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_ ⯤௱ _  _ by…

_ ⯤௱ _ _

by Mahmud Abu Rayyah

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öôâô¯» ôôä ôâ¯_ôÉ ¯¤ôã¯øô_ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ôä ôôä ¯¤ôãôÉôį»¯¬¯© ¯¤¯»¯£ôÉôã ôã"¯¤¯µ¯á¯¤¯ø" ôį»¯¤¯¬ôä ¯¤ô㯻¯¤ôãôä....ôö ôöôâô¯» ¯¬ô_ô  ¯¡¯¤ôÄ ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤ô㯦¯¨ôÉ ¯¤ô㯤¯µô¯± ôɯ_ô_ô  ¯¬¯¨¯á ôį¬ô_¯± ôɯ¡ô௬ "¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤ôãôÉôâ¯ø¯_" ôö ôÉô  ¯Â¯¤ô ¯¬¯© ôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤¯¨¯¦¯± ¯µ¯¼ô_¯± ¯á¯¬¯¤¯_¯© ¯ø¯¤¯± ¯¤ô㯫¯±ôöôâ ôö ô_¯_ô_ô ôà ¯¤¯_ôÉ ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ¯¨ôãô_ô㠯¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ôö ¯»¯±¯Âôɯ© ¯¤ô㯱¯¤¯_¯_ ¯Ç¯±ôö¯» ¯_ôį¤¯«ôà ¯_ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_...ôöô㯤ô ôä ô⯱¯£¯» ¯¤¯Â¯_¯¤¯Á ôįÇô_¯±¯© ôÉô  ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤ô㯤ôöôã ¯¬ô_ô ôɯ¤ ôãôÉ ¯¤¯«¯¤ôà¯ø ¯¤ôã¯Ç¯¤ô ôä ôÉô  ô⯬ôã ....ôôį¤ô  ô⯱¯¤¯±ôä

ôö ôÄôɯ¤ ô⯤ôã ¯µô㯤¯_ ¯_¯¬¯ø ¯¤ô㯵¯¬ôö¯±: ôãôÉ ô_¯_¯øô ôä ¯¤ôã¯_ôãôÉ ¯¤ô㯤 ¯±¯Âô¯©.....ô¯¤ôâôöôã ôãôÉ ô_¯_¯øô ôä ¯¤ôãô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ¯_ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¤ô㯤 ¯Âôàô㯤 ¯¬ôà....ô¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  "ô_¯øôö¯¨" ô⯤¯±¯_ôà ¯¬ô_ô  ¯áô_¯¤¯» ¯¤ô㯻¯¤¯±ô_¯¨ ôö ¯¤ôã¯øô_ô  ôö ¯¤ô㯫¯_¯± , ô¯_¯øô_¯Çôà ¯_ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¤ôö ôãô ôâôã ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¤ô㯨¯¤¯µ ¯¬ôà ôÉôɯ»¯_ ôö ¯¼¯¤ôɯ¦ ôôä ô ô¯_ ¯¤ôãôöô⯻

ôö ôãôÄôä ¯»¯»ôôàôÉ ôɯ¼¯_ôä "ôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ô௡¯¤" ô_¯Â¯¬ ¯¤ô  ¯»¯_¯»ôɯ»¯_ ¯¬ô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ôÉôâ¯øôɯ© ¯¤ô㯱¯¤¯_¯_ ¯Ç¯±ôö¯» ¯_ôį¤¯«¯©...ôö ¯¤ô  ôÄô ¯» ôÉô  ôɯ_¯¬ôä ¯»¯¨¯áôä ¯¤ôãôÉôâ¯øôɯ¤¯» ôį_¯¤¯ø¯© ôãôÄ ôô ¯µô_¯_¯»ôä ¯¤ô  ¯»¯»¯±ôÄ ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ôã¯_¯¤¯ø¯© ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ôãôɯ±¯© ôãô_ôÄôöô  ôįø¯¨ôã ¯ÂôÉô_ôã ôôä ô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ôÉô㯤ôɯ_ ¯_ô_¯_ôä ¯¤¯¬ô  ¯¤ô㯤ô ¯_¯¤ô ....ô¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ô_¯±¯_ôÉ ôÉô㯤ôɯ_ ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¤¯¨¯± ¯¤ôö ôãô ôâôã ôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô ...ôàôö ô ô¯_¯© ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¬ô  ôɯ±ô_ôÉ...ôãôÄô ôà ôɯ_¯øôã ôâôãô_ô㯤 ôɯ_¯»ô⯱ ôãô㯦¯_ô ôö ôâôöôä ôɯ_ ôÄôã ¯_ôɯ¤¯_¯© ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¤ô㯤¯¨¯±ôä

