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Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (2)

This is a continuation of the topic Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (1).

This topic was continued by Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (3).

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Apr 14, 6:02am Top

Welcome on my 2nd thread.

Also in my hometown Zürich spring has arrived. The cherry trees and forsythia bloom magnificently. The temperatures are still cool, but we enjoy our garden with all its spring flowers. Here are some recent pictures from the springtime Zürich.


Edited: Jul 21, 6:58am Top

# 1 Bretonische Flut by Jean-Luc Bannalec (4 stars)
# 2 Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell (4 stars)
# 3 The Strangler Vine by M. J. Carter (4 stars)
# 4 H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald (4 stars)
# 5 Liberation Movements by Olen Steinhauer (4½ stars)
# 6 I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark (4 stars)

# 7 A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny ( 4 stars)
# 8 Finders Keepers by Stephen King (4½ stars)
# 9 Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo (4 stars)
#10 A Mind To Murder by P. D. James (4½ stars)
#11 Nerve by Dick Francis (4 stars)
#12 Die Brillenmacherin by Titus Müller (3½ stars)
#13 The Black Tower by P.D. James (4 stars)
#14 Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong (4 stars)

#15 The Chessmen by Peter May (4½ stars)
#16 Young Blood by Sifiso Mzobe (4 stars)
#17 Kein Tag für Jakobsmuscheln by Catherine Simon (3½ stars)
#18 Friday on My Mind by Nicci French (4½ stars)
#19 Forfeit by Dick Francis (4 stars)
#20 Throttle by Joe Hill (3½ stars)
#21 The Strings Of Murder by Oscar de Muriel (4½ stars)
#22 Eine unbeliebte Frau by Nele Neuhaus (4½ stars)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:06am Top


H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald (4 stars) (2019-01-21)

The Chessmen by Peter May (4½ stars) (2019-03-02)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:07am Top

Take It or Leave It Challenge

# 2 Read that nagging book: finished 2019-01-27
Liberation Movements by Olen Steinhauer (4½ stars)
# 4 Read the first book of a series/trilogy or saga: finished 2019-01-19
The Strangler Vine by M. J. Carter (4 stars)
# 7 Read a book by a female author, in Rolling Alphabetical order: finished 2019-01-12
Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell (4 stars)
# 8 Read a book originally published in French or German: finished 2019-01-05
Bretonische Flut by Jean-Luc Bannalec (4 stars)
#18 Read a book where the author has a set of double letters in their name: finished 2019-01-28
I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark (4 stars)

# 3 Read a book by an author who has written both fiction and nonfiction books finished 2019-02-08
Finders Keepers by Stephen King (4&frac12: stars)
# 4 Read A Book That Was Published At Least 10 Years Ago: finished 2019-02-03
A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny (4 stars)
# 6: Read a book whose title includes at least two 4+ letter words starting with the same letter finished 2019-02-16
A Mind To Murder by P.D. James (4½ stars)
# 7 Read a book with a four word title: finished 2019-02-26
Tod einer roten Heldin by Qiu Xiaolong (4 stars)
# 11: Read a book whose cover has an image relating to the sea finished 2019-02-25
The Black Tower by P. D. James (4 stars)
# 12 Read a book where the title refers to a woman finished 2019-02-22
Die Brillenmacherin by Titus Müller (3½ stars)
# 16 Read a work by an author you read in 2018: finished 2019-02-18
Nerve by Dick Francis (4 stars)
#17: Read a book which was listed by the same challenger who started any of the previous February finished 2019-02-15
Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo (4 stars)

# 1: Read a book whose title starts with the last letter of the author's last name of the preceding book finished 2019-03-03
Young Blood by Sifiso Mzobe (4 stars)
# 2: Read a Book where the author or a character has the name of "Joe" or a variation thereof finished 2019-03-23
Throttle by Joe Hill (3½ stars)
# 3: Read a Book that is in the "Recommended" section on your home page (either LT or member) finished 2019-03-10
Kein Tag für Jakobsmuscheln by Catherine Simon (3½ stars)
# 4: Read a book that starts with a quote for the semi-rolling alphabet challenge finished 2019-03-02
The Chessmen by Peter May (4½ stars)
# 5: ROLLING CHALLENGE: Read a book with a significant connection to the countries of the United Kingdom finished 2019-03-13
Friday on My Mind by Nicci French (4½ stars)
# 6: Read a book somebody else picked for you finished 2019-03-17
Forfeit by Dick Francis (4 stars)
# 8: Read a book by a woman who is born in the 20th century finished 2019-03-29
Eine unbeliebte Frau by Nele Neuhaus (4½ stars)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:08am Top

Take It or Leave It Challenge

# 2: Read a book in which the author's name has a Scrabble point value of 22 or more finished 2019-04-08
Innocence by Dean Koontz (4 stars)
# 3: Either read 2 books with the same title or list a book with one title and get someone to read another book with the same title within 3 days. finished 2019-04-05
Innocence by David Hosp (4½ stars)
#11: Read a book with a fictional setting finished 2019-04-24
Madame le Commissaire und das geheimnisvolle Bild by Pierre Martin (4 stars)
#15: Read a book in which the final paragraph is one sentence finished 2019-04-14
The Redeemed by M.R. Hall (4½ stars)
#16: Read a book published by a four-digit-publisher finished 2019-04-19
The Wrong Girl by David Hewson (4 Stars)

# 1: Read a book whose cover contains a hyphenated word finished 2019-05-26
Vollopfer by Frank Köhnlein (4 stars)
# 4: Read a book whose title contains at least one 4 letter or longer embedded word finished 2019-05-04
Der Lebkuchenmann Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath (4 stars)
# 5: Read a book because you've promised a review or a discussion finished 2019-05-18
Deep Background by Rick Treon (3 stars)
#10: Read a book about or set in Berlin, or by a German writer finished 2019-05-31
Totenliste by Harald Gilbers (4½ stars)
#12: Read a book with a mode of transportation, other than an auto, on the cover finished 2019-05-11
Reflex by Dick framcis (4½ stars)

