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Roni Reads in 2019: Part 5

This is a continuation of the topic Roni Reads in 2019: Part 4.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Aug 2, 5:16pm Top

One view of my new craft room in the erstwhile rental, now the she-shed!

Hi, I'm Roni. I live in San Diego with one husband, one small dog and way too many cats in a small bungalow with a garden and lots of books. I'm retired these days, after a long career as a school psychologist.

I've been a member of LT since 2008 and an active member of the 75 Book Challenge groups for that long as well. I read mostly in genre, science fiction and fantasy, but also try to read some nonfiction and mystery.

Welcome to my thread. I love visitors and promise to visit you back.

My final thread of 2018 is here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298278

Edited: Aug 23, 4:14pm Top

New Goals for 2019:

My goals generally stay pretty stable, and this year will be no exception.

1. Read 150 books and 50,000 pages.
2. Read at least 40 books off my own bookshelves (BOMBs).
3. Acquire no more than 80 books.
4. 50 books out the door once more. GOAL MET1


Nonfiction Challenge

January: Prizewinners (and Nominees!): These Truths by Jill Lapore (already reading for a group read)
February: Science and Technology: Innovations and Innovators
March: True Crime, Misdemeanors and Justice, Past and Present Day
April: Comfort Reads: Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper
May: History
June: The Pictures Have It!: March by John Lewis
July: Biography & First Person Yarns: Becoming by Michelle Obama
August: Raw Materials: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
September: Books by Journalists
October: Other Worlds: From Spiritual to Fantastical
November: Creators and Creativity
December: I've Always Been Curious About...

SFFKit: https://www.librarything.com/topic/299184

January: Read an SFF you meant to read in 2018, but never started/completed: The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin
February: Colonization
March: Mystery/police procedural/detective Science Fiction or Fantasy
April: Sword & Sorcery: Swords Against Sorcery by Fritz Leiber
May: International Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Non-US/UK authors
June: Road-trip
July: Space Opera: The Price of the Stars by Debra Doyle
August: Alternate History: The Woman Who Died a Lot by Jasper Fforde
September: Series
October: Comedy
November: Award Winners
December: End-of-the-Year Wrap Up

SeriesCAT: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298613#

January: Series in translation: The Griffin's Feather by Cornelia Funke https://www.librarything.com/topic/299976
February: YA/Children's: Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend
March: Series by a favorite author: Snake Agent by Liz Williams
April: Series You've Been Meaning to Get Back To
May: Newest book in a favorite series: The Landlady by Diane Duane
June: Series that are definitely complete: The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones
July: Genre: fantasy: The Orphans of Raspay by Lois McMaster Bujold
August: Series set in a country/region where you do not live
September: Genre: Mystery
October: Historical Series
November: Series with a female protagonist
December: Series that's new to you

TBR CAT: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298605

January: First in, last out - read one of the oldest members of your tbr: Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov Done
February: A book you borrowed to read and still haven't got to
March: Book acquired on/for trips or for a special occasion
April: Book originally acquired for an LT group read or challenge: These Truths by Jill Lapore
May: Book that I keep looking at, but never manage to open
June: Book bullet (i.e. book suggested by someone else, not necessarily on LT)
July: Book by an author with more than one book on your TBR shelf: The Price of the Stars, Starpilot's Grave, By Honor Betray'd by Debra Doyle
August: Book purchased with great excitement and with plans to read right away that is somehow still on my tbr a year later
September: Classics I feel I should read
October: Book purchased because of its visual appeal (striking cover or colors, beautiful edition, etc.)
November: Book given to me as a gift
December: A book I bought because it was so cheap (library sale, remainder table, etc)

Edited: Aug 23, 4:27pm Top

Books Read in 2019

1. Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep
2. The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman
3. Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
4. The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher
5. Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
6. Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny
7. Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov
8. The Griffin's Feather by Cornelia Funke
9. Knife Children by Lois McMaster Bujold

10. Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara
11. Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch
12. The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal
13. Darkness on his Bones by Barbara Hambly
14. Stars Uncharted by S. K. Dunstall
15. Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend
16. Beyond the Empire by K. B. Wagers
17. Last Friends by Jane Gardam
18. Witches Incorporated
19. In the Vanishers’ Palace

20. The Goblin Emperor
21. The Reluctant Widow
22. Bryony and Roses
23. These Old Shades
24. That Ain’t Witchcraft
25. The Dubious Hills
26. Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field
27. Devil’s Cub
28. Roar of Sky
29. Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows
30. The Secret Witch
31. The Exile and the Sorcerer
32. The Traitor and the Chalice
33. The Empress and the Acolyte
34. Quatrain
35. Year of the Griffin
36. A Bachelor Establishment
37. Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana White
38. Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho
39. Heartland by Sarah Smarsh
40. Snake Agent by Liz Williams
41. Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik
42. Murder, Magic, and What We Wore by Kelly Jones
43. A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex White

44. The Queen's Gambit by Jessie Mihalik
45. Alliance Rising by C. J. Cherryh
46. Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace
47. The Collected Kagan by Janet Kagan
48. The True Queen by Zen Cho
49. The Book of Boy by Catherine Murdock
50. Mirabile by Janet Kagan
51. The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
52. The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien
53. Swords Against Wizardry by Fritz Leiber
54. The Secret of Dreadwillow Carse by Brian Farrey
55. Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper
56. Agent of Change by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
57. Conflict of Honors by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
58. Plan B by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
59. I Dare! by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
60. Early Riser by Jasper Fforde

61. Dreams of Distant Shores by Patricia McKillip
62. The Landlady by Diane Duane
63. The Thread That Binds the Bones by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
64. By Demons Possessed by P. C. Hodgell
65. Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie
66. Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear
67. The Origins of Constantine by D. C. Gomez
68. The Hub: Dangerous Territory by James H. Schmitz
69. Gods, MOnsters and the Lucky Peach by Kelly Robson
70. The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz
71. The Wizard of Karres by Lackey, Flint and Freer
72. The Sorceress of Karres by Flint and Freer
73. Biss Blaine's Prefect and the Golden Samovar by Olga Wojtas
74. Telzey Amberdon by James H. Schmitz
75. TNT by James H. Schmitz
76. Trigger and Friends by James H. Schmitz

77. The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien
78. St. Paul: The Apostle We Love to Hate by Karen Armstrong
79. The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay
80. The Rose Legacy by Jessica Day George
DNF The Governess Game by Tessa Dare
81. The Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien
82. A Memory Called Empire by Arcady Martine
83. A Liaden Universe Constellation 4 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
84. Thornbound by Stephanie Burgis
85. The Hidden City by Michelle West
86. Fractured Symmetry by Fernando Salazar
87. Pawsitively Poisonous by Melissa Jackson

88. The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold
89. March: Book One by John Lewis
90. The Women's War by Jenna Glass
91. Sunshine by Robin McKinley
92. Bibliophile by Tom Bruno
93. The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer
94. Chalice by Robin McKinley
95. The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer
96. The Oathbound by Mercedes Lackey
97. Oathbreakers by Mercedes Lackey
98. Oathblood by Mercedes Lackey
99. By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey
100. The Orphans of Raspay by Lois McMaster Bujold
101. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde
102. Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
103. The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde
104. Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde
105. First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde
106. Conrad's Fate by Diana Wynne Jones
107. The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones
108. One of our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde

109. The Woman Who Died a Lot by Jasper Fforde
110. Water Witch by Cynthia Felice and Connie Willis
111. Forsaken Kingdom by J. Rasmussen
112. Justice Calling by Annie Bellet
113. A Murder of Crows by Annie Bellet
114. What Fate Portends by Clara Coulson
115. The Uplift War by David Brin
116. Prostho Plus by Piers Anthony
117. The Price of the Stars by Debra Doyle
118. Starpilot's Grave by Debra Doyle
119. By Honor Betray'd by Debral Doyle
120. Minor Mage by T. Kingfisher
121. Best of British Fantasy 2018 edited by Jared Shurin

Jul 29, 7:01pm Top

Books acquired in 2019

1. These Truths by Jill Lepore
2. Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
3. The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher
4. Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
5. New Spring by Robert Jordan
6. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
7. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
8. Time's Shadow by Arnold Bauer
9. Consequences by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
10. The Queen of All Crows by Rod Duncan
11. Knife Children by Lois McMaster Bujold
12. Cast in Oblivion by Michelle Sagara
13. The Witches of London Trilogy by Alyxandra Harvey
14. Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by J. M. Bergen
15. The Queen's Gambit by Jessie Mihalik
16. In the Vanisher's Palace by Aliette de Bodard
17. A Shift in Time by Lena Einhorn

At Home in Mitford
A Light in the Window
The High, Green Hills
Out to Canaan
The Great Hunt
That Ain’t Witchcraft
A Bachelor Establishment
Duplicate Effort

Jul 29, 7:03pm Top

So, everything above needs updating, which I will do sometime this week, but I've put off everything from a new thread to updating all my rereads of the last week during the hot weather to news of my new craft room and the rental renovation long enough and need to start somewhere!!

Welcome, friends!

Jul 29, 7:15pm Top

Oh boy, I'm first again! W00t!!

And thanks for the loan of The Dispatcher.

