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One for the Money (Movie Tie-in) (Stephanie…

One for the Money (Movie Tie-in) (Stephanie Plum Novels) (original 1994; edition 2011)

by Janet Evanovich

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A quick, fun, and entertaining read. I enjoyed it but there really wasn't much depth to it. Overall though, I enjoyed it and would read more of her novels. ( )
  CaitywithaC | Apr 28, 2012 |
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My guilty pleasure is reading the Stephanie Plum books. You could start anywhere in the series, Evanovich will bring you up to speed on who's who, but best to start at the beginning. Stephanie has fallen into working as a bounty hunter for her cousin as a last resort. She's not a good bounty hunter but with some help from Ranger and Morelli (another bounty hunter and a cop, both of whom Stephanie has flirtations with), she always seems to get her man. Along the way the reader is introduced to Stephanie's family, most notably Grandma Mazur, and the other residents of the burg. The funniest murder mystery series ever! ( )
  mamashepp | Mar 29, 2016 |
My guilty pleasure is reading the Stephanie Plum books. You could start anywhere in the series, Evanovich will bring you up to speed on who's who, but best to start at the beginning. Stephanie has fallen into working as a bounty hunter for her cousin as a last resort. She's not a good bounty hunter but with some help from Ranger and Morelli (another bounty hunter and a cop, both of whom Stephanie has flirtations with), she always seems to get her man. Along the way the reader is introduced to Stephanie's family, most notably Grandma Mazur, and the other residents of the burg. The funniest murder mystery series ever! ( )
  mamashepp | Mar 29, 2016 |
Excellent first in the series
This book introduces Stephanie Plum, a good girl down on her luck, who falls into bounty hunting to pick up some cash and avoid having to move back home. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey, and dances around the question of whether she wants to bed Joe Morelli again -- the local cop who stole her virginity when she was young and foolish, and then wrote about it on the bathroom walls and the stadium bleachers. She got revenge years later by almost running him down with a Buick. No cream puff here, she is also not exactly an expert at being a "fugitive apprehension agent". More like an apprehensive agent, and the descriptions are hilarious.
Stephanie is supposed to find an elusive man -- Joe Morelli! Yep, her cop foil and first-love is wanted for allegedly shooting an unarmed suspect. Morelli claims there were other guys in the apartment, and there was a gun, but that doesn't change the fact that Plum needs to bring him in to get the money. And she isn't experienced enough to match wits with him for most of the book. But she has help from a lot of extra support characters -- Ranger, the experienced bounty-hunter; Vincent, the bail bondsman; and Plum's family.
Her grandmother is a little over the top but so are Lulu and Jackie, hookers in the downtown neighborhood; and one seriously disturbed boxer, with a passion for hurting women.
I received no compensation, not even a free copy, in exchange for this review. I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow him her on social media. ( )
  polywogg | Mar 25, 2016 |
C. J. Critt
  jmail | Mar 21, 2016 |
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this series at this point. I used to absolutely love it. Stephanie Plum is what got me reading again after not picking up a book for several years when my kids where little. I devoured every book in the series that was available and when a new one was released, I would drive to my local Borders to get a copy. I pushed these books on my mom and anyone else that would listen.

Several years ago, I stopped caring about this series. I realized that I could give a summary of just about any book in the series even if I hadn't read it yet.....because they are all the same. Yes there are small differences but the similarities are overwhelming. I bought this audiobook years ago and decided to pull it out because I wanted to feel a little bit of the magic before Stephanie Plum became boring.

I have read this book at least two or three times before listening to the audiobook. I even watched that horrible movie - at a theater. I know the story and I know it well. Unfortunately, I didn't feel any kind of magic this time. The story was okay. It has its moments for sure if you are looking for a little bit of silly fun in book form. It is really a pretty simple story without a whole lot of complexity to the mystery.

I didn't love the narration. C.J. Critt did a good job with Stephanie which was really the bulk of the story. I really didn't care for the voices used for the other characters in the book. I guess that I have a definite idea about what Ranger, Morelli, and the rest the gang should sound like and the reality of this audiobook just didn't measure up. Benito voice was just odd. Some of the voices used seemed so wrong to me that I found myself being pulled out of the story. I don't think that any of my issues were the fault of the narrator. I just went into the book with definite ideas of what I wanted to hear and this was just different. Not wrong...just different. I would listen to another book narrated by C.J. Critt.

