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Bikini (Spanish Edition) by James Patterson

Bikini (Spanish Edition) (original 2009; edition 2009)

by James Patterson

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Boek is zeer goed geschreven: leest vlot
  FY | Apr 25, 2012 |
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This story starts in Hawaii with a missing swimsuit model. Girls are being found dead not only in Hawaii but other parts of the United State, France, Germany, Thailand, and other countries as the killer travels all over the world. This is a fast read. ( )
  love2cook | Feb 4, 2014 |
SUMMARY: Syd, a breathtakingly beautiful supermodel on a photo shoot in Hawaii, disappears. Fearing the worst, her parents travel to Hawaii to investigate for themselves, never expecting the horror that awaits them.LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins is conducting his own research into the case, hoping to help the victim and get an idea for his next bestseller. With no leads and no closer to uncovering the kidnapper's identity than when he stepped off the plane, Ben gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an impossible-to-resist deal with the devil.A heart-pounding story of fear and desire, SWIMSUIT transports readers to a chilling new territory where the collision of beauty and murder transforms paradise into a hell of unspeakable horrors.
  Hans.Michel | Sep 13, 2013 |
Fast read. Short chapters. A book about a Serial Killer and peepers (people who pay for the kill and view his killings for pleasure). ( )
  Sandraelaine | Aug 31, 2013 |
Poorly written, pure schlock. Like a movie that only has special effects and nothing else. Couldn't finish it. ( )
  mike88doyle | May 12, 2013 |
This is a very fast-paced and enthralling thriller. It's a real page-turner and kept me in a non-stop running through up until the very last page. The very short chapters make it easy to switch between the different locations and settings which are connecting in the end. Also it was soon obvious who are the good guys and who are the evil ones. Nevertheless all the twists and turns made me guessing how the plot will be ending.
The first half of the story takes place on Hawaii whereas the second half goes really international. The story shows how human mentality can be really evil and dangerous. ( )
  Ameise1 | Apr 21, 2013 |
Loved it! ( )
  lallycow | Feb 11, 2013 |
Written in a combination of 1st person from an involved journalist/former cop and third person narrative, this James Patterson crime thriller also attempts to put us in the head of a serial killer for hire. Changing view points can be a little confusing; a lesser writer would have problems pulling it off. Henri (allegedly not his real name) is contracted by a group he calls "the peepers" to creatively film himself having sex with young victims, then killing them. Paid well, including world-wide travel in search of victims, Henri finds he can up-sell the value of his "work" by embellishing the story. In the case of Kim, a prominent supermodel, the enhanced story includes her parents and the media coverage.

Among the media is Ben, a writer from the LA Times. Henri is somewhat a master of disguise, and Ben meets him several times without ever really knowing. Henri, meanwhile, knows a little of Ben, and soon Ben is giving an offer he can't refuse..the opportunity to write Henri's memoir.

Henri is a formidable, evil character, and his employers are despicable beyond belief. For an ex-cop, though, Ben doesn't seem to able to help himself or his girlfriend (and perhaps prevent other victims) once approached by Henri. Eventually, justice is served, but the ending comes a little rushed and confused. ( )
  JeffV | Jul 1, 2012 |
Engrossing CD book for long drive. I did not like the short chapters - over 100 - which the narrator constantly was reciting after barely 30 seconds of dialog - not format I think adds any value to the book. Plot is different and inventive especially the killer's adapting to situations and changes and bringing the reporter into the danger. ( )
  ZachMontana | Aug 22, 2011 |
Kim, a breathtakingly beautiful supermodel on a photo shoot in Hawaii, disappears. Fearing the worst, her parents travel to Hawaii to investigate for themselves, never expecting the horror that awaits them.

LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins is conducting his own research into the case, hoping to help the victim and get an idea for his next bestseller. With no leads and no closer to uncovering the kidnapper's identity than when he stepped off the plane, Ben gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an impossible-to-resist deal with the devil.

You know what you are going to get with a JP novel. This is a stand alone rather than one that belongs to a set. I prefer at the moment the stand alone ones as I feel that his series books have gone a bit stale.

There are plenty of thrills and gore, this book is very gory indeed ! However I felt that the second half of this book was not as good as the first and was getting a little fed up with it.

