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R.M. Ballantyne (1825–1894)

Author of The Coral Island

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Works by R.M. Ballantyne

The Coral Island (1857) 1,254 copies
Martin Rattler (1902) 172 copies
The Gorilla Hunters (1861) 141 copies
The Young Fur-Traders (1856) 123 copies
The Norsemen in the West (1872) 52 copies
Fighting the Flames (1876) 50 copies
The Island Queen (2007) 48 copies
The World of Ice (1859) 36 copies
Hudson Bay (1848) 30 copies
Erling the Bold (1869) 24 copies
Fighting the Whales (1915) 23 copies
The Golden Dream (1930) 21 copies
The Red Eric (1904) 20 copies
The Wild Man of the West (1863) 20 copies
Twice Bought (1884) 19 copies
Fast in the Ice (2008) 19 copies
The Madman and the Pirate (2004) 19 copies
The Lighthouse (1865) 18 copies
Over the Rocky Mountains (1910) 18 copies
Away in the Wilderness (1863) 17 copies
The Middy and the Moors (1900) 16 copies
Black Ivory (1873) 15 copies
Shifting Winds (1860) 15 copies
Silver Lake (2007) 15 copies
Blown to Bits (1894) 15 copies
The Lifeboat (1907) 15 copies
The Settler and the Savage (1877) 14 copies
Digging for Gold (1869) 14 copies
The Big Otter (1887) 13 copies
Hunting the Lions (2007) 13 copies
The Eagle Cliff (1893) 13 copies
The Fugitives (1887) 13 copies
The Hot Swamp (2007) 13 copies
Fort Desolation (2007) 12 copies
Charlie to the Rescue (1890) 12 copies
Lost in the Forest (2004) 12 copies
Life in the Red Brigade (1887) 12 copies
The Garret and the Garden (1890) 12 copies
Jarwin and Cuffy (2004) 12 copies
The Young Trawler (2004) 11 copies
The Iron Horse (2004) 11 copies
Freaks on the Fells (2010) 11 copies
Sunk at Sea (2007) 10 copies
Rivers of Ice (2007) 10 copies
The Thorogood Family (2004) 9 copies
The Ocean and its Wonders (2009) 9 copies
Battles with the Sea (1883) 9 copies
My Doggie and I (2007) 9 copies
The Lively Poll (2007) 9 copies
The Walrus Hunters (2007) 9 copies
The Story of the Rock (2004) 8 copies
Wrecked But Not Ruined (1900) 8 copies
Saved by the Lifeboat (2007) 8 copies
Philosopher Jack (2007) 8 copies
Six Months at the Cape (2007) 6 copies
The Three Little Kittens (1987) 5 copies
The Life of a Ship (2012) 4 copies
The Robber Kitten (1876) 4 copies
A Coxswain's Bride (2007) 3 copies
Mister Fox (2012) 3 copies
Selected Works 3 copies
The Butterfly's Ball (2007) 3 copies
Mee-A-Ow (2010) 2 copies
Shipwrecked 1 copy
My Mother (2012) 1 copy
Chit-Chat by a Motherly Cat — Author — 1 copy

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Common Knowledge

Legal name
Ballantyne, Robert Michael
Date of death
Burial location
The Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Place of death
Rome, Italy
Places of residence
Scotland, UK
Harrow, London, England, UK
The Edinburgh Academy
trader (Hudson's Bay Company|1841-1847)
publishing (Messrs Constable|??-1856)
Ballantyne, James (uncle)
Hudson's Bay Company
Short biography
Robert Michael Ballantyne (24 April 1825 – 8 February 1894) was a Scottish author who wrote more than 100 books.



A rollicking good story for young adult readers about the settlement of the Bounty mutineers on Pitcairn Island. So convincing that for many years if I came across a historical detail that clashed with Ballantyne’s account, I would disbelieve it.
nwhyte | 1 other review | Aug 28, 2023 |
Volume 1 of Ballantyne’s miscellany with four chromolithograph illustrations by the author.
AgedPeasant | 1 other review | Aug 8, 2023 |
"The Gorilla Hunters" is an adventure novel written by Robert Michael Ballantyne. Published in 1861, the story takes readers on an exciting journey through the jungles of Africa as a group of hunters embarks on a quest to capture the elusive and dangerous gorillas.

The novel follows the adventures of two brothers, Ralph and Peter, who travel to Africa with their uncle to search for gorillas and other exotic animals. Alongside a diverse group of fellow hunters and local guides, they encounter various challenges and dangers in their pursuit.

As the hunters navigate the dense African wilderness, they face encounters with wild animals, treacherous terrain, and hostile tribes. The story offers thrilling action sequences and suspenseful moments as the characters face off against the powerful and intelligent gorillas.

"The Gorilla Hunters" not only provides a thrilling adventure but also explores themes of bravery, survival, and the clash of cultures. Ballantyne's vivid descriptions transport readers to the heart of Africa, depicting its natural beauty and the harsh realities of life in the wild.

The novel also touches upon colonialism and the exploration of uncharted territories during the 19th century. It reflects the prevailing attitudes of the time towards Africa and its people, although it is important to approach the narrative with an understanding of the historical context.

Ballantyne's writing style is engaging and accessible, making "The Gorilla Hunters" an enjoyable read for both young and adult readers. The author's firsthand knowledge of Africa, acquired during his own travels, adds authenticity and depth to the story.
… (more)
FallsGalloway | 2 other reviews | May 7, 2023 |
Written 100 years before The Lord of the Flies, The Coral Island couldn't be more different than its literary descendant. I don't really know how to rate this 'classic' children's book (given its built-in racism, pro-colonialism, and missionizing agenda) but it certainly deepens my appreciation of Golding's masterpiece.
booksinbed | 30 other reviews | Feb 27, 2023 |



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