I do think that readers looking for a fun silly story will enjoy the Stephanie Plum series. I have a lot of fond memories of reading these books but I don't think that I will be reading this one again. I may try the next book in the series soon to see if it works better for me because I really want to find some of the magic I felt years ago.

This review was also posted at Carole's Random Life. http://carolesrandomlife.blogspot.com/ ( )
  Carolesrandomlife | Mar 10, 2016 |
Janet Evanovich's books had been recommended to me before but I hadn't had time to read them.

I finally got around to reading One for the Money and I'm glad I did. The story was interesting and total "escapist" fun. I will be reading more of her books in this series. ( )
  bhabeck | Mar 6, 2016 |
I've heard that the movie is quite a bit different from the book, but I guess the abridgment excluded most of those differences, because what I heard was very close to it. I've also heard that Lori Petty only narrated the first few books, so I kind of think I might just keep listening until those end, even though they are abridged. This isn't a series to take that seriously anyway, and I really like her narration. Not brilliant literature, obviously, but fun. Stephanie Plum is a really likable character.
  mirikayla | Feb 8, 2016 |
I wasn't sure about this book to start with.
Stephanie Plum's character is a mixture of Bridget Jones meets Sookie Stackhouse - or something of that ilk!
Sometimes a bit pathetic and girly and other times suitable stubborn and kick ass!
Towards the end of the book I'd warmed to the characters.
The light hearted narrative from Stephanie's point of view didn't really sit well when the risks and dangers she encountered became more serious - it was hard to believe she took anything seriously.

I still enjoyed it though - essentially light hearted, easy reading and held my interest. ( )
  Laurochka | Feb 6, 2016 |
Welcome to Trenton, New Jersey, home to average Joes, small-time hoodlums, and Stephanie Plum. Stephanie is a Jersey girl through and through, who sports a big attitude and even bigger money problems. She used to be a lingerie buyer for a department store, but ever since she lost her job, money is tight. Stephanie needs cash - and she needs it fast, so that means she must do the previously unthinkable: swallow her pride, and turn to her family.

As the last resort of the truly desperate, Stephanie lands a job with her sleazy cousin Vinnie's bail bonding company. She has zero experience, but that doesn't mean anything. Vinnie gives her a week to catch his latest bail jumper: one Joseph Morrelli. The name doesn't mean anything to Stephanie, really...it doesn't. Neither does it matter that the bail jumper in question is actually local vice cop Joe Morelli.

Nope...It doesn't matter one bit to Stephanie that from the time they were children, Joe Morelli has caused her nothing but headaches. From the time he first looked up her dress to the time they first slept together to the time that Stephanie hit him with her father's Buick, The name Morelli has meant nothing but trouble. And now this hot guy is in some seriously hot water - wanted for murder.

Abject poverty may be a remarkable motivator for learning some new skills, but being stalked by a seriously deranged prizefighter can provide a much needed incentive as well. Being taught a class in the school of hard knocks by people like Benito 'The Champ' Ramirez doesn't rank very highly on Stephanie Plum's latest to-do list. Still if Stephanie can nab Joe Morelli in a week, she'll make a cool ten grand. All she has to do is become an expert bounty hunter overnight - and keep herself from getting killed before she gets her man.

I have heard so many good things about this series, but have never actually read any of the books in it. Janet Evanovich is a new author for me, but why did I wait so long to read anything by her? I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book; it was an intriguing mystery and I really appreciated the thread of dry humor that ran through the story. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author in the future and give this book a definite A! ( )
  rubyandthetwins | Feb 4, 2016 |
This is the lowest I have ever rated a book to date on here because I normally find something redeeming about the books that I read and I don't like being overly critical, but I did not enjoy this book at all. I found the plot to be a bit contrived and didn't seem to be a lot in the way of connecting the mystery parts of the story together in a cohesive fashion. Also there was just something about the way that the characters interacted with each other that didn't sit well with me. Everyone come into a book with their own "stuff" and I think my "stuff" got in the way of enjoying this book. I can't fathom spending all that amount of time on trying to learn to be a bounty hunter just to pay the bills. It feels like it isn't very realistic. Also the characters simply did not resonate with me. The only scenes that I did enjoy were when she was with her family. Those were good scenes in my opinion and ones that I had wished were more focused in on during the book. I recognize however that these moments would have taken away from the main plot of the book, but hopefully in subsequent novels Evanovich has found a better balance between the two. I feel that I must give a second novel a try because it is possible that I didn't enjoy all the build up to Stephanie Plum becoming a bounty hunter and would feel better in a subsequent novel where she has already learned some of the skills that were necessary to teach her in this first novel. I do not feel that I will read the entire 18 book series though based on my perceptions of this first novel. ( )
  SoulFlower1981 | Jan 20, 2016 |
It was just ok. My first Stephanie Plum book. Not really sure I'll read another. ( )
  Charlie-Ravioli | Jan 18, 2016 |
I know everybody else in the world, including my entire family, loves these books, but I didn't like this one. The last hundred pages or so were ok, but the rest of it just did not do anything for me.