ôö ôÄôɯ¤ ¯¤ô  ôɯ_¯¬ôä ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ôàôÉ ôôâ¯á ôÉô  ô_¯_¯«ôâôö¯¤ -ôö ô_ôôàôÉôö¯¤- ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô ....ôôÉô  ô_¯_¯¬ ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ôàôÉ ¯¬¯_ô_¯øôä ¯¤ôãô ¯ü¯± ¯¤ôãôɯ»¯_¯¤ôɯ_ôöô  ôãôâ¯ø¯± ô_¯Â¯_ôãôàôÉ ô_¯±ôöô  ôö ôãôö ôâôãô_ô㯤 ôö¯±¯¤¯Á ¯¤ôãôÄôãôɯ© ôö ¯¤ôã¯_¯ø¯Ç

ôɯ»¯«¯ø¯øôä ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ô_¯© ôãô  ô_¯_¯Â¯¬ôö¯¤ ¯¬ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ô¯»¯_¯øô_ô㯤¯» ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ¯_ôãôä ¯¤ôãô⯵¯© ôö ¯¤ô㯫¯¨¯µô_¯¤¯» ôįÇô_¯±¯© ôö ¯Çôâô_ô㯩 ¯_ôãôä ¯¤ô㯬¯_¯¦ ôÉôɯ¤ ô_¯_ô¯üôöô  ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤ôãôÉôâ¯ø¯_ ¯¬¯¤ôãôÄôãôɯ©...ôÄôɯ¤ ôɯ»¯«¯ø¯øôä ¯¤ô㯤¯_ô㯤ôÉ ô_¯_¯±ôÉôö¯¤ ôÉô  ¯¤ô㯤¯µôã ô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ô⯵¯© ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯_ ¯¬¯¤ô㯱ôö¯¤ô_¯© ¯¤ô㯤ô ¯Âô_ôãô_¯©

ôö ôàô ¯¤ ô㯤 ¯¤¯_¯»¯áô_¯_ ôÉô⯤ôöôɯ© ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯© ôɯ¤ ¯_¯ø¯Ç -ôãôä- ¯_ô ¯ø ôɯ«¯¤ôà¯ø¯© ¯¤¯µ¯øô⯤¯_ôä ôÉô  ¯¤ôãôÄôãô_¯© ôãôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¬ô_ô  ¯±¯¤¯_¯»ôä ôôä ô¯»¯±¯¤¯» ¯¤ô㯱¯¤¯_¯©....ôö ¯¤ô㯤ô ¯øô௤¯« ¯¬ôã ôö ¯¤ô㯤¯_¯»ô ôį¤¯± ¯_ô ¯ø ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯»ôä ôãôɯ¼¯_ôä ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¨¯¤¯µ¯© ¯_ô ¯ø ¯¤¯¨¯¬¯¤¯±ôàôÉ ¯¬ôÄô_ôô_¯© ¯¤¯¨¯»ô_¯¤¯±ôä ôãôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ôö ¯»¯Â¯¤ôö¯_ôä ¯_ô  ô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤ôãôÉôâ¯ø¯_ ôɯ±ôà ¯¤¯¨¯±ôä....ôö ôãôÄ ¯_¯_ô_¯_ôä ¯¤ôãô⯤¯±¯_ ¯¤ô  ¯»¯»¯¨ô_ôã ôÄôã ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôãôà¯ÂôöôÉ ôôä ôö¯Âôàôä ¯_ô  ôöô⯤¯_¯»ôä ôôä ô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯_ôɯ¤ôöôä ¯¤¯¨¯± ¯¼ô_¯± ¯¤ôãô⯱¯¢ô  ôö ¯±¯¬¯á ôÄôã ¯¡¯¤ôÄ ¯¬ôɯ_¯»ôâ¯ø¯¤¯»ôä ¯¤ôã¯_ô_¯¤¯_ô_¯© ¯¤ôãôãô_¯¬¯±¯¤ôãô_¯©....ôö ¯øôöô  ¯¤ô  ¯¤¯ø¯¤ô¯_ ¯¬¯¤ôã¯á¯±ôâ ¯¤ô㯻ôâôãô_¯øô_¯© ¯_ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_¯±ô¯© ôö ¯_ôâ ¯¤ô㯤¯_¯»¯áô㯤¯_ ôö ôôàôÉ ¯¤ô㯤¯¨¯± ôö ¯¨ô㯤ôôà....¯¤¯¼ôãô⯻ ¯¤ôã¯_ôö¯¤¯± ôö ¯±¯Â¯_¯» ¯¤¯»¯£ôÉôã ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ôö ôö¯ø¯ø¯» ¯¤ô  ¯»¯»¯Â¯_¯ø ¯±ô⯩ ¯Â¯¬¯±¯¤ô  ôö ¯»¯±¯Âôɯ© ¯Ç¯±ôö¯» ¯_ôį¤¯«¯© ô㯻¯»¯_¯ø¯Ç ôɯ_ ôà¯_ô㯤¯Á ¯¬¯øô㯤 ôÉô ôä

