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Titles with numbers not showing up in my library

Bug Collectors

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Apr 6, 9:25pm Top

Several titles that I own with numbers in them, such as 1Q84 or 1776 , are not showing up in my library.

Edited: Apr 7, 12:06am Top

My books with that sort of title are showing. 1491 1984. When I sort my books by title I see a long list of books whose titles begin with numbers.

In your catalogue I see no books beginning with numbers.

Apr 7, 3:35am Top

I see 7 books by Haruki Murakami in your library, but not 1Q84. It really looks like it's not in your library, not just that it's not showing up. How did you enter your books?

Edited: Apr 7, 3:59am Top

The problem really seems to be with numbers at the beginning of the title. I have found titles with three and four digit numbers in them, but there are no titles that begin with numbers.

Also the number of books in all collections agrees in both the profile and the catalogue, another sign that they are not just not showing.

Apr 7, 5:35pm Top

>2 MarthaJeanne: It's odd. Previously, when I sorted my books, the titles beginning with numbers would be at top, as you say. Now it's as if they've disappeared. Hmm.

Apr 7, 5:37pm Top

>3 r.orrison: I don't recall whether I used the LibraryThing app to add 1Q84, which was fairly recently. But there are others such as 1776 that I know I added a long time ago and before the app was created.

Apr 7, 5:44pm Top

>4 MarthaJeanne: Yes. And I am fairly sure I have more books than what my profile and catalogue are showing. It's like all my books starting with a number (or only a number) have disappeared. Any one else having this problem, I wonder?

Apr 7, 7:40pm Top

>2 MarthaJeanne: >3 r.orrison: So, just now I added 1Q84 just to see what would happen. The new add does show up as it should. If this bug isn't fixed, I suppose I could look through my entire physical library for these type of titles and add them. But unfortunately would lose any reviews I had given for those books. I hope this can be solved, especially if I'm not the only one experiencing this.

Apr 8, 2:41am Top

I have 1Q84 in my library from way back when. When I search for author: Murakami, it shows up. When I sort on title it shows up. It has more than the word starting with a number ("1Q84: Book 3"), but my one book with just a numbered title ("1985") also shows up. Both are old adds (2016 and 2013)

Apr 8, 8:55am Top

My titles containing numbers, whether or not they start with numbers or contain only numbers, do show up. By "show up" here I mean they appear in my catalog. They are also found by a search, whether by title or author.

Apr 8, 10:53am Top

>9 divinenanny: >10 lorax: Thanks to both of you for looking. How odd it is that it seems to be just me so far. For me, 1984 is also gone. So are 20,000 Years of Fashion and 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda and quite a few more. So it's not like I accidentally deleted one or two such titles.

Apr 8, 1:46pm Top

Can I make a suggestion?

Maybe go into inventory mode, check off all the books you find. If you find a consistent missing grouping, it might be from when they were uploaded. We did have a break of missing data a while ago that might not have recovered for you. If you can find the window it's missing from, maybe it could help narrow it down.

Apr 8, 2:00pm Top

>11 ValerieAndBooks: I also have a process I can use to undelete deleted books. The drawback here is that it undelete's all books ever deleted from your account, which is maybe not what you want to do. If you do want me to do this, I'd recommend applying a unique tag or collection (the latter, I think, is easier to find the inverse of) to all books that are in your library now, so that when I restore deleted books, it's easy to identify them.

Alternatively, I can ask devs if there's a way for me to find books deleted by time-frame, but it may be a week or so before I'm able to get their help with that.

Apr 8, 2:48pm Top

>12 gilroy: >13 lorannen: The main thing that the missing books have in common are that the titles either start with, or consist only of, a number (some examples are in my earlier comments). They were added when I acquired them -- and I've been on LibraryThing for over ten years -- so I don't think it's a time frame of when they were added.

As for when they disappeared, I don't know. I noticed they were missing on April 6th.

Lorannen, would your process work for books that disappeared but that I did *not* delete? I'm not sure how I'd tag all of my current books at once with an unique tag?

Thanks for your feedback.