I've thought a lot about why I didn't like this book, and I've decided it's primarily because none of the characters in the book are likeable. Stephanie is an idiot who spends as much time as she can putting herself and the people around her at risk. That's not acceptable behavior, even for a fictional character.

It also seems like the mystery itself and actually solving it were just an afterthought that Evanovich threw into the last few chapters without really taking the time to develop it fully. The first part of the book consisted of Stephanie being dumb, and the second part consisted of the actual mystery, and the two seemed like separate entities to me. They didn't gel together at all. This made for a very weak plot.

There were some funny parts, but for the most part, I found the book just amusing, not funny.

There's also the idea that Stephanie's mother is a little too similar to my own, which just makes me uncomfortable.

Sorry to all you Evanovich fans out there, but this book just rubbed me the wrong way. ( )
  AmandaL. | Jan 16, 2016 |
Stephanie Plum is a hoot, I am hooked! ( )
  JoBDo | Jan 2, 2016 |
After I got myself through the opening scene the book got alright. There was some touchy subjects thrown into the mix but I got through it alright and the humor helps. Ms. Evanovich knows how to mix humor with drama and it worked perfectly.

I wanted to read this book before I went to see the movie and I was glad I did. You should read it too if you plan on going to see it. I did find myself liking Ranger, on the screen and in the novel. He would be my favorite character.

Overall, this was a light, funny read, and if you can get through the first part (which may just be a sore subject for me in novels) then it's worth the read. ( )
  rosetyper9 | Nov 12, 2015 |
This really is a perfect book for its type. We have a plucky heroine, who takes up bounty hunting as a way to cover the bills after she looses her job. She is funny, but not over the top. The other characters are equally well written. The plot is both over the top, but makes sense. All the bits and pieces come together - its a tightly written book. It even manages to get a bit of social commentary in, without being preachy.

Is it perfect? no. I found the tension to between Stephanie and Morelli a bit annoying - at times, it felt off. However this is a minor point for a book like this. When you want a easy book to read that moves quickly, isn't too serious, but isn't silly - this is a perfect book for you. ( )
  TheDivineOomba | Aug 16, 2015 |
This was an audio book I listened to while exercising in the morning. It was entertaining not just for the storyline but also for the flashbacks it gave me to pre-social media society! ( )
  mullgirl | Jun 8, 2015 |
After the movie (I loved it), I wanted to read the books. I was half happy and half disappointed (to be fair the first few books were better than the rest - I've ready 17 or 18). The writing isn't anything special but there is banter and wit. I love her grandma, and the hookers, and some other random side characters and that and the witty moments kept me coming back for more 17 sometimes.

THIS BOOK: One For The Money
The main character is out of a job and becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet. She is understandably inept at her new job, but she keeps trying and gets the job done (with some help, now and then).

The books to fallow:
By the time of the 5th book or so you would think she would start to get the hang of her job or get a new one - nope. At a certain point she is just a pretty woman of 30 who can't pick from 2 men (or choose to move on from both), who is bad at her job, and relies on luck and the men in her life to save her from dying or failing.

