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Going to the Doctor (Usborne First Experiences) (1992) — Editor — 533 copies
Uncle Pete's Pirate Adventure (1996) — Editor — 100 copies
Agent Arthur's Desert Challenge (1994) — Editor — 85 copies
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The Perfect pony is the perfect book for the horse lover! This book is an Alex and Kate book for sure, focusing mainly on the Hardy brother and sister.

In this book, Alex has taken up Cricket and is a part of the Junior county Cricket Squad, meaning he hardly spends any time at Sandy Lane with his sister Kate, who is ultra busy training Feather for show season and looking after several ponies who aren't used in lessons anymore due to lameness. Alex has been given an amazing opportunity to go on a cricket tour to South Africa, the problem is that he doesn't have enough money. He needs $850, but only has $500. Would a car wash work to earn him the extra cash? No... a new place just opened up in town for $3 a go... besides, that's boring, everyone else is doing something fun, like sponsored parachute jumps and organized roller blading events. It's hopeless... but wait! Alex has one idea, one idea that is fool-proof and that will help solve Sandy Lane's problem as well... he'll buy a pony! The Ash hill sale is coming up Saturday! Alex, with the help of his sister, makes up his mind to buy a pony with his $500, let Nick and Sarah at Sandy Lane use the pony for lessons over summer break, meaning she'll also get trained up a notch, and then sell her for $850 before school starts again! The plan is perfect, but when Alex buys a run down, skinny, lifeless nag without telling nor even asking Nick or his parents and shows up at Sandy Lane with the pony, things begin to go downhill. Nick doesn't even WANT another pony at Sandy Lane, with a friend's replacement horses coming soon... so Alex is put in full responsibility for his mare, Puzzle, who doesn't even bat an eyelid when you wave a hand in front of her face. Well... whoever sold Puzzle certainly has a problem, because it seems Puzzle was on tranquilizers at the sale, because the vet is called to a crazed Puzzle the next day and worst of all, if Puzzle doesn't calm down soon, she may have to be put down and Alex will never see his money again!

Will Alex be able to nurse his horse back to health in time to make a profit? And what's more, what will his parents say about it? Read this excellent book to find out!
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princesspower19 | Jan 22, 2013 |
Excellent book with 'all' you ever need to know about toy cameras. Covers the basic and intermediate levels of using the Holga. Really appreciate the profiles and photos of photographers who've been using Holgas/Dianas for some time. Their works are inspiring!
lubitelee | Nov 19, 2007 |

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