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Works by Amanda Ashby

Fairy Bad Day (2011) 182 copies
Zombie Queen of Newbury High (2009) 169 copies
You Had Me At Halo (2007) 87 copies
Demonosity (2013) 46 copies
Wishful Thinking (2012) 12 copies
I Will Find You (2022) 9 copies
The Heartbreak Cure (2017) 9 copies
Remember Me ? (2021) 7 copies
Under a Spell (2012) 7 copies
Dating the Guy Upstairs (2016) 6 copies
Out of Sight (2012) 6 copies
The Ex-Wife (2023) 5 copies
Falling for the Best Man (2017) 4 copies
Dating the Guy Next Door (2016) 2 copies
Once in a Blue Moon (2020) 2 copies


Common Knowledge



Unreliable narrators can make or break a book. There’s no in-between, it’s either a huge success or a huge failure.

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TissieL | May 3, 2023 |
Hooked till last...............

The Ex Wife by Sally Rigby and Amanda Ashby brings to you a psychological thriller tale spun with mystery. At first, the plot picks up at a slow pace, but slowly and slowly the plot thickens. I was not very impressed with the characters as there was nothing new in them. But, the plot seemed very interesting as it paces further. Climax was right on point according to my expectation. It was a fun ride.

Definitely 4 stars for the book. Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources and Netgalley for providing me with an opportunity to be a part of the blog tour.… (more)
Sucharita1986 | Apr 26, 2023 |
This just barely ranks a 3 (edit: actually, after giving it some thought, I'm changing it to a 2...really, it was just ok). I came close several times to putting it down and moving on to another, but I have this thing that if I start a book, I want to try my best to finish it. So I did, but without much enthusiasm.
CarinMB | 4 other reviews | Oct 19, 2022 |
A real roller coaster ride of a story. One that when you start you just can't find a way to stop reading. I finished this last night or rather in the wee hours of the morning. We begin learning about the life of Jessica, a strong, well put together mother and wife. Doing everything she can to keep her life as perfect as it can be, unfortunately her big sister does her best to turn Jessicas well-crafted life upside down. I began feeling sorry for Jessica as it seemed she worked so very hard to keep everything on track. She didn't deserve the drama and turmoil that occurred when her sister went missing. Once I began to read Ashleigh's story, I found myself almost heartbroken for her. She had had so much disruption in her life at such a young age. her life contained many "demons" that she tried to silence with over drinking. The more I read about the sisters the more enthralled I became with them...and then came the addition of a third point of view and another sister...Grace. She was almost an outsider to the family drama, yet still was a very large part of all that had happened. The story takes the point of view of all three sisters. As we get further into the story more and more secrets are revealed and all three sisters are still connected to them. Now we are learning that no one is really what they appear to be, they all have secrets to hide. This was such a compelling story that I found myself hooked from the start. And the end? I never saw it coming. The author gets a word of thanks for keeping me reading and very, very surprised at the end.… (more)
Carol420 | 1 other review | Aug 3, 2022 |


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