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The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

The Last Olympian (2009)

by Rick Riordan

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The Last Olympian which is the fifth book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is a great finish! The book starts off with Percy being called to help destroy a ship full of Kronos's minions and to help him, he has the aid of a son of Hephaestus. They also had Greek Fire which could burn underwater and in a way is like dynamite. Percy and his friend strolled and his friend strolled through the ship carefully but they underestimated Kronos's power to slow down time which eventually ended the life of Percy's friend and Percy barely surviving his life only saved because of his power over the sea. After that things go worse and worse. The monster Typhon is released and even almost all of the Twelve Olympians fighting against him cannot stop him. This is caused by Poseidon who is distracted by Kronos's helping in the revive of sea monsters who just keep on attacking Poseidon's castle. Then their is Hades who is offended that he is not treated the same way all the other gods are and took the time NOW of all times to decide that he does not want to help. With all of these problems, this looks like the bad guys might actually win, :( but the half-bloods will do their best to stop this! Will Percy accomplish enough in time to stop Kronos from destroying the gods or will everything Percy ever know get destroyed? Read this book to find out.
  TomasJefferson | Apr 10, 2014 |
15-year-old Percy Jackson finally has some quiet time with his friend Rachel on a drive. Rachel invites Percy to come with her on vacation to her family's private beach house. He has to decline because he was "on call" for a mission. Her dad was trying to be nice to her only to get her to go to Clarion Ladies Academy. Then, after an awkward question, Beckendorf, Son of Hephaestus, riding Blackjack, the pegasus, landed on Percy's stepdad's car. They left for Kronos/Luke's ship, The Princess Andromeda. They were going to set bombs on the ship's generator. Beckendorf was looking at a picture of his girlfriend Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite, hoping he would see her again. They snuck past the army of monsters and down to the boiler room. Beckendorf planted the bombs but it would take time. Percy provided a distraction to protect Beckendorf. He had the monsters chase him and he ran into Kronos. Kronos seemed completely calm and battled him. He knew want they were planning and battled on. Beckendorf got caught and Percy was trapped in time. Beckendorf sacrificed himself to save the world and Percy from Kronos's wrath. Percy sunk into the sea and had a vision. He saw Krios, titan of constellations and the south, talking the a golden sun Titan. They talked about the attack on Olympus while the gods fought one of their challenges. Nico was there, too. He begged Percy to consider his plan. He woke up and Tyson was there. They were in Poseidon's undersea palace being attacked by the old Titans of the sea. The palace was full of mermaids and in a room floating other mermaids and his father as an old mermaid. They were talking about the battle strategy. Poseidon's wife and son, Triton, left as did the god of dolphins, Delphin. They discuss the situation here but Poseidon tells Percy that Kronos still lives. He also asked Percy to return to camp and ask Chiron to reveal the entire prophecy. He also told him to tell Chiron about the spy at camp. He also asked about Percy's gift, a sand dollar, from last summer. When Percy got back to camp he told the campers about the mission. Silena was heartbroken and started to cry. Then Chiron and Annabeth ran to him. Clarisse came and comforted Silena because of love advice with her boyfriend. He also told them what happened and Went up with Annabeth to get the prophecy. They got the prophecy from the mummy oracle and read it to the camp counselors. On their way down, The Ares cabin was fighting the Apollo cabin over some prize. Clarisse declared that the Ares cabin wouldn't fight. When everyone was at the Big House Percy read the prophecy. The prophecy read: A HALF-BLOOD OF THE ELDEST GODS, SHALL REACH SIXTEEN AGAINST ALL ODDS. AND SEE THE WORLD IN ENDLESS SLEEP, THE HERO'S SOUL, CURSED BLADE SHALL REAP. A SINGLE CHOICE SHALL END HIS DAYS, OLYMPUS TO PRESERVE OR RAZE. Percy was stunned by these lines. They decided to find Luke's spy and then spoke about the "bigger threat."The threat was Typhon, father of all monsters, and the all the gods were away fighting him. Percy declared to defend Olympus because Kronos had another plan but they just adjourned the war council. Percy then had a dream of Rachel throwing darts at a painting of him. She also uncovered a picture of Luke as a young boy and the Empire State Building (Olympus)with a crowd at the bottom and a hand coming out of the thunder clouds. In the morning Percy wanted to call Rachel but couldn't. Then he and Annabeth did their work, of inspections and paper work, together. They saw another fight between the Apollo cabin and the Ares cabin. They were apparently fighting over a flying chariot. They continued on with inspections when they got to the Athena cabin. Annabeth went in and cleaned up the laptop from Daedalus and some notes. They read a letter to Grover, who was missing in action (MIA), and last heard in Central Park. He told Annabeth about his dream but they got in a fight and she stormed off. He came and comforted Silena and asked