Edited: Jul 29, 7:17pm Top

>260 Hi, Charlotte. They are good!
>261 Yeah, I have them all on my shelves too. And maybe someday...
>262 I think I'll pass on that one, Benita.
>263 I haven't seen them at our Costco, Richard, but if they ever show up I'll give them a try,
>264 Hi, Peggy.
>265 I do tomatoes, Karen, even if, like this year, I don't grow anything else.
>266 Hi, Lucy. The vertigo does appear to be gone, fortunately. Oh, I hope you enjoy the Gotlieb trilogy, keeping in mind their era. Have you checked that your LT page is opening under https, not http. It has a bad habit of doing the latter when opening it, with Google at least, and then many covers don't show. I always get mind from the LT work page, so that's not the issue.
>267 We did have monsoon weather, Reba--that's why I haven't been posting. Been in the bedroom with the window AC on and reading LT on the tablet, and I hate using it to write messages. Yesterday was dryer and cooler, though, and we got a lot done out back, including my craft room. I'll post pictures below.
>268 Sorry to hear about your reaction and hope the vertigo is all gone like mine is, Karen.
>269 Judy, thank you so much for noticing! As you can see above, it was mostly weather and some laziness.
>270 Oh Meg, I am so far behind on your thread! Hi.
>271 Richard, here you are, a positive impetus! And you are welcome!

Jul 29, 7:20pm Top

Happy new thread!

Edited: Jul 29, 7:28pm Top

So it finally cooled down enough to start setting up my craft room in the rental (right behind our house on the alley), and here is my craft room so far, from left to right.

Those are my boxes of craft show wares and equipment on the north wall, on these big plastic shelves Home Depot had on sale for a ridiculously low amount. Then comes my sewing area--a little bare now but I have three bins of fabric down from the attic waiting to go under the table as soon as it cools down a little more for lugging them back there. The wood cabinet with the gray top is my clay working area for hand building and trim. Then a nice table with an adjustable height for my old laptop (to see online patterns and ideas) and to put the cutting board on when necessary and maybe even a jigsaw puzzle, which I can't do in the house because of the cats.

Our handyman put a bunch of used cabinets in the kitchen that were pulled out of another job, and this pantry will be great for sewing projects in progress. The top pullout shelf is full of silk ties that I can now see all at once and organize by color for projects.

Jul 29, 7:36pm Top

Hello! This seems like a safe place to jump back in. You've expanded into your own dedicated craft space adjacent to your house? You must be in the major leagues now. Good luck getting set up and jumping into crafting activities. I see that the weather isn't slowing you down much.

Jul 29, 7:45pm Top

>8 quondame: Thank you, Susan.

I still have been unable to read anything new. Every time I pick up a library book, I think, do I really want to start the first book of an unfinished epic fantasy right now? And as I've been hiding out in the bedroom to keep cool, I've been rereading with a vengeance!

Book #101 The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (374 pp.)
Book #102 Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde (399 pp.)
Book #103 The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde (375 pp.)
Book #104 Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde (385 pp.)
Book #105 First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde (363 pp.)

I've been wanting to go back and reread this series for a while now. I know some find Fforde to be too precious in his book puns/allusions but I love his stories. I still have two more to go but took a brief diversion the other day.

Book #106 Conrad's Fate by Diana Wynne Jones (375 pp.)
Book #107 The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones (515 pp.)

These are the final two Chrestomanci books and as such, had been read only twice before each, and so long ago that I did not remember the details at all. As always, delightful fanciful fantasy!

Jul 29, 7:55pm Top

>10 justchris: Hi, Chris. I've been doing craft shows with my pottery and wirework for about 5 years now, with everything piled up in the corner of the dining room between shows. It's a relief getting my dining room back and also having a set-up space for sewing. Hopefully, I will do more sewing now, with the fabric out of the attic and the sewing machine set up. My ironing board is also back there, in the closet--I only use it for sewing any more--and will be convenient to set up there when needed.

I'm not moving books back there except for pottery and maybe sewing books--I need my books with me up here.

I am SO relieved to have the legal issues with the prior tenants over with and most of the damage they did to the house repaired. All that really needs doing now is a counter and sink on the "new" cabinets in the kitchen and finishing the back wall of the storage space and hanging a cabinet there. All the floors are done in the living room, kitchen and middle room, painting everywhere, "new" cabinets in kitchen, exterior painting, new concrete outside, and a new metal security fence along the alley as well as grills over the windows facing it giving me a safe place to work. No more renting, hurray!

Jul 29, 8:41pm Top

Happy new thread! I’m glad your tenant issues are getting fixed!

Jul 29, 8:50pm Top

Hooray for the she-shack! And for having the legal woes taken care of. This is so wonderful! Happy crafting!

Edited: Jul 29, 9:22pm Top

>8 quondame: and >12 ronincats: Wonderful to see this enviable 'private space' developed now. Great photos!
I'm amazed that you can combine textiles and pottery crafting in the same space! I guess not at the same time...

So much work to recover from tenants who trashed the space. No wonder it is harder and harder for people to find these little rental gems. I'm so happy to hear the issues are behind you now.

I'm glad you started a new thread, too. Hope it is as fun as the previous one.

Jul 29, 9:33pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jul 30, 2:22am Top

Happy new thread, Roni!
I'm glad you got over the problems. Your workspace looks great.
jigsaw puzzling - I love it.
Whatever you do there - have fun!

Jul 30, 7:09am Top

Found and starred!

Love the She-shed, nice name. And I want a handyman who will find me used cabinets...

Jul 30, 7:33am Top

Happy new thread, and happy new craft space!

Edited: Jul 30, 7:58am Top

Ooh, I love the she-shed, it looks really great.

You make me want to dig out my Jasper Ffordes again. I bet they really reward a re-read - so many puns...

Jul 30, 8:49am Top

She-shed is looking wonderful! Wish my lair looked that organized and tidy.... XD

Jul 30, 9:05am Top

107 books already AND a great looking new craft space -- I'm swooning!

Jul 30, 9:32am Top

Happy New Thread, Roni!

Wonderful she shed! We'll be expecting photos of many wonderful creations from your gorgeous space.

Hooray for no more tenants and their related complications!

Have you read Fforde's Last Dragonslayer series? Of course, it's another in-progress series, but it's light and fun and I've enjoyed the first two.

Jul 30, 11:44am Top

Now I see what's been keeping you busy this last little while. Your she-shack looks great and I bet you feel very inspired to get in there and create!

Jul 30, 2:15pm Top

Happy new thread, Roni. I love that you have a dedicated craft room.

I read the first two of the Fforde series and really liked them. It's been so long though, that I think I should start from the beginning again.

Jul 30, 2:21pm Top

Happy new thread, Roni!
Thanks for sharing your new room for you with us. I hope you can create some wonderful things there.

Jul 30, 2:37pm Top

>11 ronincats: Hey, I love all those books! :)

Jul 30, 5:27pm Top

>11 ronincats: I love Jasper Fforde. Have you read the Nursery Crimes Books or Shades of Grey? There's also the Last Dragonslayer books (of which I've only read 1 of that series).

He's also has a new one called Early Riser that I'm looking forward to.

Jul 30, 7:23pm Top

Happy new thread Roni.
How nice to have a dedicated craft room. And I love the name she-shed, (though even only in my mind it's a difficult word to pronounce).

Jul 30, 9:44pm Top

Happy new thread, dear Roni.

Jul 31, 12:15am Top

Happy new thread Roni!

The she-shed is looking good. Needs some filling in, though, to look like a workspace. My study is overflowing (but other people in our house don't seem to appreciate the look).

Very glad not to hear you've been visiting garlic festivals.

Jul 31, 1:22pm Top

Hmm, my post responding to Jim, Lucy, Sandy and foggi has disappeared, or else never appeared in the first place. Other than my thanks, the only substantive information was that the only things I will be doing with clay are hand-building or glazing bisqued items, so not a lot of clay dust to deal with, Sandy.

And thank YOU to Thomas, fuzzi, Mary, Charlotte (yes, they DO reward rereads!), Cassie, Reba, Janet (yes, I've read the first three Last Dragonslayer books), Judy, Beth, Anita, Natalie, Jeff (yes, I've read everything out by Fforde), Ella, Paul, and Nina (yes, me too).

So I've cluttered up the craft room a bit--got all my fabrics moved back there and took them out to sort them--it's been YEARS since I've seen some of them!

And there are about five unfinished projects stacked around the sewing machine from sizes I don't wear any more...

Now it comes to the crux of the matter, which is do I really go back there and DO STUFF!!

Jul 31, 1:51pm Top

Happy New Thread, Roni!

Looks like you're having a great reading year - your goal of 150 read is going to be a piece of cake.

My kids loved Diane Wynne Jones' books (especially our son) when they were young. I read a fair amount of her Chrestomanci ones and enjoyed them.

Edited: Jul 31, 7:21pm Top

Good to have you back on-thread. I missed you.

I have been trying to catch up on some mystery series this month, and I managed to finish one series, so I understand about the reluctance to start a new series.

