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Three To Get Deadly: A Stephanie Plum Novel…

Three To Get Deadly: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Stephanie Plum Novels) (original 1997; edition 2010)

by Janet Evanovich

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5,83184725 (3.95)49
This series is hilarious. I'm enjoying Stephanie Plum's interior conversations as she learns how to be a bounty hunter. She shows a side we all have. How can you forget your gun when you're going out to catch a criminal? Well, wouldn't you at one time or another? The roster of characters is also developing and that's turning into a strength, as well. Looking forward to more time with Stephanie and her unlikely adventures. ( )
  TerriBooks | Apr 28, 2012 |
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Little more hard-boiled
This time around Plum's got a dandy assignment: pick up Uncle Mo, the owner of the local soda shop who everybody thinks is a saint. He got picked up for carrying a concealed weapon (which everybody says is no real crime at all) and promptly jumps bail for no apparent reason. She no sooner asks the first person about Mo's whereabouts, and lo and behold, her mom is getting complaints about her harassing poor Uncle Mo. Ah, life is just peachy. Add in a couple of vigilante types who keep warning her away from Mo, some more involvement with Jackie and Lulu (the hookers from book one), and life gets interesting.
I liked the expansion of the various characters again. As well, its kind of fun to see the relationship develop between Joe and Stephanie, even if it is romance-by-the-book. :) The grandmother is less pronounced in this one but Lulu more than makes up for it as she wants to kick butt too. Ranger is definitely an interesting presence, and fun for everyone.
This book is a little more hard-boiled, complete with lots of guns blazing, and some harder-core motives for stuff. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it detracts a bit from the otherwise amusing antics of Stephanie as she is still learning the ropes about being a bounty-hunter.
I received no compensation, not even a free copy, in exchange for this review. I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow her on social media. ( )
  polywogg | Mar 26, 2016 |
I have read this one a couple times in the past. However, I wanted to pick up where I left off in the series but couldn't remember what happened, so I'm starting from the beginning again.

Stephanie is still a terrible bounty hunter. She has a couple FTA's in the book but still can't catch them in a timely manner. She enlists the help of Ranger to bring down Uncle Mo, a candy/ice cream shop owner who has a store in the Burg. Ranger takes it personally after Mo steals his Mercedes. Turns out Mo got involved in somethings that he couldn't get out of and was trying to get out but it snowballed into something more. Stephanie finally gets him, plus her other FTA's, however, she loses another car. Looks like she's back to driving the Buick again. ( )
  welkeral | Mar 20, 2016 |
Easygoing - I read it in one sitting! Stephanie is getting her detecting act together a bit more in this story. Once again a fund read. ( )
  Laurochka | Feb 6, 2016 |
Book three in the Stephanie Plum series. At this point, our heroine has been in the bounty hunter biz for five whole months, and has still not entirely gotten the hang of it. Her current assignment is to bring in a beloved neighborhood figure for missing a court date, but the guy is nowhere to be found. Looking for him, of course, quickly plunges her into a much more complicated situation, this time involving a surprising number of dead bodies.

I think this series is starting to feel a little more polished as it goes along. It's still complete brain candy, but it's increasingly really digestible brain candy. Shallow and unmemorable, yes, but a very quick, reasonably amusing, and thoroughly undemanding read. Which, some days, is exactly what you want.

Mind you, even if it is starting to feel more polished, it's also starting to feel decidedly formulaic. Three books in, and I'm pretty sure I could already write a Stephanie Plum drinking game: Drink when Stephanie has car problems, drink when she goes to her parents' house for dinner, drink when someone shows up to threaten her at her apartment (twice if they threaten her pet hamster)... I'm thinking this could get tiresome down the line, but for now, I'm not too bothered by it. ( )
1 vote bragan | May 18, 2015 |
Loved it, as always. Great, mindless entertainment. ( )
  KR_Patterson | Apr 28, 2015 |
After the movie, One for the Money (I loved it), I wanted to read the books. I was half happy and half disappointed (to be fair the first few books were better than the rest - I've read 17 or 18). The writing isn't anything special but there is banter and wit (which is waning). I love her grandma, the ex-hooker, and some other random side characters - that and the witty moments kept me coming back for more.

By the time of the 5th book (or at least by the 10th) you would think she would start to get the hang of her job or get a new one - nope. At a certain point she is just a pretty woman of 30ish who can't pick from 2 men (or choose to move on from both), who is bad at her job, and relies on luck and the men in her life to save her (to be fair I think of one time she was saved by a woman).

So why do I keep reading? In spite of how annoying she is, and how she is hopelessly in love with 2 mildly mentally abusive men? Despite all the half attractive or good guys being over 6 ft tall for some reason and all the other men are taken or ugly? The reason is the supporting crazy characters, and the fading wit. ( )
  mlg11031112 | Apr 10, 2015 |
This was a pretty good book. I still love the characters, but the situations are starting to grow stale - although she escalated the romance side of the book a little more in this one. The writing was strong, and so is her characterizations, and this propels the novel well. ( )
  VincentDarlage | Jan 30, 2015 |
Once again, narrator C J Critt provides tons of enjoyment through her delivery of Stephanie Plum's dry wit. I've explained to my family that I'm listening to "that funny book", so they won't think I'm crazy. ;) ( )
  Dawn94 | Dec 20, 2014 |
Love Joe! Love Grandma Mazur and the crew - listen to the audio...will keep you laughing in the car! Once again, the entire One for the Money crew is in action, including Ranger and Grandma Mazur, searching for Mo, tripping down a trail littered with drug dealers, leading Stephanie to suspect Mo has traded his ice-cream scoop for a vigilante gun.

