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The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson…

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4) (original 2008; edition 2009)

by Rick Riordan

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Title:The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4)
Authors:Rick Riordan
Info:Hyperion Book CH (2009), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 384 pages
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The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan (2008)

2010 (34) action (46) adventure (233) children (33) children's (64) children's literature (32) ebook (38) fantasy (704) fiction (344) friendship (29) gods (56) Greek (42) greek gods (68) greek mythology (248) juvenile (29) labyrinths (34) magic (41) monsters (36) mythology (357) Olympians (30) own (31) Percy Jackson (200) Percy Jackson and the Olympians (78) read (61) Rick Riordan (35) series (153) teen (30) to-read (50) YA (145) young adult (225)
  1. 61
    The Odyssey by Homer (Jitsusama)
    Jitsusama: An ancient classic revolving around Greek Myth. A great help to better understand the mythology of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
  2. 20
    D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths by Ingri D'Aulaire (saltypepper)
    saltypepper: More accessible than Homer for younger and/or reluctant readers, plus beautifully illustrated.
  3. 31
    The Iliad by Homer (Jitsusama)
    Jitsusama: An ancient classic revolving around Greek Myth. A great help to better understand the mythology of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

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This book is about Percy Jackson finding the entrance to the labyrinth. Percy Jackson as usual is getting thrown out of another school. However this is a school that Percy's moms friend attended. When Percy enters he runs into a monster in the band room. After he is thrown out he goes to camp half-blood. At camp half blood there is a new sword trainer. He makes everyone go to the woods to play a game of survival. Percy is teamed up with Annabeth and while playing there are three monsters that back them up into a cave. the cave was actually the labyrinth.

