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Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofale (Italian…

Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofale (Italian Edition of Harry Potter and… (original 1997; edition 2011)

by J. K. Rowling

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81,33311822 (4.26)7 / 862
L'inizio di una grande amicizia tra me e le pagine di questo libro e di quelli che sono seguiti.Harry Potter è stato prezioso per me perchè in un periodo in cui non avevo nessun'altro è stato il mio unico rifugio e il mio unico punto di forza. Ho letto tutti libri un centinaio di volte,ma ogni volta scopro qualcosa di nuovo e ogni volta trovo un consiglio utile e adatto alla situazione che sto vivendo.Tutti e 7 i libri hanno dei particolari speciali che li rendono tutti perfetti;in questo primo libro mi piacciono le prove finali prima di arrivare alla pietra, in particolare la prova di logica di Piton e quella della scacchiera.Oltre a questo mi piace molto il pezzo in cui Hermione copre Ron ed Harry dopo l'avventura con il troll,e ovviamente la parte dello specchio delle brame... a volte vorrei avere quello specchio per poter capire cosa vuole davvero il mio cuore...
  Hbooks12 | May 22, 2012 |
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Has become a classic.
  BdF | Jul 30, 2015 |
Exciting, Engaging Story Line, Gripping ( )
  LisaAndrews | Jul 25, 2015 |
Currently re-reading the series ( )
  aliceoddcabinet | Jul 25, 2015 |
A re-read, this time aloud with my Other Reader. Both of us familiar with the series and this story specifically, making it a simple pleasure read.

Points of interest:
• Sirius Black loans Hagrid the motorcycle used to deliver Harry to the Dursley's ... despite Black not showing up until Book 3?
• Had forgotten the weeks of not talking to one another, after Hermione & Harry were caught releasing Hagrid's dragon. (Ron avoids it in sick bay). Though it does provide a crucial plot point in the loss of 150 points, making Slytherin the likely winner of House Cup again.
• Dumbledore gives Harry the invisibility cloak, from his father (who left it w Albus?). Dumbledore at this point declining to answer Harry's question of why V can't kill him.
• Still love the bit when Neville gets the points to win the House Cup. Clearly Neville's arc was planned beforehand, perhaps my favourite character, he's not quite so sniveling as in the films. ( )
  elenchus | Jul 21, 2015 |
forever my love ( )
  MermaidxLibrarian | Jul 16, 2015 |
This was a reread for me and it just reminded me again why I loved the Harry Potter books so much! It took my imagination to flight again and I can't wait to read the rest of the series again! ( )
  Hanneri | Jul 2, 2015 |
I would really have to re-read the book to write a proper review, as the only time I've read [b:Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone|17700865|Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone|j.k.rowling|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1364569788s/17700865.jpg|24745631] I was ten years old and had just picked up Harry Potter for the first time.

( )
  momma182 | Jun 23, 2015 |
Full disclosure: my opinion is biased due to the enjoyment of reading it in tandem with my young daughter. Also, no poking fun at the fact that I'm embarking on the series way past its heyday. Having said those: the book lives up to the hype. It is a true adventure, with well-drawn empathetic characters of both good and evil, an excellent storyline of which many sequels could be built (this came to pass, natch), taught plotting that evoking genuine concern for the players, the clear and obvious fun of quidditch (can I be goalkeeper?), and a definite thirst for more. Minor quibbles (do the wizard children learn...math?; some scary hyperviolence and meanness) do not detract from the enjoyment. Now on to the next book, and the first movie. ( )
  MartinBodek | Jun 11, 2015 |
Great Book about adventure and magic! Lets your imagination grow as you read the how Harry Potter starts his journey towards becoming a wizard! ( )
  iamryancorcoran | Jun 9, 2015 |
Great Book about adventure! Lets your imagination grow as you read the how Harry Potter starts his journey towards becoming a wizard! I can't wait to read the next book in the series!
  RuthFinnigan | Jun 1, 2015 |
I told my sister I was not going to read any Harry Potter books until after the last Harry Potter movie was released. Since the last movie was released recently, I decided it was time for me to read the book. And yes, as most of you already know, it is very good. ( )
  AdrienneJS | May 18, 2015 |
this book is about a boy named Harry Potter and he is a wizard. There is a man who comes to his house and and tells him and his family that he is a wizard. The man takes the boy to a place called hongwarts and it is a school for wizards where he learns to use his powers for good. harry potter meets 2 friends that he will fight the bad wizards with. There is a bad character in the movie who is a secret spy who pretends to be good but then reports to his leaders and tells them ways to beat the good wizards. in the end of the book the bad wizards kill the leader of the good wizards. and the book ends with Harry and his friends chasing the bad wizard leader.

The reason why I gave this book a 5 is because it was an extrodinary book. I enjoyed this book so much I could not keep my eyes off it. this book was a good book for me because it had actione and mystery which is something I love in books. I hope to read this book sometime soon in the near future. I would recommend this book to you if you like this type of genre. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. ( )
  nicholasvb1 | May 17, 2015 |
What's awesome is that thanks to a recommendation from a relative I actually read this before Harry Potter was a big thing, so I got to experience it untainted by all the fanaticism. The Harry Potter books are page-turners and very imaginative. I read them and was entertained for the duration, and then went on with my life. I didn't camp outside the bookstore waiting for the next release, and I didn't put on a costume and go nuts when the movie came out.

Contrary to a minority opinion, I don't think Harry Potter is evil because of the witchcraft and sorcery. The author presents kind of an alternate reality, but it doesn't nullify the sovereignty of a higher Power or create a different God, just modifies the laws of physics. Maybe one day I will get around to reading the last book.... ( )
  krista.rutherford | May 15, 2015 |
Rowling constructs an imaginative world centered on kids with complex backgrounds, capabilities, and issues. An easy and fun read, Rowling's work will likely become a classic read in the next few decades.