Cursed with a disastrous new hair color and an increasing sense that it’s really time to get a new job, Stephanie spirals and tumbles through Three to Get Deadly with all the wisecracks and pace her fans have come to expec ( )
  JudithDCollins | Nov 27, 2014 |
I’ve become a Stephanie Plum fan. Light, funny and well written. Always love the colorful characters. I will read the entire series. ( )
  mahree | Oct 13, 2014 |
This one took me forever to slog through. I don't know if it wasn't as good as the others or if I'm just growing weary of Ms. Plum. I'll read #4 and see if she still belongs in my rotation of female detectives or not. ( )
  AliceAnna | Aug 31, 2014 |
Friends have talked about how good the Stephanie Plum books are. I read the first two and was not wild about them. They were okay, but I was underwhelmed. I decided to give the third one a shot, and I'm hooked. The third installment in this series is hilarious! Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter since her lingerie job fell through, sets out to apprehend the owner of the local candy store. At every turn someone is trying to hinder Stephanie because everyone loves Uncle Mo. When armed men start threatening Stephanie, she realizes there is more to Uncle Mo than anyone knows. I don't even know what to say about Ranger and Morelli. I would not turn down a stakeout with either of them!

I laughed my way through this book from the image painted of Lula, an ex-prostitute and aspiring bounty hunter, to Grandma Mazur. I will definitely be reading more in this series. I have a long way to go! ( )
  GeorgiaDawn | Apr 13, 2014 |
I had so many belly laughs during this read that I don't think I can stop reading Janet on to book 4 soon as I can get it! ( )
  redheadish | Mar 6, 2014 |
This book had me laughing so hard my family kept looking at me like I lost my mind. Terrific, funny easy read. ( )
  leannamcalister | Feb 22, 2014 |
In the latest, Three to Get Deadly, Grandma Mazur gets a boyfriend. He looks about three hundred years old and sets his choppers by the plate — they don’t fit right. He has a glass eye from World War II. “Were you overseas?” Stephanie’s father asked. “Nope. Lost my eye at Camp Kilmer. I was inspecting my bayonet, and then next thing you know I’d poked my eye out with it.” And of course he wants to marry Grandma so he can move in with her son-in-law. Evanovich has an extraordinary flair for writing humorous dialogue and scenes. ( )
  ecw0647 | Sep 30, 2013 |
Stephanie is after the Burg's beloved candyman, and no one wants to help her. Well...except the usual cast, Lula, Ranger, and Morelli, but the rest of the city...not a fan of the big bad Bounty hunter taking on an "innocent" man.

Fun, but not my favorite. Not enough of the supporting characters that make Stephanie so amazing. ( )
  bookwormteri | Sep 23, 2013 |
This was my third Stephanie Plum. It wasn't so gripping as the first two were and she didn't drop much clanger. Those parts of the stories I really like best. Nevertheless it is a solid plot even though the topic is a little bit too far fetched. Lula is starting to help Stephanie and I wonder how this 'partnership' will develop. The cat-and-mouse game between Stephanie and Morelli is taking some interesting turns. So, I'm looking forward to reading some more Plum's. ( )
  Ameise1 | Jul 1, 2013 |
I was a little disappointed in this book. It just didn't seem to have the same spark of the first two in the series. I did continue to enjoy the interaction between Morelli and Stephanie but I found Lula to be extremely annoying and I still don't like Ranger. I will continue on with this series and I look forward to seeing what happens next. ( )
  dpappas | Apr 17, 2013 |
In bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's latest escapade, she's sent to bring in "Uncle Mo," the local candy store owner who has to appear in court for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Everybody in Trenton does it, Mo was just the one who got caught. But Uncle Mo doesn't want to come in. And whenever Stephanie finds him, she seems to get shot at or find a body soon afterward. What the heck has Uncle Mo gotten himself into?

I think that you just have to love Stephanie Plum. She's funny, she's in over her head, and she's tormented by gorgeous smartass, Joe Morelli. And she says things like this:

"Ranger declined the butterscotch pudding, not wanting to disrupt the consistency of his blood sugar level. I had two puddings and coffee, choosing to keep my pancreas at peak performance. Use it or lose it is my philosophy."

"Ranger stripped off his sweatshirt. 'Adequate is being able to run five miles. How are you going to catch the bad guys if you can't outrun them?'
'Connie gives the bad guys who can run to you. I get the fat, out-of-shape bad guys.'"

My soul sister!

Morelli is sexy as ever, but he seems to be a little detached from Stephanie and she's not sure she likes it. I'm not sure I like it either. I like me some Morelli.