Would I recommend James Patterson and this book: Well yes if you have never read any of his book at all, but if like me you have read them nearly all, then well he’s done better. ( )
  tina1969 | Feb 1, 2011 |
The novel starts mid tempo with typical sexy girl abduction. Mild details are sufficient to the plot. The women are young, the psycho killer is predictable. The writer could have made the story more graphic without becoming overtly erotic. ( )
  PrisonLib | Jan 27, 2011 |
Patterson is an incredibly prolific author and Swimsuit is a proof he's not out of ideas just yet. Although it's another story following a psychopath the story shifts in to a clever and fresh approach about a third of the way through. A real 'huh?' moment that creates a real page turner. Patterson's hallmark narrative style always helps to keep the action flowing and the some unpredictable story twists add extra flair. That all noted, Swimsuit is at heart a simple story and some of the elements are a little tired, the characters rather two dimensional. For a quick blast though, it's ideal. ( )
  SonicQuack | Dec 15, 2010 |
Swimsuit was written by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro and it was the best Patterson I've read in quite a while. A psychopathic serial killer who goes by the name of Henri Benoit (amongst other names and identities) viciously rapes and kills a swimsuit model in the beginning of the novel. To make matters worse, he is being paid to kill at random and film his evil deeds for super rich clients all over the world.

The hero of the book is a former cop turned reporter, Ben Hawkins who has been told to fly to Hawaii and report on the missing model. He unwittingly becomes involved in the case himself when the killer confronts him to ghost write his story or become his next victim.

If you keep in mind this is a James Patterson and allow yourself to enjoy the short chapters, quick pace, and violence and leave any expectations at the door for deep character development and poignant prose Swimsuit is a quick, easy and entertaining crime thriller. ( )
  Carpe_Librum | Dec 9, 2010 |
I feel compelled to comment since there are bad reviews. This book isn't that bad. I like the author and was interested in the premise. I admit that after a while it is a little predictable, but it was entertaining enough to hold my attention. ( )
  bookworm805 | Dec 7, 2010 |
Very disapointing. Normally a fan of James Patterson, this book just was boring.
  merridithlea | Nov 24, 2010 |
A friend left this with me and I was curious to see what she was reading. It was a piece of trash. ( )
  pjjackson | Sep 22, 2010 |
i was disappointed. i expected to give it a higher rating. ( )
  spvaughan | Sep 9, 2010 |
A good example of a co-authored book destroying the name of the main author. ( )
  Alaric.Adair | Aug 17, 2010 |
This was an absolutely terrible book. I've been a Patterson fan but I think he is trying too hard and his best years are behind him not matter how many othr authors he teams up with. I resent the fact that he wasted my time when I could have been reading so many other good books.

The reasons this book was so bad starts with absolutely disgusting graphic descriptions of murders and tortures which Makes you want to hurry to get past the bulk of it to get on with the capture and conclusion. It appears the conclusion was written because he wove the story to a place where a reasonable conclusion shouldn't have been expected. It left me empy which is I believe where Patterson story telling has wound up. I'm done wasting my money on anymore Patterson books.
  tjohnsonsr | Aug 8, 2010 |
Story was "eh", graphic and seemed to end somewhat abruptly. ( )
  she_climber | Aug 6, 2010 |
I enjoyed reading Swimsuit. The violence was a bit over the top so probably not a great choice for the faint of heart. Excellent page turning suspense, but the ending could have been better. I’m one of those readers that need more closure than what was provided. ( )
  C.Ibarra | May 13, 2010 |
easy quick read. Ben Hawkins a past police detective and now writing crime for the Los Angles times get involved with a psycotic killer. ( )
  bushard | Apr 25, 2010 |
This book was way too graphic! There were so many gruesome murders it was hard to keep track. I am really surprised that I stayed with it and finished the book. The short chapters help you to keep moving fast. I was concerned that the character who is telling story in first person was going to end up killing someone in the end. I was happy that didn't happen. I don't know if I would recommend the book or not. You would definitely have to like this kind of commentary. It almost gives you a headache and a stomach ache to think about the terrible things that happen in this book. ( )
  NanJo | Mar 16, 2010 |
I know James Patterson is a really popular author (If he weren't, he wouldn't come out with a novel every other month! But I digress...), and he can tell a good story, but there were some glaringly annoying things about this book. Mainly, I wasn't too fond of the way his main character, Ben Hawkins, wasn't particularly consistent.

