppy) got used to his company throughout the day but it augurs very nicely for the golden years that that would be so. xx

Feb 15, 10:55pm Top

>78 PaulCranswick:

Glad to hear Good News!

Feb 16, 2:00am Top

I was given handkerchiefs for Valentine's Day which I am not sure is the most romantic present possible but I guess Belle's budget is somewhat limited.

I also received a lovely surprise from Tennessee as I got delivered Jefferson Bass - Carved in Bone. I know who sent it winging my way and I thank her profusely.

Feb 16, 8:22am Top

Hi Paul!

I'm glad to hear Hani's chipper. Medication and the possibility of a minor surgical procedure are great news.

Feb 16, 10:19am Top

>82 karenmarie: It was good news, Karen.
Looking forward to a restful weekend and to finish a few books.

Feb 16, 10:34am Top

>82 karenmarie: ^^^What she said. Always a relief to know there's nothing to cause deep concern.

Feb 16, 2:19pm Top

Glad to read the news was good from Hani. Hope your weekend is going well. I admire you taking on all the challenges - looks like that's going well. I'd never heard of Petersburg, look forward to your comments (the penguin classics cover means I'm already half sold).

Edited: Feb 16, 7:10pm Top

>78 PaulCranswick: glad to hear that Hani is chipper after her hospital visit, and that treatment is straightforward Paul. Send her my best wishes.

>80 PaulCranswick: ha, seems things aren't so different nowadays, my dad received plenty of handkerchiefs and socks when I was a teenager too. Books as well.

Feb 16, 7:07pm Top

>84 richardderus: Hani is a bit of a hypochondriac so when she is occasionally proven right she feels more vindicated than worried!

>85 charl08: It is a strangely told tale but at times when it catches me it is weirdly enticing.

Feb 16, 7:08pm Top

>86 Caroline_McElwee: If she had bought me a book too it would have given me less to wipe my sweated brow for, Caroline!
At least she was thinking of me.

Feb 16, 9:27pm Top

>78 PaulCranswick: That's good news about Hani's health, Paul. Are you still intending to go and visit her soon?

Feb 16, 11:30pm Top

So glad that Hani is better! Hope your weekend is good.

Feb 16, 11:46pm Top

Happy to hear better news from Hani! Love to her!
Handkerchiefs from Belle - ♥
Headed back upstream to see what I missed about Petersburg!
Hope your weekend is going swimmingly with some good reading!

Feb 17, 3:05am Top

Just dropping in - glad Hani's diagnosis is no worse. Love to you all.

Feb 17, 3:07am Top

Happy new thread Paul! You sneaked one past me.

Good to know Hani's checkup had a decent outcome.

>69 m.belljackson: Happy birthday!

I like that idea. Hmm; I'll be hitting my half century I mean, my 21st this year. Maybe I should drop some hints around the house ...

Feb 17, 5:08am Top

>89 Familyhistorian: I think she'll be back first, Meg.

>90 banjo123: Relaxing so far and do more planning for reading than reading.

Feb 17, 5:12am Top

>91 LizzieD: All is good-ish Peggy until the wind and rain intervened and blew off my in-laws roof. Certainly not insured so I am going to have to dig deep at a time when I thought I had a chance to get ahead. Oh well, I can't see them without a roof over their heads.

>92 BekkaJo: Thanks Bekka - very same to you!

Feb 17, 5:13am Top

>93 humouress: Buy a book for every year you've been born - great idea, I'm sure!

Nice to see you neighbour.

Feb 17, 5:20am Top

Glad to read Hani's checkup looks to be a treatable problem, Paul.
Sorry about your in-laws roof, can't imagine to live without a roof above my head.

Feb 17, 8:46am Top

>95 PaulCranswick: Oh rats! A new roof can't be cheap even in Malaysia. Sorry about the hit, Paul.