I got around to reading Bloodwitch and I got so engrossed in it on Saturday that I didn't get the bathroom cleaned. Who would have thought that I would put a fantasy book in front of spring/summer cleaning? As usual Susan Dennard wrote a book that totally sucked me in. Now I have to wait until forever for the next book in this series. It seems that there isn't even a hint of another book on the horizon, so that means that I will be doing some rereading when the new one finally comes out in a year or two.

Jul 31, 8:38pm Top

>33 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe. Although I'm in a re-read rut at the moment, I'm enjoying it.
>34 benitastrnad: Thank you, Benita. I will have to check out that author.

Book #108 One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde (362 pp.)

This book features the written Thursday and a lot of skullduggery in Bookworld!

Aug 1, 6:30am Top

Happy new thread, Roni. I like the way you organized your craft room. At the moment I am trying to manage and reorganize my home office. I think that will keep me busy for a while.

Aug 1, 6:51am Top

>32 ronincats: Ah, now that looks like (my kind of) workspace.

>33 jnwelch: Thanks for the reminder to complete my Chrestomanci collection.

>34 benitastrnad: Who’d have thought?

Aug 1, 8:22am Top

Looks like you have a good "stash" there for your projects.

Aug 2, 12:06am Top

July Summary

Books read: 21
Pages read: 7441
Average pages per day: 240
Average pages per book: 354

New reads: 4
Rereads: 17
Library books: 2
Books off the shelf (ROOTS): 0
New acquisitions read: 2/3
Did Not Finish (DNF): 0

science fiction 1
fantasy 17
children's 0
nonfiction 1
fiction 0
romance 2
mystery 0

Author gender: 13 female, 8 male

Books acquired: 6
Read: 2/3, 3 were Kindle copies of books already read
Genre: 2-science fiction, 4fantasy, 0-nonfiction, 0-fiction, 0-romance, 0-mystery
Cost: $25.94

Books out the door: 0

Aug 2, 12:12am Top

>36 Ameise1: Hi, Barbara. It helps that I am going from empty to get it organized.
>37 humouress: Hi, Nina. Great ventilation too, keeps it nice and cool.
>38 thornton37814: I've been collecting for years, Lori.

Today was pottery--nothing to come home but I did glaze one cat mug for next time and trimmed a bowl and a jar with lid. Then I came home and finished

Book #109 The Woman Who Died a Lot by Jasper Fforde (385 pp.)

And this eighth book in the Thursday Next series has Thursday, older and wiser, once again fending off Goliath as well as a vengeful Deity. Fforde went on to other things after this book, although he at least once had another planned...

And Susan mentioned just reading this fun little gem on her thread, which fit my mood exactly, so I went and read it just now.

Book #110 Water Witch by Cynthia Felice and Connie Willis (216 pp.)

A delightful little romantic fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously and yet carries you along like a flooding river.

Aug 3, 9:55am Top

Good luck getting to work on projects, especially the 5 incomplete ones.

In the spirit of optimism, I have taken most of my projects and my whole fabric stash to my temporary housing in the hopes of getting stuff done. I've also brought over all the unread genre fiction, way more than I can read in 3 months, but it's easier to bring it all than to make choices in advance.

Maybe we can compare notes on progress in October. That's when I'll be moving into my new condo.

Aug 3, 7:07pm Top

Happy new thread, Roni. That is a great looking crafting space. I had to laugh at you getting down the fabrics and finding that there were projects started in sizes that you don't wear any more. I can relate. I was always starting things and rarely finishing them when I sewed.

Aug 3, 7:18pm Top

>40 ronincats: #109 I think he just got bored...how many times can one write Plock and not long for death's soothing embrace?

Happy weekend!

Aug 4, 8:35am Top

Happy new thread!

Aug 4, 2:26pm Top

Good luck with those projects! Looks like you are all set. I am thinking about a non-spring clear out of lots of paper, inspired by a friend. Need to get going!

Edited: Aug 4, 7:28pm Top

>43 richardderus:
I think that happens to lots of series authors. They have more stories to tell about that setting or characters, but they just get bored. Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn’t.

Aug 4, 7:39pm Top

First project completed. It's a walker caddy. Have another cut out in the same fabrics but may reverse the patterns.

Aug 4, 8:03pm Top

>46 benitastrnad: Some series wear better than others do, with their creators that is; and Thursday's ultra-high-context world isn't likely to be easy to keep on top of.

>47 ronincats: Good gravy! That's lovely. If any of the walker-users around here were people I liked, I'd order a gross!

Aug 4, 8:34pm Top

Hooray for getting a project finished!

>43 richardderus: ha!

Aug 4, 8:37pm Top

>47 ronincats: That came out beautifully, Roni!

>48 richardderus: Somehow that reminds me of Bilbo Baggins' birthday toast...

Aug 4, 8:39pm Top

>47 ronincats: I love it Roni!

Hope all is well!

Edited: Aug 4, 10:21pm Top

>41 justchris: Chris, that sounds like a great idea. Let's do it!
>42 Familyhistorian: Yeah, and several of these are complex projects too, like jackets and suits.
>43 richardderus: Pickwick will never be bored, however. *Plock*
>44 ChelleBearss: Thanks, Chelle.
>45 charl08: Paper is the worst, Charlotte!
>46 benitastrnad: I suspect that reaction to the last book, which did not have any BookWorld in it along with an aging and injured Thursday, may have played a part, Benita.
>48 richardderus: Why, thank you, kind sir! It's just as well--it would take ages to make a gross of these.
>49 sibyx: Yes, it's absolutely amazing, Lucy.
>50 bell7: Thank you, Mary, fellow crafter! *snerk*
>51 The_Hibernator: Thanks, Rachel. Hope the same for you.

My grandmother was a seamstress. She sewed all of the grandchildren's clothing from birth to high school age (we tended not to have as many clothes back in those olden days) and I still fondly remember my Wendy nightgown (Peter Pan), my nurse outfit, first communion dress, and all my back-to-school, Christmas, Easter dresses, and picking out fabric and patterns for high school prom dresses and college outfits and wedding dress. Her work was professional quality--I still have a suit in the attic that I save simply to marvel at the bound buttonholes (and this before button-holers, sergers, or even zig-zag stitches). I tried to learn from her at the time, but did very little sewing while working, and hadn't picked it back up after I retired.

Aug 4, 10:20pm Top

Well, I've gotten away from the rereads, but only by going back on my Kindle and picking up mediocre fantasies that were offered for free and so ended up on my Kindle.

Book #111 Forsaken Kingdom by J. R. Rasmussen (352 pp.)

This is the first of an epic fantasy trilogy. Magicians persecuted. Mountain kingdom, site of final magic school, conquered, prince leaves school (age 12) to protect it and evil conquering king uses magic to take away his memory of his past. When the magician sustaining the spell dies, Wardin's memory starts to come back and he escapes back to his home kingdom and helps beat off an attack on the school. At the end of the book, winter is coming, but the king will be back with an army in the spring...

Not terrible, but not good enough to continue with imho.

Book #112 Justice Calling by Annie Bellet (154 pp.)
Book #113 Murder of Crows by Annie Bellet (163 pp.)

Jade Crow is a sorceress who has been on the run from a sorcerer who had been her mentor with the aim of devouring her (and her powers) when he had developed them sufficiently. Currently she is hiding out in Idaho in a community rich with shifters and ley linens, running a comic book/gaming shop and posing as a hedge witch, when a Justice shows up accusing her of murder. Then her best friend's mother is discovered frozen into her fox form, and a human warlock appears to be responsible. This is fairly pro forma, with lots of shape shifters and Jade having to work some major magic, which will be sure to attract the attention of her pursuer. In the second book, Jade has to return to her Native American roots in eastern Washington to find out why the Crow shifters there are being murdered.

This had some potential, which is why I ended up reading two of them, but by the end of the second book, the direction of future books seems pretty predictable.

Aug 5, 12:54am Top

>53 ronincats: I had to check my LT book list to be sure I hadn't read any of those - all the elements of the plots sound so familiar, though I haven't read the exact combinations.

Aug 5, 11:53am Top

>47 ronincats: "Like!"

Happy start to the week, Roni.

Aug 5, 12:56pm Top

>53 ronincats: Free is good...thank goodness you were able to discover the ideas' limitations early and free.

I keep nosing around for free stuff and, with depressing regularity, find that I already possess it. The perils of Kindle-owning biblioholism.

Aug 5, 8:53pm Top

>39 ronincats: 20 + book reading month. I need a few of those to catch up, Roni.

Aug 5, 9:15pm Top

>54 quondame: Yeah, that's the problem. Unless somebody is doing some really good writing or character development, these plots are a dime a dozen.
>55 jnwelch: Thank you so much, Joe.
>56 richardderus: Yeah, the price was right, Richard.
>57 PaulCranswick: Hi, Paul. It's because of all those rereads; I can just plow right through them!

And another Kindle fantasy freebie...

Book #114 What Fate Portends by Clara Coulson (241 pp.)

Seven years ago, the exposure of the paranormal led to the tumultuous downfall of human society. Now, the legions of the fae rule the broken world, and humanity has nothing left but a handful of protected cities and a heaping helping of regret.

