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The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, Book…

The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, Book 2) (original 2011; edition 2011)

by Rick Riordan

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Title:The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, Book 2)
Authors:Rick Riordan
Info:Hyperion Book CH (2011), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 544 pages
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The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (2011)

  1. 20
    The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (IreneReads)
    IreneReads: Both books involve Percy Jackson going on quests to save the world.
  2. 00
    Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck (goldentiger99)
    goldentiger99: The Tiger's Curse series is like a mix of Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus and the twilight saga. So if you like both or only 1 series you'll like this book

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Some day, I'll stop comparing these books to series that have no comparison (Harry who?) and just enjoy them. They are funny, have fast-paced plots, and seem to do a very thorough job of incorporating instead of bastardizing greek and roman mythology. My rapport for the two new "main" characters introduced by this book doesn't go as deep as my affection for those introduced in the previous book, but I'm sure that they'll have time to grow on me, as some characters in the first series had to (Tyson, Thalia). ( )
  drhapgood | Jul 27, 2014 |
Percy is always getting into trouble ( )
  aliterarylion | Jul 14, 2014 |
Having read all five books in the 'Percy Jackson (Lightning Thief)' series and the first one in this, the 'Heroes Of Olympus' series, I think I've got a pretty good hang of all the various Greek gods and goddesses, and their powers, weaknesses, alliances, etc. Now, this book switches to the Roman aspect of the gods, and I have to pick up on the 'equivalent' of the Greek version. Good read but does end with a little bit of a cliff hanger -- which made me delve right into the third book 'The Mark Of Athena' (which fortunately, has already been published). ( )
  MomsterBookworm | Jul 14, 2014 |
This book personally caught my attention even before it came out. My mum had bought me the first book to this series and I had read it wit remarkable speeds, absorbing the story. When I finished I remember begging for the next book, The Son of Neptune. When I finally got it I discovered that Percy was okay and that he had amnesia. This story is amazing with the plot and the timing too. It was everything I expected from Rick Riordan and more! I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