The reason that a liked this book is because there is lots of suspenseful parts. The parts that I really liked is when Percy was traveling through the maze and when he had to blow up the center of the labyrinth. I also liked the part where Percy had to fight the giant in the labyrinth. Another suspenseful part is when Chronos was rising. Another reason I liked this book is because I like learning about Greek mythology. This book is a very good example of Greek mythology. I cant wait to read the next book. ( )
  AustinR.G3 | Mar 18, 2014 |
14-year-old Percy Jackson starts of at his Goode high school orientation. Mr.Blofis (Percy's Mom's boyfriend) takes Percy to the assembly where he sees Rachel Elizabeth Dare running away from two cheerleaders: Kelli and Tammi. Who are actually empousai, which are like vampires with a donkey leg and a metal leg. Percy finds Rachel in the Band room and tells her about what she saw through the Mist. Kelli and Tammi attack them but Percy kills Tammi and escapes through the window. Ran through an alley onto East 81st and into Annabeth. He introduced them and had to go to Camp Half-Blood. Rachel stayed behind to clear Percy's name. When they got to camp Annabeth ran off to talk to Clarisse. Then he saw a gigantic hellhound and charged at it but was stopped by an older man. He said his name was Quintus and the hellhound was his pet Mrs.O'Leary. Chiron comes and talks to Percy about what happened at Goode. Then they went to Grover who was being lectured by the Council of Cloven Elders. They said to Grover to find proof of Pan's existence in one week or they'd take away his license. Grover and his new girlfriend Juniper were upset but Clarisse said their was another option but Grover said he'd think about it. Cabin inspection was starting and everyone was busy cleaning. When Percy got back to his cabin it was all clean. Tyson appeared and gave him a extra powerful hug. Tyson also fixed the shield he built for Percy with their adventures on it. Silena Beauregard (daughter of Aphrodite) was in charge of inspection and gave Percy and Tyson a good score. Tyson and Percy went canoeing with Annabeth and asked her about the option that Clarisse was talking about. Annabeth said she helped Clarisse but it would be to dangerous for Grover. Then Percy trained with Quintus while Tyson played with Mrs.O'Leary.Percy the told Tyson about Nico last winter and told him not to tell anybody. In the middle of the night, Percy got a Iris message overhearing Nico and a ghost casting all the Mythomagic junk he liked in the fire in the Underworld. The ghost said that to get his sister back he'd need to get revenge. Mr.d wasn't there though, he was checking on who the minor gods are supporting. The next day Chiron brought Grover to Percy saying, "you need to convince him." Annabeth came to the table and explained what Chiron meant. The Labyrinth was the only way to find Pan, she said that if you can will it to it can lead you to anything. They then decided to tell Percy about Clarisse's secret mission. Last year Chris Rodriguez was found walking outside Clarisse's mom's house. He was totally insane talking about a string.They think Luke is looking for Ariadne's string. Then Quintus taught a training session in teams of two against giant scorpions. They had to get golden laurels of the six monster's back. Juniper came to Annabeth and Percy to talk about something but were interrupted by three scorpions. They hid in a crack in the boulders which was an entrance to the Labyrinth. They found an exit and when they got out Clarisse was lecturing them about where they were for the last hour yet Percy and Annabeth were only gone for a minute. They then figured out Luke's plan, to find an entrance to the Labyrinth and invade Camp Half-Blood. Percy then had a dream about Daedalus and his son thrown into a cell. The Camp Counselors then talked about how luke is trying to find Daedalus's workshop. The counselors decided to put Annabeth in charge for the quest for Daedalus's workshop. She went to the Oracle and got the following prophecy: YOU SHALL DELVE IN THE DARKNESS OF THE ENDLESS MAZE, THE DEAD, THE TRAITOR, AND THE LOST ONE SHALL RAISE. YOU SHALL RISE OR FALL BY THE GHOST KINGS HAND, THE CHILD OF ATHENA'S FINAL STAND. Annabeth then hesitated about the final part of the prophecy. Something like DESTROY WITH A HERO'S FINAL BREATH. Annabeth decided to take Percy, Grover, and Tyson with her. Even though Chiron warned her that prophecies usually mean three heroes. Quintus felt sorry for Percy and gave him a whistle made of Stygian ice to call Mrs.O'Leary in dire circumstances. Annabeth was looking and collecting her maps of the Labyrinth. The next mourning, after a dream about luke and the sarcophagus plus another Iris message showing Nico raising the dead with Happy Meals and Cokes, and told Chiron about his dream. They fear Kronos seeks Daedalus to make a new form for him. They all entered the crack and followed the corridor to a two-headed god named Janus (minor god of choices). They told Annabeth to chose but were stopped by Queen Hera (goddess of marriage; wife and sister of Zeus). She warned Annabeth about the maze and that Percy knew the answer to navigate through the Labyrinth. They got out of the Labyrinth and landed in Alcatraz with Briares, a hundred-handed one, being held by Kampe, a monster like a giant winged Medusa. they freed Briares but he wouldn't help him. They then ended up at Triple G Ranch, a place where they sold and breed mythical creatures. Nico was also there but was then captured with Percy's friends. Geryon, the tripled bodied owner, and his assistant Eurytion, a son of Ares, captured Percy's friends and told Percy to clean the pirana- horse stalls to win his and their freedom. He tried to clean it with a river but a river nymph stopped him.She showed him a secret, that seashells have the power of water when thrown to the ground. He then had to battle Geryon for his friend's freedom. He won and Eurytion gave him a spider guide to Hephaestus. For he might know where Daedalus is. They stayed the night and Nico finally summoned his sister but she told him not to raise her and forgive Percy. In the mourning, they went back in the maze but Nico decided not to go with them. They followed the spider to Hephaestus and they asked them to answer their question about about the way to navigate through the maze. First he needed Percy and Annabeth to check his old forge in Mt. St. Helens. The forge was full of telekines, sea demons; who forged the god's weapons, were forging Kronos's Scythe. Annabeth escaped and Percy blew up the mountain. He landed on an island full of vegetation called Ogygia with a beautiful girl named Calypso. Percy then had more and more dreams about Daedalus's past. His curse, the metal wings his son invented, the ghost of King Minos, and the blueprints for a mechanical body. She was a daughter of Atlas and was cursed on the island.She was cursed to fall in love with hero after hero to then have to say goodbye all the time. She wanted Percy to stay but he declined. She gave Percy a moon lace and told him to plant a garden in Manhattan. Hephaestus appeared and tells Percy a person that can see through the Mist can navigate through the Labyrinth. They then asked Rachel to come and navigate them through the maze. Once they got in the maze Grover sensed Pan's presence and followed him with Tyson. Rachel then led them to Kelli, dracaenas (snake women), and a giant who led them to an arena. In the arena Percy faced monsters, a demigod named Ethan Nakamura, and his giant "brother" Antaeus. He defeated them all and spared Ethan's life. They then found Daedalus's workshop with blueprints and laptops of inventions and architecture. Even his metal wings were there. They then found out Quintus was Daedalus. Quintus means fifth and this was his fifth body. Daedalus gives Annabeth one of his laptops while he held off Minos and Kronos's army. they flew away then back into the maze. They arrived again at Mt. Othrys almost fully reformed. Nico was there too. The sarcophagus of Kronos was almost complete so Percy needed to strike while he could. Luke was in the sarcophagus. Then Ethan with Kronos's scythe with two other monsters. Ethan then revealed to Percy that he's a son of Nemesis, the god of revenge, and pledged his life to Kronos. then Luke rose out of the coffin with golden eyes and Kronos's inhumane voice. He took the scythe and battle Percy time bended while they fought. When Percy was backed up against the wall, frozen in time, Rachel threw her comb into the Titan Lord's eye. Luke was back for a second but then Kronos took control again. percy and his friends retreated back into the Labyrinth. They then found Grover and Tyson in a beautiful underground paradise. There Pan lay dying surrounded by prehistoric creatures. He told Grover to tell the satyrs to not depend on him saving them. They alone must protect the wild. Pan then told them each, except Nico, something important about themselves. He passed his spirit to the crusaders then died. They arrived back at camp where it was being attacked. They all fought hard and defeated many foes. Kampe got slain by Briares when he joined the fight. Even Daedalus and Mrs.O'Leary survived and fought hard. Minos attacked Daedalus but still fought on. Grover, with the spirit of Pan, used Pan's super scream and caused a stampede over the monster army. By the time the battle ended many monsters were killed but also many demigods lost.Daedalus died in the end, a child of Athena, and gave him Mrs.O'Leary. The Labyrinth was destroyed because daedalus was its heart. After the memorials Grover is named an outcast. Even after Pan's "panic", Pan's last words and everything. Grover didn't care and took the satyrs and dryads who believed him to protect the las t wild spaces them selves. Percy went home for his birthday with Tyson. They all had blue cake and Paul Blofis asked Percy if he could marry Percy's mom. Shockingly Poseidon showed up and gave Percy a sand dollar and warned him. The destruction at Mt. St. Helens caused Typhon, father of all monsters, to begin to stir. Next summer will be when he rises and he will be a powerful enemy. That night Percy planted the moon lace from Ogygia in his mom's flower pot. It began to bloom when Nico showed up. He had a plan to protect Percy from Kronos's wrath. They went inside to talk about it (and eat leftover birthday cake.) ( )
  PatrickC.B4 | Mar 16, 2014 |
I'm not sure whether I like these books or not. Once I've started a series I can't quit, but the series lacks a real overarching plot. A problem is introduced at the end of a book and resolved by the end of the next. I know there is the mounting threat of Kronos but it needs to move more quickly, or at least be given more time. Overall the books are fun, but I'm still waiting for that big payoff. ( )
  Gglhack | Feb 5, 2014 |
4.5 stars

Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.

So, The Battle of the Labyrinth. I'm sure you're all expecting me to have something either completely bad or completely awesome to say about this one, considering the fact that this was one of my personal favorites of the series - but words... fail me. I don't even really know what to say! I was going to say that this was my ultimate favorite of the series, but since I've already read The Last Olympian, that's not true. I think that they're tied for my favorite.

I really loved the beginning of this one - it somehow made a bigger impression on me than all of the others - there was immediately something big going on. It was interesting to have Rachel back, after the part that she played in the third book, but I wasn't really sure what to think of her. (By the fifth book, though... I didn't want her around. PERACHEL SHALL NOT HAPPEN ON MY WATCH!)

Since that little outburst is out of the way... I was feeling kind of... I don't know. Sad because I knew that there was no way that everything I wanted could happen in the last two books? It was making me nervous. But in spite of all that, I REALLY love this series.

The Battle of the Labyrinth was the first book where Percy started to realize that Annabeth was a girl - and OMG, I almost died at the adorableness of that! There was some new developments between Annabeth and Percy, with a little bit of tension and GAH it was amazing.

I love the fact that as Percy gets older, it's shown in the books. He makes more mature decisions, and he has an older voice. I like that. It's not something that really happens very often.

I really liked the new twists and plot devices - there's always something super fun going on in this series, and I LOVE IT. Everyone had a part to play, and it was lovely to see everything playing out. I didn't see the ending coming, and it kind of left me stunned!

All in all, The Battle of the Labyrinth was a great continuation of the Percy Jackson series, and since I've read the fifth book, I can tell you that I'm sorry to see these characters go. (Especially Percy and Annabeth! And Nico. I have a soft spot for the little guy.) ( )
  MVTheBookBabe | Jan 19, 2014 |
This book is about Percy, Annabeth,Grover and the only human that can guide them through the labyrinth, Rachel. Their quest is to find Daedalus's workshop. And to help Grover find the God Pan. They have to face a monster and Percy ends up almost killing his dog. His dog is Mrs. Leary.
  Isaiahl.b4 | Jan 10, 2014 |
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Percy Jackson manages to be admitted to a new high school, but a battle with demon cheerleaders ends up with the school burning, so it's back to Camp Half-Blood. But the camp isn't so safe anymore, with war between the Olympians and lord Kronos approaching. Percy and the demigods must venture on a quest through the Labyrinth to try to stop the enemy from invading the Camp.
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When demonic cheerleaders invade his high school, Percy Jackson hurries to Camp Half Blood, from whence he and his demigod friends set out on a quest through the Labyrinth, while the war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near.… (more)

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