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1 Federal Street / 1 Monument Way
Portland, ME 04101

United States

207-772-4045; infolongfellowbooks.com

Type: Bookstore — new books, used books

Web site: http://www.longfellowbooks.com/

Events: http://longfellow.indiebound.com/event

Twitter account: @longfellowbooks

Description: Longfellow's true address is 1 Monument Way, but Google won't map it to that location correctly, so I have chosen very near it instead.

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Well, there aren't sellers anymore—just one, unfortunately.
January 2010 by timspalding
I didn't realize when I moved out of Maine that one of the things I would miss most were the independent book sellers. These are gems in a beautiful city.
July 2009 by ehough75
Longfellow is my favorite bookstore in Portland! I like the people, the atmosphere, and of course the selection of books.
February 2009 by jayde1599
The nice people who work for Longfellow were one of the reasons my wife and I moved to Portland, ME. Three cheers for Longfellow!
March 2008 by timspalding

Upcoming events

Louise Penny: How the Light Gets In *at The First Parish Church* (Thursday, July 31 at 7pm)
How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny Thursday, July 31st, 7:00pm at The First Parish Church

Longfellow Books and the Portland Public Library present a book talk and signing with Louise Penny on Thursday, July 31st at 7:00pm at First Parish in Portland. Penny will speak about her most recent book in the Gamache series, How the Light Gets In. Ticket holders will receive 20% off one Louise Penny book at the event including a pre-order for the next book in the series, released in August. Click here to purchase tickets, they're going fast!

“Penny writes with grace and intelligence about complex people struggling with complex emotions. But her great gift is her uncanny ability to describe what might seem indescribable – the play of light, the sound of celestial music, a quiet sense of peace.” -New York Times Book Review

Join us for this exciting event with award-winning mystery writer, Louise Penny, hear her read and get your books signed. Listen to Louise talk about her upcoming book in the series and pre-order a copy! Join us for this exciting event with award-winning mystery writer, Louise Penny, hear her read and get your books signed. Listen to Louise talk about her upcoming book in the series and pre-order a copy!

Location: Street: One Monument Way City: Portland, Province: Maine Postal Code: 04101-4078 Country: United States (added from IndieBound)
… (more)
Graham Farmelo: Churchill's Bomb *at Longfellow Books* (Friday, August 1 at 7pm)
Churchill's Bomb: How the United States Overtook Britian in the First Nuclear Arms Race by Graham Farmelo Wednesday, August 1st, 7:00pm at Longfellow Books

As award-winning biographer and science writer Graham Farmelo describes in Churchill’s Bomb, the British set out to investigate the possibility of building nuclear weapons before their American colleagues. But when scientists in Britain first discovered a way to build an atomic bomb, Prime Minister Winston Churchill did not make the most of his country’s lead and was slow to realize the Bomb’s strategic implications. This was odd—he prided himself on recognizing the military potential of new science and, in the 1920s and 1930s, had repeatedly pointed out that nuclear weapons would likely be developed soon. In developing the Bomb, however, he marginalized some of his country’s most brilliant scientists, choosing to rely mainly on the counsel of his friend Frederick Lindemann, an Oxford physicist with often wayward judgment. Churchill also failed to capitalize on Franklin Roosevelt’s generous offer to work jointly on the Bomb, and ultimately ceded Britain’s initiative to the Americans, whose successful development and deployment of the Bomb placed the United States in a position of supreme power at the dawn of the nuclear age. After the war, President Truman and his administration refused to acknowledge a secret cooperation agreement forged by Churchill and Roosevelt and froze Britain out of nuclear development, leaving Britain to make its own way. Dismayed, Churchill worked to restore the relationship. Churchill came to be terrified by the possibility of thermonuclear war, and emerged as a pioneer of détente in the early stages of the Cold War.

Contrasting Churchill’s often inattentive leadership with Franklin Roosevelt’s decisiveness, Churchill’s Bomb reveals the secret history of the weapon that transformed modern geopolitics.

“Farmelo tells this tale fluently ... Churchill’s Bomb illuminates significant flaws in Churchill’s personality, policies and leadership.” - The New York Times Book Review

“A story as gripping as it is elegantly argued and precise.” -Financial Times

Graham Farmelo is a Bye-Fellow at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, and an adjunct professor of physics at Northeastern University. Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the Costa Book Award for The Strangest Man, he lives in London.