Clarisse to fight with them. She said she wouldn't unless the chariot was Ares's. Percy went to see Mrs.O'Leary and took her for a walk. He met Leneus and Juniper and talked to them about Grover. When they both left, Nico showed up. He told Percy he was still searching for answers about his past. He asked if Percy accepted his plan or not. Since no one wanted to help he accepted. Nico told him to discover Luke's past and they'd need to talk to his mother. They shadow travel on Mrs.O'Leary to May Castellan's house. When they meet Luke's mom, she was crazy. She was cooking PB&Js and burnt cookies. She was blind but when she got mad her eyes glowed green, and her force went deep. They didn't know what they found out but when they met Hestia, goddess of the hearth, she explained. May saw through the Mist but when she wanted to see to much she went insane. She saw her son's future and scared him away. They then needed Percy's mother's permission for their plan. Percy's mom agreed and Percy then told Paul the truth of the gods. They then decided to go to the Underworld through The Door of Orpheus. The Door was in Central Park but they needed music to enter. Percy used his Empathy link to contact Grover. He was sleeping very hard but Percy woke him up. He asked why he was asleep for the past two months. Grover said Morpheus, the minor god of dreams, knocked him out. They told Grover their plan and asked him for his music. Grover then left to rally the nature spirits to stop Kronos's invasion. They all went down to the Underworld where Mrs.O'Leary played with Cerberus guarding the gates. Shortly after they passed the gates Mrs.Dodds, a.k.a. Alecto the Fury, came and flew him to Hades. Nico said if his dad talked to Percy then he would get answers. They landed in Hades' garden with Hades himself, Persephone, and Demeter. is mother's name, Maria. She was from Italy but when WW2 was raging on they put Nico and Bianca in the Lotus Hotel. The lawyer who got them out was Alecto. Hades then imprisoned Percy so that Nico would be the great hero. Nico busted Percy out and took him to the River Styx. He told Percy to remember who he is and Percy stepped toward the river. Achilles came and warned him, like another demigod earlier, to turn back. When he got in he thought of Annabeth and This tiny spot on his back to be his Achilles heel. When he got out he was invincible and fought off the army of Hades. He told Nico to work on his dad to help him fight Kronos. He hailed a taxi and called Annabeth who, with the rest of camp, were on their way. The Ares cabin wasn't there, but it didn't matter. Chiron went to rally what forces he could. Percy and all the demigods went to Olympus. They went to the throne room. Lady Hestia was there and showed Percy some flashbacks. It was when Luke and Thalia recruited Annabeth and Luke gave her his knife. Then it showed when Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth went to May Castellan's house on emergency. Then a roaring voice yelled at young Luke then Hermes came. Percy and Annabeth talked to Hermes who said that Athena also said Kronos was going to invade. He also said Aeolus, king of the winds, was protecting Olympus above. Athena gave them both messages, for Annabeth, use plan twenty-three, and for Percy, remember the rivers and stay away from her daughter. He then sulked about Luke and May then left. Annabeth got on to Percy then about him bathing in the Styx. She then figured out Luke bathed in the river to take on Kronos's spirit. Then outside every mortal was put asleep by Morpheus. They used Daedalus's holo-sheild invention to scan all of Manhattan. The invaders were coming and all of Manhattan was asleep. Percy sent cabin after cabin to guard the entrances while he took the boats. When one tunnel was forgotten Thalia led the Hunters to guard it. Annabeth then activated plan twenty-three. She activated the William H. Steward statue automaton and it went to activate the rest of them. Percy then went to bribe The Hudson and East river spirits with his sand dollar, which cleaned them, to protect Manhattan. The first wave was being led by Percy's first kill, The Minotaur. They rode Blackjack to Williamsburg bridge to help defend it. They fought an epic battle against the enemy forces. Percy then battled the Minotaur and defeated it. Ethan then was about to strike Percy's Achille's heel but Annabeth sacrificed herself to save Percy. Someone came and got Annabeth to the Empire State building. Kronos then attacked Percy on the bridge. Percy then tricked Kronos to break the bridge and drive the enemy forces back. Many were killed and the battle was won. At the Empire State building, everyone went to get some rest while Annabeth healed with some nectar and ambrosia. Percy dreamed Rachel at her beach house and asking her dad to go to Manhattan to warn Percy of something. In exchange she would go to the academy. In the mourning, Percy and Thalia were visited by Ethan Nakamura, an empousa, and Prometheus (the Titan). He asked Percy to join their side but Percy refused. He gave Percy Pandora's jar just in case he changes his mind, to give up Hope. Percy then saw what happened to Luke at May's house. He told Annabeth what happened. Percy then went back to sleep and dreamed of Kronos and his army at Medusa's old lair. Kronos asked Ethan where he was trying to stab Percy. Then Percy saw May trying to take the Oracles spirit. When Percy woke up Leneus was there ready to lead the satyrs. The golden sun titan, Hyperion, came and battled Percy while their forces fought. Percy then controlled a personal