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Broken: A Novel by Karin Slaughter

Broken: A Novel (edition 2010)

by Karin Slaughter

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This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Grant County Officer Lena Adams is called to the scene down at the lake. A young woman has been found in the lake. The girl’s throat was slashed. Lena and her partner, Frank Wallace follow up on a lead. There lead take them to the house of Mr. Braham. Inside the house they find a man wearing a ski mask and holding a knife. The man is Tommy Braham. The police arrest Tommy.

Dr. Sara Linton has returned to Grant County after a long extended absence. Tommy is a patient of Sara’s. When Sara learns that Tommy is the main suspect in the murder investigation, she asks FBI Special Agent Will Trent to prove Tommy’s innocence. Will quickly finds himself in the middle of Sara and Lena. Which one can he really trust?

Broken is book eight in the Grand Country series. It has been a while since I have read a Karin Slaughter book. I thought this book was nice re-introduction to this series, though this book wasn’t quite a slam dunk for me. I mean it was nice to revisit with Will Trent as I like him as a character. I remembered Sara but could not remember what had transpired between her and Lena. Luckily, Ms. Slaughter brought back the details. The only reason that I didn’t give this book a five star rating is because I felt that the level of suspense did not stay consistently strong all the way through out the story line. Broken could be fixed. Planning on checking into the next book. ( )
  Cherylk | Jul 31, 2010 |
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A Georgia student’s murder is solved all too quickly and violentlyin a way that tears apart her community, fuels the hatred between Det. Lena Adams and former Medical Examiner Sara Linton, and promises still further violence. Dr. Sara Linton reluctantly returns to Grant County, Ga., where her chief of police husband was killed, to spend Thanksgiving with her family. The last thing she wants is to become involved in the apparent murder of a young college student, but with the suicide of the prime suspect, the simple-minded Tommy Braham, Sara is soon deep into an investigation that isn’t only about murder, but coverups and corruption in the police department as well. With the help of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s special agent Will Trent, Sara discovers a tangled web of deception and danger. Summary BPL

Enjoyable, believable characters. I found myself getting confused, but that's because I couldn't remember what happened the night before when I read. A little bit too emotional for my taste, but good nonetheless.

Read12/14 ( )
  walkerff | Dec 10, 2014 |
I continue to really enjoy Will Trent as a unique character in law enforcement fiction. ( )
  olegalCA | Dec 9, 2014 |
I continue to really enjoy Will Trent as a unique character in law enforcement fiction. ( )
  olegalCA | Dec 9, 2014 |
Karin Slaughter’s BROKEN (Will Trent #4) is another compelling crime novel, with more background information into some intriguing characters, corruption, murder, and dirty deeds; while Will teams up with the doctor, (both with a past) for a dynamic duo!

In Grant County, GA student Allison Spooner has been murdered after her breakup with her boyfriend Jason. Mentally disabled Tommy, is the prime suspect after he runs from what is believed to be the scene of the murder and accidentally stabs police detective. His confession and subsequent suicide seals the deal for arresting officer Senior Detective Lena Adams.

Lena, has a past which is not always by the law, and she is protecting alcoholic Acting Chief of Police Frank Wallace who has dark secrets and skeletons in his own closet.

Then you have Dr. Sara Linton (former coroner and Hartsdale Children’s Clinic director), and the widow of Jeffery Tolliver, murdered and she blames Lena for his death.

Of course, Special Agent Will Trent of the GA Bureau of Investigation is called in to solve the case and begins working closely with Dr. Linton as they begin to unravel the cover-ups. These two are from different walks of life; however, both have a past and inner demons which offer them insights into the crimes.

There is something which connects these murdered students, each of them need money; what is the driving force behind the plot to kill? There is also the police force which Will is more interested in as something smells fishy. He also is in the middle of two women, trying to figure out how all is connected.

I started reading the latest versions of Will Trent and working my way back. Broken was helpful to provide me some background on Sara and how these two came to connect. With many characters, each brings a big part to the story line as there are many things broken.

This was not my favorite of the Will Trent series; however, by starting with the latest and working your way backward, assume this will occur, as the author of course matures with each and every book in the series. However, would highly recommend the series and helpful to read each one to get the background of the characters (not as intense or page-turning, as the others).
I listened to the audiobook and Natalie Ross did a good job with the performance.
( )
  JudithDCollins | Nov 26, 2014 |
Love the Will Trent series! This doesn't disappoint. A must read! ( )
  JillNYC | Oct 26, 2014 |
Slaughter is a awesome story teller. I loved the diversity of the characters and the twists and turns in the story. Intriguing and suspenseful to the end. A great read. I really enjoyed it. ( )
  LorettaR | Aug 22, 2013 |
Great story keeps you riveted until the very end. ( )
  RolandB | Jun 28, 2013 |
Twists and turns over the death of a professor. ( )
  LivelyLady | Jun 20, 2013 |
I haven't exactly forgiven Karin Slaughter for her "another damn dead lover" a couple of books back.

(My tag for authors who kill off a character after the character has become part of a committed (mostly married) couple and both characters have been around for several books.)

