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Richard Appignanesi is a Research Fellow at King's College London.


Works by Richard Appignanesi

Introducing Postmodernism (1995) 986 copies, 8 reviews
Freud for Beginners (1979) 763 copies, 7 reviews
Introducing Wittgenstein (1994) 491 copies, 5 reviews
Introducing Nietzsche (1997) 449 copies, 4 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (2007) — Adaptor — 316 copies, 11 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: Hamlet (1997) — Adaptor — 220 copies, 4 reviews
Lenin for Beginners (1977) 209 copies, 1 review
Introducing Existentialism (2001) 202 copies
Manga Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream (2008) — Adapter — 141 copies, 3 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: The Tempest (2007) — Adaptor — 105 copies, 5 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing (2009) 96 copies, 1 review
Manga Shakespeare: Macbeth (2008) — Adaptor — 95 copies, 4 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (2004) — Adaptor — 74 copies, 3 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: Richard III (2007) — Adaptor — 60 copies, 2 reviews
Manga Shakespeare: Othello (2008) — Adaptor — 57 copies
Manga Shakespeare: As You Like It (2009) — Adaptor — 57 copies, 1 review
Manga Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice (2009) 55 copies, 1 review
Manga Shakespeare: King Lear (2009) — Adaptor — 28 copies
Manga Shakespeare: Henry VIII (2009) — Adaptor — 19 copies
Hysteria: Graphic Freud Series (2015) 17 copies, 2 reviews
The Wolf Man (2012) 12 copies
Stalin's Orphans (1983) 9 copies
The Mosque (1985) 8 copies
Destroying America (1986) 4 copies
Freud for begyndere (1983) 2 copies
Histeria (2016) 1 copy
Yuliyus Qaysar (2012) 1 copy

Associated Works

Doctor Faustus (1994) — Editor, some editions — 5,101 copies, 71 reviews
Marx for Beginners (1976) — Translator, some editions — 1,037 copies, 12 reviews
Introducing Ethics (1996) — Editor — 399 copies, 1 review
Introducing Critical Theory (2001) — Editor, some editions — 389 copies, 5 reviews
Introducing Cultural Studies (1994) — Editor, some editions — 344 copies, 2 reviews
Introducing Evolutionary Psychology (1999) — Editor — 252 copies, 1 review
Capitalism for Beginners (1981) — Series editor — 131 copies, 2 reviews
Introducing Bertrand Russell (2002) — Series Editor, some editions — 95 copies
Removal of an Exhibition (1976) — Editor — 4 copies


art (27) biography (128) comic (36) comics (92) communism (57) critical theory (59) cultural studies (72) culture (32) drama (32) economics (55) ethics (55) existentialism (33) fiction (69) For Beginners (37) Freud (54) graphic (39) graphic novel (156) graphic novels (57) history (107) humor (28) introducing (74) introducing series (35) manga (198) Marx (45) Marxism (115) non-fiction (289) philosophy (706) politics (126) postmodernism (112) psychoanalysis (53) psychology (176) read (50) reference (28) science (56) socialism (33) sociology (56) theory (53) to-read (102) unread (31) William Shakespeare (172)

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Canonical name
Appignanesi, Richard
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Loyola College, University of Montreal (Honours Degree, English Literature, 1962)
University of Sussex (Postgraduate Studies, Department of the History of Ideas, 1967-1983)
University of Sussex (D.Phil., Sociology of Art, Department of the History of Ideas, 1973)
Co-founder and director of the Writers & Readers Publishing Cooperative Ltd, and originating editor and art director of the Beginners Books Documentary Comicbooks series (1974-1983)
Co-director Wyvern Publications UK Ltd. (1985-1990)
Originating editor and art director of the Introducing Books Series, Icon Books Ltd., UK (1991-2003)
Commissioning Editor of the Postmodern Encounter series, Icon Books Ltd. (1999-2003)
Associate Editor of Third Text , the international art and visual culture journal (2004- )
Review editor of Futures , the journal of policy, planning and futures studies, Elsevier Publishers (2005- )
Appignanesi, Lisa (ex-spouse)
Awards and honors
Canada Council Arts Award Grant for Fiction Writing (1986)
Directors Club Merit Award, New York, for art direction of the Beginners' Books Documentary Series (1980)
Canada Council Grants for D.Phil. program (1968-1973)
Province of Quebec Bursary for Postgraduate Studies in Art History (1967)
E. Archambault Pour Mérite gold medal finalist and music scholarship, Montreal Conservatory (1953)
Short biography
Appignanesi was born in Montreal, Canada of Italian parents. He distinguished himself in music at an early age when at the age of 13 he was an E. Archambault Pour Mérite gold medal finalist and obtained a music scholarship at the Montreal Conservatory. He traveled to England in 1967 and, in 1973, completed a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Sussex (The Origins of Art Criticism in the Classical Greek and Later Phases of Antiquity). In the early 1990s he did biographical research on the Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, at King’s College, London. He was married to writer Lisa Appignanesi (née Borensztejn) with whom he has one son, filmmaker Josh Appignanesi; the couple divorced in 1984. He also has a son, Raphael, and a daughter, Rosa, with different partners. He lives in London, UK.



A big boh!
大きなボー!(google translator)

Well, I feel like they're talking in a language I don't speak
And they're talking it to me
So you take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or write a song nobody has sung
Or do something that's never been done

(Coldplay, Talk)
NewLibrary78 | 3 other reviews | Jul 22, 2023 |
Mustygusher | 1 other review | Dec 19, 2022 |
I really like this series: they give an excellent introduction to their subject.

Lenin is portrayed a little too much as the good guy of the Russian revolution but, I guess that one wouldn't expect someone to devote so much time to producing such a well researched book, if one didn't admire the protagonist.

I think that the telling line comes in the last couple of pages, with the phrase, "...only concerned with the moment of a transfer of power", No one seems to have considered what happens AFTER the revolution!… (more)
the.ken.petersen | Jun 6, 2022 |
I can't tell you just how brilliant this book is. Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the greatest philosophers of all time, and his ideas can be difficult to understand. He has also produced a lot of books, which are dense and rife with allegories, philosophical thoughts, and reflections on life, reality, and religion, among other things. This book, a collaboration by Gane and Piero, does an amazing work of condensing his thoughts into an accessible format.

The text is clear, sharp, and easy to understand. It is extremely concise--in fact, I don't think I've seen one word being wasted--and exact. Although it may be easy to read, the text is crammed with ideas and information that will blow your mind with every turn of the page. Simply put, it's an unbelievably thorough yet brief expedition through the mind of one of the greatest thinkers of our time.

Despite being a big fan of Nietzsche, I've only read Thus Spoke Zarathustra in detail (as a matter of fact, I did my dissertation on it). I'm not wholly unfamiliar with his other books, but this was a great introduction to the concepts and ideas Nietzsche raised through his bibliography. I can't say that I'm now conversant about Nietzsche, but I can proudly say that I'm now more learned than ever.

The illustrations are quite interesting. They are absurd little pieces that are used to support the text. Complement is the exact word with which they can be described. They don't overwhelm any of the text at any point, which is a great thing. I felt the caricatures of modern philosophers and thinkers were spot-on, yet they felt alien and too far-reaching at times.

Finally, I wholeheartedly recommend this book. If you love Nietzsche and need brief reminders of his concepts, keep this in your shelf. If you're looking to immerse yourself into the ocean that is Nietzsche, begin here. Either way, you won't lose.
… (more)
bdgamer | 3 other reviews | Sep 10, 2021 |


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