# 1: Read a book (fiction or nonfiction) set in an Asian country with a population of less than 25 million (Azerbaijan) finished 2019-06-09
Ali and Nino by Kurban Said (5 stars)
# 5: Read a book where the same word appears at least three times on the cover (Puri) finished 2019-06-15
The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken by Tarquin Hall (4½ stars)
# 7: Read a book set in a real place you've never been (Trier Rheinland-Pfalz) finished 2019-06-09
Atemnot by Carola Clasen (3½ stars)
#11: Read a book where the author’s first, middle or last name starts with a “J” finished 2019-06-23
Creation in Death by J. D. Robb (4½ stars)
#13: Read a book that fits one of Paul S' pictures (PIC 26) finished 2019-06-15
The Unknown Guest by Charlotte Link (4½ stars)
#14: Read a book with an even number of pages finished 2019-06-02
Fatal Crossing by Lone Theils (4½ stars)

# 2: Read a book by an author from or about/set in one of the nations participating in the 2019 Women’s World Cup (France) finished 2019-07-10
Commissaire Mazan und der blinde Engel by Jean Bagnol (4½ stars)
# 3: Read a book for the CFF Mystery Challenge Challenge (Reality Bites: Read a book from the speculative fiction genre
) finished 2019-07-08
Das Geheimnis des Bücherhüters by Corinna Gieseler (4 stars)
#12: Read a book with a one word title beginning with a letter of the previous book finished 2019-07-06
Schussbereit by Irène Mürner (4 stars)
#13: Read a book with an author name (first, middle, last) that starts with one of the letters in EDGAR MARTINEZ finished 2019-07-15
Helle und der tote im Tivoli by Judith Arendt (4 stars)
#14: Read a book with a title of at least 4 words (subtitles excluded) finished 2019-07-20
A Fever of the Blood by Oscar de Muriel (4½ stars)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:10am Top

Apr 14, 6:48am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara!

Zürich looks lovely with the cherry trees in full bloom.

Apr 14, 7:23am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara! Hope your Sunday has been a delight. Zurich in Spring looks colorful and so charming but I have a feeling Zurich must always be charming, no matter the season.

Apr 14, 8:02am Top

Happy Sunday, Barb. Happy New thread! Love all the spring colors.

Apr 14, 10:15am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara. I love all the blooms at the top. We still have snow on the ground.

Apr 14, 10:57am Top

Happy new one!

Apr 14, 1:06pm Top

The blooms are lovely! It's feeling like spring today here, but unfortunately it also feels like tornado weather. Hoping we don't get those.

Apr 14, 3:28pm Top

Happy Springtime in Zurich, Barbara, and a burgeoning new thread to complement it. I'm jealous and upset over your twelve days in Portugal and only *just* preventing myself from sacrificing small, helpless animals to the Weather Goddesses to induce rain, sleet, hail, and snow all of those days.

Such a noble man am I, resisting the temptation, don't you agree? Hmm?

Apr 15, 4:32am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara!

Apr 15, 5:31am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara! Lovely pictures up there.

Apr 15, 9:00am Top

Happy new thread!

Apr 15, 12:05pm Top

Happy new thread, Barbara. Zurich looks lovely with its spring blossoms.

Apr 16, 12:24pm Top

Happy new thread!

Apr 16, 12:35pm Top

Happy New Thread, Barbara!

Hooray for Spring! Beautiful photos up top.

Apr 16, 3:16pm Top

Happy new thread Barbara my dear.

Apr 19, 9:51am Top

Happy new thread and a peaceful and restful Easter to you and yours, Barbara.
I like the spring photos - and spring, too - despite the hay fever.

Apr 19, 6:04pm Top

Happy new thread, Barbara.
>1 Ameise1: Gosh, Zurich is pretty in springtime.

Apr 19, 9:45pm Top

Great spring photos, Barbara!

Apr 19, 9:55pm Top

Happy Easter, Barbara.

Apr 20, 4:47am Top

Lovely spring blossoms above! So colourful and promising :)

Apr 20, 5:00am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara. Such lovely photos - I especially love forsythia.

Apr 20, 7:05am Top

Hello, Barb? Where are you? Happy Saturday, and I hope all is well.

Edited: Apr 20, 7:41am Top

Anita, Lynda, Mark (2x), Beth, Anita, Lori, Rdear, Darryl, Ella, Jim, Meg, Jennifer, Joe, John, Thomas, Paul (2x), Roni, Megan and Karen, thanks so much for stopping by. Zürich has its charm in every season, but as everywhere on this earth, everybody after a long winter is looking forward to all the spring splendor.
I am sorry that I am not on LT as often as I used to, but I can promise you that I often come to read.
As a thank you to all my visitors here a sumptuous Easter brunch.

Apr 20, 7:44am Top

>14 richardderus: Rdear, it will be the first time for me to visit Portugal. I will try to post many photos on FB, so you can travel with me virtually.

>28 msf59: All is well here, Mark. Thank you for thinking about me.

Apr 20, 7:45am Top

book 25

 The Redeemed

Coroner Jenny Cooper gets caught up in her past. Not only through nightmares but also physically and understanding, she has to realize that there is a dark secret from her past that her brain is trying to repress. This does not make the investigation of various current deaths easy. On the contrary, she does not only have to fight against rich lords and wannabees, no, she also has to realize that the police are corrupt.
The authorities forbid her to investigate the cases connected with a free church, but she defies her power as a coroner. At the same time she is under heavy pressure and her witnesses are being murdered.
It was a captivating quick read. I love this series.