Location: Street: One Monument Way City: Portland, Province: Maine Postal Code: 04101-4078 Country: United States (added from IndieBound)
… (more)
Richard Blanco (Wednesday, August 6 at 00am)
Richard Blanco (For All of Us, One Today) (added from Random House)
David Cleveland: Love's Attraction *Meet & Greet at Longfellow Books* (Wednesday, August 6 at 11am)
Love's Attraction by David Cleveland Wednesday, August 6th, 11:00 to 1:00 at Longfellow Books From literary Concord to the backwater canals of Venice, Love's Attraction takes readers on a tantalizing and thought-provoking journey as Michael Collins, a Washington political fixer facing an impending bribery scandal, is suddenly confronted with a past he never knew and a legacy of heartbreak and deception from which he failed to escape. Love's Attraction is a mysterious, romantic novel that explores universal themes of identity: how memory (or its lack), talent and intemperate desires—embodied in art as well as in our genes—are passed down through families to influence our hidden selves. The novel speaks to the role of metamorphosis in our lives and how the transforming elixir of Love's Attraction makes us most fully human.

"Love's Attraction is a gripper of a romantic novel. Cleveland writes with great gusto and zest, real richness and sensuality. Love's Attraction contains all of the best elements of an intelligent reader's page-turner." -Evan Thomas, award-winning author

"Thwarted adolescent love, family secrets, art, and Thoreau converge in this gothic family-history novel ... Moving between Concord and Venice ... this is a twisty, atmospheric tale, leisurely told, about love and creativity, grief and pain, family and identity. The themes of art and obsession may appeal to fans of Donna Tartt's The Secret History, while the outsider's exploration of a gothicly messed-up family may beckon to fans of Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale." -Susan Maguire, Booklist

Join us for a Farmer's Market Meet and Greet with novelist and art historian, David Cleveland. David's first novel, With a Gemlike Flame, drew wide praise for its evocation of Venice and the hunt for a lost masterpiece by Raphael. His most recent art history book, A History of American Tonalism, won the Silver Medal in Art History in the Book of the Year Awards, 2010; and Outstanding Academic Title 2011 from the American Library Association; it was the best selling American art history book in 2011 and 2012. He and his wife live in New York where he works as an art advisor with his son, Carter Cleveland, founder of Artsy.net, the new internet site making all the world s art accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Location: Street: One Monument Way City: Portland, Province: Maine Postal Code: 04101-4078 Country: United States (added from IndieBound)
… (more)
Sue Miller (Wednesday, August 6 at 7pm)
Sue Miller (Lost in the Forest, The lake shore limited, the Senator's Wife, The Story of My Father, The world below, While I Was Gone, The Arsonist)

Sue Miller is the best-selling author of the novels The lake shore limited, the Senator’s Wife, Lost in the Forest, The world below, While I Was Gone, The Distinguished Guest, For Love, Family Pictures, and The Good Mother; the story collection Inventing the Abbotts; and the memoir The story of my father. She lives in Boston. (added from Random House)… (more)
Ellen Cooney: The Mountaintop School for Dogs (Thursday, August 7 at 7pm)
The Mountaintop School for Dogs by Ellen Cooney Thursday, August 7th, 7:00pm at Longfellow Books The Sanctuary. High up on the mountain, the Sanctuary is a place of refuge. It is a place where humans save dogs, who, in turn, save the humans. It is a place where the past does not exist, where hopelessness is chased away, where the future hasn’t been written, where orphans and strays can begin to imagine a new meaning for “family.” Evie is making her way to the Sanctuary. She has lied to gain entry. She has pretended to know more than she does about dogs, but she is learning fast. Once the indomitable Mrs. Auberchon lets her pass, she will find her way. Like the racing greyhound who refuses to move, the golden retriever who returns to his job as the Sanctuary’s butler every time he’s adopted, and the Rottweiler who’s a hopeless candidate for search-and-rescue, Evie comes from a troubled past. But as they all learn, no one should stay prisoner to a life she didn’t choose. This is the story of two women and a whole pack of dogs who, having lost their way in the world, find a place at a training school—and radical rescue center—called the Sanctuary. It is a story of strays and rescues, kidnappings and homecomings, moving on and holding on and letting go. And it is, ultimately, a moving and hilarious chronicle of the ways in which humans and canines help each other find new lives, new selves, and new hope.

"Cooney’s good-natured narrative teaches readers about many different aspects of dog behavior and training alongside Evie, making the book ideal for animal aficionados ... Dog lovers rejoice! Cooney has crafted an uncomplicated, feel-good, canine-filled tale of cross-generational friendship, healing, and solidarity." -Publishers Weekly

"The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances is both a joyful romp and a wise, engaging meditation on dogs, love, and recovery from pain. Come. Sit. Read!" –Lily King, author of Euphoria

Ellen Cooney is the author of A Private Hotel for Gentle Ladies and other novels. Her stories have appeared in The New Yorker and many literary journals. She has taught writing at MIT, Harvard, and Boston College, and now lives in Maine with her dogs Andy, Skip, and Maxine—who are each, in their own way, rescues. Join us forto hear Ellen share this beautiful story, ask your questions, and get your books signed.

