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Bedtime Shadows by Jenny Twist

Bedtime Shadows (edition 2012)

by Jenny Twist, Tara Fox Hall (Author)

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Title:Bedtime Shadows
Authors:Jenny Twist
Other authors:Tara Fox Hall (Author)
Info:Melange Books, LLC (2012), Paperback, 186 pages
Collections:Own Works

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Bedtime Shadows by Jenny Twist



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Bedtime Shadows by Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hill

A fantastic collection of short stories by two very talented ladies. Each story is unique, gripping and will have you hooked. Some of the topics are: Horror, Romance, seers, were-cougars, ghosts, relationships to name a few. Each story will have you wanting more. Some are chilling, others are thought provoking, but all are very enjoyable. I strongly recommendBedtime Shadows to readers of all genres.

Titles by Jenny Twist:
The Man with No face
The Children of Hope
The Bull-Dancer
A Victorian Doll's House
Catch Me if You Can

Titles by Tara Fox Hill:
All That remains
Take The Chance
Heart's Bells
Return to Me
Shades of Grey ( )
  SheriAWilkinson | Mar 11, 2016 |
Christopher Carrolli's review
Dec 07, 12

Read from October 18 to December 06, 2012

"Bedtime Shadows" by Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall is a spine tingling masterpiece and the newest Paranormal anthology by Melange Books. Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall have comprised 185 pages of superbly written dark tales and proven themselves to be master storytellers in a collection well worthy of Halloween and bedtime reading.
T. Fox Dunham provides a well versed tribute to the authors in the Introduction, after which, the shadows begin lurking.
Jenny Twist explores childhood memories that later come back to haunt in "The Man With No Face". A young woman's early memory of man she cannot see continues to haunt her, and when she finally sees his face, she is gripped with terror.
"Children of Hope" is both interesting and heartbreaking, dealing with young mother's forced to give their babies away. Yet the story is one of hope and survival.
"The Bull Dancer" is an eerie short-short capable of a quick fix for those who love strange tales along with "Voices" and "Catch Me if You Can."
"A Victorian Doll's House" puts Twist at the top of the line as Paranormal writers, gripping us with the shock usually felt in The Twilight Zone.
"Doppelganger" fits the description on Paranormal/Romance to the fullest as we follow a woman who wakes up in white room and the strange tale begins.
Tara Fox Hall continues to send the chills up our spine in her sequel to "Origin of Fear," "All That Remains." A trip back to Latham's Landing takes us back into the house's haunted history for more thrills.
"Heart's Bells" continues the theme of Paranormal/Romance in a story where one hopes for the main characters, a young couple forced apart by a supernatural fate, and becomes enrapt in the paranormal horror that surrounds them.
"Return To Me" is another Paranormal/Romance that keeps the reader's eye from straying the page. The story is a brillaintly written, well thought concept.
"Take The Chance" is a post apocolyptic story of survival and like Hall's "Shades of Grey" carries an important message.
A bow to Melange Books for casting these two brilliant authors together for an must read anthology. Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall should continue for yet another trist together!

Take this journey!, 28 Oct 2012
ManicScribbler - See all my reviews
This review is from: Bedtime Shadows (Kindle Edition)
The problem with short story anthologies for me is that I always feel I should be able to say which story I liked the best and why. With these writers though, I find that incredibly difficult because all the stories are so very, very good.

I love haunted house stories in which old houses become integral characters in the story and so I must highlight two stories which really fired my imagination. Tara Fox Hall's 'All That Remains' and Jenny Twist's 'A Victorian Doll's House'. I loved the idea of Latham's Landing and its ability to distort time and exert a will of its own. Wonderful! Hall just sucked me in totally with her descriptions and ignited my imagination with this story. I so wanted to believe this place was real; I could visualise it so well and want to find it for myself one day. And Twist's very special magical doll's house took me straight back to my infancy. I sometimes feel this writer taps into my own childhood memories for her stories, so how can I be expected to resist them?! 'The Man With No Face' and 'Catch Me If You Can' affected me similarly. They both stirred up old memories and felt very personal to me, becoming stories I know I will want to keep and re-read.

The stories are not all horror - 'Doppleganger' is a delightful story reminiscent of the film 'Sliding Doors' and creates that 'feel-good' factor of exploring a parallel existence - but with some very satisfying twists, while the dystopian 'Take the Chance' will probably haunt my dreams for a long time to come. That's another alternative reality that is sobering to consider and leaves you thinking hard and long after the story ends.

