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Messenger (2014) 91 copies
Dark Matter (2015) 72 copies
OMEGA Exile (2014) 68 copies
Harbinger (2014) 57 copies
Legends (2017) 27 copies
War for Eden (2016) 22 copies
Apocalypse (2014) 11 copies
Private War (2013) 10 copies
Axiom (2015) 9 copies
OMEGA Guardian (2014) 8 copies
Rebellion (2014) 8 copies
Blitzkrieg (2013) 7 copies
OMEGA Rescue (2015) 7 copies
Revelation (2016) 6 copies
Resurgent (2016) 6 copies
OMEGA Conscript (2015) 6 copies
Incursion (2016) 6 copies
OMEGA Hostile (2015) 6 copies
Chaos (2016) 6 copies
OMEGA Brutal (2015) 5 copies
SODIUM Fusion: (Book 3) (2014) 5 copies
OMEGA Destiny (2015) 5 copies
OMEGA Allegiance (2015) 5 copies
AMP Siege (2014) 5 copies
Agenda (2017) 4 copies
Havoc (2016) 4 copies
AMP Colossus: (Book 5) (2014) 4 copies
Emergent (2016) 4 copies
Gravity (2017) 4 copies
Assault (2017) 4 copies
Defiance (Sodium, #6) (2017) 4 copies
AMP Armageddon (2014) 3 copies
Helm's End (2017) 3 copies
Harris' Revenge (2016) 3 copies
Jebwa Atrocity (2016) 3 copies
Sweeps (2017) 3 copies
The Hike (Heroes) (2011) 2 copies
ARMS Eden Lost (2016) 2 copies
Condemned By Proxy (2012) 1 copy
Heroes 1 copy


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Not sure really. It has a fast pace and overall it tempts me to continue the series, but as others have mentioned this first book is more of the frenzied wet dreams of a prepper than a proper dystopian or sci-fi read. Really goes all out in portraying the almost immediate collapse of society and gangs of roving marauders immediately coming out of the woodwork, and “government” sitting on its ass. I can see the Bookclub for Yokels (TM) sitting around guffawing and saying “tol’ ya so” as they listen to the abridged audiobook version. Objectivists will swoon over the hero’s value of self-interest over society. But beside these criticisms the pacing and narrative is ok, maybe even well-crafted at times- the author shows a skill beyond the plot.
One other thing I’d question is there are some bits of dialog that almost, not quite, seem intended to break the fourth wall, in a way- to comment on the predicament they have gotten themselves into. Devices that might work in a screenplay as a breather (“well joe, did you think last week at putt-putt we’d be killing zombies and using their skulls to make freezer pops?”) but are, at best, superfluous non-sequiturs in a book.
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kokeyama | 1 other review | May 25, 2024 |
Terrible writing, good idea.

Terrible editing, the entire book is in passive voice, which is terrible, and dialogs are never clearly marked. Terrible book over all, even though the story was good.
NitinKhanna | 1 other review | Jun 13, 2023 |
Stephen is an author whose books I will read without hesitation. He provides an adventure that whisks you across the galaxy in a well thought out storyline. Corporation Wars is not my favourite series (hence only four stars) but is still a great way to pass some 'me' time.
KarenCollyer | Oct 26, 2020 |
The Squad are a great bunch of humans, who together with Xurpok, work as mercenaries, fighting against the Maxans.
As usual, Stephen has created some well thought out battles for his Marines. These stories are described as 'lunch time reads', I would love to see some longer battles for the team as well.
KarenCollyer | Oct 26, 2020 |

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