Apr 8, 2:53pm Top

>14 ValerieAndBooks: I believe so, but can't be sure without trying it, unfortunately. The process restores books that have their deleted flag set. All books you've cataloged should be in our database—those that are deleted or not appearing in your library should have that deleted flag set.

Apr 8, 2:55pm Top

>14 ValerieAndBooks:

I'm not sure how I'd tag all of my current books at once with an unique tag?

I'm not lorannen, but wanted to let you know that you can use Power Edit (the yellow lightning bolt in the bar at the top of your catalog). Click on that, then "select all" and choose your tag.

Apr 8, 3:04pm Top

>16 lilithcat: thank you! Now all of the books that are currently showing in my library have the tag "vsm" (my initials) added to them.

cc: >15 lorannen:

Apr 8, 3:59pm Top

>16 lilithcat: Thanks! Sorry I missed that Q in the above post—it's been a hectic day.

>17 ValerieAndBooks: I'll get on the restore process tomorrow, as I'm in transit this evening. Thanks very much!

Edited: Apr 9, 5:07pm Top

>15 lorannen: >16 lilithcat: I hate to say this but I have noticed today that it is not just my titles starting with numbers that are missing. Titles that start with the letter A have disappeared as well. "A" is for Alibi (I added that one back today before the lightbulb went off in my head), A Death in the Family, A Tale of Two Cities, etc. So, I'm thinking it was books at the top of my list alphabetically that disappeared and that would include titles with numbers because those come before A . In other words, it's not just the number titles.

Edited: Apr 10, 11:36am Top

Okay, restoring books is finally done. There were 1,193 total books restored. I have all the book IDs for them, and am working on getting you a list. >19 ValerieAndBooks: Would you rather I post them here, or would profile comment or email be preferable? I ask mostly because it's a looooong list!

ETA: Prior to restoring, your account was showing 1,606 books cataloged, total, which, I think, was the same as what I saw the other day? You're now at 2,799.

Apr 10, 12:34pm Top

>20 lorannen: Wow, thank you for your efforts! I'm definitely seeing a lot of my missing books that I currently own -- and more than I realized. Still don't know how that group of currently owned books disappeared (what's your theory, if you have one?), but as long as I have them back, I'm okay :-). There were definitely more than 1,606 books in my catalog.

I guess I've also learned how many books I've given away/deleted over the years since being on LibraryThing in 2008 -- about a thousand :-0 ?! Now I can tell my husband look what would have happened if I kept them all ;-). He'd probably be glad we moved a few times which had caused me to go through some major culling periods.

I'm not sure how a book ID list would be useful -- can you elaborate? I did tag the books "vsm" I had before you did the restore, so that will help me go through the restored catalog faster. I don't want it to be too much work for you beyond this -- I know you're busy.

Thanks again!

Apr 10, 12:47pm Top

>21 ValerieAndBooks: Sorry for the confusion there—I meant to include that I could give you a direct link to each book page (that's what the book ID numbers are for), along with a total list of all the restored books, if you wanted it. That wouldn't take me but a minute.

The bad news is that I'm still not sure what happened beyond our system thinks you deleted these books at some point. I haven't been able to track down when a book was deleted, which would be useful in sorting out what happened. The upside is that (and you'll have to confirm for me, here, since I can't tell if there are some that are missing), I think this restoration captured all of the books that mysteriously went missing. If, as you're looking through, you could tell me which ones shouldn't have been deleted, that would help us figure out if there's a pattern here.

Also, I'd advise against outright deleting any records you don't need to keep for a day or two. That way, I can check your account regularly and make sure this isn't continuing to happen—that is, if I start seeing deleted books in your account, and we've already done this restoration, and you haven't deleted anything more, we know there's something still off.

Apr 10, 1:17pm Top

>22 lorannen: Since the list is pretty long, maybe email would be better? The same one that is on file for LT would be fine.

I do think, at a long glance, that this restoration did capture all the mysteriously missing books. I'll confirm whether that is true when I let you know which ones shouldn't have been deleted. I should be able to get back to you on that within the next 24 hours. And, good suggestion for me to leave my list alone for a couple days.

