Bloomsbury Group - love them or loath them?

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Bloomsbury Group - love them or loath them?

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Edited: Oct 22, 2009, 1:00pm

Some worship the ground they walk on, many are simply fascinated by them and their time. Others think they are cold, self-serving snobs, whose work is over-rated, share your views.

Feb 5, 2010, 8:15pm

Some of each , for each member, depending on the year and month. Virginia & Vanessa , both had their special moments , Virginia more than her sister with her surgical way of commenting . Leonard quite, contrite, stoic , agrumentative more so I guess than most of them, for his own particular reason ( below the salt syndrome). Desmond the nicest and most outgoing, Clive , fun I think, especially during his early visits to Paris, not to much baggage , would feel at home watching "The Man Show" if he lived until year 2000. Maynard, testy at times, offish and nasty to certain types but generally benevolent and helpful to those he associated with. Lytton, cover guy for "Self" magazine, Duncan, he seems friendly enough , neurotically easy going , Saxon I haven't read enough to form an opinion yet. Roger, Solid. He & Vanessa both. Bunny I liked somewhat up until the time he married Anjelica. His motives for marrying her are shady to me. E.M Forester, some say he was a member but I don't feel he was , although he was friends with the woolfs , He , to me , was one step out of the circle as was G.E. Moore in the early years.

If you could put them all into a big bag and shake the bag hard out would come a good mix of genius,art,drama, history, egocentric, erotic, neurotic, atheistic, socialistic, fun loving, some times snobbish people . People Called by other people Bloomsbury, which became a wall that our friends from the squares did not build nor formed a group.

I believe alot of journalist people surrounding them coined them "a group", called them a closed group , a closed group that didn't let anyone in. Once these people finished building that "Group" wall they attacked it! Wynham Lewis , John Middleton Murray helped build the wall , So did Harold Nicolson ( who I like very much btw, read him if you haven't )

If Fry,Woolf, Bells, Grant, MCCarthy , Keynes, Strachey et al could cause this type of activity ( wall building & siege ) they certainly weren't over-rated folks.. I think they are freaking great .

Mar 18, 2010, 8:46pm

I find that they all fascinate me in one way or another and I love the time and era in which they produced their works. I love reading about their relationships, be they platonic or romantic.
I don't worship the ground they walked on, but do find all of them fascinating. Most of them had larger than life personalities, were up for hard work, travel & fun at most any time & so were rather impulsive.
IDK!~! I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike 'em!~!