¯¤¯_¯»¯áô_¯_ ¯¤ô  ¯¤ôô ¯ø ôãôÄ ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ô¯µôã ô¯µôã.... ôö ¯¤ô  ¯¤ô ¯»ôâ¯ø ¯¤ôã¯_¯øô_¯Ç ¯¤ôãôô㯤ô ôä ¯¤ôö ¯¦¯_ô ¯¤ô㯨ô_¯¤ôã ôôä ¯¤ôãôÉôöôâô ¯¤ôã¯_ô㯤ô ôä...¯¤ôö ¯_ô  ôÉôãôã ¯¤ô ¯»¯¬¯¤ô ôä ôôä ¯¤ô㯵ô¯_¯© ¯±ôâôÉ ôį¡¯¤....ôö ôàôö ¯µ¯_ô_¯_....ôãôÄô  ôàô ¯¤ôÄ ¯¬¯_¯ø ¯¤ôãôį»¯¬ ô㯤 ¯»ôâô_ô_ôÉ ¯¤ô㯤 ¯¬¯¤ôã¯_¯¬....ôö ôÄôɯ¤ ô⯤ôã ô ¯_¯¤¯±: ¯¤ô㯵ôɯ» ôôä ¯_¯±ôÉ ¯¤ôã¯Âôɯ¤ôã ¯Âôɯ¤ôã
( )
  dinanabil | Feb 28, 2014 |
ϻ_¯±ô ôɯ_ôã¯_ôã "¯_¯øô_¯Ç ¯¤ô㯵¯¬¯¤¯_ ôö ¯¤ôãôɯ_¯¤¯Á" ¯Ù...¯¤¯_¯±ôôà...ô⯱ô_¯» ¯¤ô㯱ôö¯¤ô_¯©¯Ù..ô㯤...ô_¯¬ôâôä ôɯ¤¯»¯_¯±ôôö¯«

ôâôãô_ô㯤 ¯¬ôã ô ¯¤¯ø¯±¯¤ ôɯ¤ ¯¤¯_¯Â¯¬ ¯¬¯_ôÉôã ¯ø¯±¯¤ôÉôä ôö ¯¤¯µôãôà ¯¤ô㯤¯ø¯¬ôä ôôä ô ô¯_ ¯¤ôãôöô⯻...ôãôÄô  ¯¤¯¼¯±ôɯ» ¯¬¯¤ô㯤¯Çô ô_ô  ôį_¯¤¯¬ôâôà ¯»¯¤¯±ô_¯¨ô_¯©

ôôä ¯¤ô㯬¯ø¯Á ôÄô ¯» ¯¤¯_¯µ¯± ¯¡ôàô ôä ô㯻¯¡ôį± ¯¤ôä ôÉôɯÇôã ôâ¯ø ¯¤¯øôä ¯øôö¯± ¯¡ôãôÄ ¯¤ôã"ôô㯤ô " ôö ôÄô ¯» ¯¤ôöôôâ ¯¤¯_ô_¯¤ô ¯¤ ôö ¯¤¯«¯¬ôà ¯¤¯_ô_¯¤ô ¯¤ ôö ¯¤ô¯«ôã ô¯«ôã ¯¡¯±ô_¯_¯¤ ¯¤¯_ô_¯¤ô ¯¤....ôö ¯¬¯_¯ø ¯ø¯¨ôöôãôä ôôä ¯¤ôã¯_ôÉôã ôö¯Â¯ø¯» ¯¤ôã¯_ô ¯µ¯± ¯¤ôį_ ¯¤ôãô ¯¤ô⯵ ô¯¬¯_¯¬¯¬ ôįǯ±¯© ¯¤ô㯫¯¨¯µô_¯¤¯» ôôãôÉ ô_¯_¯»¯á¯_ ¯¤ôãôɯ_ôã¯_ôã ¯¬¯_ôãô⯤¯»ôà ¯¤ô㯤¯±¯¬¯_ô_ô  ¯_ôãôä ¯¤¯_¯»ôö¯¤¯Á ôÄôã ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ô㯵¯¨¯¬ ô¯»¯Â¯¤ôö¯_ ¯¤ô㯬¯_¯¦ ôö ¯_¯¡ô ¯¤ô㯬¯_¯¦ ôÉô  ¯¤ô㯤¯µôã

