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Red, White, and Blood (A Nathaniel Cade…

Red, White, and Blood (A Nathaniel Cade Novel) (edition 2012)

by Christopher Farnsworth

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This is the third book in the President's Vampire series. Cade has been oath-bound to the American President, whoever it happens to be, for 140 years. He doesn't sparkle, he kicks bad-guy butt in a very violent way. He is the ultimate secret weapon. This time around, there is a plot against the president with a teaming up of villains that primordial nightmares are made from. The action is constant, the plot twisting, and the conclusion howl worthy (you'll see what I mean when you read it). The book is lightened up by the not so subtle jabs at election year behavior and political strategy that turns this book into a "stay up all night to finish it" kind of guilty pleasure. ( )
  JackieBlem | Apr 29, 2012 |
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The Good: This book was crazy good, between Zach's personal life and the big evil that has risen again. Seeing the president on the road, campaigning for reelection, with Zach and Cade at his back for protection was really fun. The Boogeyman is a high concept villain that really works well, both here in the story and as a mythology that could work on its own in the world, explaining all the supernatural evil we've seen in movies and books. I can't even put into words my reaction to the end of this book. It was, just, wow. It's actually frightening what may come in the next book.

The Bad: Someone returns from the dead and it's unnecessary. They become central to a plot that could have been managed without them. In an effort to explain how they are alive, there are some weird twists that do nothing but bog down the current story. ( )
  TequilaReader | Feb 12, 2016 |
Another page-turner starring Nathaniel Cade, the President's Vampire. This wasn't nearly as scary as the last one (I don't know, for some reason the zombie-like snake soldiers really scared the crap outta me), so the Boogeyman wasn't quite as terrifying to me - more sadistic and gory, but not quite as terror-inspiring. It might have been that even though he wasn't human, he seemed more believably human, so it was a little more pedestrian-seeming.

Anyway. If you're looking for a scary (really, horror) story that reads like a movie and makes you want to ignore your family, check it out. I think I read it in about 36 hours.

Really looking forward to the next one. ( )
  chessakat | Feb 5, 2016 |
Nathaniel Cade has been the president's vampire since he was caught and swore a blood oath to protect the nation and its leader. In the third installment of the series Cade and his handler, Zach Barrows, have to accompany President Samuel Curtis on his re-election tour to protect him against one of the most gruesome monsters out there....the Boogeyman. Cade has met the Boogeyman before, a legendary figure that draws its power and thirst for blood from the killers and sadists that inhabit the world. While the president is on the campaign trail, evidence surfaces that the Bogeyman is back in action and preparing to take out President Curtis. We follow Cade as he tracks the killer through Middle America, leaving bodies in his wake. Filled with non-stop action, gore, blood and disembowelment, you will certainly enjoy this one if you were a fan of the first two books, Blood Oath and The President's Vampire.

Last year I read the first book of the series even though I'm not a fan of paranormal, vampires, werewolves, etc. I've kept up with it because it's a solid story full of characters that absolutely fascinate me. I really enjoy the historical interludes where we witness Cade interacting with one of the past presidents. It combines a horror thriller with an action packed movie. It might not be the best book I've read all year but it is one of the most fun.
( )
  Olivermagnus | Jan 17, 2016 |
Excellent third volume in what I hope will be a long series. As before, the many Easter eggs (both real and fictional) add extra depth to a tightly-woven blend of supernatural horror, contemporary politics, and all-too-human weaknesses. I'm not going to rehash the plot here; there's no point, and I couldn't do the interlocking factors justice.

The electronic edition (mine is from Kobo) is slightly marred by some formatting issues, but one cannot fairly blame the author for those. However, I would have enjoyed annotations or an appendix that covered the more obscure references in at least basic detail. Perhaps in a fixed/updated release?