Much, much better than the movies. ( )
  bdtrump | May 9, 2015 |
When my friend came over from Hungary, she told me, that the Harry Potter series are good. Well, I was a bit sceptical, since I was not amused at all by the hype that war created all around it.

She sent me the first one in the series and I was hooked. I liked it a lot.I beleive this particular edition is a children's edition. The language was sometimes childish, easy. Nevertheless I enjoyed the read. ( )
  BoekenTrol71 | May 5, 2015 |
This book would be good to use when talking about how to deal with difficult people. I think students will like this book because of the characters and the story. ( )
  Kate_Schulte078 | May 5, 2015 |
Summary: Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy who has just discovered he is a wizard. He goes to a special school for witches and wizards and learns all about his parent's past and the secrets of the wizarding world. He meets his two best friends Hermione and Ron and together try to navigate their new lives.

Personal connection: I love the Harry Potter series and think it's so great for kids who especially might not like to read.

Class use: Have students explore the series and talk about the different houses and attributes that they have. ( )
  allisonpollack | Apr 30, 2015 |
Question Response:
  cassidygavin | Apr 29, 2015 |
I was surprised at how good the writing was - exciting, humorous language, detailed descriptions and magical world made completely real. I did not expect to enjoy Harry Potter, to tell you the truth. I have never been a fan of movies and there was too much hype about the books. But finally I decided to do it - I have read it in a few days and I do not regret a minute of it. This is like an action fantasy book - it more revolves around events than characters and their growth. I really cannot say that characters are interesting (and I do mean the first book only, as I have no idea about character development later on), but the circumstances they live in, adventures they have and trouble they get themselves into - definitely interesting, and entertaining. Plus, it is really sweet reading both a kid & adult friendly book nowadays when writing books becomes more about what will sell than how to tell a good story. All in all - I liked it & will be reading other parts! ( )
  v_allery | Apr 19, 2015 |
Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling is a story about a young boy named Harry Potter. He is being taken care of by his uncle and aunt, who treat him very poorly and blame him for every bad thing that happens. One day, a mysterious visitor named Hagrid appears at their door on Harry’s birthday and tells Harry that he is a wizard. He tells Harry that his parents were killed by a man named Voldemort, who was unable to kill Harry. Hagrid takes Harry with him to a magic school called Hogwarts, where Harry will learn to become one of the greatest wizards of all time.

I enjoyed Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone. The book had a very good plot and setting, interesting characters, and smart twists and turns in the conflict. The book had a lot of vivid detail used to describe the characters and the setting. In addition, Harry Potter is a fantasy book, which is one of my favorite genres. Overall, Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone was a very good story which I enjoyed reading.
  Jobr14 | Apr 12, 2015 |
I love all the books, and I love movies too (although I wish they hadn't changed some things). I reread all the book last year, and I loved it just as much as reading it for the first time. It is more than a story for children, it is a story for the ages. ( )
  mlg11031112 | Apr 10, 2015 |
harry finds that he is a powerful wizard that had survived a blast from a dark wizard. With his parents dead harry has to live with his aunt and uncle. ( )
  gerbillover | Mar 27, 2015 |
The Harry Potter book are a phenomena for a reason, they are just that good. Rowling has created a character in Potter than any child across the world can relate to and stand for to see him come out on top in the end. Her portrayal of poor, young, neglected Harry is what entices a reader to first fall in love with the boy under the cupboard and everything after that is his climb to popularity of "the chosen one". Children connect to this because they feel dramatically wronged in life and that they deserve a star filled ending like HP.
Rowling fantastical description of Hogwarts is another element that draws a reader in. Her world building is so elaborate and full of fantasy that every reader hopes and wishes to be a witch or wizard in Hogwarts. There's a reason many 11 year old sit by their mailbox on their birthday waiting for a letter to arrive.
A great book and series to start kids on reading or maybe get a "book hater" to turn around. ( )
  crieder95 | Mar 26, 2015 |
Summary: A boy is orphaned when he was an infant due to, what he believed to be, a car accident. He was raised by his aunt and uncle who treated him very poorly, which led to him feeling alone and like an outsider. On his 11th birthday he received a letter accepting him into Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. It turns out his parents were magical and his aunt and uncle, who disapproved of magic, tried to hide this from him so he would be "normal". Once Harry finally makes it to Hogwarts, he is in awe of the magical world and finds that this is where he belongs. He quickly finds new friends and enemies in this new world. His new life is full of exciting and dangerous adventures as he defends the magical world from Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard responsible for the death of his parents.

Reflection: This is a very good book filled with action, excitement, and suspense. There are many twists and turns in the book and series that are sure to grab the readers attention. It is very easy to lose yourself in this book. It is very entertaining.

Extensions: There are many things you could do as a classroom extension with this book. One thing you could do is have the students write a story about their favorite part of the magical world. Another extension you could do would be to turn your classroom into the wizarding world and have everyone act as a witch or wizard.
  mikefletch | Mar 25, 2015 |
This book followed the adventures of Harry Potter, a teenage wizard who was taken away from his home and goes to a school for witchcraft and wizardry. He gets caught up in a series of events as he develops his magic.
Personal Reaction
I personally enjoyed reading this book. It was one that my cousin—who read this series many times over recommended to me. It was something I didn’t think I’d like it, but I thought that it was a good series.
Extension Ideas:
1) In class I can break my students up into different Hogwarts houses and arrange a point system so that they can earn points throughout the school year for good behavior.
2) In class I can have the children write a journal prompt based on their favorite character and why that specific character is their favorite.
  GSoto95 | Mar 25, 2015 |
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