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Arr! The Treasure Hunt is closed. Come back next year.

Avast! The Dread Pirate Spalding has stowed sixteen treasure chests on LibraryThing Island. Your quest, me hearties, is to find them! The isle is vast and can be precarious to navigate for even the saltiest dog. Fortunately, Cap'n Spalding's literary crew have written some choice doggerel—much inferior to members' poetry—to help you find every treasure.

Shiver me timbers, the prizes are hearty:

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Treasure 1

Coiled metal;
To jump;
A water source;
And a thematic tag.

Treasure 2

You and I, together
Eggsactly here, when one looks
You, a perfect ovoid,
I, who once raised chooks

by LT member Marissa_Doyle

Treasure 3

An English Potter, but not the Quidditch one
Once wrote about a bunny in battle fierce.
With carrots and lettuce free under the sun
And a Farmer MacGregor his ego to pierce.
Madcap stories of a vegetable thief
—Liberator or vagrant?
Well, that’s all in your beliefs.

Treasure 4

"Spring's pages are written in Mayflowers,"
Said the heroine who lived near the Lake of Shining Waters.
For 110 years she’s been collecting bowers
on the pages of this book we love to read our daughters.

by LT member Sundancer

Treasure 5

No eggs hidden on this page—
Here they’re the star of the show.
When looking for subjects on LibraryThing,
This is where you’d go.

Treasure 6

In your easter bonnet,
with all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady

by LT member Sylak

Treasure 7

Fire born hodad horde.
Tho seven look for a bomb,
Epic! Thor wrote;

by LT member btuckertx

Treasure 8

Children of all ages concur,
Eggs in this flavor are preferred:
Milk, caramel-filled, or cream.
The Wonka factory team
Hid golden tickets in these type of bars.

Treasure 9

Sam Vimes, put to the test.
Lilac upon his chest.
Addressing a crowd,
The Duke he allowed
That he wanted an egg for his ‘fast.

by LT member rosiekitty

Treasure 10

Out in the Pacific
They stand static
The Navel of the World
What's this place called

by LT member Sylak

Treasure 11

Fiver forsaw the warren's destruction
Humans encroached with new construction
The rabbits must establish a brand new home
Over the English countryside they were forced to roam
Hazel took on the leadership role
As the group of adventurers reached their goal
The story of the rabbits that had to flee
Was made into a movie, then adapted for TV

by LT member Genetic_Blend

Treasure 12

This black bird sings all month long,
The promise of new books sweetens its song.
It won’t hatch on Sunday,
But take a gander on Monday,
To help your TBR pile along.

Treasure 13

An apple a day won’t keep this Doctor away,
And his cooking skills might make you squeamish:
Served with a fox or in a box,
Won’t make you a fan of this dish.

Treasure 14

“Yer a wizard!”
But too young to play this game.
The egg will sing some hinted things,
But not under duress of flame.

Treasure 15

Vegetables of egg #18 beware!
This lagomorph might give you quite a scare.
A little spooky and often funny,
This book stars a garlic-averse bunny.

Treasure 16

Which came first, the [tag] or the egg?

Treasure 17

Gods are loved the world wide over
In spring, ones of bunnies, resurrection, and clover.
This well-known book examines Gods old and new
In one young country with some reconciling to do.
New bleeding edge Gods, like media and tech
Old ones who’ve written their last check.
For teen’s first read, Eoster is intense,
A fertility goddess and incense.

Treasure 18

Rooting around on the site
Should “turnip” this food—
Savored by bunnies
And horses alike!

Treasure 19

A Nursery Crime,
Set in modern times.
In a mystery that’s all cracked up,
Murder is a dish best served
Sunny-side up.

Treasure 20

When you’re in a jam
And your calm has scrammed
enroll in a program
Called “Baby I am”
And go and tag a _____

Treasure 21

Old children’s books had more disease
Trying to explain to small minds with ease
The effects of fever on old and small.
This tale of one rabbit loved to Real
Surely has intergenerational appeal
As a toy who has given it all.
Finally, like how childhood ends
The rabbit makes other friends
And is no longer a doll.

Treasure 22

Sometimes the world changes on a book
Whole cultures shifting on a literary hook.
This 1960’s lyrical screed
Against the chemicals plants don’t need
Precipitated several large scale turns
Of government and environmental concerns.
Small print: There be no small print here! Except that we run this ship, so our decisions are final—now walk the plank!