Apr 20, 7:55am Top

book 26 ♫ Read in German


Most of this story takes place in a psychiatric clinic. Patients see a kind of doll during the night, and the people they meet catch themselves or inflict extremely severe injuries. A carer thinks about where this comes from. Who could be this character? Who is behind it? He remembers an old case. Could the mind of this missing person be behind it? But it looks like the evil is real and alive. He does not realize for a long time that he goes directly into the catches of this monster.
It is extremely exciting and kept me guessing until almost the end.

Apr 20, 8:37am Top

book 27

 The Wrong Girl

Also the second book of the Detective Pieter Vos series was exciting. This time prostitution and terrorism are at the center. It shows wonderfully when the intelligence service and the police should work together, but everyone tries to protect their own territory, that in the end there are more deaths to report.
Vos and his team notice during a meeting that a girl has disappeared. Who is this girl and why is she and not another girl of the same age who is wearing also a pink jacket? It quickly becomes clear that the missing girl is the daughter of a Georgian prostitute who is illegally staying in Amsterdam. While Vos, his team and the mother are trying to find the girl, the secret sevice has quite different plans. It seems that a terror cell is behind the disappearance. The girl serves as a hostage to free one of their own. For the secret service, the girl is only colletal damage while for Vos and his team only the girl is important. That this does not necessarily end well, is obvious.

Edited: Apr 20, 8:51am Top

Currently reading:

Das Ende vom Lied

Apr 20, 8:52am Top

Currently listening:

 Dark fire

Apr 20, 8:57am Top

Here are some pictures of our garden. Everything is so beautiful.


Edited: Apr 20, 9:03am Top

Tonight I'll be at the Schauspielhaus Zurich to see The Execution of Justice by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. I like the story. I hope that the play will be good, because it goes 5½ hours.

Apr 20, 9:31am Top

>29 Ameise1: Yum.

>36 Ameise1: Your photos are lovely, Barbara.

Apr 20, 3:01pm Top

>36 Ameise1: Wow! Your garden is looking really lovely Barbara.

Hope the play was good. I wonder if they ever stage his work here.

Edited: Apr 21, 4:23am Top

>38 BLBera: >39 charl08: thanks so much Beth and Charlotte.

The story is good but the staging was terrible for my taste. I left the theater after the break because I was sure that I would not do it again 2½ hours. The stage set (a revolving stage) was very well done, only a lot of things played in the background so that everything was filmed and projected over a screen. I was also bothered by the fact that I had to see the film crew and the prompter constantly on stage.

Here some photos. (not mine)


Edited: Apr 21, 7:18am Top

Happy Easter, Barbara!
>36 Ameise1: You're at tulips when we've just reached daffodil's and hyacinths! It never ceases to amaze me how far north you are yet your growing season is much earlier than ours in northeastern US. Lovely pics!

>40 Ameise1: Wow! that looks like some kind of surreal experience! 5 1/2 hours?! Egads! I would have left early too!

Apr 21, 7:32am Top

>41 Carmenere: Thanks so much, Lynda. Yep, I love tulipes. This year they are rather a bit late blooming.
Thomas and Marina stayed until the end. They told me also during the second part lots of the play could only be seen on screen.

Apr 21, 7:36am Top

There's no way I could sit through a play for 5.5 hours. My ADHD would kill that, even if it were great.

Apr 21, 8:05am Top

Happy Easter, Barbara.

Apr 21, 8:20am Top

>43 The_Hibernator: Rachel, usually I can't seat so long due to the seats. My back doesn't appreciate it.

>44 BLBera: Thanks so much, Beth. I hope you have a wonderful day too.

Apr 21, 8:31am Top

Happy Easter, Barb. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Apr 21, 8:57am Top

>46 msf59: Thanks so much, Mark. We have a wonderful relaxed weekend with lots of reading.

Apr 21, 10:55am Top

Happy Easter, Barbara!

Apr 21, 11:15am Top

>29 Ameise1: How GLORIOUSLY decadent that feast is! I want it all.

>36 Ameise1: Beautiful. Spring flowers mean so much more to me now that I live in a Northern climate. In Texas, pansies and suchlike flowers were wintertime blooms. The winter there is very, very mild normally.

Your reading continues to inspire me!

Apr 21, 11:25am Top

>48 mstrust: Thanks so much for the Easter lamb, Jennifer.

>49 richardderus: Glad you like the brunch, Rdear. Yes, spring flower can improve ones mood. So far I had a fabulous reading year.

Apr 21, 3:44pm Top

Happy Easter Barbara my dear, I hope you and the family are having a wonderful weekend and send love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Apr 21, 4:24pm Top

>51 johnsimpson: Thanks so much, John. I hope your GP finds a good solution for your back. Feel better soon. Love and hugs to both of you. xx

Apr 21, 4:36pm Top

>52 Ameise1:, Thanks Barbara my dear.

Apr 21, 9:02pm Top

Gorgeous tulips, Barbara, and hope you have had a lovely Easter.

Apr 22, 2:57am Top

>54 ronincats: Thanks so much, Roni. We have beautiful weather and no work today due to an official holiday.

Apr 22, 9:32am Top

book 28 Read in German

 Das Ende vom Lied

The second book by Zurich's Rabbi Klein was also amusing to read. Rabbi Klein was stooped for some time by a woman from his parish. When this woman falls in front of the train in the train station Enge it only gets worse for Rabbi Klein. His wife, who returns from London to Zurich after a family reunion, is already awaited by the police and has been arrested for the time being. All the evidence points out that she could be the culprit, which Rabbi Klein does not believe for a moment. With his detective knowledge he interferes and tries to get to the bottom of the case. It soon turns out that other Jewish community members have laundered money by making a fortune with insider knowledge. It is difficult to prove their actions to these persons. In addition, his older daughter is involved in the fact that her friends are involved in the act in some way. In addition to all these turbulences, there are also changes in the Jewish community, which also can not wait.