My only real complaint is that now I have to wait another year for the next book! ( )
  RevBobMIB | Oct 21, 2015 |
Interesting idea and plot, but very poor characters, I didn't care if they survived or not. Though I might read the next one, just to see what Cade does to the Pres. ( )
  Janientrelac | Aug 15, 2014 |
Wow! What a cliff-hanger! When is the next book coming out?! ( )
  ssimon2000 | Jul 17, 2014 |
Best of the President's Vampire series yet. ( )
  bke | Mar 30, 2014 |
Tons of fun.
It's just as the title advertises. I'd like to see a little more character development with Cade. That being said, this is a great 'action' read. It would make a great movie. ( )
  steadfastreader | Mar 18, 2014 |
After reading Red, White and Blood I felt like I'd just stepped off of a rollercoaster. My adrenaline was pumping and the ending just left me speechless. Christopher Farnsworth is truly at the top of his game with his third outing of Nathaniel Cade.

I loved Blood Oath and thought it was very unique. The Presidents Vampire had a neat story, some cool characters that will be showing up in future books and some great action but I felt that Mr. Farnsworth tried to do a little bit too much in that story. There was too much going on while it seemed like nothing much was happening at least until the end.

Red, White and Blood is back to form and even better than his original book. This time he just concentrates on one big badguy: the Boogeyman who is attempting to destroy The President along with Nathan during the presidential elections. The Shadow Company is still present but we spend less time with them and less time setting everything up and more time on all the good stuff. Nathan, Zach and the Boogeyman all get the spotlight and it works well. Words can't truly even express how awesome this book was and the ending.....gah, I have no idea what's going to happen on the next book. I'm excited, nervous and extremely worried all at the same time. Farsnworth really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. I cannot wait for the next book to come out so I can see what happens next. ( )
  Jamiesbookblog | Feb 13, 2014 |

...Christopher Farnsworth is a keep-it-to-the-action writer, the kind of mainstream author prevalent in today's supernatural horror novel arena, but it's through his characters that he provides the tone and mood polishing. His penchant for taking political digs (mostly at us Yanks) without long-winded excursions from the story proper keeps things lively in-between the backstory fill-ins fleshing out Cade's run-ins with the killing machine over the years--or It, as Cade prefers to call his eternal foe--and the dark dealings of the Shadow group that works to undermine the presidency and its policies...
( )
  jmcozzoli | Nov 5, 2013 |
Another really good book starring Nathaniel Cade. This one even darker than #2. You may start checking under your bed at night... ( )
  ScoutJ | Mar 31, 2013 |
OMG!!! This book was great!!! I thought they were all great, but this one went above and beyond at almost killing Cade more than once. Then he actually wanted to die. Plus, Cade sent Zach to deal with a dangerous villain as well. Nothing seemed to go the way expected in the whole book. AND let's talk about the ending!!! Farnsworth left this book with the best biggest cliffhanger I've ever read in a book. I can't wait for the next installment of the Nathaniel Cade series. ( )
1 vote kaydi35 | Oct 29, 2012 |
Slightly better than the preceding book ... but only a bit. One huge, enormous, massive, really, really big plot hole just left me shaking my head, too. I still love the concept of these books but the execution makes me doubt if I'll be on board for the next book in the series. ( )
  MSWallack | Aug 7, 2012 |
This 3rd book about Nathaniel Cade, a vampire who has been blood oathed to protect the current president, the office and the country for the past 140 years, takes a decidedly different approach this time. It’s time for the president to hit the campaign trail, so of course Cade and Zach have to go along in order for Cade to protect the president. The situation is made more urgent by a serial-killer-entity that Cade has dealt with a few times over the past one hundred years. He can kill the current body the entity is possessing, but hasn’t found a way to stop it from coming back years later.

The fact that the serial killer is taking out the president’s campaign staff and the White House is trying to keep a lid on it so the general public doesn’t become aware of the monsters, gives us a nice story involving politics and the campaign trail.

Cade felt more like a machine in the prior books; very little personality. With this one we see his struggle with what he is, and wonders if the world would be better off without him. He’s also got to make a tough decision on how best to protect the president. We get to know Cade a little better in this book, and yes, this vampire does feel emotions.

We also get more insight into Zach, his history and what makes him tick. He finally sees a side of Cade he’s been warned about, but has never witnessed. Will it change anything?

The story has a number of surprises in it. There is some jumping around in the past so we get a better idea of what and why. The beginnings of the chapters are marked with when and where, so the jump isn’t as jarring.

If you enjoyed the first two books, you definitely like this one. If you haven’t read the other books it shouldn’t be difficult to start with this one. We’re given enough information to know who the characters from prior books are and what their history is.

