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Fascinating Rhythm (2014) 5 copies
Tyger, tyger (2006) 2 copies
Death of the Zanjero (2018) 2 copies
Rage Issues (2021) 1 copy


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This book was an ok book. I know that there need to be a big cast of characters but at times I got lost with who was who.
tellen81 | 1 other review | Nov 12, 2020 |
This review was written for LibraryThing Member Giveaways.
If I could give this six stars, I would. This novel is set in Los Angeles, California in the 1870s. It is historical, suspenseful and well written. I really found the character list and description in the front helpful. I was not planning on reading the book in one sitting, but I did. There are two other "Death of" books before this one and a fourth coming soon and I plan to read those as well! Highly recommend!
BridgetteS | 1 other review | Nov 8, 2020 |
Fascinating Rhythm by Anne Louise Bannon

Set in 1924 New York City, Kathy Briscow is an editor for Frank Selby. When he ends up dead, murdered, Kathy becomes the number one suspect. She is determined to clear her name and find the real killer. Kathy is editing the book by Freddie Little, he thinks he knows who killed Selby so the two team up to try to solve this mystery.

A fast paced well written who-done-it. I really like Kathy. She was a strong willed woman, and more liberated than most women of that era. I also like that the story was set in 1924, the era of prohibition. The New York City setting adds pizzazz as well. That made the story (for me) more interesting.

The story is fresh, it has a "classic" mystery feel to it. I also enjoyed the duo of Kathy and (socialite) Freddie Little. Together they made a great pair of "junior sleuths". Overall I feel those who love a great (who-done-it) mystery will enjoy Fascinating Rhythm.
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SheriAWilkinson | 1 other review | Mar 11, 2016 |
In New York City of the early 1920s, after one of the senior editors of Healcroft House, Publishers, has been found murdered, his secretary, Kathy Briscow, finds herself in a delicate position. She has been working long hours doing her boss' editing work for him, including the editing of an upcoming hot release by a scion of high society, Frederick Little III; however, in this pre-feminist prohibition era, the owner of the publishing house does not want the truth to come out and is not willing to promote Kathy into her boss' position. For the office gossip and some of the police detectives investigating the murder, suspicion begins to build around Kathy, but when Freddie Little discovers who his true editor is, he is attracted to her strong spirit and decides to help her find out who the true murderer is. However, as their private little investigations takes them to the speakeasy underworld of the city, both become targets for a crafty criminal protagonist. This book is a nicely developed historical cozy mystery romance. The historic flavor of the Gershwin era is well represented, but basically, the heart of the tale comes from the snappy interplay of two very independent people as they push past their differences and society's dictates to form a partnership that will last beyond the current mystery and danger they are facing.… (more)
kerryreis57 | 1 other review | Dec 7, 2014 |


½ 4.4