Apr 22, 9:56am Top

>1 Ameise1:, >36 Ameise1: Those are some beautiful photos of Zurich and your garden Barbara! The only flowers we currently have in our garden are dandelions and a flowering rosemary bush but I think they look pretty and are supposed to be good for bees so I am leaving the dandelions alone (I will probably regret this later on).

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

Apr 22, 2:24pm Top

Hi Barbara. I am taking advantage of a rainy Easter Monday to try and get caught up with some threads. Love the cherry blossom pictures at the start of this thread!

>36 Ameise1: - What beautiful blooms in your garden!

Apr 23, 6:17am Top

>40 Ameise1: I haven't read that book by Dürrenmatt yet. Shame the theatre didn't live up to its story

Apr 23, 12:44pm Top

Hi Barbara!

>36 Ameise1: Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing.

>40 Ameise1: Yikes. 5.5 hours. My concentration wouldn't have withstood it, much less my back!

Apr 24, 5:47am Top

>58 souloftherose: Thank you, Heather. The rosemary flowers later with us. It is actually very good for the bees, but most of the time wasps are active. Bees are rarely seen.

>59 lkernagh: Thank you, Lori. Pity it was raining with you. We had a wonderful long Easter weekend. Most of the time I spent in the garden, which is always beautiful in the spring.

>60 paulstalder: The story is very good and definitely worth reading. I did not like the performance at all. Often the actors, for us viewers, were behind the stage decoration and everything was filmed live with film crews and projected onto a screen that was right above the stage. Since we had our seats in the middle left, I had to keep my head in one for me very uncomfortable attitude. To relieve my posture, I looked at the stage, a radio play in these situations, and therefore nonstop saw the film crew, which is not quite my taste of a theater visit.

>61 karenmarie: Hi Karen, you're welcome. I love my garden at this time of the year. My words, I also struggled with my back and the seats in the playhouse are not the most comfortable.

Apr 25, 3:54am Top

book 29 Read in German

 Madame le Commissaire und das geheimnisvolle Bild

Madame le Commissaire of Fragolin decides to convene company holidays for her police station. She and her sous-brigadier could both take a few days' holiday, since there's nothing going on in the tranquil Fragolin anyway. Far from it, as soon as she is at her favourite beach the phone rings and she gets work. On the one hand, she must clarify the death of a minister who has not died away from a natural death. On the other hand, it's about fake pictures. If one takes a closer look, there is a cry for help under a coat of paint.
Privately, it does not run as she imagines, both of her lovers compete for her favour. Isabelle Bonnet finally finds a good Solomonic solution for her.
As always, this was an amusing read.

Apr 25, 5:01am Top

Next reading:

 Time Heals No Wounds

Apr 25, 6:32am Top

Sweet Thursday, Barb. I hope the week is going well.

Apr 26, 10:20pm Top

Wishing you a lovely weekend, Barbara.

It is Springtime in Yorkshire:

Apr 27, 4:39pm Top

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Barbara!

Apr 28, 2:28am Top

>65 msf59: Happy Sunday, Mark. Thanks for stopping by. We are soon heading to the airport.

>66 PaulCranswick: Beautiful spring view, Paul. Thanks so much. I hope your recovery is going well.

>67 bell7: Thanks so much, Mary. I hope your weekend is going well too.

Apr 28, 7:54am Top

Safe travels, Barbara, and enjoy Portugal!

May 1, 8:17am Top

I'm enjoying your travels in Portugal, Barbara! It makes me that much more eager to return, and I hope to do so this autumn.

May 17, 8:31am Top

Hi Barbara - I was on Facebook for some strange reason (I rarely ever go there) and saw some of your photos - they're gorgeous.

May 19, 8:42am Top

>69 FAMeulstee: >70 kidzdoc: >71 karenmarie: Thanks so much, Anita, Darryl and Karen. We had a fantasitc time in Portugal. I'll try to post some photos here too.

I'm way behind reviews. It's time to get started.

May 19, 8:42am Top

book 30 Read in German

 Time Heals No Wounds

This is a great introduction to a new series for me. Hannes Niehaus is a top athlete and trains for the Olympic Games. He earns his money as a detective and can also do his intensive training. In his first case he has to do with an old WWII story. There are several deaths, all of which are linked to a drug company that tested drugs on concentration camp inmates during the war. Who is looking for vengeance against this company? Niehaus has an older colleague who supports him in the research. That this relationship to the end will be clouded, one learns only at the end.
It's very exciting and let me guess who the bad guy is until the end.

May 19, 9:01am Top

book 31 ♫

 Dark Fire

Two cases are involved in this story. On the one hand, Shardlake has to find out the formula for the Greek fire, something that is always found in stories, and in the end all that is charlatanry. He also has to defend a young woman who allegedly threw her cousin into a well and he died.
It was an exciting listening, although it took me a moment to immerse myself in the story.

May 19, 9:54am Top

book 32 Read in German

 Whiskey Sour

This is the first book in the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery series. The story was very exciting. The dead on the way but were killed in a very bestial way. In between I suffered with Jack, since she herself became the target of the killer and her watch was not exactly excellent. It was funny how she met her ex-colleague again, who on the one hand put obstacles in her path but on the other hand was also there when things got hot. I also smiled when the FBI profiler agents came into play. They were portrayed as if they were idiots.
Various women were killed and long lacked the common background. Jack and her current colleague fight on all fronts to find out the commonality of the victims, so they can take the killer. It is very dangerous for Jack.

