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Journalism: a dangerous job, and oft well done

Pro and Con

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Feb 12, 8:19am Top

JTF reports on a journalist attacked in El Paso, for some bad but not untypical news.

Some good news: read The Intercept, an online investigative news source, with the highest of journalistic standards.

Davidgn, can you add some good news sites?

Those of you who would like to report news of journalists being attacked throughout the world are welcome to do so under a thread that has not been given an ugly title.

Feb 12, 8:49am Top

MAGAts are emboldened by their hero.

Feb 12, 8:55am Top

>1 RickHarsch:

Thanks, Rick.

>2 theoria:

I had to look up MAGA, but I found it on Google.

Edited: Feb 12, 10:40am Top

>1 RickHarsch: Happy to oblige. A few of the most consistently worthwhile, off the top of my head...

Not quite what it once was under the incomparable Bob Parry, but still worth a daily visit.

ex-Guardian columnist and perenially perspicacious UK academic Nafeez Ahmed's outlet.

A premier publication of the UK's Corbyn left.

Max Blumenthal's vehicle (Sidney Blumenthal's son, of Clinton fame. Not a happy family.) As far as I can tell, first outlet in English to break the story of Guaido's background.

Anchored by the former creator/producer of the CBC's flagship counterSpin, offers a daily dose of sanity. Lawrence Wilkerson's frequent appearances are always welcome. Also fostered Aaron Mate, who now also writes for The Nation (which is clearly a situation of internecine warfare).

So many of the most important voices that have been shut out of the U.S. national discourse turn up here.

Ground zero for a counternarrative to our latest imperial adventure.

US/UK centric, the above, and also omitting all manner of excellent blogs, podcasts, and magazines/journals.

I will include here a couple of important media criticism outlets, however:

Absolutely essential media criticism watchdog (U.S.)

And a U.K. cousin of sorts to the preceding.

Feb 12, 4:46pm Top

Great, David, not even the Belarussians can kill them all!

Feb 14, 3:03pm Top

Just dropping by to give an "attaboy" , great topic hope to have time to follow the links soon.

Feb 14, 10:44pm Top

>1 RickHarsch: a thread that has not been given an ugly title.

Said the guy who called me a "sociopath."

I love the image of you, of all people, retiring to your fainting couch because the rhetoric gets too ugly.

Of all the regulars in Pro & Con, you're literally the person LEAST able to pull off that act.

Edited: Feb 14, 11:54pm Top

At least 79 journalists arrested in two months of protests in Sudan (Reporters Wthout Borders)

Covering Sudanese protests from the heart of Amsterdam (Radio Dabanga)

The recent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in Sudan have rocked the country. While the Sudanese government censors all media reporting on the protests, Radio Dabanga, a radio station in exile, does everything in its power to fill the information gap.

Journalist quits over blacklisting of story about 'Putin's chef' (Guardian)

she felt forced to resign... Journalists employed at Russian state media outlets say censorship, including self-censorship, is widespread...

Feb 15, 12:54am Top

>9 Carnophile: Hey, Carno, you so-called Sociopath. Did I call you that? Was I wrong? Am I on my fainting couch? After a year I changed an ugly title? Don't love my image too much, big fella.

Feb 15, 12:30pm Top

Said the guy who called me a "sociopath."

Well, he wasn't wrong.

Feb 17, 9:38am Top


Jill Abramson Plagiarized My Writing. So I Interviewed Her About It

Feb 17, 9:40am Top


A new survey of journalists, reporters and broadcasters shows that media types drink more alcohol, and may have difficulty controlling their emotions and suppressing biases.

Feb 17, 10:02am Top


Award-winning journalist at Der Spiegel admits making up stories including interview with Colin Kaepernick's parents

Feb 17, 10:10am Top

Did some journalist write something not-nice about you, Barney?

Edited: Feb 17, 6:12pm Top

This message has been flagged by multiple users and is no longer displayed (show)
This message has been deleted by its author.

Feb 17, 4:09pm Top

>26 barney67: speaks to a serious control issue and before you flag this, I think a show of personal concern is fair when we have been in at times intimate written contact with each other. I find myself truly worried about Barney after that post, and I am not joking.

Feb 17, 5:07pm Top

Not a personal attack. Should not be flagged.

Feb 17, 5:26pm Top

>28 barney67: Thanks, I was hoping you of all people would recognize my concern. I hope you're okay.

Feb 17, 6:13pm Top

"we have been in at times intimate written contact with each other"

No, we haven't. Not any kind of contact. Why are you lying?

Feb 17, 7:24pm Top

>31 RickHarsch: I think if you go through the years of discussions you will find many intimate details revealed by you and I both, and even some expressions of concern. I'm terribly sorry that you think I am lying, but the record bears me out. And I'm still worried, and still hope you're okay.

