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This is an archive of an old HelpThing page. The "edit contacts" feature/page to which it corresponds no longer exists, and many of the features described here no longer exist.



You can view and edit your Connections in the Contacts section of the Edit profile and settings page. The navigation bar at the left (Profile, Account, Contacts, Display Styles, Sites/Apps, and Miscellaneous) takes you to other Profile editing options.

This help page will describe how to add or remove other LibraryThing members from your Connections list. It will also help you discover if other LibraryThing members have indicated that your library is interesting or have requested that you add them as friends.


There are four ways that other LibraryThing members can be added to your Connections lists.

  • Friends: Friends are mutual. When someone requests a friendship on LibraryThing, the other person gets a message and must "approve" the friendship. "Friends" are given that label in Connections, but they have no other special privileges. Your friends see exactly the same information as everyone else; they cannot see the private comments fields, and they can't see private libraries at all!
  • Interesting Libraries: This is a one-way recognition of merit. If you indicate that another library is interesting, the interesting member's name will show up on your Profile's Connections sections. The other person will be told, but he doesn't have to approve your listing.
  • Private Watch List: This is the stalker option. He'll never know...
  • Similar Libraries: The 50 libraries most similar to yours are automatically calculated by computer. Similarity is based on the number of shared books, with some adjustment so that less common books count for more than more common ones.


How do I add a LibraryThing member as a friend or other contact for the first time?

On the right side of the Edit profile contacts page is the Add friends and contacts column.

If you already know the person's LibraryThing name

  1. Enter the member's name in the Members box and click the Search button.
  2. Click on the member's name in the search results. This links to the person's LibraryThing profile.
  3. Look toward the top right of the page and click on the option you'd like to select: add to interesting libraries, add to friends, or add to private watch list.

If you don't know the person's LibraryThing name

You can search for your friends on other sites (Facebook, LiveJournal, and lots more!) and add them as LibraryThing friends if they have listed their user names from other web sites in their Profiles (Also on).

  1. Look below the "Also On" box and choose the other site's name.
  2. Type your friend's user name on that site into the box above the drop-down menu, and then click the Search button.
  3. If your friend has listed his alter-ego, the LibraryThing member name will appear on the search results list. Click on the link to go to the person's LibraryThing profile.
  4. Look toward the top right of the page and click on the option you'd like to select: add to interesting libraries, add to friends, or add to private watch list.

For a limited number of web sites (13), LibraryThing can find your friends. To explore these connections:

  1. Make sure you've already listed your identity on other sites using the Also on part of your Profile.
  2. Click "explore these connections" in the "Also On" section below Add friends and contacts.
  3. For supported web sites, LibraryThing will pull a list of other LibraryThing members (as listed in their "also on" sections) who are listed as your friends/contacts on the other supported web site.
  4. Even if the sites aren't supported for this feature, you'll get a link to your profile on the other site, so that you can jot down your friends' names to search.

How do I make changes to Connections with LibraryThing members?

A list of your current Connections will appear under the heading Your friends and contacts. To make changes:

  • Delete a member entirely by checking the Delete box.
  • Change between contact types (friend, interesting library, watch list) by selecting a new option from the drop-down menu next to the member's name.
  • After you've selected all the changes you'd like, click the Save Changes button.

How do I see whether other people have listed me in their Connections lists?

The You on other member's lists column in the middle of the page tells you which LibraryThing members have you listed as a friend or an interesting library. It cannot tell you who has listed you on a private watch list. If another member has requested to list you as a friend but you have not accepted the invitation, the name will appear after a : at the end of the You on other members' lists column.

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