The fact is these two excellent story-tellers know how to weave fictional worlds which tap into our deeply-rooted or forgotten memories, our quiet fears, our secret hopes and our often inexplicable and sometimes dark dreams. I know I can't be alone in this feeling and that's why I would recommend this short story collection to anyone looking for a deeply satisfying read, coupled with an exciting journey of self-discovery.

By Emily Hetherington
Bedtime Shadows is a brilliant collection of short stories from the talented writers Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall, who brought us such delights as Domingo’s Angel and the Promise Me series. The title for this anthology is taken from Jenny Twist’s Take One at Bedtime and Tara Fox Hall’s Just Shadows. There is a wealth of twists and turns in this mix of stories bringing you horror, psychics, telepathy, ghosts, sinister events, and romance in the strangest places. I couldn’t put it down and I know it’s one of those that I’ll return to again and again. Well worth a read!

Douglas W. Wickard "Douglas Wickard" (Los Angeles) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Bedtime Shadows (Kindle Edition)
"Daily-living captured and stylistically rendered with a 'twist' of macabre lurking behind each provocative tale...BEDTIME SHADOWS delivers a punch -- watch out for the unexpected."
~ Douglas Wickard

Bedtime Shadows by Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall
Reviewed by John Mecom September 1st, 2012

In Bedtime Shadows Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall have, again, given us an anthology based in the supernatural that range from romantic to the horrific and from those strange places between the two that can’t really be defined.
The Children of Hope and Take the Chance are two very different stories with common elements. Both stories look deeply into the minds and hearts of women facing very different but equally devastating worlds. Their triumphs redefine what it means to not only survive but to thrive.
Catch Me If You Can is reminiscent of both Lovecraft and Poe. I can’t describe the story only tell you that it will quickly take you to dark places. It’s both brief and beautiful.
All That Remains is a polished story that is a pleasure to read. Tara Fox Hall fans will recognize the setting, and perhaps some of the characters.
A Victorian Dolls House, this is a story of alienation, hope and magic. The ending is strange and satisfying.
If you like romance you’ll enjoy Doppelganger, Return to Me and Heart’s Bells, three stories about the complexities of love in a strange and sometimes wonderful / sometimes terrible world.
Shades of Grey, think the road to hell is paved with good intentions? You might be right. This is an intriguing and entertaining story that leaves you thinking.
The best that I can say about both Jenny and Tara is the best that I can say of any author. They know how to write stories that entertain and involve their readers. Someday I think we may identify them with authors like Shirley Jackson, Stephen King and HP Lovecraft.

Bedtime Shadows, a review by Mysti Parker
What do you get when you combine the minds of two talented (and dare I say, slightly maniacal) writers? You get an anthology like Bedtime Shadows. This literary progeny of authors Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall was a joy to read for a couple of reasons. There’s a nice variety of stories ranging from dramatic to speculative to downright gruesome. But, there are a few familiar ones included that will have you welcoming a second read if you’re a fan of these two ladies like I am. I’ll touch on each story briefly:
“The Man with No Face” by Jenny Twist is an eerie mystery that will make you ponder what skeletons might be buried in your own family’s closet.
“All That Remains” by Tara Fox Hall takes us to Latham’s Landing, the island house turned nightmare which first appeared in Ms. Hall’s “Origin of Fear” (Spellbound 2011). I thought I was done with that place, but she managed to drag me back to that cursed place to freak me out once more!
“The Children of Hope” by Jenny Twist reminded me very much of the heart-gripping 2002 film, “The Magdalene Sisters”, which centers on a home for “wayward girls”, which are actually girls who’ve gotten pregnant out of wedlock and are kept prisoner, then forced to give their babies up for adoption.
I was thrilled to see Jenny Twist’s “The Bull-Dancer”, which she entered in my blog’s May Flash Fiction contest. This lovely short piece reminds us not only to avoid scorning a woman, but above all, avoid scorning a mother!
Tara Fox Hall’s “Take the Chance” brings us to a dystopian future in which two young sisters have to make some really hard choices to survive. The characters were so sympathetic and well-thought, I could easily see this story being expanded to a full-fledged novel.
If you have a doll phobia like I do, then avoid Jenny Twist’s “A Victorian Dolls’ House” at all costs. If you make the mistake of reading it, expect a long night of waking up at every little noise and taking furtive glances into, then rushing past, your children’s toy room the next day. *shudder*
“Hearts Bells” by Tara Fox Hall is perfect for fans of a tragic love story. You’ll fall for Theo and Casey like I did, and you might even shed a few tears.
“Doppelganger” from Jenny Twist also appeared in last year’s Curious Hearts and deserved a second read from me. It’s one of those “what-if” stories that leaves you desperate for the star to achieve her alternate reality by the end.
“Return to Me” by Tara Fox Hall was another familiar story I had the pleasure of reading this spring. You’d have to be pretty steely for this bittersweet, paranormal romance to NOT bring a few tears to your eyes.
“Catch Me if You Can” by Jenny is a spooky, yet sad short piece that could easily be mistaken for a real-life legend—one of those spine-tingling things you might hear children chanting in the street.
Last but not least is Tara Fox Hall’s “Shades of Grey”, not to be confused with the pop hit trilogy by E.L. James. This dystopian story begins in the time of Constantine, then fast-forwards us through the ages to present-day America, and a warning of things yet to come.
Due to some adult themes and slightly graphic horror, I’d recommend this anthology for young adults and beyond. Grab your copy today!