And I don't tend to like authors who have a number of characters used as viewpoint characters, who are so flawed and unhappy and broken as Slaughter's tend to be.

But she pulls it off - sort of. I still care what happens to these people.

Sara Linton, a doctor is back in the town where her husband was killed four years ago, and gets some beginnings of being able to move on. Will Trent, from another sequence by this author moves forward a little in his ongoing coping with his demons - a broken childhood and dyslexia.

Not a book to read if you are looking for a happy read, but well enough done to overcome my strong prejudice against books like this. ( )
  romsfuulynn | Apr 28, 2013 |
Eh, it was alright. Not who I expected but I wasn't all that surprised or really wanted to know. ( )
  pam.enser | Apr 1, 2013 |
I love all Karins books, I can't put them down..... ( )
  susanbunny | Nov 20, 2012 |
A Georgia student’s murder is solved all too quickly and violentlyin a way that tears apart her community, fuels the hatred between Det. Lena Adams and former Medical Examiner Sara Linton, and promises still further violence. Dr. Sara Linton reluctantly returns to Grant County, Ga., where her chief of police husband was killed, to spend Thanksgiving with her family. The last thing she wants is to become involved in the apparent murder of a young college student, but with the suicide of the prime suspect, the simple-minded Tommy Braham, Sara is soon deep into an investigation that isn’t only about murder, but coverups and corruption in the police department as well. With the help of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s special agent Will Trent, Sara discovers a tangled web of deception and danger. Summary BPL

With Karin Slaughter, it’s never just a who-done-it, although there is always a twist. It’s how she draws her recurring characters into jeopardy as they are sucked into the danger and drama of their investigations. Double jeopardy, you might say. Graphic, but not gratuitously so.

8 out of 10 For fans of murder investigations and procedural suspense. ( )
  julie10reads | Sep 29, 2012 |
When Special Agent Will Trent arrives in Grant County, he finds a police department determined to protect its own and far too many unanswered questions about a prisoner’s death. He doesn’t understand why Officer Lena Adams is hiding secrets from him. He doesn’t understand her role in the death of Grant County’s popular police chief. He doesn’t understand why that man’s widow, Dr. Sara Linton, needs him now more than ever to help her crack this case. While the police force investigates the murder of a young woman pulled from a frigid lake, Trent investigates the police force, putting pressure on Adams just when she’s already about to crack. Caught between two complicated and determined women, trying to understand Linton’s passionate distrust of Adams, the facts surrounding Chief Tolliver’s death, and the complexities of this insular town, Trent will unleash a case filled with explosive secrets—and encounter a thin blue line that could be murderous if crossed. (Desc. Amazon.com)

Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite suspense authors. Her characters are well-drawn and there are lots of twists and turns to her plots. Many of her novels are part of a series and the characters in the novels often show up in other series. Each book offers a little more back-story of the main characters, which helps the reader understand the characters better. If you are a reader of suspense novels, pick up Karin Slaughter. ( )
  lrobe190 | Sep 18, 2012 |
This book has the great merit of being written in a grammatical correct manner; not much more than that, and I am inclined to think that the merit goes to the dutch translator...
In this book the world is divided between two kind of people: the heroes, good, honest, disciplined, loving, suffering, but destined to a bright future and true happiness; and the villain, corrupted, alcoholics, addicted, greedy, enjoying themselves in ways we might all be jealous in our deepest dreams we would never share; those will die in pain, by cancer and in solitude, or killed by the heroes. There is even a third category: people in between, they might go wrong or they might redeem, but they will never join True Happiness.
What a waist of ink, and what a waist of talent. I have read a short story from Karin Slaughter, and it was funny and full of irony. This one is not even worth recycling. ( )
  Peppuzzo | Aug 3, 2012 |
Sara Linton has built up the courage to go back to Grant County for Thanks Giving....the first time after her husband was killed. All she wants to do is last the 4 days she is there and then leave.

However when one of the local kids asks for her from jail she is called in to talk to him. Did he kill one of the local students in a fit of rage or was he set up.....but when she turns up it is to find a dead body and the last person to speak to him being Lena Adams - the woman involved in her husbands death.

When she calls in the GBI to investigate is it due to revenge or because she believe injustice is rife in her howntown? Whatever the reason as the bodycount rises the decisions seems to be the correct one - but why are the local police not happy? Why is there chief determined not to help?