May 19, 10:36am Top

book 33


Philip Nore, who earns his living as a jockey, but incidentally with his camera many photos of racing places in places where the normal public has no access fights on different fronts. On the one hand he is harassed by a lawyer, that he should visit his dying grandmother and should fulfill her last wish. He gets to know his past, which was not always pleasant to him. On the other hand, he receives from a jockey colleague a box that his dead father has filled with various photo puzzles. Thanks to his experience as a photographer, he gets to the bottom of the various mysteries. Not only he, but also important persons are in danger.
In addition to all this, he is being pressured by a horse owner to manipulate races.
It was a very exciting read and kept me guessing until the end.

May 19, 11:29am Top

book 34

 Deep Background
Early Review

I received this book as an Early Review. I have very mixed feelings about this story. It has very exciting sections that unfortunately do not prevail. There are too many long-winded scenes that could have been shortened or omitted altogether.
The story is about the fact that the main protagonists from the school know each other and have some outstanding 'bills' with their former classmates.
It is a pity that the author has thought too little of the whole and much is therefore only superficial.

May 19, 11:43am Top

Currently reading:


May 19, 11:43am Top

Currently listening

 The Unknown Guest

May 21, 2:33pm Top

I'm just starting my re-read of Reflex, Barbara, and I'm enjoying it as much as the first time. I'm glad that you found it an exciting read that kept you guessing.

May 24, 10:02am Top

Hi Barbara! I hope you're doing well. I loved Reflex, too. Like Joe, for me it was a re-read.

May 24, 6:12pm Top

Hi Barbara, stopping by to get caught up and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

May 25, 11:11pm Top

Wishing you a lovely weekend, Barbara

May 30, 7:14am Top

>80 jnwelch: >81 karenmarie: Hi Joe and Karen, I love Dick Francis' books too.

>82 lkernagh: Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by. We have a long weekend now.

>83 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul, thanks so much. It looks like summer is round the corner.

May 30, 7:14am Top

book 35 Read in German


This was an amusing read. The narrative style is very similar to Wolf Haas books.
Hepp is a youth psychiatrist in a home for the severely disabled. Each of his protégés has a different diagnosis. Although he is aware that he is often verbally abused with the juvenile vocabulary, he loves his protégés. One day, the home director is found badly injured in the basement and some of his protégés are on the curve while the others are not exactly helpful in talking to the police. Hepp is now challenged to find out what really happened. Unfortunately, one of his protégés commits suicide, with his notebook Hepp can clarify the case.
Hepp himself is also a nerd. For example, he can think best when he moves continuously around the roundabout. His love life also has interesting features.

May 30, 7:23am Top

Next reading:


May 30, 9:31am Top

>85 Ameise1: Oh darn, that book hasn't been translated and it sounds very good!

Have a happy weekend coming.

May 30, 3:30pm Top

Hi Barbara my dear, hope you are having a good week so far and that all the family are well. Sending love and hugs dear friend.

May 31, 11:26am Top

>87 richardderus: It was indeed a very good one, Rdear. I hope it will be traslated one day.

>88 johnsimpson: Thanks so much, John. Marina is leaving on Sunday for San Sebastian. She'll attend a Spanish school for four weeks. Love and hugs right back to you and Karen. xx

May 31, 11:26am Top

book 36 Read in German


I was deeply impressed by this story. On the one hand, it is like a thriller, because a serial killer is at work, on the other hand, many historical circumstances of life in Berlin in 1946 are accurately researched and reproduced.
It all starts with four people dying in an innermost village outside of Berlin. The doctor realizes that one winged angel has been scratched on the door of each dead person. In the late autumn of the same year, more deaths are found, all of which are labeled with tattooed names. Commissioner Oppenheim, who is currently in the search service, helps his friend Billhardt solve the cases, although Oppenheimer is already engaged by the various Allied powers at the same time.
Over time, Oppenheimer comes to the conclusion that everything has to do with the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The processing of the deeds and their perpetrators is still ongoing. At the same time, Berlin's population is struggling with the coldest winter. Not only famine prevails, but many die from frostbite as well.
This story has captivated me from the first to the last page.

May 31, 11:32am Top

Next reading:

 Fatal Crossing

May 31, 2:35pm Top

>90 Ameise1: Sounds good! Maybe at some point it will be translated too.

Jun 1, 4:45am Top

>85 Ameise1: ...and another book bullet!
I recently bought the last volume of the Brenner series.
But I don't dare to read it yet, because it's the end of it.
Now I have an alternative, I think I won't wait that long.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jun 1, 7:11am Top

Happy Saturday, Barb. Just checking in. Miss seeing you around. I am glad to see you reading the books but I hope everything else is going well.

Jun 1, 9:17am Top

Hi Barbara! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Jun 2, 9:58am Top

>92 charl08: Charlotte, this series is definitely breathtaking. I hope that it will be translated one day.

>93 SirThomas: Glad to hear, that I got you with a BB, Thomas. I still have to read some of Haas' books.

>94 msf59: Mark, thanks so much for dropping by and missing me. I'm glad that I have time to read. Work is very busy and it doesn't look like it will lessen the next few weeks.

>95 karenmarie: Thanks so much, Karen. After a cool May, June is off to summer weather.

Jun 2, 9:58am Top

book 37 Read in German

 Fatal Crossing

This is the first book from the Nora Sand series. A great introduction to a new series. In addition to the fact that you get to know many protagonists, which will certainly also appear in the later books, it is a captivating thriller from the first to the last page.
Nora Sand is a Danish journalist living in London writing articles for a Danish weekly paper. In an antique shop, she buys an old suitcase containing photos related to an old case in Denmark, where more than twenty years ago, two young girls from a youth home disappeared without a trace on their way to England. Sand travels to Copenhagen and tries to find a trail. She encounters many inconsistencies. She can convince her editor that behind these photos is certainly an exciting story for their newspaper.
Back in England, she meets her old Danish love, who is currently training at Scotland Yard. Not only her love life gets out of control. Soon she has to fear for her own life, because she realizes that she is a serial killer on the trail. Luckily there are a few guardian angels watching over them.