Thanks again!

Apr 10, 1:19pm Top

>21 ValerieAndBooks: When I cull books I always keep the LT record but put it in a separate collection for deaccessioned books, so I can feel good about all the books I've gotten rid of as I peruse the next book sale :-)

Apr 10, 1:34pm Top

My guess, since nobody else has reported a similar issue, would be that ValerieAndBooks was doing some PowerEditing at one point, with books sorted alphabetically by title, and accidentally clicked "Delete" when "All books on page" were selected. Easy to lose a hundred books at a stroke that way.

Apr 10, 3:23pm Top

>24 norabelle414: lol! It had just crossed my mind that I might do as you do -- but most likely I won't :-). So many of my de-accessioned books are, for example, from hobbies I no longer do.

Apr 10, 3:42pm Top

>25 lorax: It's possible that somehow I inadvertently caused these books to disappear, but if so it doesn't seem like it was from an "all books on page" edit action. I actually use the LT app on my phone a lot more these days than the LT website, and I don't think I can power edit from the app? Anyway, I will provide a list later -- it's far less than a hundred -- with more explanation on where they were within the comprehensive restored list, hopefully tonight.

Apr 10, 5:15pm Top

Oh, the app? Well, my other suggestion was that you were using the app and accidentally swiped rather than tapped, but I had trouble believing that would delete hundreds of books (since that's the total number that lorannen restored). I don't use the app myself precisely because they make deletion so easy!

Edited: Apr 10, 6:03pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Apr 10, 6:05pm Top

>27 ValerieAndBooks: That's very good to know! Thank you.

Edited: Apr 12, 4:42pm Top

>28 lorax: Lorannen restored all the books I ever entered into LT since I became a member back in 2008. So that was a lot, lol. Even the ones I no longer own and purposely deleted at the times of deaccessioning. Because there wasn't really a (quick) way to discern those from the ones that I noticed were missing (ETA: to clarify -- missing from my currently owned books).

So, >30 lorannen: , here are the books that went missing (but are restored, thanks to you). Take note of my comments below also -- maybe it'll help figure out what happened. And if the cause was something I did on my end, I apologize. I really appreciate all your efforts and time :-).

100 Dresses
100 Love Sonnets
100 Poems to Lift Your Spirits
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
101 Dalmatians
101 Things to Learn in Art School
12 Terrors of Christmas
1984 (different edition/cover)
The 1997 Joy of Cooking
20 Most Asked Questions about the Amish and Mennonites
20,000 Years of Fashiobn
30 Minute Meals
The 500: A Novel
The 64 Sonnets
84, Charing Cross Road
“A” is for Alibi
The ABC Murders
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
The Accidental Masterpiece
Across the River and into the Trees
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

That is 26 books, above; but then, I found two (edit: three) other gone-missing titles starting with A that were on other pages, below:

A Death in the Family (by Agee) -- ETA that I just found this formerly missing book hidden within the titles starting with D)
A Field Guide to American Houses (listed within the titles starting with F)
A Stew or a Story (within the titles starting with S)

Things Fall Apart (by Achebe) -- this one doesn't fit the parameters above. Maybe I did delete that one unintentionally at some point.

Then there were also:

The Gourmet Cookbook
Hershey’s Chocolate Treasury
Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home
Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites
New Vegetarian (by Brown)

Five cookbooks above and three unrelated-to-each-other books below -- these might have been unintentional deletes on my part over time?


Royal Panoply
Ryan McGinness
Start (by Acuff)

Apr 12, 3:09pm Top

>30 lorannen: Now that it's been a couple days since you were able to restore my library history, I think I can go ahead and start deleting books I no longer own. Thanks again so much for all you do here on LT!!

I also appreciate everyone who has weighed in on this topic.

Should I change the bug status, and to what? Closed by member?

Apr 12, 4:02pm Top

>32 ValerieAndBooks: Leave the bug status change to staff. They can choose the option (most likely fixed or similar) when they get to it.

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