cyclone and led Hyperion to the satyrs. The satyrs turned the titan into a gigantic tree. Then a sow, a flying pig, was attacking the troops. Percy, riding Blackjack, led the sow away from the troops and killed it with a Hermes automaton.Chiron then led the Party Ponies to battle and attacked. Once the battle was over, Dionysus told Percy that the gods needed the demigods to save Olympus. He also told him to stop Kronos before he takes his true form and to protect Dionysus's son, Pollux. Then Percy was back and his parents were there and he didn't know it. Then, the Ares cabin came and fought the monster led by Clarisse. Rachel came and told Percy he wasn't the hero. The jar then appeared tempting him. Percy then gave Hestia the jar knowing hope will be protected at the hearth. He also discovered that Hades cursed the Oracle to never die after the death of Maria Di Angelo. The third wave came with a drakkon. Then Clarisse was shot by its poison and feel. It was then that Percy realized it wasn't Clarisse, it was Silena. Then the ACTUAL clarisse came with Chris to nurture the dying Silena. Silena said she needed to avenge Beckendorf and she was the spy. Then Clarisse took the flying chariot and killed the beast. She then glowed red with the blessing of Ares and was attacking the forces. Percy then goes to Olympus and sits on his dad's gigantic throne. Percy asked his dad mentally to come and defend olympus and his throne from being destroyed. Poseidon accepted and was coming to help. Then Hades and his army of the undead came and also defended Olympus. Poseidon with Tyson leading the army came and defended also. Leneus died and turned into a plant. Then, Grover planted him in the Olympus gardens. Kronos came and attacked Percy they went up to Olympus and battled. Ethan then got knocked off Olympus by Kronos. They were destroying the Eternal City and it then led to the throne room. The battle raged on and on. Then Annabeth came and freed Luke for a second thanks to Annabeth's knife. He fought Kronos long enough for Percy to strike his Achille's heel. the gods then gave the hero's their prizes. Annabeth got to reconstruct Olympus with her love of architecture. Grover was put on the Council of the Cloven Elders. Tyson became general of the Olympian army. Percy was then offered to become a god but refused. Instead, he asked that the gods to claim their kids, break The Big Three pact, and have cabins for all gods major or minor even Hades. They then held the memorials for Luke, Ethan, and others who died. Annabeth also became Percy's girlfriend and they enjoyed each other in the night. When camp ended they both ran together back to their own lives. ( )
  PatrickC.B4 | Mar 18, 2014 |
Loved it! ( )
  Cailiosa | Mar 4, 2014 |
Wraps up the series with a bang -- or rather, it starts with a bang and segues into a series of action scenes, particularly the high-pitched battles that seemingly take up half of the book. Even so, Riordan knows when to break things up with a bit of humor, and the relationships develop in surprising and satisfying ways. (I also admit to a weakness for seeing bad guys getting their butts kicked, especially when many people step up to the plate.) ( )
  bostonian71 | Feb 22, 2014 |
So, recently my daughter's youth group was getting together to go see the newly released Percy Jackson movie. Problem was, we haven't read the books! (Problem for me, anyway... I hate watching a new "based on book" movie without having read the book. So, in the past few weeks, we checked out the 5 Percy Jackson books from the library:

The Lightening Thief
The Sea of Monsters
The Titan's Curse
The Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympians

My 12 year old loved these books. Ate them up, in fact. I thought they were an enjoyable children's series. I liked the way they combined Greek Mythology into the modern day setting. To compare these books to the Harry Potter series seems unfair. I know there are a few similarities - the "magic", the "trio" of heroes/heroine, etc. but they are a completely different style of books in my opinion. They are not nearly as detailed as the HP series, but let's be honest... there are not many series that are. So, would I say it's the best series ever? No, but it is definitely a fun read if you like the fairy-tales genre.

Oh, and if you do like this genre, be sure to check out the Nicolas Flammel series (by Michael Scott), which is a better comparison to these books than the Harry Potter books are. Plus, I liked them better. ( )
  lauraodom | Feb 17, 2014 |
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The action, never leisurely in any of the five books in the series, runs at a frantic pace here — monsters pop out with a rapidity that becomes almost predictable, except that they are so enjoyably hair-raising, and that Riordan has such clever ways of dispatching them.

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All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of victory are grim. Kronos’s army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood he recruits, the evil Titan’s power only grows. While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it’s up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time.

In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy’s sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.
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While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it's up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time.

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