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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book (original 2008; edition 2010)

by Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean (Illustrator)

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Review by: Courtney P

  bplteen | Apr 27, 2012 |
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It's like The Jungle Book, except with ghosts and vampires instead of wolves and panthers. This winner of pretty much every literary award known to man also gets a huge stamp of approval from me and the kids. When I finished reading it years ago, I couldn't wait until my kids were old enough for me to read it to them. It's a fun read that took us most of October to get through, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. ( )
  jaredhite1 | Oct 6, 2015 |
You've heard the expression "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, how about, "it takes a graveyard"? That's where "Bod" (short for Nobody) Owens has lived, ever since he was a toddler and narrowly escaped being murdered with the rest of his family--the ghosts in the graveyard took him under their protection, and gradually he is learning how to Fade and Haunt and do other ghostly things. Yet he is a live boy, and longs to make a friend who's also alive. This is a very cool book that starts out pretty dramatically (with a knife-wielding murderer stalking a family!) but ends up going in places you don't expect. It's not so much a horror book as it is an endearing story about growing up and about families. But it is still way cool...

reviewed in 2008 ( )
  GoldieBug | Sep 19, 2015 |
For me, a Neil Gaiman book is either a massive hit or an exercise in finish-the-damn-book-because-you-bought-rather-than-borrowed-it. For perspective, here's my list:

  • [b:Neverwhere|14497|Neverwhere|Neil Gaiman|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348747943s/14497.jpg|16534] - Loved it.

  • [b:Sandman|23754|The Sandman, Vol. 1 Preludes and Nocturnes|Neil Gaiman|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1300168497s/23754.jpg|1228437] - Meh.

  • [b:American Gods|4407|American Gods|Neil Gaiman|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1258417001s/4407.jpg|1970226] - Loved it!

  • [b:Anansi Boys|2744|Anansi Boys|Neil Gaiman|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327870211s/2744.jpg|1007964] - Unghh...

And this one lands squarely in the middle of blah. It didn't have the frustrating writing style of Anansi Boys, but I couldn't get interested in either the characters or the plot. It felt like either could be changed out without really affecting the overall outcome of the book, which I felt was no big surprise.

I'll continue to read Mr. Gaiman's books, because he's got a great imagination, but I think I'll start borrowing them first.

( )
  liso | Sep 18, 2015 |
Well written but I just didn't enjoy the ghost aspect. Bored me when they appeared :0) ( )
  lauhlman | Sep 7, 2015 |
The story of a boy raised by the "inhabitants" of an cemetery is oddly plausible. A unique coming-of-age story, wryly humorous but keeping a straight face through-out. One chapter (#4) is also included in Gaiman's book "M is for Magic". (Review copied from copy-1) ( )
  librisissimo | Aug 31, 2015 |
Such a thrilling story, and such a beautifully crafted world!

Although there is more violence here than in "Coraline", I personally would say it is less likely to induce chronic nightmares, and is thus more suitable for kids.

The only thing that left me a bit disappointed is the complete lack of interest Bod had for his real parents, who must have been buried in another cemetery in the same town. ( )
  valdanylchuk | Aug 26, 2015 |
Oh the places you will go Bod!
Such a great book. Loved it as my first Gaiman! ( )
  untitled841 | Aug 20, 2015 |
Un buen libro con la dosis de horror necesaria para no asustar a los lectores más jóvens y con justo la violencia requerida para no caer en lo innecesario. Recomendable para audiencias de todas las edades. ( )
  darioha | Aug 16, 2015 |
The reviews were right: It's unbelievable how sweet and funny this book is, given that it begins with the bloody murder of a family. ( )
  Deborah_Markus | Aug 8, 2015 |
Simply put, this is a fantastic read for all ages. ( )
  blue_fantasy | Aug 5, 2015 |
This book was a shock. I have never read anything by Neil Gaiman, this was my introduction to him, and it was nothing I expected and yet surprisingly much better. The writing in this book was AMAZING. Absolutely vivid imagery, I truly feel like I was in this book. I love the person this is written in. It was third person but it didn't feel like a typically written third person story.
The story in this book isn't much, in fact it can be quite slow at times, yet the characters make up for that. Bod himself is my favourite character. I felt bad for him so often in the story because I can imagine how lonely he was. He grew up so quickly and was so mature. Silas was dark and mysterious and while I don't know much about him, I really enjoyed him. All the other characters brought the story together beautifully. The ghosts were all an intricate part of the story and I am glad we got to be introduced to so many of them.
I also like the layout of the book. Each chapter was like one little mini story in the book. It was so well structured and written.
I am definitely in love with Neil Gaiman's writing and I cannot wait to start reading more of his books.