ô㯻ôį»¯¬ "¯_¯øô_¯Ç ¯¤ô㯵¯¬¯¤¯_ ôö ¯¤ôãôɯ_¯¤¯Á" ôôä ¯µôö¯±¯»ô௤ ¯¤ôãô ô௤¯_ô_¯© ¯¤ô㯻ôä ¯»ô⯱¯£ô௤ ô_¯Â¯¬ ¯¤ô  ¯»ôį»¯¬ ôɯ±¯»ô_ô ...ô¯»ôÄôöô  ¯¤ôãôɯ±¯© ¯¤ô㯤ôöôãôä ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯© ¯£¯Âô_¯¤ôã ¯_¯¤¯øô_¯© ôį¤ôã¯_¯±¯¤ôô_¯« ¯¤ôö ôɯ_¯© ¯_¯¤ôÉ ôÉô  ¯¤ôã¯_¯_ô㯩 ôö ôàôä ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯¤¯» ôãôö ¯»¯_ôãôÉôöô  ¯µ¯_¯¬¯© ¯_ôãôä ¯¤ôãôɯ_ôãô ôôä ôįǯ±¯© ¯¤¯_¯ø¯¤¯Çô௤ ôö ¯»¯±ôÄô_¯¬ ¯¨¯áôö¯áô௤ ¯¤ôã¯ø¯±¯¤ôÉô_¯© ¯¤ôãôÉôɯ»¯_ôà....ôö ¯¤ô㯨¯áôö¯© ¯¤ôã¯Ç¯¤ô ô_¯© ôö ôàôä ¯¤ô㯤¯µ¯_¯¬ ôö ¯¤ô㯤ôįǯ± ¯¤¯¬ô௤¯±¯¤ ôàôö ¯»¯Â¯_¯_ ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ô㯱ôö¯¤ô_¯© ¯¤ô㯦¯¨ôÉôà ¯¤¯_¯ø¯¤¯Ç¯¤ ôö ¯¤ô㯵¯¼ô_¯±¯© ¯_¯Âôɯ¤ ¯¤ôãôä ¯¤¯Â¯_¯¤¯Á ¯¤¯µ¯¼¯± ôÄôâ¯á¯_ ¯¤ô㯬¯¤¯_ôã ôö ôÉô  ¯ÇôÉ ô_¯_ô_¯ø ¯»¯±ôÄô_¯¬ô௤ ¯¬¯«ôÄôã ¯¤¯¬¯Â¯øôä ôãô_ôɯ»¯_ ô ¯Âô_¯¬ ¯¤ôã¯_¯¤ôãôÉôä ¯¤ôãô⯤¯±¯_ ¯¤ôã¯_¯±¯¬ôä ¯¬¯»ôÄô ô_ôÄ ôö ô ôɯá ôãôÉ ô_ôį»¯¬ ôôä ô㯼¯»ô ¯¤ ôö ¯¤¯üô  ¯¤ô ôà ôãôÉ ô_ôį»¯¬ ¯¤¯¬¯ø¯¤

ôãôÄô ¯© ô ¯Âô_¯¬ ô_¯Â¯_ôã ôãô⯤¯±¯_¯© ôãôö¯_¯¤¯» ¯¤ô㯬¯¤¯_ôã ôãô_¯¬¯¡ôã ¯¤ôãô⯤¯±¯_ ôɯÂôàôö¯ø ô㯻¯±ôÄô_¯¬ ¯¤ô㯵ôö¯±¯© ôô_¯_¯üôä ¯¬ôɯ»¯_¯© ¯¤ôãôɯ«¯¤¯±ôį© ôö ôãô_¯_ ôôâ¯á ¯¤ôãôɯ«¯¤ôà¯ø¯© ¯¤ôãôÉôÉô㯩

ô_¯«¯_¯±ôÄ ôɯ_ôôö¯ü ¯¬¯¤ô ôà "ô_¯¼¯±ô ôÉô  ¯¬¯_¯±" ô¯¤ô㯻ô¯¤¯µô_ôã ôįÇô_¯±¯© ôö ô_¯¬¯øôö ôãôÄ ôâ¯ø ¯±¯£ôä ôɯµô_¯± ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ô㯤¯_¯±¯© ¯¤ôãôɯ»¯«¯¤¯¬ôÄ ¯¤ô㯤ôãô ¯¤ôãôɯ±¯¤¯» ôö ô௤ ôàôö ô_ô㯨¯µ ôãôÄ ¯¤ô㯤ôɯ±...ôö ôį¤ô ¯© ô_¯_¯±ô ¯¤ôįǯ± ¯¬ôįÇô_¯± ôÉôɯ¤ ô_¯±ôöôä ôãôÄ ôô_ôãôɯ_ ¯¤¯_ô_¯¤ô ¯¤ ôö ô_¯_¯±¯_ ¯¤ôãôɯ_¯øôã ¯_ô_ô ¯¤ôö ô_¯»¯Âôãôä ¯¤¯_ôãôö¯¬ ôɯ_ôôö¯ü ¯¤ôãô⯵¯µôä ¯Â¯ø¯¤ ôôä ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôã¯_ôÉôã...ôã¯_ôãôà ¯¤ôãôÉô⯤¯¬ôã ¯»ôɯ¤ôɯ¤ ô㯤¯_ôãôö¯¬ ôô_¯±¯Âô ô_¯¤ ôöôöôãô ¯¤ô㯻ôä ¯¤¯»¯«¯±ô ¯¬ô⯱¯¤¯Á¯© ¯¤¯_ôɯ¤ôãô௤ ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ô㯤ô_¯¤ôÉ...ô¯¤ôɯ¤ ¯¤ô㯤ôöôã ôô_ô ¯ü¯± ôã¯_ô_¯¤¯© ¯¤ô㯤ô ¯_¯¤ô  ôÉô  ¯_ôãôä ô_¯±ôöôä ôãôÄ ôɯµô_¯±ôà ôôä ¯_ô_¯¤¯ø ¯«¯¬ôà ¯»¯¤ôÉ

