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June 2008

June 30

  • Released new customization code for the home pages.
  • Did the base work for a "your top tags" module for Home.
  • Various bug fixes.

June 27-29

  • Finished up home page customization v1.0
  • Fixed missing links for subject listings on catalog pages.
  • Added other map types to Local maps. They show up via a dropdown menu in the map.
  • Added home page module "Your top tags"
  • Added 71 new booksense events

June 21

  • Added 108 new booksense events
  • Finished home module for 'on this day'

June 20

  • Worked on new home page modules
    • Local
    • Zeitgeist
    • On this day

June 18

  • Finished up the home local module (I hope).
  • Fixed an LTFL error

June 17

  • Added 48 new events from Booksense.
  • Working on Local events module for home.

June 16

  • pushed new invite stuff
  • included inc_shortcuts in removewatch.php Talk topic
  • Fixed some problems with invite feature

June 13

  • Fixed problem where reviews were not showing up on the work->reviews page. Due to a problem with the order of the new minified js files and a call to the function to load the reviews on page.
  • Fixed problem with 'connections: members who have it' section on work pages. Undefined valueofwork() function is now defined. Talk topic 1 and Talk topic 2

June 11

  • Moved search widget code to use new catalog search code.
  • Rolled it back because the old code was actually quicker in this particular case.
  • Updated various parts of search widget to reflect site and DB changes.

June 10

  • Oops. Been a couple of days since I updated this. Got busy.
  • Invite stuff
  • Fixed problem associated with not using usernums to reference data when displaying favorite authors block. [Talk topic]
  • Added 126 new events via the Booksense feed.
  • Requested info from Booksense people regarding their bookstore IDs.

June 7

  • repair of usernums in users table for non-matching userfacts nums. (174 members)

June 6

  • took some time off because AT&T said I could. (network failure on a grand scale)
  • Email invite changes and testing

June 5

  • Fixed error on profile pages/shared books area if a member didn't have any books. Talk topic
  • Worked on new email connections code and DB changes.

June 4

  • Looked for the culprit of the 9:40 massive downloads.
  • Did a lot of work removing validation errors from catalog_bottom. Started with 150+ and ended with 0. Yay for me. I suppose.
  • Transitioned subject parsing in catalog_bottom to use the same code as other subject pages. I have no idea why it had it's own code for that.
  • Fixed problem on venue page that had bad link to user profile page for the venues that have been nominated for combination.
  • Fixed Amazon links have no ISBNs problem. TalkTopic

June 3

  • Removed links to CK categories on the main CK page. These searches were causing performance issues and I'll have to engineer a better solution.
  • Looking at the CK search query to make it faster. I think.
  • Reindexed 300+ member libraries after the indexing failed because of temporary disk space issues.
  • Added localized text to main CK page while I was making other changes. The page can now be translated correctly.
  • Changed tag form item on book edit page to be an input field instead of a textarea so that members can use browser completion.
  • Fixed javascript error on the printable version of the catalog.
  • Added translation abilities to the book edit items that didn't have it.

June 2

  • Updated profile_reviews to use new caching code for the "others' reviews" section. Speed improvements are directly related to the size of the person's library. Large libraries will see larger improvements. This change was needed in order to combat performance issues on the server side.
    • the "Other reviews" section now only shows reviews from the last 60 days.
    • The cache is rebuilt every week....so new reviews of books will only show up there on a weekly basis. We might want to make this a smaller span.
  • Worked with Mike and Casey to get replication working again.
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