Book Challenge book #29: A Book Set Somewhere You've Always Wanted To Visit
( )
  thatgirlbookworm | Aug 5, 2015 |
FAN, suspense, murder, graveyard, ghosts
  prichter | Jul 26, 2015 |
This is an interesting book that follows a child named nobody whose family is killed. He is then raise by a family of ghost in a graveyard and eventually meet the man that killed his family, and he attempts to kill him.
Personal Reaction:
I was surprised at the fact that this book was a page turner for me. It is entertaining for all ages. It is not a book that I would recommend for young children, though I think that would be something to be determined due to the individual child's ability.
classroom Extension Ideas: I would find it hard to use this book in the classroom. Many parents may not approve. ( )
  JamesA.Wilson | Jul 23, 2015 |
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what we hope a Newbery Award winner will be. Awesome. Don't be deceived into thinking that you can't read this book if you are an adult (simply because it won a children's book award). There is nothing childish about it. It will delight children, and it will delight adults. ( )
  Phyllis.Mann | Jul 13, 2015 |
I really did not like this book at all. This book is right up my alley and I thought that I would love it. However, I found the story to be really confusing. In my opinion, the story was packed with plot point after plot point that made the story very convoluted. I found the descriptions to be underwhelming and lacking the detail that paints pictures in the readers minds. While I really liked the idea for the story, I was more than disappointed with how it was executed. ( )
  alaina.loescher | Jul 8, 2015 |
Amazing! I loved it! :) it's a must read for everyone ( )
  Diamond.Dee. | Jul 3, 2015 |
Read my review of the audiobook version (originally read by author alone, not the later full-cast version) of this 2009 Newbery Medalist fantasy at http://newberryproject.blogspot.com/2009/07/graveyard-book-2009.html.
  rdg301library | May 24, 2015 |
I did not enjoy reading this book as much as other book I read this trimester. The Graveyard Book is about a boy who's parents are killed when he is a kid by a man named Jack. The boy is then adopted by the ghosts in the graveyard near his house. He is named "Nobody" and taught the basics of the graveyard by the ghosts. He then goes to fight the man named Jack. Does he defeat Jack???
I did not this book as much because the action did not occur until the end. I mildly recommend this book because even though the action does not occur until the end - it is good when it happens. ( )
  craig22 | May 17, 2015 |
OMG! This book is a magical roller coaster ghost train ride! You go through every single emotion while reading this! Sadness. Horror. Happiness. Freaked out. You feel all of these things at any given moment! AMAZING. I originally bought this for my Son. As is tradition I read it first before giving it to him, so I know the contents.
Apart from the beginning (parents and sister murdered) it's fine for an eight year old I'd say (maybe your opinion will be different always check first) I also think it's a perfect read for an adult too. There are plenty of odd characters and each one you get attached to. I read this in one night, that is how brilliant it is. Nobody is one of my favourite characters this month. The Jack thing was perfectly planned!! I could almost live in this story for ever. The graveyard bunch are slightly insane but brilliantly together. You could easily read each chapter as a short story if you wished or you could read it in one go and see the chapters build together. Either is good. But whatever you choose, not reading this is not an option! I can totally see how this won the Carnegie and Newbery medals. This deserves the praise of the whole world.
My favourite parts are when the ghosts are mentioned they are mentioned with everything written on their grave... [Example: Doctor Trefusis (1870-1936, May He Wake To Glory) inspected it and pronounced it merely sprained.] I thought this was classic. This whole book could indeed be a classic one day in the long away future. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! I don't know what took me so long...... ( )
  darceypaige | May 16, 2015 |
A good story, but I found the ending depressing, maybe unnecessarily depressing.