Jun 2, 10:03am Top

>97 Ameise1: Oh dear...that's a tempting title...and Nora sounds like my kind of sleuth. Library website ho!

Jun 2, 10:11am Top

>98 richardderus: I'm sure you would like that one, Rdear.

Jun 2, 10:12am Top

Next reading:

 Ali and Nino

Jun 15, 2:28am Top

Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara.

Jun 15, 5:10am Top

What Richard said. Although my library didn't have it, and the kindle copy was less than £2, so I've gone for that instead!

Jun 15, 7:53am Top

>97 Ameise1: I'm going to join the previous speakers.
There are only two little issues:
The book is already borrowed and my library card has expired.
Before I can reserve the book, I have to have my Card extended.
But this are not big problems.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Jun 16, 7:37am Top

>101 Familyhistorian: thanks so much, Meg. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

>102 charl08: Charlotte, I hope you'll like it as much as I did.

>103 SirThomas: Thomas, those issues I know very well. I hope you'll get a copy. It's a wonderful book.

Jun 16, 7:39am Top

book 38 Read in German

 Ali and Nino

What a beautiful sad story. It's like a chapter from the stories of 'One Thousand and One Nights'. Ali and Nino grow up in Baku. Both come from wealthy 'noble families', although the differences could not be greater. Ali is a Muslim and Nino is a Christian. Ali stands for the Asian, the desert and the traditional, while Nino stands for the European, the modern and the urban. Ali falls in love with Nino during school. They are sure that they want to marry later. But the turmoil of WWI stands in their way for a long time. Baku is conquered by the Russians, then again freed from the English and last but not least it is Russian again. Ali always hopes that the Turks rush to help Baku, which turns out to be a mistake. Nino flees to Tbilisi, where her family is safe, while Ali, later with Nino, seeks protection in Persia.
This story is not only about the love between different religions, but also about the confusion in the Middle East. A fantastic book that I can highly recommend.

Jun 16, 7:54am Top

book 39 Read in German


Sonja Senger is the 'new' in the Crimean Commission. She gets to deal with a case of the evil sort. Good-looking athletic business men stopping for an event in Trier disappear for some inexplicable reason without leaving a trace. Senger and her team are puzzled. If there was not a good-looking red-haired woman with a terrible secret. On the one hand, perpetrator is victim to equality. Senger runs away the time so there will not be more deaths.

Jun 16, 8:25am Top

book 40 ♫ Read in German

 Der fremde Gast

This is for me the first story of Charlotte Link and it grabbed me from the beginning. There are two tragic fates that cross each other. One is a young man who was taken away from his parents in his childhood and placed with a caregiving family who abused him with food deprivation. On the other hand, it is about a spurned love that a man could not get over and therefore seeks revenge. In the process, he literally goes over dead bodies and is not too happy to tear the young man to destruction. The story is told very exciting and it gave me a long guess how the individual elements were linked.

Jun 16, 9:08am Top

book 41

The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken

I love the Vish Puri series. Also the third band did not disappoint. This time it was about bet fraud in the millions in cricket. Puri and his family attended a cricket game where a nephew took part. At the subsequent banquet, a rich Pakistani was poisoned. Puri's mother, behaved strangely all the time. During the investigation, Puri's way not only led to the hated Pakistan, no, he also found that his mother determined on his own and he learned while knowing her past. Of course, Puri's passion for food was not forgotten. His wife monitors his weight with an eye for hope and he tried to continue to enjoy the food with pills for weight loss, which of course rather the opposite effect.
This story is about corruption, betting fraud, blood diamonds and the history of women in connection with the separation of Pakistan and India in 1947.

Jun 16, 9:11am Top

Currently reading:

 Creation In Death

Jun 16, 9:14am Top

Currently listening:

 Das Echo der Schuld

Jun 16, 9:16am Top

Nice to see another fan of J.D. Robb's in Death series, Barbara. Go Eve and Roarke!

Edited: Jun 16, 9:20am Top

>111 jnwelch: I love this series very much but have to admit that I don't read them in correct order.

Jun 21, 6:04am Top

Hi Barbara! I hope you're having a good summer.

Jun 21, 7:26am Top

>104 Ameise1: It was great - thanks for the recommendation, Barbara. I liked how she used her own experience of being a Norwegian in London in the character. The stuff about trying to find a decent cup of coffee reminded me of conversations with other expats!

Jun 29, 8:38pm Top

Another fan of the "In Death" series here, Barbara. I even reread Naked in Death just to remember where it all began.

Jun 30, 9:47am Top

>113 karenmarie: Actaully it's very hot here 96.8 F and we still have to work for another two weeks.

>114 charl08: I'm glad to hear that you liked it, Charlotte. There is a copy of the second one at my library.

>115 Familyhistorian: I've read some of this series but far away of all of them. LOL

Edited: Jun 30, 9:59am Top

book 42 Read in German

 Creation in Death

As always an exciting thing. This time, Dallas and her team not only have to save women, but Dallas herself is also the target of the murderer. A young woman is found dead. She was brutally tortured and burned on her body for how long it took her to die. This first dead recalls an old case nine years ago. At that time, the killer was not caught. Dalls and her team know it's a race against time. Additionally, they have to realize that this time the young women are employees of Roarke and that the real target must be Dallas.
Exciting written.

Jun 30, 9:51am Top

Hope it is not too hot where you are Barbara and that you can enjoy a lovely Sunday.

Edited: Jun 30, 10:24am Top

>117 Ameise1: It's incredibly hot, Paul. We have 36C since a week. School holiday will start in two weeks. Even during the nights it's so hot.
Wishing you a great Sunday too.