But there is a little more Ranger. Ranger seems a bit...intense for me. But he is there to help Stephanie when she asks for it, and that counts for a lot. And then he threw out a random Carl Sandburg quote. Is there more to Ranger than meets the eye? I'm willing to find out!

Lula and Grandma Mazur absolutely crack me up. Grandma is lying a little low in this installment, but Lula is hot on Stephanie's heels. The overweight ex-hooker might talk tough, but she can run from gunshots with the best of them. She is absolutely hilarious and I perked up in the scenes she was in, waiting to see what she would come out with next.

The mystery was a little over the top. There were so many bodies piled up in the weirdest places that it got a little absurd. Still, I had no idea what was really going on and it made sense when it was all wrapped up.

I will definitely continue on with the series and recommend it for a good laugh (and some hawt men!) ( )
  JG_IntrovertedReader | Apr 3, 2013 |
I give this 3 ½ stars. Stephanie Plum is still trying to figure out the whole bounty hunter thing and in the meantime she’s still getting into crazy antics. This time, however, she has a sidekick by the name of Lula. Of course Morelli and Ranger make their appearance too. Stephanie even comes close to getting some. ;)

I think this series just gets better and better. I like that the books are funny, but there is a serious side to them as well. Evanovich knows how to strike the right balance.
( )
  Jaguar897 | Mar 31, 2013 |
I loved it. Read the ebook version. Stephanie Plum is a great main character and the supporting cast are all wonderful too. I can not wait to read more of this series. ( )
  Barb_H | Mar 30, 2013 |
After reading two books and listening to another, as well as seeing the movie version of One For the Money, it is official. I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. It is a series that is clever, exciting, and extremely funny. And Three to Get Deadly is the best so far, which is why I rushed to the library the day after I finished it to pick up the next book in the series.

In this book, obviously the third in the series (I love that I don't have to consult a list to figure out which book comes next!), Stephanie is sent out to find another fta, or Failure to Appear in bond-recovery agent speak. This time, she is going after one of the most beloved members of the burg, a candy store owner affectionately known as Uncle Mo. Since he is so well known and loved, as soon as the news hits the grapevine, Stephanie finds herself being scolded and even cursed by everyone from former teachers to her own mother. As she searches for Uncle Mo, she discovers that this supposed saint actually has a darker side and a few masked supporters who are determined to frighten Stephanie off the case. While investigating Uncle Mo Stephanie also gets a secondary, "easy" pickup to work on which leads to the mall and a chicken restaurant. I was almost rolling on the floor with laughter when I read her encounter with the chicken character. I won't say anything more about that, but it did lead to plenty of jokes from her friends.

I think the magic of this series comes not just from Evanovich's sense of humor, but also from her ability to create intensely likeable characters. There is Stephanie, of course, but the secondary characters add even more flavor. We get to see a little of Stephanie's nagging mother and a few glimpses of Grandma Mazur (this caused some of my only disappointment with the novel - I loved her character in Two for the Dough). Of course, there is more of Ranger and Joe Morelli to sigh over. And while Grandma Mazur was sort of a scene stealing side-kick in the last book, in this one we have Lula, the ex-hooker who now works in Vinnie's office as a file clerk. I do have to admit, however, that the bad guys in this book weren't as well written as the ones in the previous novels, but I still think that this one is my favorite so far.

I think my love of this series comes from the fact that it is just so satisfyingly readable. You're not going to get non-stop, heart -racing action, terrifying psychos, or a lot of technological and scientific forensic mumbo-jumbo. Don't get me wrong, I do like those elements sometimes, but they're not necessary for a book to be good. And while this series is sexy, it is more of a real-world, humorous sort of sexiness. I guess it goes back to the series being more character driven than scene or action driven. You also probably won't get any really intense emotions from these books like sadness and fear. Yes, some scenes are a little scary, but it is always tempered with humor. These books just have an appealing way of making you feel good that continues to earn them high ratings with me.

( )
  bookforage | Mar 4, 2013 |
I'm not quite certain why I enjoy this series so much....oh...yes I do! Characters, dialogue, characters, dialogue, characters, dialogue. Any book that makes me chuckle repeatedly is a welcome read! Stephanie Plum, her hamster, Morelli, Grandma, and others continue to entertain! ( )
  hemlokgang | Feb 20, 2013 |
This is a reread of the Plum series. I've been bored with the latest books in the series and decided to check out the books that got me hooked. In this story we were still learning about Stephanie's budding relationship with Morelli and her mentor Ranger. Stephanie was looking for her latest "skip" and was managing to mess up an undercover police investigation headed by Morelli. Of course, she stumbles unto several dead bodies and her car gets blown up b ut she was more interesting then. ( )
  Kathy89 | Dec 26, 2012 |
I just love the stephainie plum series it is so hillarious but if I have to Pick one to be my favorite it would be Three To Get deadly. My favorite part is where Lula ties a red flag to the dead body so she doesn't get a ticket for a wide load. ( )
  JessicaBadrick | Aug 6, 2012 |
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