I listened to the audio book version. ( )
  Amelia_Smith | May 2, 2015 |
A children’s/young adult novel, the story maintains Gaiman’s dark humor and shadow worlds without the heaviest aspects of his adult works. Nobody (Bod) Owens crawled out of the house as his family was murdered, and found his way into a nearby graveyard. Taken in by two ghosts and given the Protection of the Graveyard, Bod was raised by his mysterious neither living nor dead guardian Silas and spirits from times just after the Roman conquest to a few hundred years ago. He learns to reading and writing, Latin phrases, constellations, how to dreamwalk, how to Fade, how to Haunt… things a boy should learn and things that will help to keep him safe, for Silas warns the graveyard’s inhabitants that the man who murdered Bod’s family is still looking for him. Playing in the ancient graveyard turned nature preserve, going to school (half faded to remain unnoticed), and chatting with hundreds of dead friends and teachers, Bod walks the line between the living and the dead, and as he grows the man Jack knows the time he has left to kill Bod and finish the job grows short… and though the Graveyard itself works to keep Bod safe while he is within its bounds, in modern society it is becoming much harder for a boy to remain unnoticed, overlooked, and undocumented.
The story is, despite its macabre themes and setting, fairly lighthearted and heartwarming. It is filled with short stories of Bod’s adventures as he grows up in his unconventional home. The story makes me think of the saying ‘it takes a village’, though in this case, it truly takes a graveyard. ( )
  Ailinel | May 1, 2015 |
This full cast audiobook version is nothing but delightful! ( )
  LiterateHousewife | May 1, 2015 |
I really want someone to read this book so I can talk with them about it! I didn't even know it was for "kids" until after. (A little more mature, the same age as the Harry Potter group, probably). A little reminiscent of that, too, in just the fact that there is a boy, who lives... I was probably about halfway through when I thought, you know, kids could totally read this book and they would like it and, bonus, there is nothing bad in it. Well, surprise, it is for kids. Just doesn't strike you straight off as a kids book... you'll see why in the very first sentence if you read it. Really hooks you from the start. Very fun. Though a very different book than I've ever read before. ( )
  KR_Patterson | Apr 28, 2015 |
Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book is a delightfully creepy and eerie story about a boy, Nobody Owens, who is adopted by a graveyard full of ghosts after his family is killed by a mysterious man. With his guardian, the not-quite-alive but not-quite-dead Silas, Bod grows up on the border of life and death.

Gaiman shines when he gracefully writes between delicious horror, bits of comedy, and just a touch of sadness. Bod's adventures include being kidnapped by ghouls (simultaneously hilarious and threatening), meeting the witch of the graveyard and attempting to find her a gravestone, and suffering under the tutelage of the curious Miss Lupescu. While some authors would falter when balancing so many different atmospheres, Gaiman makes it look effortless.

When the end finally comes - as it must, unfortunately - it is both hopeful, sweet, and with just the right touch of sadness.

Definitely a treat for any age. ( )
  kittyjay | Apr 23, 2015 |
This is a fantasy book about a boy who’s family was killed by a man named Jack and is now living in a Graveyard. It follows him as he grows up in the graveyard and makes friends with a girl called Scarlet Perkins. He is danger from Jack, who is trying to hunt him down and kill him.
This book was very interesting and a good read. I liked the concept of it and the inclusion of all the fantasy elements. It was a cute book, and I enjoyed it very much.
Extension Ideas:
1) Students can create their own ‘graveyard’ and the ghost that they would see or befriend.
2) We can hold a class discussion about how Nobody Owens has changed from the beginning of the novel, to the end when he leaves the Graveyard.
  GSoto95 | Apr 15, 2015 |
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