¯¤ô ôà ôɯ_ôôö¯ü ¯¤ô㯡ôä ô_¯_¯»¯áô_¯_ ¯»ô㯨ô_¯µ ¯_ô_¯¤¯© ¯«¯¨¯µ ¯¬ôį¤ôÉôã ¯_ô ô_ô  ¯_ôɯ±ôà ôôä ¯ÂôÉôã ôÉô⯻¯¦¯¬¯© ô㯤 ô_ôôö¯»ôà ôô_ô௤ ¯¤ôãôįÇô_¯± ¯_¯_¯¬ ô ¯ü¯±ô_¯© ¯_¯_ ¯¤ôã¯øô_ô  ¯«ôį±ôä "ôàô ¯¤ôÄ ¯_ô ôö¯¤¯» ô㯤 ô_¯_¯ø¯Ç ôô_ô௤ ¯«¯_ ¯øôöô  ¯¤ô  ¯»ôɯ¦ôä"...¯¬ô_ô ôɯ¤¯»¯_¯»¯áô_¯_ ôô_¯±¯Âô ô_¯¤ ôöôöôãô ôį»¯¤¯¬ôà ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯© ¯¤¯ø¯¬ô_¯© ¯«ô_ô⯩ ôâ¯ø ¯»¯¬¯ø¯£ ¯¤¯_¯ø¯¤¯Çô௤ ¯¬ôɯÂôã¯_ ¯±¯Âôã ¯_ôãôä ôɯ_¯á¯© ¯¤ô㯤¯»ôö¯¬ô_¯_ ôö ¯»ô ¯»ôàôä ¯¬ôö¯µôöôã ¯¤ô㯤¯»ôö¯¬ô_¯_ ôôä ¯_ôÉôã ôâ¯ø ô㯤 ô_ôâôã ¯_ô  300 ¯µô¯_¯© ¯øôöô  ôã¯_¯ü¯© ôÉô  ¯¤ôãôÉôãôã ô_¯»¯¨ôãôãô௤ ôÄôã ¯«¯¤¯±¯ø¯© ¯¤ôö ôö¯¤¯±¯ø¯©¯¨¯á¯±¯» ¯_ôãôä ¯¡ôàô ôà ¯¤ôö ¯¡ôį±ôä ôɯ±¯» ¯_ôãô_ôà ô_ôöôɯ¤

ô㯤 ¯¤¯_¯»¯áô_¯_ ¯¤ô  ¯¤ô¯¦ôã ¯¤¯_ôãôö¯¬ ¯_ôãôä ¯¤¯¨¯± ôôÄô㯤 ôɯ»¯_¯»ôà ¯¤ô㯨¯¤¯µ¯©...ôãôÄô  ¯¤ô௻ô ¯¬¯±ôö¯_¯© ¯¤ô㯤¯ø¯¬ ôö ¯¤ôã¯_¯¤¯¬ôà ¯¤ô㯡ôàô ô_¯© ôôä ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ôãôã¯_¯ü¯©

¯¤¯±¯¬¯_¯© ô ¯ÂôöôÉ ôãô㯱ôö¯¤ô_¯©...ôö ô ¯Âôɯ© ¯¤¯¦¯¤ôô_¯© ô㯱ôö¯_¯© ¯¤ô㯻ôÄô ô_ôÄ

Song Ttheme
¯¬¯¤ô㯻¯¤ôÄô_¯ø ¯±ôö¯_¯© ¯µôö¯» ¯¤ô ¯¼¯¤ôÉ ôö ¯¤¯¼ô ô_¯© ¯»¯»¯± ¯¤ôãôɯ_ôã¯_ôã ¯¤ô㯻ôä ¯¤¯Â¯¬¯±¯»ô ôä ¯_ôãôä ¯øô ¯øô ¯»ô௤ ¯áôö¯¤ôã ¯¤ôãô⯱¯¤¯Á¯©

