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Talk is LibraryThing's forum or message boards, where discussion of the site, books, and other things take place.

Talk is made up of various 'threads' or 'topics' which are organized in Groups. You can see all topics within a group by visiting the group page.

The main Talk page is a place to bring together topics from different groups, making it easy to follow many different conversations in many different ways. The list displayed shows the 100 most recent talk topics; the "next" link at the top right corner allows you to page through for older topics.



The default is to sort by most recent post. Click on the "Topics" or "Unread/Messages" column headers to sort alphabetically by subject name, or with the most number of unread messages first. None of these sorts are reversible.

Reading Topics

All threads belong to a group. Thread names are listed as Group Name : Topic. Clicking on this link will take you to the top of the topic page.

You can also jump to the first unread message in any topic by clicking on the number of unread messages in the 'unread/messages' column.

Messages are automatically marked as read when they are loaded. To set your unread marker in the middle of a topic, click 'More' at the bottom of the message to choose 'Mark as read to here.'

Starring Topics

You can mark threads that you find interesting so that you can find them more easily. To the left of the Unread/Messages counts there is a small light-gray star: Talkstar-n.gif. Clicking on this will turn it yellow Talkstar-l.gif and will mark that thread as a favorite. Clicking again will remove the star.

Last message

Shows who posted the most recent message in a topic, and when. Clicking on a user's name will take you to their profile.

Ignoring Topics

If there's a topic you're not interested in and you want to remove it from your list, you can ignore it by clicking the a small gray "x" which appears to the right of the topic: Ignore-sm-gray.png.

Clicking it will turn it red Ignore sm.gif and move the topic to the end of all lists. You can see a list of all of your Ignored topics and undo the process using the left sidebar.

Which topics do I want to see?

Use the filters on the left sidebar to control which topics from which groups you see displayed.

Note: It may take a few seconds to load changes. Look for the 'loading' arrows in the upper right corner of the sidebar. LoadingTalk.gif


  • All Topics - All topics from all (non-private) groups.
  • Hot Topics - The most actively discussed topics from all groups.

Your World

  • Your Groups - All topics from groups which you are watching or are a member of.
    • Member - All topics from groups of which you are a member.
    • Watching - All topics from groups you are watching. Most official LibraryThing groups are 'watch-only', making this a good way to see posts from official LT groups.
  • Your Posts - All topics to which you have posted a message.
  • Starred - All topics which you have starred (favorited).
  • Started By You - All topics which you created.

Book Discussions

The Book Discussions section uses the 'about' functionality, which is used to mark when a topic is substantially about a book, author, or series.

  • All Discussions - All topics from any group which have been marked as 'about' a work.
  • Your Books - All topics from any group which have been marked as 'about' your books, series to which any of your books belong, your authors, or books by your authors.
    • Your Books - Topics from any group which have been marked as 'about' books in your library.
    • Your Authors - Topics from any group which have been marked as 'about' the authors of any book in your library.
    • Books by Your Authors - Topics from any group which have been marked as 'about' books by authors in your library.
    • Your Series - Topics from any group which have been marked as 'about' series which contain any book in your library.


Post a New Topic
You can post a new topic from any group page or directly from Talk by using the link in the left sidebar.

Choose a topic title (this is not editable, so double-check your spelling), select which group it should be posted in (also non-editable) from the drop-down list, and write the first message of the thread. Your message can use some basic html formatting.

For more posting tips, see the Topic page.

More Options

  • Local Groups - Topics from groups near the location you set in your profile.
  • Favorite Messages - All messages (posts within a topic) which you have marked as favorites.
  • Bug Tracking - LibraryThing's bug reporting system works through Talk's interface. Check for reported bugs here, or report a new bug.
  • Ignored Topics - Topics you've ignored. You can click the green plus to un-ignore any topic. UnIgnore.gif
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