Su Halfwerk
The anthology of Bedtime Shadows is a collaboration between Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall. Below, I've attempted to summarize each story without giving it away.
Some memories are better left alone, The Man with no Face is an example of why, sometimes, this should be the case.
Latham's Landing protects its reputation in All That Remains. If you have read Spellbound 2011 then you're no stranger to Latham's Landing which made an appearance in that anthology in The Origin of Fear. Driven by a need to find what happened to a relative, Sandra drags her friend to the house where even the air carries a scent of doom.
The Children of Hope makes one wonder whether there's a happy ending for mothers-to-be whose children are offered for adoption against their mothers' wills? The answer could've gone either way, I'm happy with Twist's choice.
The Bull-Dancer is a very short story that proves a mother's love shouldn't be taken lightly, definitely not to be challenged. Short, simple, yet delivered with a bang.
Any regime has the good and the bad. Take the Chance is about making a change whenever needed, it's about grabbing opportunities for yourself and the people you love.
Violet is obsessed with a dollhouse in A Victorian Doll's House, a fixation that eventually takes over her whole life. Another tale weaved in a way that left me dreading the end. I especially liked the way the dollhouse was painted with vivid imagery that brought it to life.
True love comes in different guises and at varying ages. In Heart's Bells, Theo and Case's love started early, met hardship, and reached its destined conclusion. I liked the story but couldn't connect with Casey. Perhaps she was too understanding, too supportive! Still, Heart's Bells remained with me. I like that in a story.
In Voices, Olivia and Aidan are twins who are connected on so many levels. When Olivia senses something otherworldly and bizarre about one such connection, things progress differently. The story was told in an engaging manner even though it was short. I'm very curious about Aidan's mysterious visitor.
Doppelganger gives hope. It's about making the right choice when it comes to matters of the heart. I connected with Christine, even found myself glancing at my toes as I read the first few paragraphs. Christine's reasoning and actions were drawn well with a tight writing style. Even at the end, Christine's choice made total sense. I hoped to see more of what she'd do to reach her goal, but you know what? I think the story ended at the right spot, allowing me to imagine and insert my own plan of action if I were Christine.
Stories of love that crashes through barriers to survive, or not, are dear to me. Return to Me is one such story. Harrison is a ghost while Sam isn't. They fall in love during one of Sam's annual visits to the cottage and from there they are bonded by strong amorous emotions. I think the last scene, though subtle, held many promises.
Willy is not the old Willy anymore. In fact, you better not cross his path in Catch Me if You Can. This story surprised me, and I love it for that. If you read his tale, I'm sure Willy Winky will shock you too.
Shades of Gray raises several questions. Can we change our future or are there entities that influence us? Are these entities controlled by destiny as we are? Will going against one's nature unbalance the world? I really enjoyed this story, it also served as a lesson in history and posed as the perfect closing curtain for the anthology.
Anthologies fail when the stories are unequal, but Jenny Twist and Tara Fox Hall are capable of balancing and matching each other's creativity.
Jenny Twist writes stories that have hope and despair at the same time, until her choice is revealed by the last word.
Tara Fox Hall's stories share a well-built spirit of entertainment and intrigue. Together these two authors will strap you to your chair and lock your attention to the magic they weave.
There's a lesson in each story, I enjoyed discovering each one. ( )
  jennytwist | Jan 1, 2013 |
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