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Here's somewhere to share something of who you are in memoir or recollection form.

OK - I'll start (see below). If contributors want to start and then continue to update their messages rather than have a number of messages by the same person. I'll begin a separate thread for readers comments about these entries and discussion about memoir.

Please also remember this is a public forum, so you should be cautious about how much you share of your life (and that of your family and friends) in such an environment.

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Caroline Work in progress

I was born in London in 1960 and still live there. I have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Here are a few memories, recollections and facts from each decade:

The Sixties

My first memory is of watching Winston Churchill’s funeral on a small black and white television. (1965—aged 5)

We moved twice during the 1960s, once when I was 3, and again when I was around 8 (so lived in three places). I don’t remember much about the first place from the time, only from the stories and photos I have seen since. We lived in a one room apartment with a tiny box room attached with a stove and sink in (I think), the bathroom was shared. My parents’ bed was a ‘studio couch’ that was put down at night into a bed. They had a round, black patterned melamine dinning table which picture of me sitting on it with a birthday cake aged one! And yes, somewhere there is the naked picture on the rug! I am told that whatever I was doing during those first two years, any time the music of ‘The Archers’ (on ‘the wireless’) or ‘Z Cars’ on the tv started to play, awake or even in my sleep, I would start to wiggle up and down in time to the music!

My siblings were born when I was four (a brother) and seven (a sister).

School (Primary/Junior) – I loathed school. I was often physically sick on my way to school, and my mother had to drag me. Having never been taken to nursery or had to mix with other children my own age. Suddenly being dropped into this ocean of little people all rather loud and boisterous, and most of whom couldn’t, as I could, read, I found it very overpowering and dull, as they were on books I had long surpassed.

I was too young for the sixties to be ‘swinging’ though my mother, having done a tailoring course, made a number of what to me now, and sometimes then, were extremely embarrassing outfits. I remember a long, pink, crimplene (do you remember THAT fabric?) maxi dress – I look at photos now and appear to have thought I was the cats whiskers then!

‘Blackberry Way’ by The Move is the song I most associate with the 60’s, along with The Foundations and ‘Build me up, Buttercup’.

I also became a fan of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY and … dare I admit it, David Cassidy!

I wasn’t always a good girl. I remember there used to be a grumpy old man who lived in a house a few doors down, and when it snowed, we used to pile up the snow to about knee high against his door, and then ring the bell and run away – generally to where we could peek across the road to see him open his door and get covered with snow!

Before I could read, I would make up stories for family friends off the top of my head, pretending, before I could read properly, to read them from books. I started writing things in little notebooks I’d made around the age of 8. I used to make the notebooks out of birthday and Christmas cards, sewing in sheets of blank paper. I think I wrote little stories and poems.

My favourite children’s book – the kind of cross-over from child to adult in that it was the book that also most looked like an adult book with around 200 tightly lined pages was E Nesbit’s The Railway Children and of course I loved the film. Which leads me neatly to …

The Seventies

... to be continued

ETA: small updates to 'the sixties' (like 2 siblings!)