As always with Karin Slaughter you know what you are going to get when you pick up th book and read the back. With this visit to Grant County you are not disappointed either - especially with the twist in the tail at the end. :-) ( )
  StuartAston | Mar 4, 2012 |
I would have to agree with most of the reviews below. I thought when one of the main characters back a few books was killed off that the books would never be the same, and that is true but they are still worth reading. This one wasn't my favorite of Karin's, but definitely worth reading if you are into the series. Hopefully Fallen will be better! ( )
  ceh0017 | Feb 10, 2012 |
Not one of her best. It was good but not what I expected from Karin Slaughter. ( )
  djts5420 | Oct 22, 2011 |
Truly one of Slaughter's best books! I was so disappointed when a few books back a main charactors was killed off and I thought the books would never be the same. They were still great but this one tops them all.Can be a stand alone read but I think it will be enjoyed much better if you have read the other Grant County books in the series and know the backgrounds of the old characters.Thanks so much First Reads for a chance to read this before it's release. I highly recommend it!! ( )
  SenoraG163 | Sep 10, 2011 |
Beste spannende serie ooit! ( )
  Alice1812 | May 5, 2011 |
Karin Slaughter is the absolute best crime/mystery writer I have come across in this day and age. Her novels will simply astound you with their heart-racing moments and intrigue. Every time I pick one of her novels up I cannot stop reading until I'm done and I still find myself begging for more. She's a writer with no fear! She wields her instruments like a knife ready to dig in deep and take you by surprise at every turn! ( )
  RavenswoodPublishing | Apr 22, 2011 |
A medical doctor, she returns to the town where her husband was killed in the line of duty (a cop). She believes his partner was responsible for his death and she is unable to move on. There are a couple of murders; one is drown in the lake and the other is stabbed. A third is also killed. They find the killer and the partner is exonerated. ( )
  maryloudinon | Feb 19, 2011 |
My opinion: Like I've said before, I try not to read other peoples' reviews on books, or even their ratings before starting on a book. Especially when it's one of my favorite authors and I'm going to read it regardless. I saw some less than stellar reviews for this book and I thought "Uh oh, I hope this isn't going to be dry like Fractured (the only book by Karin Slaughter that I really couldn't get into). I've had trouble getting past Jeffrey's death, which is so weird to say because he's just a fictional character. But after that many books, you begin to feel like you actually know them and when one of the characters dies (especially a main character), you feel like you lost a best friend. This book is essentially based around the corruption that has befallen the police department after Jeffrey died. Frank, Lena's partner has taken over Jeffrey's job and he is definitely letting too many things slide, not doing things by the books at all. Sara is back in Grant County for a few days and still wants Lena to pay for causing Jeffrey's death. She tries her hardest not to get involved in the homicide investigation, but she soon becomes engrossed in it and with the help of Will Trent, starts to uncover some shocking omissions and coverups by the police. Lena knows Frank is covering up and hiding evidence, but since she was involved in the case she tries to go along with the official story (and I think with her history with Frank she still feels a certain loyalty to him as well).

I found this book to be pretty fast-paced; I finished it in one sitting. Karin Slaughter's books just suck me in and I get lost in their world all over again. I keep hoping Sara will wake up and Jeffrey's death will all be just a dream, but I know that won't happen. When Will first came on the scene, I just couldn't fathom him and Sara becoming an item (how dare she even think about finding someone else, no one can replace Jeffrey!). The more we get to know Will though, the more I just want Sara to be happy and I think they would be good for each other. Unforunately we run into the road block that is Will's sometimes present wife, Angie, who treats him like dog crap and cheats on him, yet he always runs right back to her. I get that he has a long past with her that no one else understands, but I hope eventually he sees how toxic she is for him. I think Sara really starts to heal in this book and that's nice to see. All in all, a great read. Slaughter delivers again, a great new addition to the Grant County series. Already looking forward to the next one!

My rating: 5/5 stars ( )
2 vote JamesterCK | Jan 23, 2011 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
What I really like about Karin Slaughter's books is that her characters seem very real, especially because they are so fallible. You don't always like them, but you understand what motivates them. Her novels, thus, are rather character-driven. In her latest mystery, the characters are as real as ever. Plus, like all good mysteries, the "whodunit" is not evident. A good read for mystery fans. ( )
  puckandhammie | Jan 17, 2011 |
Karin Slaughter is one of my favorite authors, so I might be biased. I started reading after dinner last night and I went to bed at 3:30am when I finished the book.

My favorite quote in the novel is, "I'm a missionary, you dumbass. What do you think I've been doing for the last three years?" Sara Linton's little sister Tessa is hilarious!

Okay, all that said, there was something just slightly off with the ending and I've NEVER felt anything off kilter in a Karin Slaughter book before. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I think it had something to do with how neatly everything wrapped up with Darla, Frank and Frank's ex. Darla just came out of nowhere. I'll have to go back to the other books, but I don't remember Frank having a rotten daughter. Maybe she had a minor role and I don't remember. And as dirty a cop as Frank is, and with his and Lena's shared history of covering up their mistakes, I don't get why he thought she would just do as he told her to without him telling her anything about his daughter. He knows how impulsive she is!

And Jared! What is he thinking?! Lena might not be maliciously evil, but for her to willfully ignore her own tendencies to bring misery to those close to her with her bad decisions and then hook up with Jeffrey's son as an escape...I could just throttle both of them! Ugh! It's killing me to think what might happen to him in the future!

Will Trent caught my heart in Tryptich and I am so glad Karin merged the two series. The anticipation of Will and Sara getting together is making me crazy. I am so ready for the next installment. ( )
  bohemiangirl35 | Nov 19, 2010 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
This is the first book that I have read by Karin Slaughter. I really liked the book, thought it was a great mystery. Sine I have never read anything by Karin I knew nothing about the characters of the book. I found the book really hard to put down. I liked the way the characters and the plot were developed. I would read other books by the author. ( )
  mikm468 | Nov 14, 2010 |
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