Percy Jackson had gone missing from Camp Half Blood a while ago and his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase was extremely worried about him. Meanwhile, a long while away, another demigod camp, finds a new recruit. Camp Jupiter is a Roman camp for roman demigods while Camp Half Blood is for the Greek demigods, the two camps have never encountered because of their godly parents, they kept them apart until the right time. Percy had fallen into deep trouble with undying gorgons, he comes across the camp and meets Frank and Hazel, they all quickly become friends. Percy then meets a mysterious yet familiar boy named Nico Di Angelo, Nico explains the problem behind the undying monsters and asks Percy to help, as the son of Poseidon (Neptune) he can't turn this offer down. Joined by the other prophecy 7, Percy embarks on a journey to save the world, and his memories. ( )
  KelsieH.G3 | May 23, 2014 |
Even with amnesia, Percy Jackson always seems to find trouble. As Medusa's other two gorgan sisters hunt him down, percy's life begins to change. On the run, he encounters an old lady who offers him his old life back if he helps her. He carries her to a hatch underground that leads to New Rome. Its protected by two guards, Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque, who let him in and helps him take out the gorgans. As Percy travels to New Rome, he crosses the Little Tiber and washes away his Achilles curse. As one of the guards falls down Percy uses the water of the Little Tiber to wash away the gorgans. Two small vials appear, where they gorgans were. As legend goes, side of a gorgan's blood is healing and the others poisonous. As the people (who are apparently ROMAN demigods) of New Rome stare in awe, the old lady (who apparently is Juno, a.k.a. Hera) tells them that the he is a son of Neptune and they must release Death before the Feast of Fortuna (fortune). They then meet the armless statue Terminus, the god of rules. He asks for all weapons before entering New Rome. The leader (prator) ,dresed in golden armor and a purple cloak, Frank, and Hazel shows him around Camp Jupiter. Reyna, the leader, leads Percy to her office with her metal dogs, Argentum (silver) and Aurum (gold). She interrogated him on his origins and asks him questions on what just happened.She asked about his blade even thogh no one saw it. Hazel and Reyna tell Percy about Imperial Gold and sends Percy with Hazel to the augury, Octavian. At the temple of Jupiter (Zeus) Octavian massacures ateddy bear to interrpret the future. He says that Percy may join the legion and be assigned to a cohort at the evening muster. Hazel leads Percy to meet her brother Nico di Angelo. Nico tells Percy about the undying monsters. Then, Frank ran up to them and took Percy to get settle in hile Nico and Hazel talked. While they wer e talking, Hazel fell into a flashback of her old life, back in 1941. She remembered her friend, Sammy, and her mother, Queen Marie, and the event that changed her life. Hazel's father, Pluto (a.k.a. Hades), came and talked to Hazel's mother. After that they were going to the land beyond the gods, Alaska. When she woke up she and Nico ran to the evening muster's war games. He told her that he was going to find the Doors of Death. Before the war games, Percy must be drafted into a cohort. When nobody volunteers for him, she, Frank, and the Fifth cohort volunteers for him. Then, when the war games start, Percy, Hazel, and Frank charge the fortress and take the fortress like a unit. Percy blows up the water cannons, then Hazel leads them underground with her power over valuables in the earth. Then Frank leads the other cohorts against the fortress and wins in triumph! Sadly, someone *Octavian* "accidently" stabbed one of of Percy's centurions. then suddenly she came back alive showing that Death is dead. Suddenly, Mars (a.k.a. Ares) comes down and give congradulations on the win. Percy then remembers a battle with Ares. Mars flickers from Roman to Greek and tells Percy that he doesn't remember him. Mars then claims Frank is his son and gives him a special gift, a dragon spear with three charges. Mars then sends Frank, an other roman, and Percy (mostly to show respect to Mars) to go to Alaska and rescue Death. At the Forum, the demigods of Camp Jupiter debate on who should go on this quest to release Death. They promote Frank to centurion and decide Hazel should go with them. Reyna then calls for Percy, alone. The mysterious dissaperence of Jason Grace, the former praetor and son of Jupiter (Zeus), Reyna has had to lead the entire legion on her own. Since Percy arrived he has shown he is very powerful. She asks him if he would be praetor with her and help lead the legion. She also gives him some advice for his quest. She says if they find her sister in Seattle she mit be able to help. He says he'll think about it. Percy and his new cohort eat together at the feast. They get to know a little bit more about each other. When they set off, all they got from the Romans was a tiny little rowboat, The Pax. as they traveled Hazel fell into another flashback. She saw her miserable life in Alaska with her possessed mother. She remembered the day she saw this amazing horse, literally, as fast as lightning. She remembers how she would raise, piece by piece, of the giant Alcyoneus. She remembers how she stopped Gaea sacrificing herself and her mother. Frank woke her up in Mendocino. She then told her friends that she's undead. There they dock near the Golden Gate. There, Hazel is attacked by kapoi, grain spirits. She defeated them with a pile of schist. Then Frank spotted an army of Earthborn over the hill. The army was lead by Polybotes (the anti-Poseidon/Neptune) who was dropping cobras out off his hair like dandruff. Just looking at him made Percy woozy. When the Earthborn tryed to take a store a magical ranbow force field appeared over it. When the Earthborn left, Percy (still woozy from Polybotes), Frank, and Hazel ran to the store. Suddenly they were attacked by Polybotes' dandruff cobras. They ran to the store before the cobras could get them. Once inside Hazel, Frank, and Percy went into Iris' (goddess of rainbows) organic convenience store. They asked the goddess for help with Percy. Iris sent Hazel and Percy to her assistent, Fleecy. She gave Percy an elixer that made him feel better. Then Percy asked if he could send an Iris-message to his only memory, Annabeth. Iris privately talked with Frank. She talked to him about his special hidden gifts and his