Feb 17, 11:29pm Top

You don't know anything "intimate" about me, nor I you. I understand you write fiction, but your comments are way out of line and plain false. If you have something private to say to me, you can do that on my home page, though I have no idea what it might be. In any case, put away your virtue signalling and bogus compassion and mind your own business. I'm the sanest person in this forum.

Feb 18, 12:23pm Top

>32 barney67: Now ya see, that's the kind of thing that's got me worried.

Edited: Feb 18, 12:50pm Top

>23 barney67: I'm the sanest person in this forum.

Now you're sounding just like Trump. (And I'll be the first to flag this post).

ETA: It looks like you can't flag your own posts.

Yesterday, 4:59am Top

>34 jjwilson61: For a minor fee, I'll flag it for you :-)

Yesterday, 5:43am Top

>34 jjwilson61: >35 bnielsen:

Worried for nothing. ALL of JJ's posts automatically come with a flag implied.

Yesterday, 9:40am Top

>32 barney67: I'm the sanest person in this forum.

I find it interesting that you should feel the need to say that, and also that anybody actually thinks they are the "sanest person in this forum". I hope I've phrased that in a way which you do not interpret as a flaggable insult.

Yesterday, 10:03am Top

>14 barney67: - >24 barney67:

Barney, I've taken the trouble to follow all the links which you kindly gave us. Thanks for taking the trouble to do so. However it does look to me as if you have taken a handful of random stories from up to ten years ago. Once again, the Curse of the Random Googler. You might want to contrast these with the new and up to date stories which I post almost daily of journalists being attacked, killed, arrested.

What's more, some of the articles on journalists who did misbehave contain their own resolution. Matt Lauer was fired. Claas Relotius lost his job and his reputation and caused a scandal within the German media community - I referred to this somewhere in the other journalism thread with the strange and negative title. Janet Cooke had to hand back her Pultizer. Nobody is claiming that journalists are perfect - they are just like anybody else. They are in the main hardworking professionals, but as in any profession there are bad apples, and there are some who make mistakes, but the industry does its best to iron these out.

So all in all, I'm not sure what the point of your painstaking research was.

Yesterday, 11:06am Top

Google isn't random. Google gives the most popular results, the links that have been clicked the most. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not.

It seems your home country needs to get its act together. Perhaps more independence and initiative, less socialism and passivity. Socialism does make people passive and infantile.

Yesterday, 11:33am Top

>40 barney67:

It seems my country needs to get its act together and halt the rightwards march. Less socialism? It's many years since we've seen any significant evidence of socialism in my country, unfortunately.

Yesterday, 2:33pm Top

Google gives the most popular results, the links that have been clicked the most.

No, actually it doesn't. That's not how Google works at all. When you search Google, it slants its results towards the types of results you have clicked on the most. Your Google search results tell people far more about you than you seem to realize.

Yesterday, 5:31pm Top

>12 StormRaven:

You're still butt-hurt about the Obamacare "severability" thing, aren't you?

Edited: Yesterday, 6:52pm Top

"Liberian radio station attacked...."

John, do you have any details on this attack? --The victim(s),
the attacker, etc.?

(Now I can't find what number was the post!? Maybe it was in another
thread? I'm really messnig up my readings of this thread, I first read "Liberia"
as "Libya"; then read that it wasn't "Libya" after all; I decided to ask
about the "attack". After all. one country is as impotant as the the other.

Yesterday, 8:31pm Top

44: Only in your delusional fevered imagination.

Edited: Yesterday, 11:59pm Top

>45 rolandperkins:

It's >13 johnthefireman:, I think. I have no details except what was included in the link from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Edited: Today, 12:11am Top

Egypt expels New York Times correspondent, detains local journalist on false news charges

Iraqi militias use threats, violence to keep Basra press in line

Both from CPJ

Edited to add: And here's an example to please Barney and Carnophile of a journalist who really has overstepped the mark:

Alabama newspaper editor calls on KKK to lynch Democrats (BBC)

Today, 5:21am Top

Where is journalism "often well done"?

There is no quality journalism in Britain apart from Private Eye and the off-the-air on-camera comic genius, Tom Walker's character, "Jonathan Pie."

Here's what typifies the bullshit state of "journalism" today:

George Stephanopoulos signs multimillion-dollar, four-year deal at ABC |
By Sara Nathan and Oli Coleman | February 19, 2019 | 3:15pm

"We’re told that in an effort to entice him to CBS News, execs offered Stephanopoulos Jeff Glor’s anchor chair on 'CBS Evening News' — often considered the most prestigious role in TV news — and a plum gig on '60 Minutes.'

"But in the end, he stayed put*, signing a deal with ABC worth somewhere between $15 million and $18 million per year. His previous, five-year contract was worth $15 million a year."

Journalism became a college-degree program and went to hell with it. We now live with the result of that co-opting. On the other hand, television "journalism" is a self-inflicted injury. Morons who watch television "news" deserve what they get.


* Small favors.

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