I found it difficult to put the book down. There is plenty of action and suspense. ( )
  dearheart | Jul 15, 2012 |
This series just gets better and better. In this one Cade may have finally met his match in the Boogeyman. Zach and Cade make a great team. I love the interplay between them. While it is not totally necessary to have read the first two books in the series they really should be read in order. As if you haven't already read the first two... ( )
  JJbooklvr | Jun 6, 2012 |
Read from May 21 to 23, 2012

Read for Fun!
Overall Rating: 5.00
Story Rating: 5.00
Character Rating: 5.00 (Zach and Cade are just an awesome duo)

Audible Rating (not part of the overall rating): 4.50

First thought when finished: I am a total Cade and Zach fangirl!

What I Loved: Zach and Cade are probably one of my favorite duos in Fiction. They have a great chemistry that seems to grow with each installment! In Red, White, and Blood the chemistry shines through and Zach is totally coming into his own. I was excited that "not saying" was back because "not saying" is a great foil. Also the scene between Zach and "not saying" towards the end was just brilliant. Also the epilogue was FANTASTIC---Cade to Zach "What has your britches in a bunch"? ---their little conversation was just great and an example of how far they have come since book 1!

How great is the final part of the epilogue---that was freaking brilliant! Well played!

What I Liked: The Political side of Red, White, and Blood is done very well and Christopher Farnsworth manages to weave in some great satire. While I am usually not a fan of political thrillers, this one was done in a way that was both entertaining and at times *giggle* worthy. The online reporter was just a fantastic addition to the story!

Audio Specific Review: Y'all Bronson Pinchot did a FANTASTIC job! This is a series that I will be switching over to audio from this point out. I read the first two but pretty much loved Bronson's narration. The only reason that he did not get a 5 is because of the women voices which took some getting used too. 90% of this book is male voices so it was only a little distracting.

Final Thought: Seriously y'all need to read this series. It is just fantastic! ( )
  thehistorychic | May 23, 2012 |
This one was the best out of the three so far! Plenty of action and twists. The writing is fantastic. I love the bits of humor and sarcasm thrown in and I really love that the "bad" guy usually gets what they deserve. ( )
  motherdragon | May 21, 2012 |
This is the third book in the President's Vampire series. Cade has been oath-bound to the American President, whoever it happens to be, for 140 years. He doesn't sparkle, he kicks bad-guy butt in a very violent way. He is the ultimate secret weapon. This time around, there is a plot against the president with a teaming up of villains that primordial nightmares are made from. The action is constant, the plot twisting, and the conclusion howl worthy (you'll see what I mean when you read it). The book is lightened up by the not so subtle jabs at election year behavior and political strategy that turns this book into a "stay up all night to finish it" kind of guilty pleasure. ( )
  JackieBlem | Apr 29, 2012 |
Cade is back! And so is the Boogeyman! Yes, the Boogeyman really exists and most of those stories you heard about the hook on the mirror and the escaped felon on the loose murdering away, are the work of the Boogeyman. Cade has sent him to hell many times but his followers keep calling him back. This time he’s got a little extra help and he’s set his sights higher, Cade keeps thwarting him so he’s going to make Cade pay, first by making him fail by assassinating the President.

It is reelection time and the president's numbers are slipping. So the president and his staff decide to do a bus tour of the Midwest to try and boost his popularity. Shake hands, kiss babies etc. This makes Cade's job a little harder. Then a brutal murder with 2 victims is discovered, at one of the parties branches. A message in blood scrawled on the walls, “It’s good to be back”. It’s not the first time Cade has seen this message.

This is the 3rd Nathaniel Cade book in the series and it’s just as good as the previous two. The first two were a little more tongue in cheek and made me laugh at times. This one was more get the job done. Farnsworth still pays homage to Lovecraft with hints of Cthulhu popping up, he also seems to be giving the slasher movie makers of the 70s and 80s a nod. The first 2 books took themselves less seriously, and personally I hope it comes back in the 4th. I enjoyed the fast-paced vampire story but it seemed to lack just a little something of the others, and I missed it. ( )
  readafew | Mar 29, 2012 |
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