Enter Vincent Whelan. Half fae and former cop, he's become the best-known stretch scavenger in Kinsale, North Carolina, braving the "stretches" outside his city to recover precious items lost in the collapse. He makes good money. Lives the good life. Has a good future in store. As long as he can ignore his traumatic memories of the past.

And then he gets set up in a deal that makes him face all of those issues. Again, not too bad but not that good either. I won't be reading the other three books in the series.

Aug 5, 10:16pm Top

And two DNF to report. The first is another Kindle freebie, Scrapyard Ship by Mark Wayne McGinnis, and 44 pages in I'm just going to stop because it is too, too loaded with cliches and awkward plot elements.

The second is a DNF for right now. Sherwood Smith is a fantasy writer whose books I enjoy and A Sword Named Truth is the first in a new series. At 650 pages it is a tome. But two chapters in I'm going to stop. The fact of the matter is that the Inda series is several hundreds years ago history in this one, and it reads like knowing that world structure is going to be important in this one. Since I haven't read the Inda series yet, despite the first book being on my bookshelf and besides LT readers I trust implicitly who have raved about it, I'm going to put this series off until I do read it.

Aug 5, 11:02pm Top

Oh! Roni, I loved the first 3 *Inda* books, and encourage you to read them as soon as you can. I'll have to seek out *SNT*, but I guess I have to read *Inda 4*, which was sort of an afterthought, first.
Your she shack is way more than a shack! How lovely!!!! I'm sure that you'll enjoy it. Congratulations!
I confess that I mostly ignore Kindle freebies unless they're irresistible. I do enough damage to my Kindle space with the $1.99 deals.
Otoh, Fforde is another one besides Pratchett that I have lived without happily. I did read the first Tuesday Next, and while I thought it was O.K., I've never been moved to read another. I guess I'm just wrong-headed. I feel the same way about Louise Penney. Oh well. And Mahfouz..... so you may want to ignore my enthusiasm about *Inda*.

Aug 7, 1:14pm Top

Hi Roni, I love the peeks into your new crafty She-Shed. Congratulations on completing your first project there and on all the books you've read this year. I liked your comments on Curse of Chalion on your last thread. It reminds me I need to continue with this series. Just how many times have you read the Curse?

Aug 8, 4:25am Top

Happy International Cat Day, Roni!

Aug 9, 1:01pm Top

Congratulations on finishing your first project in your lovely new space! Walker caddies are so handy for people who use walkers, I mean, how many hands would you need to have without one?

BTW, we have friends who are starting to spend a month in San Diego each winter and she mentioned that she would love to find sources of hand-made jewelry there. I told her you do craft shows (and make jewelry) and she's interested to know if there will be any between February 6 and March 7 next year when they'll be in town.

Aug 9, 3:03pm Top

>60 LizzieD: Yes, I know--you are one of those trusted LTers! Despite not appreciating Fforde.

>61 Donna828: I truly have no idea, Donna. More than half a dozen times. It's been out 18 years? Probably no more than a dozen times, then.

>62 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas. You know I wouldn't miss that day!

>63 RebaRelishesReading: That's usually a slow period, Reba, but there are always some at the farmers markets and sometimes some pre-Valentine shows. Remind me in January.

I brought an experiment home with me from the pottery yesterday, and I liked it! It's always hard to get a photo that does justice to these round projects...but note the crisp black lines outlining the cat. Now that I know this technique works, I have 3 more cups and two plates to design and glaze this week.

I finished my second walker caddy yesterday after pottery. Here are the two. Now I need to cut out some new fabric.

Aug 9, 3:19pm Top

>64 ronincats: That handle...is it, permaybehaps, forming the lashing tail of...that thing...on the front?

The WalkerPockets are gonna be a Yuletide hit. Time to gear up!

I reviewed The Dispatcher. Thanks so much for loaning it to me! *smooch*

Aug 9, 3:28pm Top

>64 ronincats: Wow, that mug looks great!

Edited: Aug 9, 6:37pm Top

>65 richardderus: Yes, that handle is indeed part of the anatomy of "that thing", dear. Lovely review!
>66 foggidawn: Thanks, foggi. Looks even better in person, if I say so myself.

So, after 4 blah Kindle fantasies, I'm going back to a favorite reread, The Uplift War by David Brin. Although it follows Sundiver, set 200 years earlier, and Startide Rising, whose actions precipitate the incident chronicled here, it is not really necessary to have read them prior to this one, my favorite, as it is a complete story and fills in the needed details and also has no characters in common with the other two. (Although by all means avoid the second Uplift trilogy where, after a decent first book, Brin jumps the shark.)

One of the interesting things about this book is the number of words Brin uses that I had no idea of their existence or meaning, a very unusual thing for me. This doesn't detract from the reading--they are generally used from the viewpoint of an alien character in a plausible fashion. I went through once and noted them (and used the dictionary).


Maybe he tired of the conceit by the time he reached the Cs?

Aug 9, 4:58pm Top

>64 ronincats: I'll try to remember to ask...no promises.

Aug 9, 4:59pm Top

>67 ronincats: I thought I had a fairly good vocabulary, but don't recognize any of those words.

Reading builds vocabulary!

Aug 9, 6:52pm Top

>67 ronincats: Like fuzzi, I was pretty convinced I had a good vocabulary but not one of those words is one I've seen before. Impressive!

Aug 9, 7:03pm Top

Hi Roni, I am supposed to be resting my aching hands (arthritis) but I wanted to come by and see what you are up to - looks like you are keeping busy. I really like your walker caddy and I bet they become best sellers.

Aug 9, 7:46pm Top

>67 ronincats: I had to sate my curiosity. My Mac's OED had just over 50% hits, the rest were googles, a few were hits from a Brin discussion board - {} not OED standard.

Of or belonging to Acheron, infernal; hence, dark, gloomy
of, relating to, resulting from, or exhibiting chemical changes produced by radiant energy
especially in the visible and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum actinic light
Changing colour; spec. as a symptom of disease.
Of a flattened or horizontally expanded form.
Absence of hair, congenital or acquired {lacking tendrils; bald }
Of a flattened or horizontally expanded form. (Bromopnean: having bad breath)
sexual arousal from a thunderstorm taking place
Foggy, wintry.
hollow thumping noise
Misty, dim, murky; obscure, dark;
Underground; subterranean
Of a steel-blue colour; dark blue with a metallic lustre.

Lots of underground dark dankness going on here. Which is not how I remember the books. Mostly empty clothing being space zapped, and gorillas passing tests.

Edited: Aug 10, 3:35pm Top

Found a couple more on this reread:

antephialticly: I think this may be a Brin-specific word?

crepidation: to do with farts?

Book #115 The Uplift War by David Brin (638 pp.)

Still my favorite Brin. I just love how all the parts come together.

Susan, they were lurking in caves for part of the book...but what you remember is there too. Knew someone wouldn't be able to resist looking them all up! Foggi and Richard, that was my initial reaction too. NEVER read a book with so many unfamiliar words. Before or since.

Hi, Judy. Always glad to see you. My arthritis acts up in the last joint of my right index finger if I overdo it--yep, the mouse finger!

Aug 10, 3:45pm Top

>73 ronincats: antephialtic: An obsolete adjective pertaining or referring to the reduction or prevention of nightmares.

Merriam-Webster, gawd rest their collective soul.

I think you meant "crepitation"? The hollow, bangy, rattly grating sensation of the ends of a broken bone rubbing together?

Edited: Aug 11, 12:16am Top

No, it was crepidation. I got that definition as an alternative search as well.

Edited: Aug 11, 3:09am Top

>75 ronincats: All of the above (for once).

>64 ronincats: That’s one satisfied-looking cat. Like the caddies; his ‘n her?

>65 richardderus: It’s a cat, Richard. I shouldn’t be so mean to you; I am (perforce) a dog person, myself.

>67 ronincats: I was going to say I hadn’t heard of any of those words before but I could take a guess at three of them but >72 quondame: I would have guessed ‘brontophilia’ as someone who likes dinosaurs.

>73 ronincats: I use a wireless tracker pad with my left hand. So I get confused when I have to recharge it because the wire is only long enough for me to reach it with my right hand. Either way, no RSI symptoms.

Aug 11, 6:07am Top

Aug 11, 9:52am Top

Aug 11, 9:56am Top

Aug 11, 10:41am Top

>75 ronincats: A-women. And no desire to change, no Firm Purpose of Amendment, just the way it is YES LAWD

Aug 11, 12:38pm Top

Thank you, Nina, Darryl, Beth, Joe and Richard. I just knew >75 ronincats: was perfect for ALL of us!

Aug 11, 4:20pm Top

Aug 11, 6:50pm Top

>75 ronincats: >81 ronincats: Yes, Roni, that is PERFECT.

Aug 11, 11:12pm Top

>76 humouress:, >81 ronincats: My notes from reading Roald Dahl's story, "Edward the Conqueror" from Kiss Kiss: I ***hate*** cats but I think this story's gawdawful, egregiously cruel, without any shred of the author's "waggishness" as it was intended to exemplify. I hope Louisa gets a swift, condign revenge on the jackanapes. Animal cruelty, even to an animal I do not like, is not funny or clever or remotely acceptable.
The main character dispatches one of...them...in a horrible, heartless way for the scummiest of motives. I find that repugnant.

