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When you view a book in your library, you have the option to edit your book by clicking "Edit your book" on the left or the Edit icon at the top.

Primary details

Title The title of the book.
[Sort From] The drop-down to the right of the title field indicates the character position at which to sort. (For example, "The Cooks" would have a 5 in this dropdown.)
Author The primary person on the book. Usually the author, but can also be the editor, photographer, and so forth.
Tags Your comma-separated tags for this book.
Collections Your collection(s) that this book appears in.
Info Place and date of publication.
Your review If you'd like, you can enter a review of the book. You can choose to share this review on Facebook or Twitter.
Other authors Other people on the book, such as cover artists, co-editors, translators, and so forth.
Media What kind of item is this? Paperback, e-book, VHS tape, other?
Edition Edition information
Publication The publication information for this book, usually formatted as: City : Publisher, Year Published
ISBN The ISBN for the book.

Physical description

Number of volumes How many physical books the work contains (i.e. the work page for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings has 4 volumes in it).
Number of copies How many copies of this book you have in your library.
Pagination The default is just the number of pages in the book. You can also add other types of pages, such as lettered forwards (i, ii, iii) or unpaged (blank pages in older books).
Dimensions Enter the height, length, and thickness of the book. This informs both the Memes page and the Physical Summary field (below).
Weight Enter how much the book weighs.


Primary Select the primary language for this book.
Secondary Select the secondary language for this book, or any other languages. This is useful for works that show side-by-side translations.
Original Select the original language for this book.


To change the date format, click the "date settings" link.

Note: This does not immediately affect the description text for these fields, but it does change how the dates look if a date is already present in a field.

Reading dates Enter the from and to dates of when you read this book. To add additional reading dates, click "(more)".
Date acquired Enter the date when you first acquired the book.
From where? When you click Change, a pop-up appears. You may search for a venue, type in a venue via Free Text, or use a venue you've selected/entered before. To hide display of this field, select the Privacy "tab".


For more information on this section, see: Your library and your books

LC classification The Library of Congress number.
Lexile® measure The Lexile measure.
Dewey The Dewey decimal number. Note: This displays as Dewey/Melvil when selected as a column for a view.
Call number Any other tracking ID you care to enter, such as an Open Library ID.

Item comments

Comments Enter any public comments for the book.
Private comments Enter any private comments for the book.
Physical Summary This automatically pulls a semicolon-separated list of the Pagination and Dimensions:Height fields. This pulls all Pagination items -- for example, if I enter "8 i,ii,iii" and "440 1,2,3", the field will show "8, 440 p".
Summary This automatically pulls the Title, Author (or other primary person), and Publication Date fields. For example: Sarek by A.C. Crispin (March 1994)


Barcode The barcode of the book.
BCID The Book Crossing Identification number.
EAN The International Article Number. Read-only.
UPC The Universal Product Code. Read-only.
ASIN The Amazon Standard Identification Number. Read-only.
LCCN The unique LC control number. Read-only. Two digit year of original publishing followed by (interchangeably) a hyphen or two zeros, and then a four-digit entry code.
OCLC The unique OCLC number. Read-only.


Entry date When your book was logged. Display-only.
Book ID The unique ID for this particular book. Display-only.
Data source Where you searched when you added the book. Display-only.
Private Mark the book as private.
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