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Getting lots of "504 Gateway Time-out" errors on MWYB

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Feb 16, 5:19pm Top

Basically it's no use for me to look at libraries bigger than a few K, the Members With Your Books just never loads. True for various computers with various internet providers so thought it worth mentioning.

Edited: Feb 17, 8:04am Top

And as usual it is very helpful with an example. Feel free to use mine if that also triggers the "never loading" bug.
ETA: I just tried https://www.librarything.com/catalog/Jussiv&compare=bnielsen and that loaded very quickly.
ETA: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/LolaWalser&compare=bnielsen also loads without a problem.

Feb 18, 11:38am Top

>2 bnielsen:

Your MWYB loads fine... so it seems random, but at least for me, much more frequent than before.

Feb 19, 5:16am Top


just says Private User

which is a bit weird since both




are public. But it seems that whatever I write except bnielsen gives that response, so probably I can only compare with my own library.


Private User

Summa summarum: I don't see the same error as LolaWaiser, so I suspect that LT staff needs to login as LolaWaiser to see the error.

Feb 19, 5:28am Top

If I go to Themis-Athena and look down the righthand side I first get

Members with Themis-Athena's books

This information is loading.
Loading may take as much as a minute if it hasn't been updated recently.

and then

Members with Themis-Athena's books

504 Gateway Time-out

I'm not looking at a compare page, just the profile page.

Feb 19, 5:51am Top

>6 MarthaJeanne: Nice catch. I get the same behaviour with "Members with Themis-Athena's books".

Feb 19, 6:30am Top

>8 MarthaJeanne: It doesn't seem to be straightforward large accounts, because both bnielson and @LoloWalser load just fine.

Feb 19, 2:31pm Top

>5 bnielsen: I'm not sure where you're getting your comparison URLs (if you're writing them up yourself, or something else), but if I actually click on the link from someone's catalog to see books in common, then click the Permanent link at the bottom of the page, I get something that starts like this:


Your URLs are missing that "?view=" parameter, which I think is the problem there that's getting you the "Private user" error. If I adjust them to include "?view=" before the first username, they work just fine for me.

Edited: Feb 19, 2:37pm Top

I'm also seeing that 504 error just on Themis-Athena and KrisR's profiles. Any other examples? MMcM is working fine for me.

For devs to reproduce:

- Go to Themis-Athena's profile.
- Scroll down to find the "Members with Themis-Athena's books" section on the right-hand side of the page.
- Once the page has finished loading, you'll see a 504 Gateway Time-out nginx error message.

Another example can be found on KrisR's profile.

Feb 19, 2:38pm Top

Further data, after loading Themis-Athena's profile on a different browser, I'm no longer seeing the 504 error on either browser (Chrome & FF). Still, something weird going on.

Feb 19, 2:40pm Top

>11 lorannen: Also not seeing it any more. I'm thinking that once it completed once the spook is gone.

Feb 19, 2:56pm Top

>12 MarthaJeanne: Sysadmin blocked a suspect IP that was hitting us hard. That may be the reason it's cleared up, but I'm keeping an eye on things. I also managed to get this error on other large libraries like cctesttc1 and eandino2012, though those have also since cleared for me.

Feb 19, 2:59pm Top

>11 lorannen: I'm using Safari.

Edited: Feb 19, 5:01pm Top

>9 lorannen: I go to https://www.librarything.com/profile/Themis-Athena (which I get by clicking on the Themis-Athena link which go to the profile of the user.

On the right side of the profile it says Books you share (607) and there are two links "See all 607 books" | "See in library".
"See in library" links to https://www.librarything.com/catalog/Themis-Athena&compare=bnielsen

(And yes using the permanent url feature gives me something like: https://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=Themis-Athena&compare=bnielsen... )

ETA: And the >6 MarthaJeanne: abd >7 bnielsen: nginx gateway timeout is gone.

Feb 19, 5:48pm Top

>15 bnielsen: Thanks for that! Now I see it. That certainly looks like a separate bug that needs fixing.

I'm still getting the 504 error on larger libraries MWYB. Will talk with sysadmin about it tomorrow, since he's already out for the evening.

Feb 19, 5:53pm Top

Just to confirm with folks who are also seeing this error: refreshing the profile for the member in question doesn't resolve the 504 error, does it? That's what I'm seeing now, but it sounds like that wasn't the case when >1 LolaWalser: first reported, at the very least.

Feb 20, 3:04am Top

>17 lorannen: I'm not seeing the error anymore. But as you say a refresh didn't make it go away. Waiting for a long time did, so maybe it was just a process taking way too much time to complete?

And just to iterate on that. The


was an url constructed by me to see if I could reproduce the error from >5 bnielsen: since I guess that that this is the url that LolaWaiser gets.

I was also hoping that LolaWaiser would respond with the url that displayed the problem but that didn't happen. Next time I'll see if I can remember to ask for it explicitly :-)

Edited: Feb 20, 3:29am Top

>18 bnielsen: She said she was looking at Members with Your Books. That is on the profile page. In >3 LolaWalser: she gives the example of a profile that had the problem. She did exactly what you wanted.

Feb 20, 8:31am Top

>19 MarthaJeanne:. Yes, I'm not disagreeing :-) I work with software testing so I just try to make bugs as reproducible and as unambiguous as possible. So in my world "click on http://www.librarything.com/catalog/Themis-Athena&compare=LolaWaiser" is better than "looking at Members with Your Books". Anyway I think that the bug is well-described now and LT staff is on the trail of it, it seems.

Feb 20, 12:32pm Top

But she wasn't comparing her library to Themis-Athena. She was looking at MWT-A'sB on T-A's profile.

Feb 20, 3:43pm Top

Thanks Loranne. At the moment all three profiles I linked in >3 LolaWalser: are displaying the MWYB normally. I don't know whether this means the problem is solved, should I close the bug? Also, to answer the question about refreshing page, yes of course I had tried it, on separate days too, but at the time I made the report that didn't help.

>20 bnielsen:

Yeah, as Martha Jeanne says, I'm talking about the Member With Your Books module, which is on the profile pages, which I also indicated in the title of the thread AND linked in >3 LolaWalser:.

This is NOT about comparing my own library with others', that's not what I was trying to do. I'm interested specifically in the Members With Your Books data, concerning any and all of those connections. I hope this is clear enough now... :)

Feb 21, 1:41pm Top

>22 LolaWalser: Thanks for the update and details. I haven't seen any further instances of this in the last two days. I think our sysadmin may have been right about the overload as the underlying cause for the issue, though this is certainly one of the odder ways that has manifested, in my experience. Marking as fixed for now, but do let me know if you see it crop up again.

Edited: Feb 27, 11:17am Top

Feb 27, 12:28pm Top

>24 MarthaJeanne: Thanks for the report. That one's working for me again, once more.

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Bug (edit)

ID: 303895

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Reported by LolaWalser

Status: Reopened

Feb 27, 11:17am

83 days since last change

By MarthaJeanne

Status log

Reported. LolaWalser (Feb 16, 5:19pm)

Fixed. lorannen (Feb 21, 1:41pm)

Reopened. MarthaJeanne (Feb 27, 11:17am)


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