Aug 11, 11:29pm Top

>84 richardderus: Well I’m glad I’ve never read that one. Maybe he hated cats more than you do?

I suppose I shall have to forgive you; but Roni is the one who loves cats so you’ll have to ask her. Mind you, she seems comfortable enough allowing you to continue to visit her here :0)

Aug 12, 11:45am Top

>84 richardderus:, >85 humouress: I'm actually glad that even Richard finds it repugnant, since there are plenty of people out there who abuse and kill cats (and other animals) and get a kick out of it. It's nice to know you wouldn't go that far. Roni, don't forget to take that into consideration when making your decision. :)

Aug 15, 7:57am Top

Hi Roni! A very belated Happy New Thread.

Congrat on your new She-Shed. What a marvelous space to have.

>75 ronincats: I like it.

Aug 16, 7:47am Top

*waving* happy weekend, and hope your quietness just means you are busy crafting and reading.

Aug 16, 8:59am Top

I love that book cartoon.

I knew three of those Brin words -- none of them are really what I would call worthwhile except maybe brontophilia. That one made me snort my coffee.

Aug 16, 12:02pm Top

>89 sibyx: Me too (the book lover comic). I saved it to e-mail to my very books and reading family members

I didn't know a single one of that Brin vocab! Avoided that uncomfortable coffee snort, as compensation!

Aug 16, 12:17pm Top

>82 thornton37814:, >83 FAMeulstee: Knew you'd love it, Lori and Anita!
>84 richardderus:, >85 humouress:, >86 CassieBash: I've never read that much Dahl, Richard (Matilda and The BFG) but I'll definitely avoid that one! Nina and Cassie, Richard and I have agreed to disagree on the matter of them, but of course he would not condone hurting any animal, even ones he condemns in the strongest of language. And you are all always welcome here.
>87 karenmarie: Thank you, Karen.
>88 bell7: Pretty much so, Mary, and a good weekend to you as well.
>89 sibyx:, >90 SandyAMcPherson: They are all pretty obscure, Lucy and Sandy.

Well, yes, it's been hot and I've been reading a lot and have to report on my books read and also doing some crafting--pottery in prep for the studio time yesterday, and I'll have pictures of what I brought home later today, along with my book updates. But for now, it's off to the Toyota dealership to have the car serviced.

Aug 16, 12:18pm Top

Taking the car for service -- boy do you know how to have a good time :) What book are you taking with you?

Aug 16, 12:38pm Top

>92 RebaRelishesReading: My Fire, my Kindle, and a prequel to the trilogy I just finished that I'm not sure I'm going to bother with. ;-)

Aug 16, 7:24pm Top

Okay, here's what I brought home from the pottery--three berry colanders (or soap dishes) and two bowls that nest in each other and the large one back in the last thread.

Edited: Aug 16, 9:44pm Top

>94 ronincats: Those look great!

Aug 16, 9:27pm Top

>94 ronincats: The colanders are terrific, as always, but the nesting bowls...! The gorgeous blues!! ooo aaah

Edited: Aug 16, 10:54pm Top

Thank you, Susan and Richard! Yes, Richard, you liked the large bowl here too although you loved my batter bowl better! But I think these three will make a nice set.

On to the reading I've been doing this week!

Book #116 Prostho Plus by Piers Anthony (217 pp.)

Thomas (SirThomas) had just read this one and it inspired a nostalgic reread of this retro adventure of a mild-mannered dentist who is kidnapped by aliens to deal with an emergency toothache and who goes on to have multiple dental adventures around the galaxy. By no means great literature, it is good for chuckles even if, like me, you have basically given up on Piers Anthony by this point.

Book #117 The Price of the Stars by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald (440 pp.)
Book #118 Starpilot's Grave by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald (442 pp.)
Book #119 By Honor Betray'd by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald (407 pp.)

Twenty-five year old classic space opera. At the time, said to be too Star-Trek derivative, but since I never read those books, just enjoyable no-depth, all action space opera. Three books off my shelves, new reads to me!

Aug 16, 11:49pm Top

That's about it, but I do drop out of lurk from time to time.

Aug 17, 4:02am Top

>97 ronincats: I've read and reread the Doyle/MacDonald books - don't bother with any of the others (well, _maybe_ The Long Hunt). These three are quite readable, the others get very convoluted.

It never struck me as very Star Trek - "mages" and rulers and such. Star Wars, possibly, but that may be only because I don't read those books and have seen most (not all) of the movies once each, no more. It's very much its own universe.

Aug 17, 11:06am Top

beautiful blue bowls!!

Aug 17, 11:48am Top

>94 ronincats: I like the berry colanders, but the colour of the bowls - great!
>97 ronincats: I get so many great reading recommendations from you and the group. So I am very happy that I can give something back ;-).
I wish you a wonderful weekend, Roni.

Aug 17, 12:10pm Top

>98 LizzieD: I know, Peggy--it's the same for me on your thread. Our reading trajectories are just very different these days and I've naught to say. So just (((((Peggy))))).
>99 jjmcgaffey: That's what I've read, Jenn. I have the prequel The Gathering Flame here in the tbr. I'm going to give it a start but may not go on with it if it doesn't grab me--I'm not big on prequels in general, with predestination built in. Like you, I haven't read the Star Trek books so wouldn't have thought that on my owh.
>100 RebaRelishesReading: Thank you, Reba.
>101 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas. I wish you a wonderful weekend as well.

My plans are modest. The garden and outdoor potted plants need a good watering. I have some bills to follow up on, and assorted paperwork. I plan to cut out the fabric for my next sets of walker caddies fairly early in the day--cutting out takes the most concentrated energy of the whole project. The kitchen needs cleaning up, and a sweep through the house.

If The Gathering Flame doesn't catch my fancy, I'm going to start Starfarers by the late Vonda McIntyre--Tor.com had an article on books with main female characters over 50 and this was mentioned and it's been YEARS since I read the series. I only have the first two, so I may never have read the final two, for that matter. We'll see if I feel like venturing onward after my reread.

Aug 17, 1:14pm Top

>97 ronincats: #117 I'm hit! Hit, I say, struck by a bloody book-bullet. No Piers Anthony for me, but I'll give antique space opera with a woman lead a whirl.

>102 ronincats: Ooo there's a mummybutt E-edition of all four Starfarers books! That's nice.

Aug 17, 1:29pm Top

>103 richardderus: I can't find it, Richard--can you give me the link?

Aug 17, 1:43pm Top

>94 ronincats: I really like the berry bowls, esp the one in the middle that looks like it has blueberry juices left in it.

Aug 17, 2:40pm Top

>75 ronincats: yes! Yes! Yes!

Edited: Aug 17, 5:01pm Top

>104 ronincats: Here ya go. $12.99 at BookView Cafe.

Aug 17, 8:12pm Top

Thank you, Ron. Fuzzi, it is all that!

Thanks, Richard. If I decide to go beyond the first two books, that's definitely the way I will go.

Aug 18, 2:05am Top

>94 ronincats: >97 ronincats: I love those colour combinations! You're choosing my favourite colours to glaze with.

And I think I could do with some berry bowls.

Aug 18, 2:57pm Top

Hi Roni. I am starting The Face in the Frost this morning which you recommended to me quite some time ago. I have only read a few pages so far, but I can tell this is going to be a fun read!

Aug 18, 8:48pm Top

Oooh, I love the three bowl set. Btw, if I don't comment much on colors, it's because I mostly agree with Richard and he usually beats me to it! :)

Aug 18, 10:34pm Top

>109 humouress: That's good. People who don't like my color preferences are out of luck.
>110 DeltaQueen50: OOh, Judy, I'm excited!!
>111 bell7: Thank you, Mary. Here are the three bowls nested.

So yesterday I cut out the fabric for 4 patterned fabrics and two solid ones and used one of each today to sew up my next walker caddy (hangs over the front bar of a walker and gives the person using one somewhere to store things they want to keep handy, like a phone, etc.).

And that's why no reading has been getting done. (I did read several magazines yesterday and the paper today, but they don't count.)

Aug 18, 10:57pm Top

Hugo award winners announced today--the results can be found here!

Kowal deservedly won for The Calculating Stars and Wells won in the novella category again, this time for Artificial Condition, a big favorite.

I still have only read two of the best novel nominees but for the first time ever and thanks to the internet and ebooks I read all the novella nominees!

Aug 19, 10:48am Top

>112 ronincats: I LOVE the kitty fabric!!

Aug 19, 11:59am Top

Came by with a big Thank You, Roni for introducting me to The Face In the Frost. I spent most of yesterday afternoon buried in it and then finished it up in the evening. What a way with words that author has!

Aug 19, 2:41pm Top

>112 ronincats: I love the kitty pattern too!!!!

Aug 20, 12:10am Top

I love that you have a she-shed. :-)

I also love the berry colanders. Really, I love all the work you've been posting here. Lovely colors.

>75 ronincats: Yes.

Aug 20, 8:45am Top

Thanks for posting the Hugo List Roni - I missed it. Used to keep better in touch with the world of science fiction.

