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Images not showing

Bug Collectors

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Feb 26, 7:53pm Top

I'm really surprised there hasn't been a bug report as so many people have complained about this in the 75ers group.

There are continual intermittent issues with some (by no means all) pictures not showing up. From what I can see/remember, it's always a book cover.

Like this:


and this:


and this:


Feb 27, 2:51am Top

It's buried a bit, but there is a long bug report here: http://www.librarything.com/topic/302508

Basically if you are on the https version of the site, images linked to http don't show up.

If you add https:// in front of the image URL it fixes all broken images you see. But chances are that they break again when viewing the topic from http, I don't know. I really don't understand the LT implementation of https....

Feb 27, 5:22am Top

>2 divinenanny: "I really don't understand the LT implementation of https."

I'll second that. But most of the grief is because inserted links (i.e. user input) are not sanitized. LT predates https and that shows in a number of ways.

Feb 28, 2:30pm Top

Thanks for reporting. This is an issue that's on our radar, though I'm not certain we'll have a good fix in the immediate future. It's tricky. I do know technical staff are discussing what to do and how.

Edited: Mar 25, 12:53am Top

I'm hoping/ assuming that there will be a fix at some point (soon)? I have a lot of broken links that I don't want to go back and try and fix. Plus the fact that some of them come back by themselves. And some of them disappear again.

It also depends how I view them. I mainly use Safari and I use an iMac, iPad and iPhone 6, and very occasionally I use Firefox on the iMac. Sometimes I can see images on one device that are not showing on another.

I also use what I call 'deffler stars' which are coloured stars I've used for years on my lists of books read for the year. I know there are green LT stars (which I also use) but I like the multiple colours. The stars are another group of temperamental images, which show sometimes and then disappear again. (And no, they are not twinkling.)


should show five stars in different colours.

Mar 25, 3:31am Top

>5 humouress: Sometimes I can see images on one device that are not showing on another.

Probably because sometimes you view the http site, and sometimes the https site. Probably some browsers default to https if you do not explicitly ask for http.

Mar 25, 2:43pm Top

Okay, it looks like we have a problem either way.

The basic problem is https vs. http, which I will call "secure" and "insecure" requests. LibraryThing is available as either secure or insecure, and images are posted on talk both with secure and insecure URLs.

The problem comes when you use secure requests, and there are insecure URLs on the page. We can do one of two things:

1. We load images "as is," causing the page to display security warnings, and scare people off.
2. We force images to load secure. Some domains, like deffler.com above, are not secure-capable, so they die.

Our decision is that we're going to force secure (SSL) requests everywhere, starting next week. This is the best option for many reasons. It will, however, kill images people have posted where the service they posted them from is incapable of secure delivery.

Edited: Mar 25, 6:46pm Top

>7 timspalding: I understand that it will be easier for you, and that you have finite staff, and finite time. It's still an ugly solution. I understand the need for SSL when it involves my money, or various personal documents. I do not understand the rush to SSL everywhere, though, and am grateful to be old, and not in much of a position for inconvenience. I went to the bother of changing all the URLs I'd posted on LT to display my own images when I moved away from Flickr, and then again, when I moved back.

That was a few years ago, and it's more work than I'm willing to do a third time. It's a pity, but I understand the decision.

So it goes.

Mar 27, 5:00am Top

Apr 1, 12:58pm Top

>8 Lyndatrue: I do not understand the rush to SSL everywhere

So, fundamentally, without SSL, everything you do on LibraryThing can be scrutinized by third parties along the transmission path of the data. While password transactions are always done over SSL, other things people care about are not. We have long supported SSL, but I think we need to close this off. This will not affect any service that allows SSL—as for example Flickr does. It only applies to members who post non-SSL images from services that don't have SSL.

Apr 1, 1:59pm Top

I understand the need for security, but this means all the images that disappeared before will now remain invisible? I’m sad that I’m losing my stars :0/
Ah well, c’est la vie.

Apr 1, 2:08pm Top

>11 humouress: You can save the stars to your computer and then upload them to your LibraryThing pictures.

Apr 1, 2:25pm Top

The basic problem is not LT, it is that SSL is becoming the norm, and many browsers are requiring it or they put warnings up. For some reason I frequently get an 'unsecure' warning on the Add Books page.

Apr 1, 2:31pm Top

>11 humouress: Not necessarily (I think). Currently, LT is simply rejecting/failing to load images that are loaded in non-SSL. If I follow Tim correctly, the change would also involve forcing the image to load in SSL, even if the URL posted was not SSL. So, if the site your stars are coming from has SSL versions available, we'll get those. If not, then yes, your best bet will be to upload them elsewhere (here on your LT gallery, for example).

Apr 1, 2:41pm Top

>11 humouress:

Can you point me to where your stars are?

Apr 1, 4:02pm Top

>15 timspalding: It was in post >5 humouress:. www.deffler.com/lt/stars_five.gif

Edited: Apr 3, 11:57pm Top

>15 timspalding: Appreciate you looking into this for me.

>16 jjwilson61: Thank you.

The full list is:


Apr 4, 9:43pm Top

Yeah, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about those. If the site is going to be secure, it has to use SSL. If it uses SSL, it can't reference non-SSL images, or it will generate content warnings and people will freak out. (Also, whoever owns deffler.com will indeed know a fair amount about anyone who hits those LibraryThing pages.) So if deffler can't serve up secure images, that's pretty much curtains for their images on LibraryThing.

Apr 5, 7:52am Top

>18 timspalding: Quite agree. (But your point about "deffler.com knowing a fair amount about anyone who hits those LibraryThing pages" is also valid if deffler.com should offer an SSL version, right?).

Apr 5, 9:26am Top

I think the owner of deffler.com is TadAD ? Has anyone tried asking them about it?

Apr 5, 2:56pm Top

>19 bnielsen:

Yeah, but adding SSL to your website costs. I'm seeing prices as low as $10/year, but it's a cost.

Apr 5, 3:21pm Top

Let's Encrypt https://letsencrypt.org/ is free.

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