Sure, people have their public personas, the ones we show when we're on-duty at work, but the thought process going on behind all that doesn't change that dramatically. Or, it shouldn't. Ben is all business while at work, and it shows in his narration -- Taught sentences, quick images. Then, when he talks about his girlfriend, Amanda, it's suddenly a big Ben puddle of love. His thoughts get sloppy and he fawns constantly. Yeah, you could chalk it up to the whole "crazy in love" thing, but it bugged me.

That being said, this was an engaging story. If I had been able to sit down and read it straight through, I think I could have pounded it out in a couple of hours. As it is, I finished it in less than a whole day. And the psychopathic killer, Henri Benoit, is very believable as a delusional killer. He really did creep me out.

I like Patterson's young adult series, Maximum Ride and Daniel X, and I went into this book hoping to see much of the same funny, snappy narration. I didn't really get that, and I was disappointed. But, I do have to give the man a lot of credit: He can tell a really compelling story.

Part of my prejudice against thrillers comes in that they are just so popular. They're full of action and suspense, so they make great movies. I prefer a little more cerebral work with my reading, thank you, so I have never thought twice about picking up a thriller. They fly off the shelves at my library, but I usually just smile and say I haven't read it when someone asks.

If you're a fan of thrillers, you'll love this. As for me, I think I'll stick to Patterson's young adult series and steer clear of anything with the thriller label from now on. ( )
  literarilyspeaking1 | Feb 10, 2010 |
I took a chance on reading this. I saw the negative reviews, and lately, Patterson doesn't have the best track record. I went into Swimsuit planning not to like it. I can honestly say that I was wrong and it was a pleasant surprise to find what an enjoyable read it was. I'm not the kind of person to give a good review just because the author is famous. If you've seen some of my other reviews of Patterson, you'll know I'm not afraid of giving him one star. This isn't the case for Swimsuit. This was an excellent read.

The story opens in Hawaii. A world famous model, Kim McDaniels is doing a shoot, and is used to getting all sorts of attention. This time, she has the attention of a serial killer, and he plans for Kim. He plans to kill her. However, not just kill her, he has special plans for her.

Ben is a reporter/ex cop/author. He takes the case in hopes to write a story for the LA Times. He looks into Kim's death, and then the killer finds out that Ben is on the case, then he has very special plans for Ben and his family. Ben soon finds out that Kim wasn't the killers first or last victim.

That's all I really want to say about the plot. If I say to much more, it may spoil it and I don't want to do that. I did like what the killer has planed for Ben. That was a nice and unexpected twist.

Swimsuit has some nice plot twists and has a nice flow to it. The characters in Swimsuit have a lot of layers to them, esp the serial killer. He was a very interesting character. I also liked the character of Ben, I was glad to read about this background.

I'm surprised of all the negative reviews. This was such a nice read, and held my attention. I had to chuckle when the reviews said that it was gruesome and violent. Folks, this is about a serial killer, and not the kind that fills you with warm puppy dog hugs. He kills, and he's good at what he does.

As I said, this was a very good read. It's to bad that other Patterson's books all aren't like this one was. Patterson's books are a hit or a miss, and this one was a hit. ( )
  Reacherfan | Feb 9, 2010 |
I didn't think there could be another book in this genre which could surprise me with it's originality but here it is. This is a story of a serial killer who is paid by a group of hi-profile business people to make films of the murders. As time goes by they want more and more variety which brings this monsters' creativity to life. The hero of the novel is Ben Hawkins an ex-cop turned reporter who sees his life turned upside down as people around him are murdered. Beautiful models are his first targets but this soon develops into a smorgasboard of killing as his 'employers' demand a documentary-style production. Unknowingly, Ben has already met the killer and when he and his girlfriend become targets he has to take matters into his own hands. Couldn't put this one down. ( )
  Heptonj | Jan 24, 2010 |
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