Piers Anthony used to be a favorite author of mine until he got so damn cutsey-poo - the novels just seems to be excuses to fire off bad and obvious puns and i stopped reading.

Loving the pure glowing blue of your bowls.

Aug 20, 6:48pm Top

>118 magicians_nephew: It was Pier's Anthony's virulent misogyny that blew him off my reading list. Alas, it took way too long. It was his end essays in which his exercise regime and his shoulder agony didn't seeming to connect in his own brain, that started me thinking about what he said rather than just absorbing it.

Aug 20, 10:27pm Top

>114 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba. I have some really cute fabrics (all with cats) and this is a good way to show them off.
>115 DeltaQueen50: I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it, Judy! Thanks for coming and letting me know.
>116 fuzzi: Thanks, fuzzi.
>117 EBT1002: Hi, Ellen. Thank you, and great that you had enough down time to visit.
>118 magicians_nephew: Yeah, I gave up on the Xanth books about 12 in--should have given up after the fifth one with Jumper the spider.
>119 quondame: Yeah, and that is what got me off his books completely, Susan.

How exciting!! Marie Brennan has a book coming out TODAY titled Turning Darkness Into Light and it's the adventures of Lady Trent's granddaughter!! I had no idea. Now I just have to decide if I want it in hardback or on my Kindle.

And I did finish a book last night.

Book #120 Minor Mage by T. Kingfisher (181 pp.)

I do enjoy Ursula's works as T. Kingfisher!! This is a shortish children's fantasy, nothing too deep or developed but just enjoyable to read.

Aug 20, 10:45pm Top

>120 ronincats: Yay for the new Marie Brennan! I probably won't see it before October, but it's on reserve!

Aug 20, 11:09pm Top

Back again with thanks for reminding me to put The Calculating Stars on my Kindle. Done.
I loved Vonda McIntyre back when and hope that *Starfarers* holds up for you - especially since I have it unread on my own shelf.
Love the blues!
Love the caddy cats!

Aug 21, 12:24pm Top

>121 quondame: Yeah, I don't know how that one snuck up on me!
>122 LizzieD: Thanks, Peggy.

Finished an ER book!

Book #121 Best of British Fantasy 2018 edited by Jared Shurin (226 pp.)

I received an electronic copy of this book through Early Reviewers. Although I am not a big short story fan, I do like to keep up on fantasy and this "Best of British" collection seemed a good way to do it. This was quite a spectrum of stories and there were only a few I really liked, while recognizing the quality of the writing and the "out-therness" of many of the stories. My favorite was a re-telling of the movie Godzilla in epic verse (rhyming couplets), which was both inspired and hilarious. And it can be found online here:

Go read it and chuckle!

Aug 21, 3:54pm Top

>102 ronincats: I've read quite a few Star Trek books, and watched all of TOS multiple times (the other series-es, not so much). I'm far less interested in Star Wars, partly because it seems to mix magic with SF in ways that don't quite work for me. That's also my objection to the later books in the Mageworlds series - the first trilogy has some magic but it gets to be front and center in some of the later books.

>120 ronincats: Ow, double book bullet! I've actually only read the first Lady Trent, though I have all of them - but another is wonderful. And ditto anything by Ursula Vernon/T. Kingfisher (though I'm surprised she wrote a children's book as T Kingfisher, I thought that was for her adult stuff).

>123 ronincats: Heh. I got that from Early Reviewers too, and haven't read it yet; I should get to it. I'll look out for the Godziliad.

Aug 21, 10:59pm Top

>124 jjmcgaffey: Jenn, I watched the shows and films, first time around, with interest but never got into the books for either franchise. Oh, you MUST read the Lady Trent books--they are SO good. Actually, Ursula and I think Minor Mage is a children's book, but her agent and publisher think it is not, so that probably accounts for it.

I'm just relieved to have an ER book completed--I am several books behind!

Aug 21, 11:04pm Top

So, today we went down to Home Depot and picked up the retro red mini-fridge to go back into the she-shack. Didn't make sense to run the electricity for a full fridge, but it's nice to keep cold drinks in. It was a hot one--upper 80s, yes, we San Diegans ARE weather wimps but you all have air conditioning--and I rested and read a bit of Starfarers in the heat of the day. Then went back and worked on another walker caddy for a while this evening when it cooled down; I should finish it tomorrow. Tomorrow is pottery day and I should have a mug and a plate to bring home--hope they turned out well.

Aug 22, 2:45am Top

>126 ronincats: That sounds plenty warm enough to me Roni! Hope you can keep cool. How the pottery day goes well!

Aug 22, 3:05am Top

Glad to see you are thoroughly enjoying using your she-shed.

>118 magicians_nephew: Bad puns are not cute. They're just bad.

Aug 22, 9:41am Top

I'm a weather-wimp and proud of it :) lol

Aug 22, 6:47pm Top

>127 charl08: Ah, but today we are right at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the perfect temperature, Charlotte.
>128 humouress: That I am, Nina! Back out in it this afternoon after pottery to finish another caddy.
>129 RebaRelishesReading: It's easy to be one in our climate, Reba.

So these are what I spent much of last week glazing--detail work takes forever. Today I only glazed so will have a lot of stuff next week, but only one with detail work.

And then I came home and went out back to finish the walker caddy that I was working on yesterday.

Now I'm going to kick back for an hour or so and watch the 4:00 news!

Aug 22, 8:36pm Top

>130 ronincats: you've been using some wonderful fabric designs.

Aug 22, 9:07pm Top

>131 fuzzi: Been collecting cat design fabrics for 25 or 30 years, a yard at a time. I think I had delusions at some point of making a quilt. I probably have 40 or 50 patterns in all, mostly just a yard each. So it's going to be primarily picking up a solid color for contrast--the ones I've used so far I've already had in the stash.

Aug 22, 11:39pm Top

>118 magicians_nephew: I heard the jokes from some annual English joke festival (sorry - I didn't pay enough attention to what and where it was), and this is one of the top 10 jokes this year. I took forever before I got it.

Cowboy - Will you help me round up 18 cows?

Other person - Of course, I will. That's 20 cows.

Aug 23, 4:19am Top

As a non-native-english-speaker I had it a little easier, what the other person meant was immediately clear to me ;-).
I had to think a little about what the cowboy meant - as a former western- and Bonanza-fan, it was soon clear.

Aug 23, 9:35am Top

>133 LizzieD: bwahaha!

Aug 23, 2:54pm Top

>133 LizzieD: haha

Love your caddys. And I also like the cat figures with the dark outlining.

It looks like you are making lovely use of your summer!

Aug 24, 1:53am Top

I love that the cat's tail is the mug's handle. :-)

I'm not sure yet but there is some chance I'll be traveling to San Diego for a conference/meeting in early November. If it comes to pass, I'll let you know. I'd love to meet up if we could work it out!

Aug 25, 3:51pm Top

>133 LizzieD:, >134 SirThomas:, >135 fuzzi: Hmmm, nobody talking to me here.
>136 streamsong: Thank you, Janet. It's being more productive than usual, for sure.
>137 EBT1002: Thanks, Ellen. I'd also love to meet up if you come.

Warm in San Diego. Yesterday was in the mid-80s here--not too bad. I picked out paired fabrics for my next half dozen caddies from my fabric stash and washed them. Then I designed a large plate--pencil, ink, wax. I was going to iron the fabrics today prior to starting cutting, but it is currently 92 degrees out and that is too hot to be standing over an iron.

Edited: Aug 31, 6:27am Top

Hi Roni!

edited to reference correct message: >132 ronincats: 25-30 years of collecting cat fabrics? Amazing. She-shed done and organized, cat fabric walker caddies rolling out!

Have you collected any other themed fabrics over the years?

Aug 25, 4:26pm Top

>130 ronincats: Very clever artwork.

Maybe if I can make a "she cave" out back, I'll manage some completed projects. That cat fabric is splendid. And as someone else mentioned - so is the mug with the handle an extension of the mug embellishment.

Aug 25, 7:58pm Top

Book #122 Starfarers buy Vonda M. McIntyre (280 pp.)

Hard to believe this book was published 30 years ago. It's got Trump, it's got the Muslim Sweep (both are offstage but important action drivers), it's got a middle-aged African-American Canadian woman as the main POV character in this near-future story about the preparing of an interstellar spaceship for launch. And it ends in the middle of the story, so on to the next in the series, Transition.

>139 karenmarie: No, only cats. Fabrics are expensive enough now that one theme is plenty, Karen.

>140 SandyAMcPherson: Welcome home, Sandy, and congrats on reaching 75! Having a dedicated work space away from the cats and with no need to pick up and put away things until one is done is certainly makes it easier. If only I could remember where I put away the jigsaw puzzles when I put up my new shelf system in January...

Aug 25, 9:04pm Top

>141 ronincats: Hope you find those puzzle pieces!

I put away some craft items last summer when small people were staying over. I still can't find them. That's hash-tag worthy of "too much stuff"!

Aug 25, 11:17pm Top

>141 ronincats: Wowzer!!! That's why I'm unwilling to give up many of my bought-long-ago books; I might lose a dandy one like Starfarers without realizing what I had. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Roni!
(((((Roni))))) See --- I intend anything I write here to be speaking to you.

