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UnSuggestions for Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

3,071 members; 44 reviews; average rating 3.35 stars.

People with this book also have... (more obscure)

  1. More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction by Elizabeth Wurtzel (expected 10.9, found 376)
  2. Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women by Elizabeth Wurtzel (expected 19.3, found 405)
  3. The Bitch Rules by Elizabeth Wurtzel (expected 3.4, found 99)
  4. Wasted by Marya Hornbacher (expected 25.9, found 334)
  5. Skin Game: A Memoir by Caroline Kettlewell (expected 4.5, found 85)
  6. Prozac Diary by Lauren Slater (expected 3.4, found 70)
  7. A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain by Marilee Strong (expected 5.8, found 87)
  8. The Quiet Room: A Journey Out of the Torment of Madness by Lori Schiller (expected 6, found 86)
  9. Madness: A Bipolar Life by Marya Hornbacher (expected 8.8, found 109)
  10. Bloodletting: A Memoir of Secrets, Self-Harm, & Survival by Victoria Leatham (expected 2.1, found 45)
  11. Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (expected 96.6, found 847)
  12. Get Me Out of Here: My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder by Rachel Reiland (expected 4.4, found 62)
  13. The Best Little Girl in the World by Steven Levenkron (expected 7.1, found 82)
  14. Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb (expected 6.8, found 79)
  15. Passing for Normal: A Memoir of Compulsion by Amy S. Wilensky (expected 2.4, found 41)
  16. Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas (expected 25, found 211)
  17. Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation by Steven Levenkron (expected 4.5, found 56)
  18. The Camera My Mother Gave Me by Susanna Kaysen (expected 4.3, found 54)
  19. Welcome to My Country by Lauren Slater (expected 3.3, found 46)
  20. Courtney Love by Poppy Z. Brite (expected 4.8, found 56)
  21. Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood by Julie Gregory (expected 18.1, found 149)
  22. Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison (expected 11.7, found 102)
  23. Manic: A Memoir by Terri Cheney (expected 7.4, found 72)
  24. Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation by Leora Tanenbaum (expected 5.6, found 59)
  25. Just Checking by Emily Colas (expected 4, found 48)
  26. Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams: Short Stories, Prose, and Diary Excerpts by Sylvia Plath (expected 19.3, found 149)
  27. Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum (expected 6.3, found 62)
  28. Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression by Nell Casey (expected 6.7, found 64)
  29. Detour : My Bipolar Road Trip in 4-D by Lizzie Simon (expected 2.8, found 38)
  30. The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order by Marcelle Karp (expected 10, found 85)
  31. Gracefully Insane: Life and Death Inside America's Premier Mental Hospital by Alex Beam (expected 6.4, found 61)
  32. But Inside I'm Screaming by Elizabeth Flock (expected 7.1, found 65)
  33. The Centre of Winter by Marya Hornbacher (expected 4.6, found 49)
  34. An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison (expected 47.1, found 321)
  35. First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple by Cameron West (expected 5, found 51)
  36. Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania by Andy Behrman (expected 3.9, found 44)
  37. Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love by Courtney Love (expected 3, found 38)
  38. Undercurrents: A Life Beneath the Surface by Martha Manning (expected 4, found 44)
  39. Divided Minds: Twin Sisters and Their Journey Through Schizophrenia by Pamela Spiro Wagner (expected 2.7, found 36)
  40. Hunger Point by Jillian Medoff (expected 3.7, found 42)
  41. Purge: Rehab Diaries by Nicole Johns (expected 1.3, found 27)
  42. Thin by Lauren Greenfield (expected 2.4, found 33)
  43. Fat Girl: A True Story by Judith Moore (expected 10.2, found 81)
  44. Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain by Charles R. Cross (expected 15.8, found 112)
  45. Life Inside: A Memoir by Mindy Lewis (expected 1.4, found 26)
  46. The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey (expected 4.6, found 45)
  47. Appetites: Why Women Want by Caroline Knapp (expected 6.7, found 57)
  48. The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression by Andrew Solomon (expected 27.6, found 178)
  49. Loud in the House of Myself: Memoir of a Strange Girl by Stacy Pershall (expected 1.7, found 27)
  50. The Hanged Man by Francesca Lia Block (expected 10, found 75)
  51. The Luckiest Girl in the World : A Young Skater Battles Her Self-Destructive Impulses by Steven Levenkron (expected 2.9, found 34)
  52. Riding in Cars with Boys: Confessions of a Bad Girl Who Makes Good by Beverly Donofrio (expected 6.9, found 57)
  53. The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath by Sylvia Plath (expected 31.5, found 198)