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London & New York LE

Folio Society devotees

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Apr 2, 4:03pm Top

While browsing through the LEs I noticed a new title pop up: https://www.foliosociety.com/row/london-new-york.html

Limited to 500 copies, first facsimile of the original work.

Don't know anything about the title or its merits, but some here might be interested.

Apr 2, 4:22pm Top

>1 Fierylunar:

Wow, never would have expected that so soon after Rabelais LE. Sadly, zero interest.

Apr 2, 4:33pm Top

Not my thing, despite an admiration for ALC. But I hope they do well; they look like very nice editions and Folio seem to have taken great care to reproduce the photogravures properly

Apr 2, 4:47pm Top

>2 MobyRichard: Wow, never would have expected that so soon after Rabelais LE.

Actually I was musing only this morning on the probability of another LE this week or next. April with no other releases must be very tempting for the LE team. This is a might buy for me rather than a must buy. I'll give it a good deal of thought. I do like ALC's work, very much. but I'm considering saving my money for the summer sale(s). Sooner or later I'll probably to tempted, just not yet. Thanks, >1 Fierylunar:, for the heads-up.

Apr 2, 5:11pm Top

What a strange beast. A dual facsimile of photogravure books and not much else. I find its price hefty, but I’m most likely missing the point on this one.

Edited: Apr 2, 5:14pm Top

Yeah I saw this this morning. It's an intriguing release.

I realize that "fine art prints" or "silver gelatin" for detail and longevity would cause the price to skyrocket and perhaps that would be inappropriate for "photogravures". Can anyone attest to how these look in person? The Door in the Wall release would be a good indicator.

Apr 2, 6:38pm Top

I think I will get this as I enjoy photos of both New York and London. I also greatly enjoy the work of ALC The Door in the Wall is a really wonderful FS LE and the subtle elegance and attention to many fine details make it a LE I look at regularly. So all in all I can’t resist

Apr 2, 8:04pm Top

Door in the Wall was great. This should be fabulous.

Apr 2, 8:39pm Top

Ordered. Can’t wait

Apr 3, 2:02am Top

>6 ProbisPateo: The Door In The Wall is fabulous. I believe that a member of the forums was able to compare Folio's facsimile to the very rare first edition and came away impressed with the fidelity with which the original was replicated.

Edited: Apr 3, 12:03pm Top

I do not know whether to believe this number or not, but: you cannot buy more than 195 London & New York books on the website. Any more and it states "We don't have as many "London & New York" as you requested."

This appears to work accurately for every other LE as you can see here.

Apr 3, 6:07pm Top

It looks really nice and I am interested in the book, but not £440 interested. I love the door in the wall and the photogravures in it, but for just them and not much more the price is too steep for me to justify buying it (It is not much less than the four Taschen XL/XXL books I plan to buy this year).

Apr 4, 9:36am Top

I received the flyer for this today. I've scanned it and sent it to Warwick for uploading to the Wiki.

Apr 4, 11:20am Top

Are the prints real photogravures or just litho copies?

Edited: Apr 5, 12:21am Top

The L&NY brochure scanned by Folio_books (Glenn) has now been uploaded to the FSD wiki here.

Apr 4, 11:19pm Top


Apr 5, 3:45am Top

Looks very nice - although with all the attention lavished on this book it's a shame they didn't use a spellchecker for the covering letter!

("If you are simply fascinated by two of the world's greatest citites (sic)")

Appreciate this is being pedantic but am surprised this would slip through...

Apr 6, 3:02pm Top

Are the photos real photogravure on this edition? Its totally practical to offer.

Apr 6, 3:05pm Top

>18 cu29640: One would think that FS would specify this in the production details. Its omission makes me think not.

Edited: Apr 6, 3:22pm Top

>18 cu29640:

I wondered that.

The letter that goes with the brochure says that 'the photogravures themselves are on Tatami paper ... hand-tipped onto a heavy Materica paper ... '

But, if you are of a lawerly mind, does that mean that the pictures are actual photogravures? Or reproductions of the original photogravures using a different process?

Edited for clarification of my increasingly murky thought processes.

Apr 6, 3:57pm Top

20> But, if you are of a lawerly mind, does that mean that the pictures are actual photogravures? Or reproductions of the original photogravures using a different process?

The marketing brochure states:

Images reproduced from first editions held at the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Apr 7, 4:00pm Top

>20 Cat_of_Ulthar:

Probably just high quality prints. Anything more fancy would make the price skyrocket for the amount of photos these book have.

Apr 7, 4:58pm Top

Are they going to follow it up with Paris and Munich?

Edited: Apr 11, 9:23pm Top

Once someone has the book in hand...one can look at the prints with a loop and if you see pixels then its litho...photograveur would not have pixels or computer dot gradation.

Apr 10, 3:08pm Top

>21 bookfair_e:

'Images reproduced from first editions held at the Bodleian Library, Oxford.'

Which is exactly my point: it doesn't state the method of reproduction. Not in the hard copy promo literature, anyway.

>24 cu29640: is on the right lines. When someone gets hold of a copy, perhaps they can tell us exactly how it's been done?

Perhaps it's better than the originals but it would be nice to know (and it's out of character for Folio not to brag about how much care and attention they have devoted to the reproduction process) :-)

May 1, 6:37am Top

I have received copy number 6.
Considering the price, I am underwhelmed by this production. Only quarter leather, and the photos are moody rather than sharp (which was the photographer's aim), but give minimal information about life in these cities a century ago.
There is an separate essay and a 13 page integrated introduction discussing the photographs in general, but the specifics about each individual photo are lost in the text and hard to find.
Would be good value at half the price or at present price in full leather.

>24 cu29640:
With a 10x loupe I cannot see pixels, but I cannot see them at this magnification in a modern magazine either. Maybe a microscope is needed.

May 1, 7:03am Top

>26 wcarter: Considering the price, I am underwhelmed by this production.

Thanks for that, Warwick. You have confirmed my initial impression. It stays off my wanted list for now. Maybe in a sale. Nice limitation number, though :)

May 1, 5:15pm Top

>27 folio_books: "You have confirmed my initial impression."

Mine too.

May 1, 8:08pm Top

They could have printed in real graveur and made it a notch above.

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