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Use the search box in your catalog to find books quickly. By default, the search will search all fields. You can use the dropdown to limit your search to title/author, tags, reviews, comments, subjects, or 'most fields'.


To clear a search, 'x' out the search term in the top left of the catalog (be sure you're scrolled all the way up).

Search & Power Edit

You can use search to limit the titles you're editing in Power Edit. Simply search as usual and then select the 'Power Edit' PowerEditIcon.jpg icon.

Catalog search syntax

  • Catalog searches can contain special modifiers that you can use to narrow your search. See the table below for a list of the modifiers and what they search.
  • Negative searches are possible within a catalog using a minus/dash before the search term.
  • You may search for quoted text to match a block of text exactly.
  • The wildcard * may be used to match anything.

Sample searches

Search syntax Search result
potter all books that match potter anywhere in the data
harry -potter all books with harry in them, minus those with potter in them
harry potter title:-phoenix all Harry Potter books except Order of the Phoenix
200* wildcard: all books that match something that starts with 200 and has anything after that.
potter? single wildcard character: all books that match potter with any other letter at the end (e.g. potters, pottera, pottere). Note: this is an experimental operator. Mileage may vary.
atlas "non-fiction" quotes must be used when search for items with a hyphen (-) in them.
"The Green Mile" items that match the quoted term exactly (or have that exact phrase within them)
tag:history all books tagged history
tag:-history all books not tagged history
comment:"" all books with empty comments
comment:* all books with comments
tag:xxx tag:yyy or tag:xxx yyy books that have been assigned two particular tags
tag:xxx tag:-yyy or tag:xxx -yyy books that have been assigned one tag, but not another
tag:"science fiction" multi-word tags
art|history books with art or history; notice the | (pipe) character between the search terms. This character is often found just above your enter or return key on your keyboard, although results may vary. Do not use spaces before or after the pipe.

Acceptable modifier prefixes

Modifier prefix Searches these catalog columns
all: title, author, tags, ISBN, date, lcc, publication, dewey, source, subjects, comments, review, other authors, private comment*
most: title, author, tags, ISBN, date, lcc, publication, dewey, source, comments, other authors, private comment*
titleandauthor: title, author, other authors
title: title
author: author, other authors
tag: or tags: tags
isbn: ISBN
date: date
lcc: or lcclassification: LC Classification
lccn: LCCN
dewey: dewey
source: book data source (e.g. Amazon)
subject: subjects
comment: or comments: comments
review: or reviews: review
titleandauthorandsubjects: title, author, subjects, other authors
collections: collections**
fromwhere: From where (e.g. Powell's, Strand Bookstore)

* private comments are only searchable within your own catalog. That's why they're private.
** awaiting release

If the search is returning the wrong results and you know they are the wrong results, it may be because the search index for your catalog is somehow not up to date. You can correct this any time you want by clicking here to index your catalog for search. This will rebuild the index for your catalog. If you are still getting inconsistent results then try posting a question about it on the Bug Collectors group.

We are still working through some small issues with multibyte Unicode character sets so some non-Latin character sets like Japanese characters cannot be used except within quotes. Until we get them working perfectly you should put quotes around your search like this: "辞典".

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