¯¤ôãô ¯_¯¨ ¯¤ôãôâ¯øô_ôɯ© "ôö ¯¤ô㯻ôä ¯_ôãôä ¯¤ô㯱¯¼ôÉ ôÉô  ¯±¯¨¯µ ¯ÇôÉô ô௤" ôÉô  ¯á¯¬¯¤¯_ôà ôÉôį»¯¬¯© ôɯµ¯± ¯»¯_ôöôä ¯±ôö¯_¯© ¯¤¯¨¯±ôä ôàôä ¯¤ô㯱¯_ôöôɯ¤¯» ¯¬¯¤ôãô_¯ø ôãô㯫¯¨¯µô_¯¤¯»

( )
  dinanabil | Feb 28, 2014 |
ϬϵϱϤ_ôà ¯¼ô_¯± ôɯáôãôâôà ôãôÉ ¯¤¯_¯Â¯¬ ¯¬ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤¯_¯Â¯¤¯¬ ¯¤¯µ¯øô⯤¯_ôä ¯¤ôãôɯ¬ô௱ ¯¤¯_ôãôÉ ¯¤ô  ¯±¯£ô_ôä ¯µ¯ø¯¤ôÉ ôãôÄô ôà ¯¬¯¬¯_¯¤¯áôà ¯±¯£ô_ôä ô¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ôÉôÉô_¯_¯¤¯» ôö ¯_ô_ôö¯¬:

ôÉôÉô_¯_¯¤¯» :ôį»¯¤¯¬ ô௤¯ø¯_ ..¯»ô⯱¯£ôà ôɯ_¯»¯±¯¨ô_¯¤ ôôä ô_ôöôÉ ôɯ±ô_¯_ ..¯»ô⯱¯£ôà ôã¯Â¯øôÄ ¯¤ôãôɯÇôâôã ¯¬ôɯ¤ ôɯ± ¯¬ôà ôôä ¯¤ôã¯_ô_¯¤ôà

¯_ô_ôö¯¬: ôÉôÉôã ôö ôįÇô_¯± ¯¤ô㯻ô¯¤¯µô_ôã ôį¤ô ôÄ ¯»¯_ôɯ_ ôã¯Â¯øôÄ ¯¬ô_¯_ôÄôä ôãôÄ ¯¬ô_ô ôɯ¤ ¯»¯»ôÉô ôä ¯»ô௱¯¬ ¯»ôã¯_¯¬ ¯¬¯_ô_¯ø
( )
  dinanabil | Feb 28, 2014 |
"Ϥ ôà ôį»¯¤¯¬ ô_¯µôöô  ¯¡¯¤ôį±ôà ¯¤ôãôɯøô_ô ôà"
ôàôį¡¯¤ ¯øôöô  ¯_ôãôä ¯¼ô㯤ô ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ...ôö ôàôį¡¯¤ ôį¤ô 

¯¤¯_¯»ôɯ»¯_¯» ¯¬¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬ ¯¤ô_ôɯ¤ ¯¤¯_¯»ôɯ»¯¤¯_ ôÉô  ¯¬ô_ô  ¯¤¯±ôöôâôà ¯¤ôãô⯤ô௱ôà ¯¤ôã¯_¯¤¯_¯±ôà ¯¤ôã¯_¯¤ô௱ôà ¯¤ôãôÉôÉôãôöôÄô_ôà ¯¤ôãôÉôɯ»¯_ôà ô⯦ô_¯» ôöô⯻ ¯_¯¤¯_¯±¯¤ ôɯ_¯»¯±¯Â¯_ôà ôɯ¤ ô⯱¯£¯»ôà ¯_¯¤¯¬ô⯤ ôÉô  ôį»¯¬ ¯¤¯¬ô  ô_¯¤¯_ ôö ¯¤ôãôÉô⯱ô_¯_ôä ôö ¯¤¯¦¯¤ô¯¤¯» ôÉôɯ»¯_ôà ôįÇô_¯±ôà ¯_ôãô_ô௤ ôɯ_ ¯«¯±¯_ ôö ¯»¯_ôãô_ô⯤¯» ¯¤ô㯼ô_¯á¯¤ô ôä ¯¤ôãô ¯¬ô_ôà ¯ø¯¤¯_ôɯ¤