Jun 30, 10:19am Top

Thirty-six in Switzerland!!!

Outrageously hot. I hope it ends soon.

Jun 30, 10:23am Top

book 43 Read in German


This is the second volume of the detective Andrea Bernardi of the city police Zurich. Although the places are fictional, I know this neighborhood of Zurich well and can imagine very well where the people move.
Bernardi is called to a retirement home because valuables were stolen from various people. He gets to know the lively retiree Hanna Bürger. She helps him to convict the culprit. Bernardi is very surprised that on each of his visits the hearse stops at the door. Do so many old people really die in such a short time or is there more to it?
Hanna tells about her life in Africa the civil service employee Jonas. He dreams of discovering the world himself once.
It is well told, but did not tie me up so much.

Jun 30, 10:25am Top

>120 richardderus: It's just the start of summer, Rdear. It will last for another while.

Jun 30, 10:30am Top

Currently reading:


Jun 30, 3:21pm Top

I wish you a good start into July with a wave of a popcorn

Jun 30, 4:48pm Top

>124 paulstalder: LOL, thanks so much, Paul. I wish you a wonderful July as well.

Jun 30, 5:27pm Top

Hi Barbara my dear, hope all is well with you and the family and that you have had a nice weekend, sending love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Jun 30, 6:15pm Top

Sorry you have to endure the hot weather, Barbara.
We had to endure our share of it, but are going back to more moderate temperatures next week.

Jul 1, 2:14am Top

Barbara, did you ever read Die schwarze Spinne by Jeremias Gotthelf? That would also qualify as speculative fiction.

Jul 12, 10:12pm Top

Stopping by to wish you a lovely and cooler weekend, Barbara.

Jul 14, 11:38pm Top

I hope you have more pleasant weather now, Barbara, and that the reads are treating you well.

Jul 15, 6:37am Top

I hope you had a great anniversary weekend, Barb! We miss you!

Jul 15, 7:26am Top

Hope you're well Barbara. Hot here, so it must be v warm in Zurich!

Jul 15, 7:15pm Top

Just checking in with you Barbara. I have done a poor job of keeping up with threads this year. I'm sorry the heat has been so bad in your part of the world. We are used to hot humid summers here in the heart of the U.S. (Missouri) but that doesn't mean I like that kind of weather.

True confession: I haven't read any of the "Death" books by Ms. Robb. I think I'm saving them for a rainy day. So many books I want to read...

Jul 17, 11:57am Top

>126 johnsimpson: >127 FAMeulstee: >129 PaulCranswick: >132 charl08: Thanks so much John, Anita, Paul and Charlotte the temps are much better by now.

>128 paulstalder: Paul, that one I've read and I liked it. I've found another one which I'll post shortly.

>130 Familyhistorian: Thanks so much, Meg. My summer holiday started this week and I'll have plenty of reading time.

>131 msf59: Thanks so much, Mark. We had a wonderful long weekend with our daughters. I'll post some pics later. I hope that I can spend more time on LT. I miss you all.

>133 Donna828: Donna, I myself am hardly on LT this year. The job took a lot of my time in the first half of this year. I hope it gets better now. I reduce my workload from 100% to 82% and so I have the whole Wednesday free. This should relieve me.

Jul 17, 11:57am Top

book 44 Read in German


This story is about a high school student whose mother has passed away and now lives with her father, to whom she has little relationship. She barely endures it at home and spends nights in different parks in Zurich. At school she has no friends, quite the contrary she is bullied. Now she has enough of her life and wants to end it by going on a rampage at her school and finally wants to kill herself. She announces this with a graffiti in the toilet. The police are working at full speed. Who is this young woman? How can she be stopped? During a week, the student keeps everyone on their toes. During this time she reads the mails between her mother and her godmother. She is quite clear.
This is a very good story. It shows the feelings of a teenage girl who thinks she is alone in the world, despised by the others and how little it takes to stray from the right path or to find the right path again.

Jul 17, 12:15pm Top

book 45 Read in German

 Das Geheimnis des Bücherhüters

I have now read a second time a class this story and the kids love it. In this story, the library of an old book collector is packed and passed on to various libraries and antique dealers. There is a 'bookkeeper' in a box. It's a creature of a mix of a rat and a little demon. Three children find him and try to help him. Momme, who likes to read himself, can speak with books and understand what they say. His most faithful companions a comic, a pirate's book and a lexicon help him and the children solve the case of the bookkeeper. In doing so, they are sometimes in great danger and discover that there is a second bookkeeper.
This is an adventurous story a good child detective story.

Jul 17, 12:41pm Top

book 46 Read in German

 Commissaire Mazan und der blinde Engel

Commissaire Mazan is a tomcat who helps his owner, the homicide detective Zadira Matéo, to clear up cases, along with all the other cats in the small Proveçal village. In this village a blind painter has settled down with his housekeeper. He has painted pictures that raise questions in connection with various murders. The dead are always draped as it is painted in the pictures. Who is behind it? The painter has a blind cat and Mazan takes a liking to her. But he does not know for a long time that he himself has become a daddy. Zadira's love life is also turbulent.
I have read this story with great pleasure and will certainly read the other books in this series.

Jul 17, 12:54pm Top

>137 Ameise1: Has the Sneaky Pie Brown series of cat-centered cozies made its way into German, Barbara? They remind me in set-up of the Commissaire Mazan ones.

Jul 17, 12:55pm Top

book 47 Read in German

 Helle und der Tote im tivoli

This Danish thriller is about sexual abuse of a boy. A former director of a high school is brutally murdered found in amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen. The investigating officers inform Helle, who works as a police officer in Skagen, so that she should inform the wife of the killed. Helle has to fight to be constantly updated on the latest state of the investigation, since the Copenhageners want to do everything themselves and Helle 'only' serves as a stoop. Of course, she does not want that and starts to work with her team. At the same time she is in great danger. But she reveals that an abuse of a boy was covered up years ago.