Aug 26, 10:13am Top

>130 ronincats: Just LOVE the caddy fabric, and the delicate curve of the tail handle on that top mug! It's neat how it looks striped.

Aug 26, 3:13pm Top

I was looking at a book of Klee's paintings and couldn't help thinking of you and your lovely kitty pottery when I saw this

Aug 27, 1:22am Top

>138 ronincats: Sorry I overlooked you - that must be my senile dementia ;-). But as >143 LizzieD: said - all what I write in your thread is for you - especially this one about the difference between cats and dogs:
The dog thinks:
They love me, they care for me, they feed me - they must be gods.
The cat thinks:
They love me, they care for me, they feed me - I must be a god.

>141 ronincats: That sounds promising, I've only read one of her books - Dreamsnake - and found it wonderful.

Aug 27, 2:13am Top

>146 SirThomas: In that case, my son’s retriever has a split personality; he’s a dog when it comes to my son but a cat when it comes to me. I am permitted to massage his back and scratch his ears for him.

Aug 27, 6:54am Top

>146 SirThomas: I like that description. I've heard a similar: "Dogs have masters, cats have servants". :D

Aug 27, 7:59am Top

>146 SirThomas: My cat thinks she's a dog; she likes dogs, doesn't like other cats, comes when called, follows me everywhere in the house (she's not content unless she knows where I am), and she even fetches. Yet I think she still has the cat "I must be a god" mentality! :))

Aug 27, 7:24pm Top

>142 SandyAMcPherson: I may have stuck them up in the attic--I haven't searched extensively yet.
>143 LizzieD: I'm especially loath to give up my mmpb copies from the 80s and before, as many of them are no longer available, Peggy. Although this is the third 1980s one in the last couple weeks that has partially disintegrated while I was reading it.
>144 CassieBash: Thank you, Cassie!
>145 RebaRelishesReading: That's perfect, Reba.
>146 SirThomas: No problem, Thomas. Yes, I've seen that one before.
>147 humouress: Hi, Nina.
>148 fuzzi: Me too, fuzzi.
>149 CassieBash: Yeah, it's funny how my "non-social, aloof" cats all end up in whatever room we happen to be inhabiting, isn't it?

Today was cooler and, after cleaning up the kitchen, I spent most of the day back in the she-shed finishing up another walker caddy.

Yesterday while running errands I found this contraption at Big Lots, and thought it would work for displaying the caddies.

The plan is to acquire a used walker somewhere to display an example on, and have the others hanging here for people to look through.

And now Turning Darkness into Light has arrived from Amazon so I know what I will be doing this evening!

Yesterday I took a break from science fiction to read a Royal Spyness mystery I brought home from the library.

Book #123 Heirs and Graces by Rhys Bowen (295 pp.)

I love Georgie's adventures during the Depression as she deals with finances, family, and of course murder. This one was quite entertaining.

Aug 27, 8:16pm Top

>150 ronincats: Your caddies are great, though pardon me for not wanting to need one in the near future. I really like your rack - I feel a strong desire to head to BL and get one coming on! Of course, it won't be stocked up here.

Aug 27, 10:59pm Top

>145 RebaRelishesReading: I love that!

I've had my eye on Rhys Bowen but am resisting starting a new series until I wrap up one or two. Ha.

Aug 28, 1:28pm Top

Aug 28, 7:28pm Top

>150 ronincats: Ooh, I think that caddy is my favorite so far. I love the color! And that's a very nice way to display them all.

>153 ronincats: Like!

Aug 28, 7:56pm Top

>150 ronincats: Those walker caddies are pretty cool!

Aug 28, 11:21pm Top

I wish my mother were still walking. I'd grab a caddy immediately.
I'm reading and enjoying The Calculating Stars. I can't quite think that it's Hugo worthy, but when I put it down, I can't wait to get back to it.

Aug 29, 3:03pm Top

I like the BigLots rack-thing. Do they market it as a coatrack or something?

Happy reading.

Aug 29, 6:15pm Top

They call it a garment rack, Richard. Here's a pic on Amazon, but it's only $28 at Big Lots. I liked it because it came in a package 2 inches deep by 15.5 inches by 25 inches, which means I can break it down if I need to for transporting. Very easy to assemble, no loose hardware! https://www.amazon.com/Whitmor-Wood-Shelves-Garment-Natural/dp/B07KL1VSQQ/ref=sr...

So today is Thursday, which means pottery day.

Aug 29, 6:46pm Top

>159 ronincats: The colors of the two front left top photo are just what I like - the bowl interior is sort of dreamy. Cute cat cup.

Aug 29, 7:04pm Top

>159 ronincats: your creations continue to improve.

I like the kitty figurines, too.

Aug 29, 7:10pm Top

>159 ronincats: Such lovely, practical shapes! And the burgundy color is lovely indeed. The mug-handles, as always, delight me.

Flat knockdown for easy transportation AND only $28?! I hope you bought two!

Aug 29, 10:55pm Top

>154 RebaRelishesReading: :-)
>155 bell7: Thank you, Mary!
>156 figsfromthistle: Thanks, figs. Hope they sell.
>157 LizzieD: I loved that book. Maybe it will get more Hugo-worthy in your opinion as it goes along.
>158 richardderus:, >162 richardderus: Thanks, Richard--magnanimous statements indeed given the content! And I probably should have but no, I only bought one.
>160 quondame: Those are Reba and Mamie's favorite colors too, Susan. A breakfast set: coffee with cereal or yoghurt!
>161 fuzzi: Thanks, fuzzi.

Book #124 Turning Darkness Into Light by Marie Brennan (413 pp.)

I decided to go with the hardback version, as I have all 5 Lady Trent books in dead tree format, and it arrived on Tuesday. In contrast to the Lady Trent books, we never leave Scirling, but this epistolary novel featuring Lady Trent's granddaughter Audrey is a fine adventure and mystery in its own right! One of the strengths is how much the voice is distinctive among Audrey, Kudshayn, and Cora in their writing. This is a stand-alone, but one benefits from having first read the Lady Trent books.

N. K. Jemisin has a new series coming out! Here is a preview of the first book.


Aug 29, 11:06pm Top

Love everything in >159 ronincats:!

Aug 30, 7:43am Top

>159 ronincats: That's a wonderful collection in the top photo and I love the cat cup -- you best yet imho.

Edited: Aug 30, 10:49am Top

I am so in love with your cats. Since you won't mail them out I might just have to come to San Diego.

I can tell you are having a blast in your she-shack - not so much reading lately!!!!

Aug 30, 7:20pm Top

>163 ronincats: I am SOOOO excited for the new N.K. Jemisin!

Edited: Aug 30, 7:44pm Top

>164 LizzieD:, >165 RebaRelishesReading: Thank you, Peggy and Reba.
>165 RebaRelishesReading: That would be SO exciting, Lucy. And remember, I've never said I wouldn't, just that the postage and insurance cost is so high.
>166 sibyx: I know, me too, Mary!

Aug 31, 6:33am Top

Hi Roni!

>150 ronincats: I've seen used walkers at thrift stores.

>159 ronincats: Very nice. I especially love the covered jar. The shape is appealing and I love those greens.

Aug 31, 11:41am Top

>168 ronincats: Shhhh....don't tell Lucy that....maybe we'll get her to come out :)

Aug 31, 2:45pm Top

>168 ronincats: HA!! So true.


Aug 31, 4:36pm Top

Remember Starfarers and the rest of the series. I liked them.

Remember Robert Heinlein's Universe as my first exposure to the "Generation Ships" concept

Aug 31, 7:50pm Top

>150 ronincats: I wish I had a walker to put that on! OK, I don't wish for a walker at all, but I do love that fabric.

Aug 31, 9:02pm Top

>150 ronincats: >151 quondame: I found 1 (and only 1) at the Big Lots a few blocks from me. I had to wander around until I was in that nook beside the door to the side and just past the registers. It certainly is light weight.

Sep 1, 9:44am Top

I really need a separate studio. Just revisiting here to quietly moan. I seem to get so distracted when I am in the main house... there always seems to be nagging chores that take undeserved precedence.

Sep 2, 12:32am Top

>159 ronincats: From the angle in the first photo, the cat is peeking out to surprise you (better not give that one to Richard). Myself, my favourite is the one at the back on the right; I love the shape (probably because I haven't seen you do that before) and the colour.

>166 sibyx: Cats or ceramic cats?

Sep 2, 6:58pm Top

No internet since Sat. AM. Upgraded on Friday, went down 20hours later, tech coming tomorrow pm. Be back then, hopefully.

Sep 2, 7:38pm Top

>177 ronincats: Lordy, we went through that this summer - had no internet for 2+ weeks other than running out to starbucks for a wifi. Hope it works out for you. Our new setup is better and I hope that happens to you.

Sep 3, 8:54am Top

>177 ronincats: If you have 4G, you can survive. I've been without Internet outside of the phone's 4G network for years now. Not that I wouldn't get it if they brought that cable that ends a quarter mile from our house down our way. So close, and yet so far.... :D

Good luck with the tech!

Sep 3, 4:52pm Top

And I'm back. Evidently there was a system update that went awry, but now we have internet AND telephone service!