ôį«ô¯» ôãôä ¯_ô  ¯_ô⯬ ôö ôÉôãôöôÄ ôö ¯¤ôɯ±¯¤¯Á ôįǯ± ôãôÉ ¯¤¯_ôɯ_ ¯¬ôàôÉ ôÉô  ô⯬ôã ôÉô  ¯¼ô_¯± ¯¤ôãôɯ«ôàôö¯±ô_ô  ¯»¯¤¯±ô_¯¨ô_¯¤ ôÉôɯ¤ ¯¤¯¡¯¤ôâôö¯¤ ¯¤ô㯫¯_¯¬ ¯¤ôãôöô_ôã ôö ¯¤ôãôàôö¯¤ô  ôÄô⯵ôà ¯¤ôãô ¯«ôö ¯¤ôãôö¯_ô_¯± ¯¤ôãôÉô¯»¯±ôä ¯_ôãôä ¯¨ôãôâ ¯¤ôãôãôà ôö ô⯵ôà ¯¤¯¬ô  ¯¤ôãôÉôãôÄ ¯¤ô㯤¯«¯±ô ¯¤ô㯡ôä ¯_¯¡¯¬ ¯¤ôãôɯµ¯±ô_ô_ô  ôö ô⯻ôã ¯¤ôãô ô ô¯_ ôôä ¯_¯¤ôÉô_ô  ôôâ¯á ô㯤 ¯¼ô_¯±

¯¤ôɯ»¯_ô ôä ¯¤ô㯼ô_¯á¯¤ô ôä ¯¬¯»ô¯¤¯µô_ôãôà ¯¤ô㯻¯¤¯±ô_¯¨ô_ôà ¯¤ôãôɯ«ôöôâôà ôö ¯ø¯¤¯_ôɯ¤ ôö ôįÇô_¯±¯¤ ôɯ¤ ô_¯«¯_¯±ôÄ ¯¬¯±¯¼¯¬ôà ôôä ¯»¯øôöô_ô  ¯»ôãôÄ ¯¤ôãô⯵¯µ ¯¤ôã¯á¯±ô_ôôà ..ô ôö¯_ ôÉô  ¯¤ôãôį»¯¬ ¯»¯_¯¬ ¯»ô⯱¯¤ôà ô⯬ôã ôɯ¤ ¯»¯±ôö¯_ ¯¨¯¤ô  ¯¤ô㯨ôãô_ôãôä ôö ¯¬ô_¯» ¯¤ôã¯_¯_ô_ôÉôä ôö ¯Â¯¤ôɯ_ ¯¤ô㯤ôâôɯ± ô⯬ôã ô ¯_ô௻ôÄ ôôä ¯¤ôãô⯤ô௱ôà ¯¤ôã¯_¯±ô_ôâôà

ôö ôÉô  ¯¤¯ÂôÉôã ôɯ¤ ô㯤¯_¯ü¯»ôà ¯¤ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_¯¤¯Â¯ø ôôä ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôã¯_¯µ¯± ôɯ¤ ôį¤ô ¯» ¯»¯_ô_¯ø ¯_ô  ôö¯_ô_ôãôà ô㯻ôį±ô_ôÉ ¯¤¯_ôÉ ¯¤ôãôÉôãôÄ ôö ¯¤ôã¯_¯¤¯«ô_ôà ôãô_¯_ ôãôö¯Âôà ¯¤ôãôãôà ôö ôÉô ôàôÉ ô⯵ôà ôɯ_¯Â¯ø ¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯ø "¯¤ôã¯_¯±¯¤ôÉ" ôÄôɯ¤ ¯¤¯áôãôâ ¯_ôãô_ôà ¯¤ôãôɯµ¯±ô_ô_ô 

¯¤ôãôãô_ ¯¬ô ô_ ôɯµ¯±-¯_ôãôä ¯¤ôã¯_¯Â¯¤¯±-¯_ô_¯ø ¯_¯Â¯¤¯¬-¯¬ôãô_¯¼ ¯_ôɯøôä
( )
  dinanabil | Feb 28, 2014 |
ϱö¯¤ô_ôà "ôɯ¡ôãôöô  ôÉô௤ô ôöô " ¯_¯ÂôÉô௤ ¯_ôö¯¤ôãôä 509 ¯µô¯_ôà ôö ô ¯ü¯±¯¤ ôã¯_¯ÂôÉô௤ ¯¤ôãôį¬ô_¯± ô ¯_¯¬ô_¯¤ ¯¤¯Âô㯻ô௤ ô㯬¯_¯ø ¯¤ô ¯»ô௤¯Á ¯¤ôã¯ø¯±¯¤¯_ôà ¯_¯«¯¤ô  ¯¤ô⯱¯¤ô௤ ¯¬ôɯ_¯¤¯Â ôâ¯ø ôį¤ô 
¯¤¯¬¯»¯øô_¯» ôôä "ôɯ¡ôãôöô  ôÉô௤ô ôöô " ô¯«¯øô ôä ¯¤ôãô_ô௤ ¯¤¯_ôÉô௤ ¯¤ô㯵¯¤¯øôÉ ô ôö¯_¯¤ ôɯ¤

