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Steve Alten is the writer of such thrillers as Meg, Fathom, and The Trench. While critics often find fault with his works, the books continue to be popular. Disney Productions optioned Meg, which has been described as "Jaws meets Jurassic Park" or "Jurassic Shark." He was born in Philadelphia. As a show more young man he planned to become a sports coach and earned his PhD. In sports administration. (Bowker Author Biography) show less

Includes the names: Steve Alten, Steven Alten

Also includes: L A Knight (2)


Works by Steve Alten

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror (1997) 1,122 copies
The Loch (2005) 656 copies
Domain (2001) 642 copies
The Trench (1999) 614 copies
Primal Waters (2004) 478 copies
Hell's Aquarium (2009) 343 copies
Resurrection (2004) 328 copies
Goliath (2003) 223 copies
The Meg [2018 film] (2018) — Author — 147 copies
The Shell Game (2008) 140 copies
Grim Reaper: End of Days (2010) 131 copies
Vostok (2015) 116 copies
Meg: Nightstalkers (2016) 112 copies
Meg: Origins (2011) 104 copies
The Omega Project (2008) 90 copies
Meg: Generations (2018) 80 copies
Sharkman (2014) 55 copies
Undisclosed (2017) 31 copies
Meg 2: The Trench [2023 Film] (2023) — Based on the novel by — 19 copies
Dead Bait 2 (2009) 9 copies
FATHOM (1998) 3 copies
Purgatory (2022) 3 copies
Mef 1 copy
Meg : a Jurassic cápa (1997) 1 copy
A ladGi (2003) 1 copy
Shark. Il primo squalo (2018) 1 copy
La fosa 1 copy
MARIANA CUKURU (2004) 1 copy

Associated Works

Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror (2009) — Introduction; Contributor — 35 copies
Nightmares Unhinged: Twenty Tales of Terror (2015) — Foreword — 30 copies


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If popular reviews are anything to go by, chances are you either love or hate Steve Alten's Domain. No matter your propensities in this case, this is not the writers usual fare.
It is easy to see why some readers feel Steve Alten buries them under a mountain of information. This does, at times, feel like an encyclopedic "who is who" of ancient monuments and mysteries. Be that as it may, when all is said and done (assuming you have finished reading the book), whether you like it or not, you will have learned plenty about the history of the Mayas, have plenty of astronomical specialist knowledge, and have had explained in detail, by a madhouse inmate and main character of the plot, how this all supposedly networks with a long foretold end of the world scenario. Premises less than promising? Well, again that will depend on the reader.
The choice of characters and focus on former, the gravity and earnestness (yes, despite the apocalyptic conspiracy) and the proportionally large amount of both, detailed information and narrative without actual dialogue or action, might appear unexciting to some. Admittedly, Steve Alten's Domain does strike me a bit old school. But, that is exactly why I belong to the readers who review Domain positively.
In an age where enormous pains are taken - by authors and 'readers' alike with the introduction of seemingly ever more numerous hosts of quasi main characters that are to cover different races, sexual orientations and age-groups, which in then in turn necessitate dilution and muddling of the literary essence even more in a vain attempt to introduce an equal number of plots strands that consequently must degrade into mere filaments in the desperate attempt to supply sufficient word count for each character, in such an age if you are anything like me old school increasingly becomes "good school". The "squeezing" in of such characters, and the premises they come can quickly get alienated by the plot and vice versa.
One does understand the fear of an author to be branded conservative or worse, one equally understands the commercial reasons behind such questionable literary compromises; after all the more target groups one addresses the higher the chance of a book sale), yet I humbly dare say such sought after conformity taints a substantial percentage of the output of otherwise talented writers.
Therefore, I congratulate Steve Alten, a writer of fiction who has the guts to dare to inform and entertain us as at the same time and all that with a limited host of characters he directs his full focus upon. And if such has become "Old school" then we should like it even more.
… (more)
nitrolpost | 12 other reviews | Mar 19, 2024 |
The exploration part did kindle my interest, if nothing else.
nitrolpost | 12 other reviews | Mar 19, 2024 |
Lots of claims. Hardly any evidence. Interesting read though
nitrolpost | Mar 19, 2024 |
*whispers* I liked the movie better.
autumndragyn | 41 other reviews | Nov 23, 2023 |



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