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Mapping and Naming the Moon: A History of…

Mapping and Naming the Moon: A History of Lunar Cartography and…

by Ewen A. Whitaker

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Paraskevopoulos (crater)

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Paschen (crater)

Pasteur (lunar crater)

Patsaev (crater)

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Pawsey (crater)

Pease (crater)

Peirescius (crater)

Pentland (crater)

Perel'man (crater)

Perepelkin (lunar crater)

Perkin (crater)

Perrine (crater)

Petermann (crater)

Peters (crater)

Petrie (crater)

Petropavlovskiy (crater)

Petrov (crater)

Pettit (lunar crater)

Petzval (crater)

Phillips (lunar crater)

Philolaus (crater)

Piazzi (crater)

Piazzi Smyth (crater)

Pierazzo (crater)

Pikel'ner (crater)

Pilâtre (crater)

Pirquet (crater)

Pitiscus (crater)

Pizzetti (crater)

Plana (crater)

Planck (crater)

Planté (crater)

Plummer (crater)

Plutarch (crater)

Poczobutt (crater)

Pogson (crater)

Polzunov (crater)

Poncelet (crater)

Popov (crater)

Poynting (lunar crater)

Prager (crater)

Prandtl (crater)

Priestley (lunar crater)

Promontorium Agarum

Purkyně (crater)

Quetelet (crater)

Rabbi Levi (crater)

Racah (crater)

Raimond (crater)

Raman (crater)

Ramsay (crater)

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Rayleigh (lunar crater)

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Regnault (crater)

Reichenbach (crater)

Reimarus (crater)

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Ricco (crater)

Richards (lunar crater)

Richardson (lunar crater)

Riedel (crater)

Riemann (crater)

Ritz (crater)

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Robinson (crater)

Rocca (crater)

Roche (crater)

Rosenberger (crater)

Rosseland (crater)

Rothmann (crater)

Rumford (crater)

Runge (crater)

Rutherford (lunar crater)

Rydberg (crater)

Ryder (crater)

Rynin (crater)

Saha (crater)

Samuel Arthur Saunder

Sanford (crater)

Santos-Dumont (crater)

Sarton (crater)

Sasserides (crater)

Saussure (crater)

Schaeberle (lunar crater)

Schönfeld (crater)

Schjellerup (crater)

Schlüter (crater)

Schlesinger (crater)

Schliemann (crater)

Schneller (crater)

Schorr (crater)

Schubert (lunar crater)

Schumacher (crater)

Schuster (crater)

Schwabe (crater)

Schwarzschild (crater)

Scobee (crater)

Seares (crater)

Sechenov (crater)

Segers (crater)

Seidel (crater)


Seneca (crater)

Seyfert (crater)

Sharonov (lunar crater)

Shatalov (crater)

Shayn (crater)

Sherrington (crater)

Shi Shen (crater)

Shirakatsi (crater)

Shoemaker (lunar crater)

Short (crater)

Shternberg (crater)

Shuckburgh (crater)

Shuleykin (crater)

Siedentopf (crater)

Sierpinski (crater)

Sikorsky (crater)

Simpelius (crater)

Sisakyan (crater)

Sklodowska (lunar crater)

Slipher (lunar crater)

Slocum (crater)

Smith (lunar crater)

Smoluchowski (crater)

Sniadecki (crater)

Soddy (crater)

Somerville (crater)

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South (lunar crater)

Spallanzani (lunar crater)

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St. John (crater)

Stark (crater)

Stearns (crater)

Stebbins (crater)

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Steklov (crater)

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Stetson (crater)

Stokes (lunar crater)

Stoletov (crater)

Stoney (lunar crater)

Stratton (crater)

Strömgren (crater)

Subbotin (crater)

Sumner (crater)

Sundman (crater)

Svedberg (crater)

Sverdrup (crater)

Swann (crater)

Swasey (crater)

Szilard (crater)

T. Mayer (crater)

Tacchini (crater)

Talbot (crater)

Tamm (crater)

Taylor (crater)

Teisserenc (lunar crater)

Ten Bruggencate (crater)

Tereshkova (crater)

Tesla (crater)

Theophrastus (crater)

Thiel (crater)

Thiessen (crater)

Tikhomirov (crater)

Tikhov (lunar crater)

Tiling (crater)

Timiryazev (crater)

Tiselius (crater)

Tisserand (crater)

Titius (crater)

Titov (crater)

Trumpler (lunar crater)

Tsander (crater)

Tseraskiy (crater)

Tsinger (crater)

Tsu Chung-Chi (crater)

Tucker (crater)

Tyndall (lunar crater)

Ulugh Beigh (crater)

Urey (crater)

Valier (crater)

Van Biesbroeck (crater)

Van den Bergh (crater)

Van den Bos (crater)

Van der Waals (crater)

Van Gent (crater)

Van Maanen (crater)

Van Vleck (crater)

Van't Hoff (crater)

Vasco da Gama (crater)

Vashakidze (crater)

Vavilov (crater)

Vega (crater)

Vening Meinesz (crater)

Ventris (crater)

Vernadskyy (crater)

Vestine (crater)

Vetchinkin (crater)

Vieta (crater)

Vil'ev (crater)

Virchow (crater)

Virtanen (crater)

Vitello (crater)

Viviani (crater)

Vlacq (crater)

Volkov (crater)

Volta (crater)

Volterra (crater)

Von Baeyer (crater)

Von Békésy (crater)

Von Behring (crater)

Von Braun (crater)

Von der Pahlen (crater)

Von Neumann (crater)

Von Zeipel (crater)

Voskresenskiy (crater)

Walker (crater)

Wan-Hoo (crater)

Wapowski (crater)

Warner (crater)

Waterman (crater)

Watson (crater)

Wöhler (crater)

Weber (crater)

Wegener (lunar crater)

Weierstrass (crater)

Weigel (crater)

Weinek (crater)

Weiss (crater)

Weyl (crater)

Whipple (crater)

White (crater)

Widmannstätten (crater)

Wiechert (crater)

Wiener (crater)

Wilhelm (crater)

Williams (lunar crater)

Wilsing (crater)

Wilson (crater)

Winkler (crater)

Winlock (crater)

Wolf (crater)

Woltjer (crater)

Wood (crater)

Wróblewski (crater)

Wright (lunar crater)

Wurzelbauer (crater)

Wyld (crater)

Xenophanes (crater)

Xenophon (crater)

Yablochkov (crater)

Yakovkin (crater)

Yamamoto (crater)


Young (crater)

Zhang Yuzhe (crater)

Book description
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Amazon.com Product Description (ISBN 0521544149, Paperback)

Almost thirty years after the Apollo missions, "Tranquillity Base", "Hadley Rille", or "Taurus-Littrow" are names still resonant with the enormous achievements represented by the lunar landings. But how did these places get their names? Who named Copernicus crater? Where did all those names on lunar maps come from, and what stimulated their selection? Ewen Whitaker traces the origins and evolution of the present-day systems for naming lunar features such as craters, mountains, valleys and dark spots. The connections between the prehistoric and historic names, and today's gazetteer are clearly described. Beautiful lunar maps spanning four centuries of progress wonderfully illustrate the unfolding of our ability to map the Moon. Rare, early photographs add to the sense of history. Comprehensive appendices and the bibliography make this delightful book a work of lasting reference and scholarship.

(retrieved from Amazon Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:19:16 -0400)

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