ôàôã ôàôä ¯±ôö¯¤ô_ôà ¯_ô_¯¤¯_ô_ôà¯Ù¯Ù¯Ù ôàôã ¯»¯_¯¬¯± ¯_ô  ôɯ¤¯¦ôä ¯_¯_ ¯¤ôö ¯_¯¤¯¦¯± ¯¤¯_ôö¯Á¯Ù¯Ù ¯¤¯µôã ¯¤¯_ôÉô௤ ôɯ_¯¬¯± ôâôöôä ¯_ô  ¯_¯¤¯Â¯¤¯» ôį»ô_¯±...ôôä ¯¤ôãôö¯¤ôâ¯_ ô㯤 ¯¤ô㯱ôö¯¤ô_ôà ôÉôô௤¯« ôɯ¼¯_ôä ¯_ô_¯¤¯_ôä ôö ôãôÄô ô௤ ôÉôÉôÄô  ¯»ôÄôöô  ¯±ôɯ_ô_ôà ¯«ôöô_ôà ôãôÄô  ôɯ_¯»ôö¯¤ô௤ ¯¤¯Â¯»ôɯ¤¯_ôä ¯±ôöôɯ¤ô ¯_ôä ...¯¨ô_ôö¯áô௤ ¯¤ôã¯ø¯±¯¤ôÉô_ôà ôɯ_¯¬ôöôÄôà ¯¬ôâôöôà ôôä ¯¤ô_¯¤¯øôä ¯¤ôãôɯ¬¯ø¯_ ¯ø¯_¯»ôöôô_¯_ôÄôä ô_¯»¯_ôÄôÉ ¯¬ô௤ ôÄôɯ¤ ô_¯«¯¤¯Á ôâ¯ø ô_¯øô¯_ôÄ ôãô㯬ôį¤¯Á ¯_ôãôä ¯_¯¤ôã ¯¤¯¬¯á¯¤ôãôà ¯¤ô  ¯«¯¤¯Á... ¯¤ôö ¯»ô ô¯_ ¯¤ôãô ô_¯±¯¤ô  ¯¼¯¦¯¬¯¤ ôÉô  ¯¦¯_ôôàôÉ ôö¯¤¯_¯»¯_ô㯤ôÉôàôÉ ¯¤ôãôãôä ô_¯¼ô_¯ü ¯¤¯_ô_¯¤ô ¯¤

¯»¯»¯_¯Â¯¬ ôÉô  ¯¼¯±¯¤¯¬ôà ¯_ôãôöôÄ ¯¤¯¬¯á¯¤ôãôà ....ôÉô  ¯¤ô ¯¤ô ô_ôàôÉ...ôÉô  ¯¬¯á¯«ôÉ ôö ¯_¯øôÉ ¯¤ôį»¯±¯¤¯ÇôàôÉ ¯¬¯¬¯_¯¦...ôÉô  ¯üôãôÉôàôÉ ¯¤¯_ô_¯¤ô ¯¤....ôôàôÉ ôɯ¡ôãôöô  ôö ôÉô௤ô ôöô  ¯áôö¯¤ôã ¯¤ôãôöô⯻ ¯¤ôɯ¤ ¯¤ôãôɯ¡ôã ôö¯¤ôãôãôä ¯¬ô_ôàô_ô  ôôàôö ¯¤ô_¯¦¯¤ ôö¯¤¯_¯ø ¯áôöôã ¯¤ôãôöô⯻ ôàôö ¯«¯¨¯µô_ôà ¯¤ô㯤ôÉô_¯± ¯¤ôãôãôä ô¯±¯¦ôà ¯_¯áôö¯»ô௤ ¯áôö¯¤ôã ¯µô¯_¯¤¯» ¯¤ôãôį»¯¤¯¬....
ôàôä ¯á¯¬¯_¯¤ ôɯ« ôÉô  ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯¤¯» ¯ø¯_¯»ôöôô_¯_ôÄôä ¯¤ôãôɯ«ôàôö¯±ôà ¯_ôä ¯¤ôã¯Â¯±ô_ôÉôà ôö ¯¤ôã¯_ô⯤¯¬ ôöôįøôà ¯¬¯_ ôàôä ôɯ±¯_ôãôà ô¯¤¯µôãôà ¯¬ô_ô  ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯¤¯» ¯¤ô㯫¯¬¯¤¯¬ ôö ¯±ôö¯¤ô_¯¤¯» ¯¤ôãô ¯¦ôö¯Â...

ôÉô  ¯¤ô㯤¯¨¯± ¯±ôö¯¤ô_ôà ¯»¯_¯»¯_ôâ ¯¤ôãô⯱¯¤¯Áôà
( )
  dinanabil | Feb 28, 2014 |
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