>169 karenmarie: Good idea, Karen. And thank you.
>170 RebaRelishesReading: Good point, Reba!
>171 richardderus: *smooch*
>172 magicians_nephew: I don't recall my first intro to generation ships, Jim, but there have been plenty of them. I haven't moved on to Transition yet--feeling a glut of space opera at the moment.
>173 RBeffa: Thanks, Ron. I don't wish a walker for you either.
>174 quondame: It's definitely lightweight, Susan, but that's a plus for my use (transporting to craft shows) and the connectors seem sturdy.
>175 SandyAMcPherson: My productivity certainly has gone up, Sandy, as a result.
>176 humouress: Thank you, Nina.
>178 RBeffa: Thanks for the commiseration, Ron; it was appreciated.
>179 CassieBash: I would have died without 4G, Cassie, but I have a limited data plan and without access to my internet, all that use goes to my data usage, so not a long term solution.

Edited: Sep 7, 10:39pm Top

So Saturday I finished up these two caddies:

And I've read only one book in the interim. As I said above, was rather burnt out on space opera so reread a fantasy I have that I couldn't remember at all.

Book #123 Newt's Emerald by Garth Nix (291 pp.)

This is a clever Regency romance with all the mannerisms along with a dash of fantasy. Not poorly done at all, but just doesn't measure up to a Heyer. On the other hand, nothing else does!

Sep 3, 7:55pm Top

>181 ronincats: These are just so cute Roni.

I've started a Garth Nix book that I've had for several years. I have had mixed results with him in the past but the one I'm reading is delighting me. Clever he is. I'm glad your book worked.

Sep 3, 8:00pm Top

Oh, which one, Ron? I love his Abhorsen books except for Clariel, liked the Keys to the Kingdom series but felt the last two books fell off, thought Frogkisser! was a hoot, thought several others were okay and not been impressed by a couple of them.

Sep 3, 9:00pm Top

>183 ronincats: Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures. I'm reading the limited edition hardback but it is available as a kindle at the moment for 99 cents

Sep 3, 11:35pm Top

>184 RBeffa: That's not one I'm familiar with, Ron.

So, I appear to be overcompensating for being cut off from the internet for several days. I had one ebook arrive that was pre-purchased, the latest Toby Daye installment, The Unkindest Tide by Seanan McGuire. Then The Vine Witch is one of the Prime First books this month for free, and James Nicoll recommended A Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark in an article on Tor.com which was only $3.99, and I just bought Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz for 99¢. Plus I took a book bullet for Tamsin by Peter Beagle from Narilka, a fellow LTer, and ordered it from the library.

Sep 4, 12:21am Top

August Summary

Books read: 17
Pages read: 5341
Average pages per day: 172
Average pages per book: 314

New reads: 12
Rereads: 6
Library books: 1
Books off the shelf (ROOTS): 3
New acquisitions read: 7/7
Did Not Finish (DNF): 0

science fiction 6
fantasy 10
children's 1
nonfiction 0
fiction 0
romance 0
mystery 1

Author gender: 13 female, 8 male

Books acquired: 3
Read: 3/3
Genre: 0-science fiction, 3-fantasy, 0-nonfiction, 0-fiction, 0-romance, 0-mystery
Cost: $24.57

Books out the door: 0

Sep 4, 9:52am Top

I keep meaning to read Seanan McGuire but never seem to get around to it. I've seen lots of good reviews though

Sep 4, 4:22pm Top

>180 ronincats: Ah, yes, the nasty data limits. At least they're no longer a concern for you. :)

Sep 4, 4:27pm Top

>185 ronincats: ...umm...oh, uh, hi Roni...I errrmmm sorta kinda came to mention that the first three Spellsinger books by Alan Dean Foster are $3 on Kindle today...if you'd care to partake, that is...

Sep 4, 5:57pm Top

Roni, your pottery is beautiful as always. I especially like the cat mugs. I bet you sell out of them at your next craft show. The walker caddies are brilliant. I just hope it’s a long time before I need to order one from you!

I downloaded Paladin of Souls for my mid-September drive to Colorado. It’s a 16.5 hour audiobook. I will start in on it next week so I can finish it on the 12-hour drive to Denver. DH is driving home with me and we will listen to another installment in our new crime series.

Sep 4, 6:11pm Top

>187 ChelleBearss: McGuire writes so much and such varied works that everyone should be able to find something they like. This is my favorite series of hers, though, Chelle.
>188 CassieBash: No, back on track, Cassie.
>189 richardderus: It's okay, Richard. For some reason, ADF and I don't get along and I don't like his books that much.
>190 Donna828: Thank you, Donna. Oh, you will love Paladin of Souls! Maybe we will cross paths--we're heading for Kansas next week. You can always make a pit stop in Abilene!

Sep 4, 7:01pm Top

>189 richardderus: I know you were aiming elsewhere, but you hit me!

Sep 4, 8:07pm Top

>191 ronincats: I'd've predicted otherwise! Interesting. What about his stuff fails to appeal?

>192 quondame: Heh...I take my bull's-eyes where I finds 'em, Susan.

Edited: Sep 4, 10:14pm Top

>192 quondame: Glad it benefitted you, Susan.
>193 richardderus: Hell, Richard, I can't remember 2 days ago and it was back in the...um, well, it was about 35 years ago that I read at least the first two and made this judgment. I suspect that my reaction was similar to that in the review of the book by reading_fox here at the book site. Too surface, too cute, too boy's wish fulfillment...

Sep 4, 11:38pm Top

I don't know anything about ADF I don't think, but I thought I'd at least speak. (((((Roni)))))

Sep 6, 8:42am Top

So here's my haul from the pottery yesterday...

Sep 6, 9:38am Top

>196 ronincats: Those punkins! How lovely they are.

Happy Friday, Roni.

Sep 6, 3:42pm Top

Great plate and I love the pumpkins...maybe next year :)

Sep 6, 4:45pm Top

>196 ronincats: Lovely plate, Roni!

Sep 6, 10:27pm Top

>196 ronincats: want want want...

Sep 6, 11:02pm Top

Lovely platter. I like the pumpkins too. We go back to ceramics on Oct 3 - you're giving me (more!) ideas...

Sep 6, 11:36pm Top

>196 ronincats: What a good time you are having! Us too!!!

Sep 7, 6:07am Top

>196 ronincats: Very cute. I like your colour combinations, especially ... actually, all of them.

Sep 7, 3:07pm Top

>196 ronincats: You know I love your pottery haul!

Sep 7, 10:41pm Top

>150 ronincats: "The plan is to acquire a used walker somewhere to display an example on, and have the others hanging here for people to look through." I think that is going to work beautifully. I love the walker caddies. Partly because I assume we'll all someday end up needing a walker.... If we are lucky.

>196 ronincats: LOVE!!!!

Seventeen books in August. Sigh. I can't wait to retire. :-)

Sep 7, 10:45pm Top

Thank you, Richard, Reba, Anita, Fuzzi, Jenn, Peggy, Nina and Lisa!!

Book #124 The Unkindest Tide by Seanan McGuire (368 pp.)

Book #13 in the series, this is not the place to start, but it continues to explore fresh and new aspects of the interaction between fae and mortals. This IS a good one!

Book #125 Sweep: The Story of a Girl and her Monster by Jonathan Auxier (358 pp.)

Anne (AMQS) recommended this one in July, and the library had it. Rather a strange hybrid between a middle grade historical fantasy and some serious issues around death, loss, and the cruel treatment of chimney sweep children in Victorian England. Definitely worth reading.

Sep 7, 10:47pm Top

Ellen, you visited while I was writing the above. Hope you are safely home. I am getting ready to take off tomorrow for the midwest on a road trip to visit my mother and sister, so I imagine my numbers will be down this month. On the plus side, you packed a lot more boxes than I did!

Sep 8, 12:07pm Top

Oh I love love love that platter!!!

Sep 8, 6:55pm Top

>207 ronincats: "...you packed a lot more boxes than I did!" LOL -- yes, indeed, I did.

Safe road trip, my friend.

Sep 9, 7:29am Top

Safe travels, Roni, and I hope you have a wonderful time with your mother and sister.

The pumpkins are beautifully done, but it's the kitty plate that I love.

Sep 9, 7:46am Top

Just wishing you safe travels there and back and a wonderful visit!

Sep 10, 2:53pm Top

>206 ronincats: Oh, good, Roni. I've got The Unkindest Tide, and it's encouraging to hear that you liked it. Toby is such a good character, as are the others.

Sep 12, 4:13pm Top

Hi Roni! Nothing really to add, except have a good trip and lovely as always to see what you are reading - I keep thinking I must pay more attention to all these great Fantasy and SF series you are tearing through but they just come at such a pace it gets befuddling! Also, love the cats on the cat plate. You are really developing a signature style that is instantly recognisable and very charming. Love the pumpkins too!

Sep 12, 9:56pm Top

My sister tells me that Kansas is nowhere near as hot as is Alabma right now - so I can say “wish I was there.”

Yesterday, 8:23pm Top

I'm at my mom's. Dipping in to surf threads occasionally but not saying much be ause I have fexting. Hi, visitors

Yesterday, 8:24pm Top

Hate texting.

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