So why do I keep reading? In spite of how annoying she is, and how she is hopelessly in love with 2 mildly mentally abusive men? Despite all half attractive or good guys being over 6 ft tall for some reason and all the other men are taken or ugly? The reason is the supporting crazy characters, and the fading wit. ( )
  mlg11031112 | Apr 10, 2015 |
I will admit, this is the first Janet Evanovich book I've ever read. She's a very prolific and popular author, I've just never gotten around to checking her out because I wasn't sure if she would be my cup of tea. While I enjoyed One for the Money, I don't know how soon I will pick the rest of the series. They are light, fluffy fun reads, perfect for airports or the beach. This series focuses on Stephanie Plum, a young woman who, while out of luck and out of money, joins her cousin's bail bonds business and tracks down clients who have skipped out of their court hearings. Stephanie learns the hard way that there is a lot more to becoming an apprehension agent. She quickly finds herself wrapped up in a case bigger than she ever could have imagined, but deals with her ridiculous problems with wit and humor. A nice, easy, read. ( )
  ecataldi | Mar 24, 2015 |
A very fun book. There are so many crazy, fucked up characters in this book, its just awesome. I guess, what makes it more interesting to me, is that I know fucked up people like this. They really exist, and I hate them so much. They make for great conflict though, which is what every good story needs.

This story is about Stephanie Plum, who ends up going to work as a bounty hunter for her shady bail bondsman cousin. Of course, Steph doesn't know how to use a gun. She's just a stupid Jersey girl, right? But no, she turns out to be quite adept in picking up the trade. Albeit in a bumbling bimbo sort of way.

Then there's the sexy man-hunter bounty hunter that helps her out from time to time. You know she wants to fuck him, but of course he just brushes her off, which just makes you want the coupling even more. Then there's her old high school boyfriend, who's a cop now, and helps her catch bad guys from time to time. Oh, and they're also casual fuck buddies. I probably just spoiled the whole fucking book for you now, but it's still worth a read. It's quite the fun romp. ( )
  gecizzle | Mar 5, 2015 |
Finally started the adventure of Stephanie Plum, and it did not disappoint. Stephanie is a wonderful character with a lot of flaws that just make you giggle. Somehow you can see yourself getting into the shenanigans that she gets into. Looking forward to the rest of the series. ( )
  Ahnya | Feb 12, 2015 |
I loved this book. Witty and charming - and kept me on the edge of the seat. A real page turner. ( )
  VincentDarlage | Jan 30, 2015 |
The first volume in Janet Evanovich's ridiculously popular Stephanie Plum series. In this initial installment our hero, desperate for cash after losing her job, turns to her cousin Vinne the bail bondsman for employment, thus embarking on her new career as a bounty hunter, a job for which she is woefully unequipped. And then it turns out that her first target is a man she had a one-night (or, more accurately, one-hour) stand with in high school, and that he's determined not to get caught until he's proved himself innocent.

This series was recommended to me as sheer brain candy, and that's probably about right. It's a quick, easy, but not particularly impressive or memorable read that worked fairly nicely as a palate cleanser between more serious books. I will say that although there are some lighthearted aspects to it -- Plum's family are pure comic relief, for instance -- overall it was less of a fun romp than I was expecting. There's a general air of sleaziness about the whole thing, and it features some very dark elements of sexual violence.

If I hadn't already picked up most of the rest of this series at a library sale, I'm not sure if I'd bother seeking out the next one, but since I have, I'll continue on with it the next time I want something this particular variety of mindless. ( )
1 vote bragan | Jan 21, 2015 |
Stephanie's first assignment as bail bondsman: nail Joe Morelli, a former vice cop on the run from a charge of murder one. Morelli is also the irresistible macho pig who took Stephanie’s virginity at age sixteen and then wrote the details on the bathroom wall of Mario’s Sub Shop. There’s still powerful chemistry between these two, so the chase should be interesting.

It could also be extremely dangerous, especially when Stephanie encounters a heavyweight title contender who likes to play rough. Benito Ramirez is known for his brutality to women. At the very least, his obsession with Stephanie complicates her manhunt and brings terror and uncertainty into her life. At the worst, it could lead to murder.

Witty, fresh, and full of surprises,Loved Joe and Ranger and Lula, Stephanie and Grandma Mazar....the book and the movie were both great...Looking forward to reading all the Stephanie Plum Series! ( )
  JudithDCollins | Nov 26, 2014 |
My Dad recommends this series, so when I saw the first one, I picked it up and enjoyed it. Being from New Jersey probably helps that. ( )
  MikeRhode | Nov 12, 2014 |
I really liked the character and the plot was satisfying as well. I definitely want to read more in the series. The protagonist had just the right mixture of vulnerability and chutzpah. Very enjoyable ( )
  AliceAnna | Oct 22, 2014 |
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