weakness, a piece of firewood. She gave them advice on how to find Thanatos (Death). Phineas, a blind seer in Oregon, might know where Thanatos is hidden. After their encounter with Iris, she sends them on their way with some suppliesHe killed them by using the magic dragon spear. A tranparent gray corpse rose from the ground and obeyed Frank's will. He called the corpse "Gray" as he killed the cobrai and returned to the ground. They then went back to the Pax and sailed to Oregon. In Portland,Oregon (a dirty filthy place by the way), they find harpies (human-bird monsters) chasing after Phineas and his food. A small red harpy came and scooped up a piece of Phineas's food. He defends himself and sends them back to the trees. They then meet with Phineas and he says that if they catch the red harpy he'll give them the location of Thanatos. They lure the red harpy with cheese. They find out that her name is Ella. They follow Ella to the roof of a library where there was a nest of books. They discover that she loves books and has an amazing memory. They befriend Ella and make a plan to trick Phineas into giving the answer. Since Gaea's been speaking in their heads, they decide if one of them goes her plans wouldn't work. They go back down with Ella and convinces Phineas to gamble for gorgan's blood. Since they could heal his eyes ,and Percy's memory,he takes the bet. Phineas rights down the answer on a piece of paper and puts it on the edge of the table. He and Percy each picks a vial and drink. Percy seems fine but Phineas dissolves into nothing. Gaea betrayed Phineas for her own plans. Thanatos was on a glacier near where Hazel used to live. Ella then travels to Seattle with them to seek Reyna's sister, Hylla,for help. On the way, hazel and Frank fall together into another falshback. They saw hazel's trial in the Underworld and Nico rescuing her from the fields of Ashpohel. When they woke up they were in Seattle with no more flashbacks. They discover Hylla is Queen of the Amazons running the computer company Amazon. Percy then remembers (thanks to the gorgan's blood) that she was Circe's assistant in the Sea of Monsters. Hylla then entraps Percy and Frank while she talks to Hazel. A undead queen, Otrera comes in and teases Hylla about some upcoming battle. Hylla then alone talks to Hazel about her past. Hazel then saw a horse, that looked like the one back in 1942, and asked about it. It's name is Arion he's wild, rude, and only eats gold. Hazel then tried to feed him some gold that she commanded to come. She calmed him down and got to pet him. The Amazons were shocked and Hylla then gave her plan of escape. Hazel then asked Hylla to fight off Otrera for three nights so they can free Thanatos. Hylla said she'd try and after that, she'd send help against the attack on Camp Jupiter. HAzel took Hylla's plan, freed her friends, freed Arion, and hooked him up to an Imperial gold chariot. They then rode to Vancouver, to Frank's house. Arion rode away but they knew they'd see him again. Frank's house was camped out with monsters waiting for them. Frank then used his spear to summon Gray and distract the monsters. They got into the house and Frank went to see his Grandmother. She was sleeping in her bedroom with Mars looming over her. Mars talked to him about Juno's plan to unite the Greek and Romans and stop Gaea. He also tried to help Frank discover the family gift. Once he was done Frank fell asleep alone with his grandmother. When he woke up his grandmother rushed him to get ready. Once he was ready she gave him some advice on their escape and his gift and sent him off. On the roof The monsters were expecting a Frank-filled breakfast. Frank set off the sprinkler system as a distraction while they went to the garage. In the garage, they drove the tank-like car to the air field. At the air field Frank gave the pilot some papers , explaining everything, and flew them to Alaska. They decided to leave Ella there and call Percy's brother, Tyson, to get her. In Alaska, They find Arion and ride him to the glacier. On the glacier (which is shaped like Camp Jupiter), the giant Alcyoneus raises an army of ghost romans. Hazel (with Arion) and Percy deals with the undead legion while Frank goes over to free Thanatos. Frank frees him by burning the ice chains with his big weakness, the firewood. Thanatos flies away to capture the lost souls. Frank then discovers his family gift, turning into animals. He uses his new gift against the undead legion. Hazel then grabs Alcyoneus, the lost Fifth cohort eagle, and all the imperial gold weapons and drags them out of the state on Arion. They then kill Alcyoneus and ride back to Camp with the new stash of Imperial Gold weapons. At Camp the Earthborn have a giagantic battle with the Romans. With the Imperial Gold weapons though, they were able to draw the Earthborn. Tyson even came (with Ella) and joined the battle. Percy faced Polybotes while Frank and Hazel helped the Romans. The Amazons came and surprised the Earthborn while Death flew over head sending the monsters away. It was difficult but Percy killed Polybotes with the help of the god Terminus. After the battle, the Amazons and Romans had a feast together and elected Percy praetor. They then got a message from a demigod from Camp Half-Blood asking for premission to land his big metal ship. Percy then walked with Hazel and Frank ready to greet his family. ( )
  PatrickC.B4 | May 19, 2014 |
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Percy is going to Camp Jupiter with no memory of his former life. After being told to do so by Wolf Lupa. When he is going he is constantley holding of the gorgon sisters of Medusa. but when he reaches the camp two ards jump to the aid of Percy as he caries goddess Hera to saftey. But the two gaurds are attacked as they try to get to camp. So then Percy is deemed worthy of being at Camp Jupiter. Not long fter receiving a quest from Aries that Hi, Frank and Hazzel must go to free death or Thanatos. Also redeem honor of fifth cohort. And so they travel to Alaska with many bumps along the way including escaping Amazons. But when they arrive they free death kill the giant and save the fifth cohort honor.
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Demigod Percy Jackson, still with no memory, and his new friends from Camp Jupiter, Hazel and Frank, go on a quest to free Death, but their bigger task is to unite the Greek and Roman camps so that the Prophecy of Seven can be fulfilled.

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