Feb 17, 9:00am Top

>95 PaulCranswick: Ouch. Why does it have to be three steps forward two steps back Paul? Good son-in-law though. I hope being in the business you'll at least get some decent discount.

Feb 17, 9:20am Top

Glad to hear that Hani got good medical news. Sorry that your Vday was miserable. :(

Feb 17, 11:13am Top

>93 humouress:

So much fun - and - books are each wrapped separately and tied with hand-decorated tags!

They may last for a year.

Feb 17, 3:01pm Top

Hi Paul, sorry to read that Hani has been having some health problems mate, I hope that the fibroid issue is nothing major and that she is sorted out quickly. It seems such a length of time since we met up to chew that fat and put the world to rights mate.

I hope that you have had a good weekend mate and that your week ahead is a good one for you, sending love and hugs mate from both of us.

Feb 17, 9:00pm Top

>101 m.belljackson: *swoons* (they'd last more than a year for me, I'm sure)

>95 PaulCranswick: Sorry to hear about the roof, Paul. Good thing you're in construction. My apologies - it may have been my fault. We haven't had rain for a while down here, and I was worrying about my plants, commenting several times that they needed a good soaking. Well, yesterday it bucketed down for hours - so they got their good soaking and more.

Feb 18, 3:37am Top

Sending sunny greetings from Davos.

Feb 18, 3:54am Top

>97 FAMeulstee: The roof was a bit of a disaster to be honest and flooded the house. It is a kampung house and the roof is a little bit of a Heath-Robinson affair but nevertheless it was still something of a shock.

This is not the exact property but it is similar and in the same village on the Singapore border

Feb 18, 4:22am Top

>98 richardderus: I am not entirely sure, RD, on the cost as it is a type of construction - the old village houses - that I am entirely unfamiliar with. I sent them some dosh to be going on with and I hope that it is close to being enough.

>99 Caroline_McElwee: I know I do seem to be making a habit of going around in circles, Caroline. Being in the trade won't help me too much with this peculiar type of roof covering but I don't think it will be overly expensive. Malaysian's never insure their properties for such eventualities either which doesn't help.

Feb 18, 4:38am Top

>100 ChelleBearss: Not easy to enjoy with half the celebrants missing, Chelle!

>101 m.belljackson: Wow each one individually wrapped is a wonderful thing!

Feb 18, 4:49am Top

>102 johnsimpson: She is in good form mate at the minute to be fair - or she was until her mother's roof flew away!

>103 humouress: It was one heck of a storm, Nina, for sure. Must have had some remnant of it at least in Singapore?

>104 Ameise1: Davos looks so enticing from your thread, Barbara. Enjoy the place for all of us.

Feb 18, 11:47am Top

>103 humouress:

Whisper has today listed several good ones she found at the Dollar Store - might work into a "50" budget!

Feb 18, 7:04pm Top

Hello Paul - just checking in and wishing you and your family very well.

Yesterday, 6:02am Top

Hi Paul! What a disaster for your in-laws! It is good you are able to help them. Sorry about Hani's health problem, hoping it will turn out ok soon.

Love your Petersburg topper picture! Not an easily available book here, I will wait for your review.

Yesterday, 10:53am Top

Please give our best to Hani, Paul. I’m glad to hear it’s fibroids; I know other possibilities can be scary.

Yesterday, 6:34pm Top

>109 m.belljackson: Linda is a past master at adding hugely to her collection for a reasonable sum.

>110 AMQS: Thanks Anne. xx

Yesterday, 6:35pm Top

>111 EllaTim: Yes, Ella, it wasn't fantastic news to be honest. They are quite stoic though to be honest.

>112 jnwelch: Yes it could have been much much worse.

Today, 12:36am Top

Sorry to hear about your in-laws' roof, Paul. Hope they are able to get it fixed in a timely manner.

Today, 1:17am Top

I hope so too, Meg, and that the cost is mostly covered.

Today, 2:15am Top

Happy midweek, Paul. I hope Hani is doing fine.

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