Location: Street: One Monument Way City: Portland, Province: Maine Postal Code: 04101-4078 Country: United States (added from IndieBound)
… (more)
Jo Roberts: Contested Land, Contested Memory *at Longfellow Books* (Monday, August 11 at 7pm)
Contested Land, Contested Memory: Israel's Jews and Arabs and the Ghosts of Catastrophe by Jo Roberts Monday, August 11th, 7:00pm at Longfellow Books 1948: As Jewish refugees, survivors of the Holocaust, struggle toward the new State of Israel, Arab refugees are fleeing, many under duress. Sixty years later, the memory of trauma has shaped both peoples' collective understanding of who they are. After a war, the victors write history. How was the story of the exiled Palestinians erased – from textbooks, maps, even the land? How do Jewish and Palestinian Israelis now engage with the histories of the Palestinian Nakba ("Catastrophe") and the Holocaust, and how do these echo through the political and physical landscapes of their country? Vividly narrated, with extensive original interview material, Contested Land, Contested Memory examines how these tangled histories of suffering inform Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli lives today, and frame Israel's possibilities for peace. "Roberts does a masterful job of presenting all perspectives in their proper context." -Publishers Weekly

"A beautifully written book … Jo Roberts captures the voices of Jewish and Palestinian Israelis in all their diversity, pain, and eloquence." -Professor Michael Rothberg, director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies Initiative at the University of Illinois

Trained in her native England as a lawyer and anthropologist, Jo Roberts is now a freelance writer. For five years she was managing editor of the New York Catholic Worker newspaper, to which she frequently contributed. Her reportage from Israel and from the West Bank has appeared in Embassy, Canada’s foreign policy weekly. She lives in Toronto, Canada. Join us to for this important discussion with Jo, ask your questions, and get your books signed.

Location: Street: One Monument Way City: Portland, Province: Maine Postal Code: 04101-4078 Country: United States (added from IndieBound)
… (more)
Jennifer Wixson: The Songbird of Sovereign *at Longfellow Books* (Thursday, August 14 at 7pm)
The Songbird of Sovereign by Jennifer Wixson Thursday, August 14th, 7:00pm at Longfellow Books

She's the most popular resident of Sovereign, Maine yet no one in this rural farming community of 1,048 souls has ever known the story behind Miss Hastings' seven decades of dedication to schoolchildren. Now, Maggie the minister sets out on a quest to plumb the mystery of Miss Hastings' past before the retired music teacher -- nearing her 89th birthday and in failing health -- departs this world forever.

Much like a fine tapestry the novel weaves from the 1940s to the present day revealing the story of Jana Hastings, a child musical prodigy who once graced the stages of New York. When an illness cuts short her career, Jana is sent to Windmere Sanatorium in central Maine for the treatment of TB. While at Windmere various events -- including first love, first loss, and the thundering approach of WWII -- catapult the self-centered teenager into mature womanhood.

A poignant, stand-alone novel The Songbird of Sovereign is Jennifer's best effort yet. You won't want to miss a minute in your favorite mythical Maine town!

Maine farmer, author and itinerant Quaker minister, Jennifer Wixson writes from her home in Troy, where she and her husband raise Scottish Highland cattle. A Maine native, Jennifer was educated at the School of Hard Knocks, and also admits to a Master's degree in Divinity from Bangor Theological Seminary. Join us to hear Jennifer read from Book 3 in her beloved Sovereign series, ask your questions and get your books signed!

Location: Street: One Monument Way City: Portland, Province: Maine Postal Code: 04101-4078 Country: United States (added from IndieBound)
… (more)
Gail Gutradt (Thursday, August 21 at 7pm)
Gail Gutradt (In a Rocket Made of Ice)

Gail Gutradt has volunteered at the Wat Opot Children’s Community in Cambodia since 2005. Her stories, articles, and poems have appeared in the Japan-based Kyoto Journal, as well as in the Utne Reader and Ashé Journal. Her first Kyoto Journal article, “The Things We’ve Gone Through Together,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She lives in Bar Harbor, Maine. From the Hardcover edition. (added from Random House)… (more)
Chris Guillebeau (Friday, September 12 at 7pm)
Chris Guillebeau (The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit)

Chris Guillebeau is a writer, entrepreneur, and traveler. During a lifetime of self-employment and ventures ranging from online publishing to volunteer work in West Africa, he has visited nearly every country on earth before the age of 35. Host of the World Domination Summit, an international gathering of creative people, Chris is focused on encouraging individual quests while also “giving back.” His main website, ChrisGuillebeau.com, is visited by more than 300,000 people a month. (added from Random House)… (more)
John Searles will be promoting Help for the Haunted (Tuesday, October 28 at 7pm)
John Searles will be promoting Help for the Haunted (added from HarperCollins)

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