Jul 17, 12:58pm Top

>138 richardderus: I do not know the Sneaky Pie Brown series, Rdear. Therefore, I can not compare it. In any case, Commissaire Mazan and his entourage are a great pleasure to read.

Jul 17, 1:27pm Top

book 48 ♫ Read in German

 Das Echo der Schuld

This is my second Charlotte Link and I love her stories. Also this book is so complex that it lasted until the last moment until I recognized the true culprit.
Virginia Quentin spends her holidays together with her husband and her seven-year-old daughter Kim in the Hebrides. As a boat accident Nathan and Livia Moor lost their sailing ship and all their belongings, Virginia receives the two. She leaves their holiday home with them and travels back to England with her family. Her husband has political ambitions, but she never accompanies him at events. Virginia carries a big secret that makes her sick. Nathan and Livia follow Virginia and her family. He recognizes Virginia's lability and takes advantage of it. She falls in love with him and wants to start a new life with him. This is the one main plot of the book, the other plot revolves around young girls who are kidnapped, sexually abused and killed. This is also getting closer to Virginia's daughter. Will the police be able to rescue Kim and who is the culprit? Maybe Nathan? Virginia begins to doubt everything and everyone.

Jul 17, 2:09pm Top

Currently reading:

 Wintergäste in Trouville

Jul 17, 2:10pm Top

Next listening:

 The Bookseller of Kabul

Edited: Jul 21, 7:11am Top

Last Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We spent a long weekend with our daughters in my favourite spa hotel in the Black Forest. We laughed a lot and talked for hours and allowed ourselves to be pampered It was fun.

Jul 18, 5:20am Top

Beautiful photos, Barbara! And Happy Anniversary!

Jul 18, 8:24am Top

>144 Ameise1: You all look very lovely and happy in the pictures, Barbara, belated happy 30th anniversary!

Jul 18, 11:41am Top

Happy Anniversary, Barbara!

>144 Ameise1: What lovely photos! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate.

Jul 18, 1:43pm Top

Happy Anniversary, Barbara. Lovely photos.

Jul 19, 2:24am Top

A belated Happy Anniversary, Barbara.
A Black Forest vacation is always beautiful...
I wish you a lovely weekend.

Jul 19, 4:20am Top

... and many thanks for >97 Ameise1: Fatal Crossing.
I loved the reading.

Jul 20, 11:07am Top

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you had such a good day and wish you many more!

Jul 20, 12:10pm Top

>145 scaifea: >146 FAMeulstee: >147 jnwelch: >148 BLBera: >149 SirThomas: >151 mstrust: thanks so much, Amber, Anita, Joe, Beth, Thomas and Jennifer. It was indeed a splendid weekend.

>150 SirThomas: You're welcome, Thomas. I'm glad you liked it as much as I did.

Jul 20, 12:11pm Top

book 49 Read in German

 Wintergäste in Trouville

The second volume of the Commissioner Leblanc series was exciting to read.
It's just before Christmas when Marie's dog finds a corpse in the cellar of the Roches Noires apartment house. Marie knows the dead. It is a journalist from Paris who owns a small apartment in Roches Noires. As it turns out she was also the girlfriend of an old Jew who was able to flee to France shortly before the WWII. His two sons also have apartments in Roches Noires, where his father lives. One son is an architect and the other manages a beauty clinic together with a friend. There you can not just lift the wrinkles or make a withdrawal cure, no, it is also very well known for efficient diet programs. What did the dead find out that she had to be killed? Leblanc detects in all directions. It's snowing, but fortunately it is culinary well supplied.

Jul 20, 12:24pm Top

book 50 Read in German

 A Fever of the Blood

I suppose I love this series so much because it plays a) at the end of the 19th century, b) in Scotland (mostly) c) and the supernatural and the cult of the witch occupy a great place.
On New Year's Eve, Frey and McGray are called to the psychiatric hospital where McGray's sister is a patient. A nurse was poisoned by Strichnin and it looks like another inmate might be the killer. Another nurse has noticed that the fugitive and McGray's sister have spoken to each other, but she has not spoken a single word in five years. McGray has to find the fugitive because he wants to know what she said. Frey and McGray have to quickly realize that a big witch ring is behind this whole conspiracy. Can they stop them?
This was a very exciting read.

Jul 20, 12:37pm Top

Next reading:

 The Ghost Fields

Jul 20, 4:32pm Top

Hi Barbara my dear, so glad you had a great weekend to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary, hope the week was good and that you have had a good day today. Sending love and hugs to you, Thomas, Isabelle and Marina from both of us dear friend.

Jul 21, 5:01am Top

Hi Barbara! I've enjoyed catching up with your thread, and I had to have the library catalogue open for all your great crime reads!

Sorry to hear that the first half of your year has been so hectic. I hope things calm down a bit for the rest of it.

A belated happy anniversary to you and your husband - your pictures are beautiful.

Jul 21, 5:14am Top

>157 susanj67: Thanks so much, Susan. I mostly stumble over books when I visit my library even though I have a plan which books I'll take, I come home with completely different ones.
I hope too that I can relax more for the rest of the year.
We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed it to spend lots of time with our daughters.

Jul 21, 5:17am Top

>156 johnsimpson: Thanks so much, John. It was a wonderful weekend. Marina will be at Teneriffa with her partner for the summer holiday whereas Isabelle flew to Singapore yesterday with her partner. They will stay in Malaysia for the next three weeks. Thomas and I are heading to Montbéliard tomorrow but only for three days.
Love and hugs for both of you xx

Jul 21, 7:13am Top

Please join me on my new thread.

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