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330. The Story of Congress 1789-1935, by Ernest Sutherland Bates (read 11 May 1947) On May 10, 1947 I said: "Got and started reading 'Story of Congress',which is a little dull." On May 11 I said: "Finished today 'The Story of Congress.' Not a good book. Author biased and resentful. Didn't use personalities as he could have."
Schmerguls | Oct 18, 2013 |
Bates made several changes to make the bible more readable. First, it is in larger print than most standard bibles and the markings for chapter and verse have been deleted. Thus, at the outset, the pages are more reader-friendly, not presented in two columns of tiny print. Additionally, though Bates has used the King James version for most books, he has chosen the "Revised Version" for Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs. Two other helpful changes have come to my attention as I've read: Much of the text about the building of temples and genealogies of various characters has been omitted, allowing a smoother and more meaningful transition from one portion of text to the next; and duplicate psalms have also been omitted. Each book is preceded with a short essay that notes authorship, placement in history, and sometimes social aspects of the period. I am finding these changes helpful, as I work my way through my first entire reading of the Old Testament. Why read it anyway? As the first book ever printed, it continues to influence literature in obvious and subtle ways alike. And the other obvious reason: When someone says, It's in the bible, I will at least have some notion of whether or not that's so, as well as the wherewithal to place it in context and make my own conclusions with regard to interpretation.… (more)
bookcrazed | 1 other review | Jan 9, 2012 |
Bible is entirely rearranged. "genealogies and repetitions are omitted, as well as the whole of Chronicles, the minor Epistles, and similar unimportant passages throughout". Bates provides commentary before each major section and also invents little titles before each episode. Personally I find this edition maddening.
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lidaskoteina | 1 other review | Feb 16, 2008 |


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